Giving to the Old Dominion University Libraries
  Donors to the
Old Dominion University Libraries

Donors who have provided library endowments include the following:

The Charles W. Bain Trust Fund provides for the purchase of library materials for the general collection and was established by Elizabeth T. Bain in memory of her father.

The Allan Blank Fund for the Old Dominion University Libraries Diehn Composers Room established by the composer Allan Blank provides archival, administrative, promotional, and staffing support for the Allan Blank Collection.

The Alice Burke Endowment is used to obtain materials in the area of government and political science and was established by Ms. Alice R. Burke, a former faculty member at Old Dominion University.

The Benjamin Clymer, Jr. Reference Library Endowment, established by Mr. Clymer's estate, funds the ongoing purchase of reference materials.

The Ludwig Diehn gift has enabled the design and construction of the Diehn Composers Room to collect and house manuscripts, scores, and other special collections of twentieth century musical compositions for research use by scholars, conductors, and performers.

The Annette M. Hibbs Library Purchase Fund Endowment has been established by the W. Wyatt Trust. This fund provides for the purchase of fine arts reference materials, scientific and technical materials, and periodical subscriptions from foreign countries.

The Elise Hofheimer Art Library Materials Endowment was established by Linda Hofheimer Kaufman and her husband, George, in honor of Mrs. Kaufman's mother. The endowment provides for the purchase of materials for the Elise Hofheimer Art Library.

The Paul J. and Judith W. Homsher Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries Annual Lecture Endowment provides funding to secure an author of national acclaim to be the guest speaker at the annual author dinner.

The Friends of the Library Life Membership Endowment was established in 1996 by the Friends of the Old Dominion University Library, which is an association that secures support and enrichment for the University Libraries. The endowment is funded from life membership contributions for the purchase of library materials and technology equipment.

The Patricia W. and J. Douglas Perry Library Endowment provides funds for long term library needs. In 1999 the expanded and remodeled main library building was named in honor of the Perrys.

The David S. Prosser Endowment was established to provide funds to assist the Library in meeting needs which arise because of shortfalls in state support and is being used to support automated reference services.

The Seeley Library Endowment, established through a bequest from Margaret S. Seeley as a memorial to herself and her husband, Wesley W. Seeley, provides funding for the purchase of books and journals.

The University Library Endowment supports the acquisition of collections and equipment to enhance library services and resources.