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The Papers of George Conoly Phillips


George Conoly Phillips was born on December 17, 1931, in Daytona Beach Florida. He married Charlotte Baird Ferebee, and had three children, Elizabeth Meade, James Conoly, and Charlotte Baird. Phillips was an honor graduate of Maury High School of Norfolk in 1949. He later graduated with his Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Georgia in 1953. At the University of Georgia he was a member of Omicron Delta Kappa, the National Leadership Honor Society, and a Cadet Colonel of the Air Force R.O.T.C. He received his MBA degree from Old Dominion University in 1976. He served two years as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force.

In 1956, Conoly Phillips and his Brother, Tench Phillips opened the Phillips Brothers used car dealership. They founded Phillips Brothers Automoville in 1964. The brothers acquired the Rambler franchise in 1960. In 1964, Tench received the Oldsmobile franchise, and Conoly continued with the Lincoln-Mercury franchise. Conoly Phillips was President, and the later chairman, of Conoly Phillips Lincoln-Mercury. He retired from daily management in 1999 when his company merged with Freedom Automotive. He currently remains a partner in Freedom Automotive.

Conoly Phillips civic activities have been numerous. He was President of the Tidewater Better Business Bureau in 1967 and 1968, President of the United Drug Abuse Commission from 1970 - 1976, President of the Northside Rotary Club, First Vice-President of the United Way of Virginia, Member of the Central Budget Committee of the United Communities Fund, Former Representative of the City of Norfolk on the Adult Continuing Education Committee, Vice-President of the Sales and Marketing Executives Club of Tidewater, President of the Tidewater Automobile Dealers Association in 1963, Vice-President and legislative chairman of the Virginia Automobile Dealers Association, Member of the Lincoln-Mercury National Dealer Council, Member of the Board of Directors of the Retail Merchants Association of Tidewater Virginia, Chairman of the Finance and Budget Committee for the Assembly on the Dimensions of Hunger-Malnutrition, member of the Junior Board of Directors Central Y.M.C.A. of Norfolk, Chairman for the Brotherhood Dinner sponsored by the National Conference of Christians and Jews, Board member for the Norfolk Symphony Association, Member of the Men's Advisory Board to the Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters, and Member of the Norfolk and Virginia State Chambers of Commerce.

Conoly Phillips has been active in politics since the mid-1970s. He served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project, was a member of the Community Development Committee of the Virginia Municipal League, and a member of the Community Development Policy Committee of the National League of Cities. He was first elected to the Norfolk City Council in 1976 and served until 1980. He was reelected to the Norfolk City Council in 1986. He served on the Norfolk City Council as the chairman of the Council's Finance and Infrastructure Committee until his retirement on June 27, 2002. He was also chairman of the Ward's Corner Task Force, Hampton Boulevard Task Force, and the Norfolk Highway Commission. Mr. Phillips was a representative for the City of Norfolk on the Southeastern Public Service Authority (SPSA), and on the Empowerment 2010 Board. He has also chaired the Mayor's Task Force on Drugs and the Norfolk Task Force on Juvenile Incarceration and Foster Care, as well as the Youth Forum Task Force. Conoly Phillips ran unsuccessfully for a U.S. Senate Seat in 1978, considering his campaign a "ministry of the Lord in calling Christians to active political participation".

His religious activities have been very important to him, and include membership in the First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk. He was active in his church serving as a Bible teacher and elder. He was President of the Board of Directors of the Union Mission and Hope Haven Children's Homes, co-founder and president of Proclaim Evangelistic Association (a half-way house for drug addicts). He served as assistant to the chairman of the Tidewater Virginia Billy Graham Crusade in 1974, and was a member and vice-chairman of the Continuing Crusades Committee. Mr. Phillips also supported the Christian Broadcasting Network, and is a personal friend to Pat Robertson.

Scope and Contents

The papers of G. Conoly Phillips date from 1942 to 2002. The collection contains material related to his automotive business, political career, religious background, and personal life.

Series Descriptions

The collection is broken down into the following series: I: Auto Dealership; II: Religious Activities; III: Community / Civic Memberships and Activities; IV: Political Activities; V: Personal Information; Series VI: Writing and Speeches; VII: Multimedia; VIII: Artifacts; and IX: Oversize.

Series I: Auto Dealership. This series is divided into six sub-series related to the Phillips Auto Dealership. Specifically, this series contains information relating to the day to day running of the dealership. Sub-series A: Advertising and Marketing; B: Finances; C: Leases, Contracts, and other Agreements; D: Personnel, Policies, Procedures, and Customer Relations; E: Automotive Associations; F: Correspondence; and G: Miscellaneous.

