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Mission Statement: The purpose of the Library Directors Committee is to promote library and information services in support of the purpose of the VTC; to encourage cooperation amongst the VTC member institutions; to stimulate and foster community interest in the VTC libraries and librarianship; to articulate and disseminate financial and program information about the operations of the VTC libraries to the President of the VTC; to provide an audience for the concerns of VTC subcommittees; and to provide Library Directors a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas.



    • Ms. Sara Baron – Regent University
    • Ms. Abbie Basile – Tidewater Community College, Chesapeake
    • Ms. Heather Blicher -- Tidewater Community College, Norfolk
    • Ms. Carrie Lynn Cooper -- College of William and Mary
    • Ms. Sue Erickson – Virginia Wesleyan College
    • Mr. George Fowler – Old Dominion University
    • Ms. Mary Ann Glanzer – Tidewater Community College, Portsmouth
    • Ms. Sarah Greene – Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach
    • Ms. Margaret Harrison, Margaret.Harrison@ndu.edu
    • Mr. Richard Hodges – Thomas Nelson Community College
    • Ms. Janet Justis - Eastern Shore Community College
    • Mr. Steve Litherland -- Tidewater Community College
    • Ms. Elois Morgan – Jefferson Lab
    • Ms. Judith Robinson – Eastern Virginia Medical School
    • Ms. Mary Sellen – Christopher Newport University
    • Ms. Rebecca Tabakin –ECPI University
    • Ms. Faye Watkins - Hampton University
    • Ms. Linza Weaver – Paul D. Camp Community College
    • Ms. Sarah Wiggins -- Norfolk State University


  • Minutes
  • Staff Training Survey
  • PowerPoint Presentation: VTC Training Needs Survey
  • Library Training DVDs


  • Tidewater Higher Education Research Librarians
    • Chair: Robert Harrison (rharrison@tcc.edu)
    • Vice Chair: Don Welsh (djwels@wm.edu)
    • Secretary: Peggy Brown (peggy.brown@hamptonu.edu)

Contact:  Karen Vaughan  kvaughan@odu.edu
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