Sub-series A: Advertising and Marketing. This sub-series includes information on Phillips "Very Simple Business"; letters of correspondence on this campaign from Leon Shaffer Golnick Advertising, Inc.; several folders of television and radio spots, and other marketing plans from the Matthius and Redmond Advertising Agency from May 1972 to August 1974; Market Surveys; newspaper ad clippings; promotional material for various Lincoln-Mercury automobiles; Ford Lincoln-Mercury Advertising Bulletins from October 1972 to May 1974; information on the 1972 Auto Show at the Norfolk Scope; information on advertising via the Scope's Tele-Spot electronic sign; information on advertising in the Yellow Pages, on billboards, and by other advertising venues; as well as news articles and press releases on such events as the merger of Conoly Phillips Lincoln Mercury with Freedom Automotive in 1999. Materials date from 1959 until the year 2000.

Sub-series B: Finances. This sub-series includes property appraisals from the 1970s through the 1990s; audits from 1981 to 1996; city taxes and licenses from January 1957 to April 1965; monthly and yearly financial statements dating from July 1957 to March  1997; insurance policies and information from 1964 to 1981; real estate deeds and purchase information for the dealership; receipts from the 1970s and 1980s; sales records from June 1962 to December 1963; stock information for the dealership from 1955 to 1996; Virginia Corporate Tax Returns for 1959 and 1960, State and Federal Tax Returns for 1963 and 1965; trend control boards of profits for 1971 and 1974;  a checkbook ledger from 1956 to 1957; 1973 Expense Accounts; Bank / Loan paperwork; contributions to various non-profit organizations from 1969 to 1972; 1970 travel and miscellaneous expense reports; and 1970 monthly order worksheets. Material dates from 1955 to 1999.

Sub-series C: Leases/Contracts/Agreements.  The first several folders contain Conoly and Tench Phillips initial agreements and paperwork for founding Phillips Brothers, and agreements made between the two brothers regarding the business thereafter. They include personal financial statements, leases, newspaper articles related to the formation of Phillips Brothers Automoville. These materials date from 1958 to 1979. The remainder of this sub-series includes leases from the 1950s to the 1980s; a Business Certificate dated March 9, 1969; Contracts and agreements from 1957 to 1975 with the Ford Motor Company, Daimler, Dayton Tire & Rubber Company, Multra Music, and Macke Vending Services; History Dealer Agreements from 1957 to 1963; correspondence and memos from the Ford Motor Company and Ford's Lincoln-Mercury Division from 1968 to 1973; Dealer Tag agreements for demo models 1970 - 1972; various plans and agreements related to the dealership building and building maintenance; agreements for and purchases of office equipment and supplies; warrants for check fraud  from 1978 to 1980; the Computerized Automotive Reporting Service (C.A.R.S.) 1970 to 1974; and information on various automatic car washes for auto dealerships. Material dates from 1957 to 1997.

Sub-series D: Personnel, Policies, Procedures, Customer Relations. This sub-series includes employee listings from 1970 to 1973; job descriptions, management initiated memos, policies and procedures from September 1969 to December 1973; Personnel policies and procedures related to Life insurance, hiring policies, and a memo regarding the Equal Employment Executive Order 11246; Ford Marketing and Dealership Training; Go, Inc. training, seminars, and products; Employee awards, prizes, and sales incentives; Multiple Personal Inventory employee testing from the Marketing Survey and Research Corporation; Sample employment applications; resumes and resignations; notes on effective management; Phillips Oldsmobile newsletters from May 1971 to November 1972; Information on labor relations with an emphasis on curtailing labor union activity; and correspondence to and from customers from April 1968 to November 1973.

Sub-series E: Automotive Associations. This sub-series contains information related to professional automotive associations, including: the Automotive Trade Association of Virginia, the Continental “100 Club,’ the Lincoln Mercury Dealer Association Southeast, the National Automobile Dealers Association; the National Dealer Council; and the Tidewater Dealers Association. Also included are Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Directories for 1970 and 1971. These materials include newsletters, bulletins, correspondence, pamphlets, and convention programs. Material dates from 1963 to 1991.

Sub-series F: Correspondence. This sub-series contains correspondence for Phillips Bros. Rambler in 1964, Conoly Phillips Lincoln Mercury from 1969 to 1976, and for select years in the 1990s. Topics include: insurance, taxes, electric vehicles, office equipment, Virginia codes, donations to charities, retail rates, construction, advertising, and customer letters. Also included are 1997 letters and cards of congratulations for the opening of a new dealership in Cheasapeake and a 1999 letter from Pat Robertson to Conoly Phillips regarding the selling of Phillips’ dealership.

Sub-series G: Miscellaneous. This sub-series contains professional awards, including the 40 Year Achievement Award for Conoly Phillips in 1999, the Lincoln Mercury Milestone '72 Award , and the 1991 Chairman’s Award; magazines featuring Conoly Phillips including Dealer World Magazine from 1989 and 1997 and the Ford Merchandising School Forum magazine from 1956; magazine and newsletter subscription correspondence from 1969 to 1973; handwritten notes; and a Phillips Bros. Lincoln Mercury postcard.

Series II: Religious Activities. This series is broken into eight sub-series: Sub-series A: Churches; B. Christian Correspondence; C: Evangelical Caucus; D: Leadership Prayer Breakfast; E: Newsletters, Articles, and Speech Materials; F: Religious / Political Outreach and Activism; G: Televangelists; and H: Miscellaneous.

Sub-series A: Churches. This sub-series contains material related to his church activity in the First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk, as well as church programs from his presentations at other churches. Included are church programs, committee information, pamphlets, and conference information. Also included is information on the church school. Phillips was active in his church. He made presentations, was ordained as a deacon in 1959, and served as superintendent of the church school in the 1960s. Material dates from the 1950s to the 1990s.

Sub-series B: Christian Correspondence. This sub-series contains religious correspondence dated from 1969 to 2002. Letters represent Conoly Phillips’ religious views and activities. Topics include: the 1969 Billy Graham Crusade; Campus Crusade for Christ; the Christian Broadcasting Network; Conoly Phillips’ speaking engagements to churches; witnessing; and various Christian conferences, retreats, and events.

Sub-series C: Evangelical Caucus. This sub-series contains materials related to the Evangelical Caucus, an organization formed to advance Christian principles in politics, government, and public affairs. Included are: by-laws; correspondence; financial statements and tax information; a newsletter; mailing lists and members information; promotional materials; and news clippings. Material dates from 1978 to 1983.

Sub-series D: Leadership Prayer Breakfast.  Originally named the “Tidewater Mayors Prayer Breakfast,” the Leadership Prayer Breakfast was “an opportunity for community leaders to come together to recognize Gods’ authority and to pray for our communities.” It was sponsored by the Law Enforcement Officers Fellowship. Other prayer breakfasts are also represented. This sub-series contains programs, correspondence, meeting minutes, contact lists, and notes. Material dates from 1979 – 2001.

Sub-series E: Newsletters, Articles, and Speech Materials. This sub-series contains speeches by Conoly Phillips as well as notes and annotated resource articles. Topics include but are not limited to Christian criticism of Secular Humanism and the Equal Rights Amendment; AIDS; America’s youth; morality; Christian leadership; Christian involvement in politics; and pornography. Most of the material in this sub-series is not dated.

Sub-series F: Religious / Political Outreach and Activism. This sub-series includes materials related to Christian outreach programs, missionary work, and politics. Included are flyers, correspondence, pamphlets, and programs. Material dates from 1968 to 1991.

Sub-series G: Televangelists. This sub-series includes correspondence, articles, newsletters, and information on donations to televangelists including Pat Robertson of the the Christian Broadcasting Network and Billy Graham. Of note is an oral history of Conoly Phillips on his involvement in the 1974 Billy Graham Crusade. Materials date from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Sub-series H: Miscellaneous. This sub-series contains miscellaneous religious material including materials related to the Tidewater Proclaim Evangelistic Association; the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; the Regent University Board of Trustees; and prayer petitions from an unspecified prayer group. Material dates from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Series III: Community and Civic Memberships and Activities. This series contains ten sub-series on the community and civic activities of Conoly Phillips. Sub-series A: Better Business Bureau; B: Boy Scouts; C: Chamber of Commerce; D: Norfolk Symphony; E: Rotary Club; F. SPSA; G: United Community Fund; H. Union Mission; I: United Drug Abuse Council; and J: Miscellaneous.

Sub-series A: Better Business Bureau. This sub-series contains materials related to the Tidewater Better Business Bureau, and includes correspondence from 1969 to 1973, plans, 1970-72 budgets reports, 1970 and 1972 Roster of Officers and Directors, pamphlets, 1972-73 Annual Report, newspaper article related to 1968 Officer elections, and minutes from 1973 Board of Directors meetings. Material dates from 1969 to 1973.

Sub-series B: Boy Scouts. This sub-series contains materials related to the Tidewater Council of Boy Scouts, and includes materials regarding planning and development, committees, a Boy Power / Man Power Booklet and folder, facts, 1967 Annual Report, Scout Camp Posters, and the1969 Operating Budget. Material dates from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s.

Sub-series C: Chamber of Commerce. This sub-series includes Norfolk Chamber of Commerce Statement of Receipts and Expenditures  dated July 31, 1969, an article in March 1970 New Norfolk Magazine, a 1973 bulletin, a 1973 letter; and National Chamber of Commerce pamphlets. Material dates from 1969 to 1973.

Sub-series D: Norfolk Symphony. This sub-series contains items related to the Norfolk Symphony subscription campaign and advertising in the Symphony program in 1968. Material dates from 1968 to 1969.

Sub-series E: Rotary Club. This sub-series contains material related to the Northside Norfolk Rotary Club. Included are correspondence; contact lists; a June 1969 article announcing that Conoly Phillips was named Rotarian of the Year; programs including a 1962 installation of officers and the 1964 Golden Anniversary of the club; and notes for a March 1987 talk before the Rotary Club.  With the exception of the 1987 talk, most of these materials date from the 1960s and early 1970s.

Sub-series F: SPSA. This sub-series contains materials for the Southeastern Public Service Authority, an organization concerned with regional waste management. Conoly Phillips served as Chairman beginning in 1997. Materials include studies and reports; newsletters; and correspondence. Material dates from 1995 to 2000.

Sub-series G: United Community Fund. This sub-series contains materials related to the United Community Fund. Included are by-laws, agendas and minutes, annual reports and budgets, board of directors’ listings, and correspondence. Material dates from 1970 to 1976.

Sub-series H: Union Mission. This sub-series contains materials related to the Union Mission. Included is a March 1990 Board of Directors listing; and undated programs from the dedication of the Union Mission Children’s Home in Virginia Beach and to their 86th Anniversary celebration.

Sub-series I: United Drug Abuse Council. This sub-series contains materials related to the United Drug Abuse Council of Norfolk. Included are meeting agendas and minutes, grant and financial data, budgets for 1973 to1974, mailing lists, personnel lists and resumes, by-laws, organization information, programs, reports, and correspondence for 1972 and 1973.

Sub-series J: Miscellaneous. This sub-series contains information for community and civic memberships where the amount of information did not merit creating a full sub-series for the organization. This sub-series also contains a folder of resignations from organizations. Organizations include: the Tidewater Advertising Review Board, the American Cancer Society, CBU Epworth Camp, Hampton Roads 5% Club, Harbor Club, Hospital of the Kings Daughters, Mallory Country Club, Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce, Seratoma Club, University of Georgia Alumni Chapter, VDOT Tunnel Advisors Committee, and the VRMA Board of Directors. Material dates from 1964 to 2004.

Series IV: Political Activities. This series is composed of seven sub-series: Sub-series A: Political Correspondence; B: Delegate Listings; C: Democratic Mass Meetings; D: Norfolk City Council Business; E: Norfolk City Council Race; F: U.S. Senate Campaign 1978; and G: Miscellaneous.

Sub-series A: Political Correspondence. This sub-series contains political and civic correspondence dated in 1942 and then from August 1969 to December 1973 on issues such as the H.R. 13270 Tax Reform bill, the Postal Reform bill, and the Clean Air Act of 1970, as well as various Hampton Roads concerns. Also included are letters to Conoly Phillips from senators from the 1980s and 1990s.

Sub-series B: Delegate Listings. This sub-series contains six folders of delegate listings for Congressional voting districts in Virginia in 1978.

Sub-series C: Democratic Mass Meetings. This sub-series contains material related to the Virginia Democratic Mass Meetings, the Tidewater Democratic Mass Meetings, and the Democratic State Convention in 1978. Included are pledges of commitment, procedures and rules, objectives, delegates elected, agendas, returns, organizational summaries, and correspondence.

Sub-series D: Norfolk City Council Business. This sub-series contains material from Conoly Phillips time on the Norfolk City Council. Included are correspondence, budgets, reports, press releases, articles, projects and proposals, and materials related to the Finance and Infrastructure Committee. Material dates from 1977 to 2000.

Sub-series E: Norfolk City Council Race. This sub-series contains material from Conoly Phillips campaigns for Norfolk City Council for the years: 1976, 1980, 1986, 1990, 1992, 1994, 1998, and 2000.  Included are correspondence; cards and letters of support and congratulations; speeches; campaign committee agendas; press releases; campaign materials; commitment schedules; information on budgets, donations, and expenditures; contact and mailing lists; candidate petitions; articles; and polling information.

Sub-series F: U.S. Senate Campaign 1978. This sub-series contains material from Conoly Phillips unsuccessful 1978 campaign for the U.S. Senate. Phillips claimed he felt God had “called” him to run in this campaign. Included are correspondence; contact lists; notes; press releases; articles; campaign materials; voter pledge forms; travel itineraries; expense reports; religious newsletters featuring Conoly Phillips; materials related to the Democratic Convention; Phillips stands on the issues; campaign strategy; biographical information on Phillips; and material related to other candidates.

Sub-series G: Miscellaneous. This sub-series contains miscellaneous material related to Conoly Phillips’ political career. Material includes correspondence with the Embassy of the USSR from 1989 to 1991; a 1987 real estate holdings disclosure; a non-dated Chesapeake City Council newsletter; and an undated biography for Admiral Carlisle A.H. Trost.

Series V: Personal Information. This series is broken into six sub-series: Sub-series A: Personal Correspondence; Sub-series B: Education; Sub-series C: Family; D: Finances; E: Real Estate; and F: Miscellaneous.

Sub-series A: Personal Correspondence. This sub-series contains personal correspondence to and from friends and business contacts for the period of November 1968 toNovember 1973; and Christmas letters and contact lists for the 1970s through the 1990s.

Sub-series B: Education. This sub-series contains material related to Conoly Phillips education. Included are materials related to his childhood and elementary education from the 1930s and 1940s; his high school graduation and 50th reunion from Maury High; his service in the Air Force for the years 1952 to 1955; and his college years at the University of Georgia for the years 1950 to 1953.

Sub-series C: Family. This sub-series contains material related to Conoly Phillips family members including his wife, Betsy Ferebee Phillips; his daughter, Charlotte; and his niece, Julie. Material includes correspondence, articles, and children’s art. Most of the material in this sub-series is not dated.

Sub-series D: Finances.  This sub-series includes personal financial statements, investments, and stock information for Conoly Phillips. Material dates from the 1970s and 1980s.

Sub-series E: Real Estate. This sub-series includes real estate deeds, transfers, and correspondence for North Carolina properties including Walnut Island, Snug Harbor, and Glenn Cove. Material dates from the 1970s and 1980s.

Sub-series F: Miscellaneous. This sub-series includes handwritten and typed notes, as well as personal agreements for the 1950s.

Series VI: Writing and Speeches. This series consists of three sub-series: Sub-series A: Writing; Sub-series B: Speeches; and Sub-series C: Speech Notes and Annotated Source Materials.

Sub-series A: Writing. This sub-series contains writing, papers, and drafts by Conoly Phillips. Included are editorials on the role of higher education and on morals for the ODU Mace and Crown student newspaper; and student papers for business management courses at ODU. Materials date from 1976 to 1978.

Sub-series B: Speeches. This sub-series includes speeches and presentations made by Conoly Phillips as Norfolk City Councilman, as well as annotated speeches by other people. Topics include: Norfolk history; Norfolk redevelopment; and the Norfolk City budget.

Sub-series C: Speech Notes and Annotated Source Materials. This sub-series contains annotated source materials and notes for speeches, writings, and presentations by Conoly Phillips. Topics include:  cities, integration, politics, and public schools. Materials date from the 1970s to the 1980s.

Series VII: Multimedia. This series contains multimedia materials, and is broken into the following sub-series: A: Audio Cassettes; B: Compact Discs; C: Floppy Discs; D: Reel Tapes; E. VHS and Betamax Tapes; and F: Photographs.

Sub-series A: Audio Cassettes. This sub-series contains audio cassettes related to Conoly Phillips 1978 Senate campaign and a "Men's Prayer Breakfast" speech by Conoly Phillips.

Sub-Series B: Compact Discs. This series contains compact discs containing computer data, including advertising spots for Conoly Phillips automotive business and an architecture dealership design tour.

Sub-series C: Floppy Discs.  This sub-series contains floppy disks containing automotive and dealership logos.

Sub-series D: Reel Tapes. This sub-series contains reel tapes containing advertising spots for Conoly Phillips automotive business.

Sub-series E: VHS and Betamax Tapes. This sub-series contains VHS and Betamax tapes containing interviews and presentations from Conoly Phillips political career including his time on the Norfolk City Council and his 1978 bid for the U.S. Senate.

Sub-series F: Photographs. This sub-series contains photographs.  Photos relate to all areas of Conoly Phillips’ life including: his automotive dealerships; his political career; his education and personal life; and his religious involvements. Materials date from the 1940s to the 1990s.

Series VIII: Artifacts. This series contains Conoly Phillips Lincoln-Mercury business card; a Conoly Phillips Lincoln Mercury license plate; and political buttons “Conoly Phillips for Council”, "Re-Elect U.S. Senator Robertson" and "Stovall Clerk of Circuit Court”

Series IX: Oversize. This series contains oversize scrapbooks, posters, photos, awards, and maps.


Gift from G. Conoly Phillips, March 1977.


Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


25 Hollinger Document Cases, 1 Hollinger Half Document Case, 3 Index Card Boxes, 3 Flip-top Boxes, and 3 Oversize Boxes; 34.4 linear feet.

Collection Number

MG  15

Container Listing

Series I: Auto Dealership

Sub-series A: Advertising and Marketing

Box 1

Print, Radio, and Television Advertising

Folder 1: Advertisements -- Meetings and Notes, Dec. 1969 - Jan. 1963
Folder 2: Advertising 1960s
Folder 3: Advertising 1970
Folder 4: Advertising 1971
Folder 5: Advertising 1972
Folder 6: Advertising 1973
Folder 7: Advertising 1974
Folder 8: Advertising 1990s
Folder 9: Matthius and Redmond Advertising Agency – Copies [n.d.]
Folder 10: Matthius and Redmond Advertising Agency -- Misc. 1971-72
Folder 11: Miscellaneous Marketing 1970s
Folder 12: Newspaper Ads 1960s-1990s
Folder 13: Yellow Pages 1970-72

News and Announcements

Folder 14: Conoly Phillips Lincoln Mercury Merger Announcement 1999
Folder 15: Conoly Phillips Lincoln-Mercury Press Release, June 10, 1997
Folder 16: “Turning a name into a commercial” (article on Phillips brothers) 1964

Marketing Training and Resources

Folder 17: Auto and Japanese Production Data 1981
Folder 18: Ford Marketing Institute, 1971 Dealership Training Courses 1971
Folder 19: Marketing Locality Definitions 1996-97

Promotions and Events

Folder 20: Auto Show -- Scope 1972
Folder 21: Basketball Hoop stakes 1973
Folder 22: Color of Christmas Seal Contest 1969
Folder 23: Freedom Lincoln Mercury Grand Opening 2000
Folder 24: Opening Gala, Jim Phillips List 1997
Folder 25: Retailer Awards 1964

Box 2

Advertising by Model

Folder 1: Capri, 1970-71
Folder 2: Cougar -- Cougar Girl Coloring Book [n.d.]
Folder 3: Daimler 1960
Folder 4: Fiat 1959-63
Folder 5: Lincoln, 1968-1972
Folder 6: Mercury (not Capri), 1969-71
Folder 7: Presidential Limousine, 1968
Folder 8: Rambler 1964
Folder 9: Rambler Data 1964-65
Folder 10: Rambler -- Rambler gram [n.d.]

Sub-series B: Finances


Folder 11: Appraisal: 4949 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 1977
Folder 12: Appraisal: Novella Heights 1983
Folder 13: Appraisal Report: Conoly Phillips Planet Cars Dealership, July 14, 1999
Folder 14: Appraisal Report: Two Vacant Parcels, Chesapeake, VA, June 16, 1996


Folder 15: Audit 1981
Folder 16: Audit 1982
Folder 17: Audit 1988 & 1989
Folder 18: Audit 1990 & 1991
Folder 19: Audit 1991 & 1992
Folder 20: Audit 1994 & 1995
Folder 21: Audit 1995 & 1996

Box 3

City Taxes and Licenses

Folder 1: City Taxes and Licenses 1957-60
Folder 2: City Taxes and Licenses 1961-63
Folder 3: City Taxes and Licenses 1964-65
Folder 4: City Taxes and Licenses Miscellaneous

Financial Statements

Folder 5: Financial Statements 1957
Folder 6: Financial Statements 1958
Folder 7: Financial Statements 1959
Folder 8: Financial Statements 1960
Folder 9: Financial Statements 1961
Folder 10: Financial Statements 1962

Box 4

Folder 1: Financial Statements 1963
Folder 2: Financial Statements 1964
Folder 3: Financial Statements 1965
Folder 4: Financial Statements 1966
Folder 5: Financial Statements 1967
Folder 6: Financial Statements 1968
Folder 7: Financial Statements 1969
Folder 8: Financial Statements 1970
Folder 9: Financial Statements 1971
Folder 10: Financial Statements 1972
Folder 11: Financial Statements 1973
Folder 12: Financial Statements 1974
Folder 13: Financial Statements 1975

Box 5

Folder 1: Financial Statements 1976
Folder 2: Financial Statements 1977
Folder 3: Financial Statements 1978
Folder 4: Financial Statements 1979
Folder 5: Financial Statements 1980
Folder 6: Financial Statements 1981
Folder 7: Financial Statements 1982
Folder 8: Financial Statements 1983
Folder 9: Financial Statements 1984
Folder 10: Financial Statements 1985
Folder 11: Financial Statements 1986
Folder 12: Financial Statements 1987
Folder 13: Financial Statements 1988
Folder 14: Financial Statements 1989
Folder 15: Financial Statements 1990
Folder 16: Financial Statements 1991
Folder 17: Financial Statements 1992
Folder 18: Financial Statements 1993
Folder 19: Financial Statements 1994
Folder 20: Financial Statements 1995

Box 6

Folder 1: Financial Statements 1996
Folder 2: Financial Statements 1997
Folder 3: Financial Statements Report, December 31, 1994 and 1993
Folder 4: Financial Statements Report, December 31, 1992 and 1991
Folder 5: Financial Statements Report, December 31, 1991 and 1990


Folder 6: Automobile Physical Damage Insurance Classifications, Symbols, & Premium for New and Used Passenger Cars, Virginia 1965
Folder 7: Insurance Policy: Phillips, Charlotte F. 1991
Folder 8: Pilot Life Insurance Company 1964
Folder 9: Vehicle Service Contract Reimbursement 1981

Real Estate

Folder 10: Barton Station I, 1980s-1990s
Folder 11: Barton Station II, 1990s
Folder 12: Property Purchase: Chesapeake, VA 1973
Folder 13: Proposed Plan for Norview Avenue 1962
Folder 14: Real Estate Prospectus 1990


Folder 15: Cash Receipts, Oct. 4, 1971 – Apr. 9, 1982
Folder 16: Receipts and Notes 1970s-1980s

Box 7

Sales Records

Folder 1: Sales Records I, Rambler, June 1962 - April 1963
Folder 2: Sales Records II, Rambler, May 1963 - December 1963
Folder 3: Sales Records III, Lincoln-Mercury, Dec. 30, 1962 - Dec. 30, 1963

Settlement Statements

Folder 4: Settlement Statement with Deed of Trust, Military Highway, Chesapeake, VA 1985
Folder 5: Settlement Statement: O.W.L. Ltd. August 10, 1983
Folder 6: Settlement Statement: Dove Corporation December 1, 1989


Folder 7: Ford Motor Co. Stock Prospectus 1955
Folder 8: Initial Meeting of Stockholders of Automoville, Inc., March 26, 1957
Folder 9: Stock Certificates -- Phillips Bros. Lincoln-Mercury (Blank)
Folder 10: Stock Certificates – Phillips Bros. Lincoln-Mercury 1964-65, 1972
Folder 11: Stock Certificates -- Conoly Phillips Lincoln Mercury 1996
Folder 12: Stock Transfer, Phillips Tire and Wheel 1982
Folder 13: Phillips Discount Tire Center Stock Certificates 1959-76


Folder 14: Commonwealth of Virginia Corporate Income Tax Returns, 1959 - 60
Folder 15: State and Federal Income Tax Returns, 1963- 65

Trend Control Board

Folder 16: Trend Control Board 1971
Folder 17: Trend Control Board 1974

Miscellaneous Finances

Folder 18: Authorization to Borrow 1982
Folder 19: Auto Price Lists 1958-72
Folder 20: Checkbook 1956-57
Folder 21: Contributions -- Misc. 1969 - 72
Folder 22: Expense Accounts -- A/C 220 - (#360) 1973
Folder 23: Monthly Order Worksheets 1970
Folder 24: Note and Security Agreement, Virginia National Bank  1979
Folder 25: Radio Price Lists [n.d.]
Folder 26: Resource Bank – Equipment Borrowings 1997
Folder 27: SBA Loan [1946, 1959, 1960]
Folder 28: Travel and Miscellaneous 1970

Sub-Series C: Leases/Contracts/Agreements

Box 8

Phillips Brothers Corporation

Folder 1: Agreement: G. Conoly Phillips and Ronald C. Hush 1974
Folder 2: Agreement: G. Conoly Phillips and Tench Phillips, December 1977
Folder 3: Articles of Partnership: Tench Phillips, Sr; Tench Phillips, Jr.; G. Conoly Phillips; 1963
Folder 4: Conoly and Tench -- Personal I, 1958-72
Folder 5: Conoly and Tench -- Personal II, 1966-68
Folder 6: Conoly Phillips Leasing Corporation 1978-79
Folder 7: Tenco 1963-77


Folder 8: Building – Miscellaneous [1963-64, 1971-73]
Folder 9: Business Certificate 1959
Folder 10: Car Wash Materials 1970
Folder 11: Community Relations Ford, 1970 - 72
Folder 12: Computerized Automotive Reporting Service Inc. 1970
Folder 13: Computerized Automotive Reporting Service Inc.  1971 - 74
Folder 14: Contracts 1957-75
Folder 15: Contract: LP Gas Consumer 1973
Folder 16: Contract: Suffolk Broadcasting Corp 1970
Folder 17: Creditor’s Group Life and Disability Insurance – Phillips Mercury Lincoln 1981
Folder 18: Customer Service -- Richmond District Ford Motor Company, 1971
Folder 19: Dealership Agreement 1996
Folder 20: Dealer Tags -- Demos, 1970 - 72
Folder 21: Deed of Easement 1997
Folder 22: Ford 1972
Folder 23: Ford Driver Education Program 1970 - 71
Folder 24: Ford Motor Company Dealer Life Plan 1972
Folder 25: Ford Motor Leasing / Fleet 1971
Folder 26: History Dealer Agreements 1957 - 63

Box 9

Folder 1: Leases I, 1950s – 1960s
Folder 2: Leases II, 1970s – 1980s
Folder 3: Lincoln-Mercury District Office, 1968 - 73
Folder 4: Lincoln-Mercury Division Ford Motor Co. -- Not District Office, 1968 – 73
Folder 5: Lincoln Sales and Service Agreement 1997
Folder 6: Office Equipment and Maintenance 1968-73
Folder 7: Title Insurance: Phillips Brothers Automoville 1962
Folder 8: Warrants: Against Forgers and Check Alterations 1978 - 80
Folder 9: Wetlands Documents 1993

Sub-series D: Personnel, Policies, Procedures, and Customer Relations

Folder 10: Application: MPI Testing Material 1971-72
Folder 11: Award Trips [1984, 1986, 1996, 1998]
Folder 12: Award Jewelry 1998
Folder 13: Care and Share Employee Newsletter 1994-99
Folder 14: Christmas Letters [1977, 1989, 1993, 1994, 1996]
Folder 15: Correspondence -- Customers, October 1969 - November 1973
Folder 16: Correspondence -- Public Relations, April 1968 - November 1973
Folder 17: Customer Relations 1972
Folder 18: Dealership Procedures [n.d.]

Box 10

Folder 1: Dept. Heads -- Memos -- Job Description and Policy, Sept. 1969 -- May 1971
Folder 2: Dept. Heads -- Memos -- Job Description and Policy, June -- August 1971
Folder 3: Dept. Heads -- Memos -- Job Description and Policy, Sept. 1971 -- Dec. 1973
Folder 4: Dept. Sales Incentives 1969-76
Folder 5: Employee Development [n.d.]
Folder 6: Employee Handbook: Phillips Mercury-Lincoln [n.d.]
Folder 7: Employees -- Phillips Mercury Lincoln 1970-73
Folder 8: Employment Application [n.d.]
Folder 9: Go, Inc. 1972-75
Folder 10: Labor Relations 1971
Folder 11: Market Surveys [1963-64, 1972]
Folder 12: Meetings  [1965, 1967, 1988]
Folder 13: Merchandising School 1952
Folder 14: Mission Statement: Conoly Phillips Lincoln-Mercury [n.d.]
Folder 15: Notes: Managers in Action 1971
Folder 16: Notes: Training 1982-83
Folder 17: Pension Plan [n.d.]
Folder 18: Personnel Lists 1982-83
Folder 19: Personnel Policies and Procedures [1965, 1973]
Folder 20: Phillips Patter Oldsmobile: Newsletters, 1971 – 72
Folder 21: Places that Make a Difference 1978
Folder 22: Resignations 1981-85
Folder 23: Resumes 1992
Folder 24: School: Dealership Training 1969-72
Folder 25: The Talon, Freedom Lincoln Mercury Newsletter, November 1999

Sub-series E: Automotive Associations

Box 11

Folder 1: Automotive Trade Association of Virginia, April 14, 1965
Folder 2: Automotive Trade Association, May 1968 - February 1972
Folder 3: Continental “100 Club” 1970s
Folder 4: Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Association (LMDA) Southeast 1991
Folder 5: NADA (National Automobile Dealers Association), January 1969 - December 1971
Folder 6: NADA II, January 1972 - January 1975
Folder 7: National Dealer Council 1972
Folder 8: Tidewater Automotive Dealers Association, Code of Regulations 1967
Folder 9: Tidewater Auto Dealers Association, Customer No. 42354, 1963-72
Folder 10: Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Directory -- 1970
Folder 11: Virginia Motor Vehicle Dealer Directory – 1971

Sub-series F: Correspondence

Folder 12: Correspondence 1969-1972
Folder 13: Correspondence January 1973 -- April 1973
Folder 14: Correspondence May 1973 -- December 1973
Folder 15: Correspondence January 1974 -- July 1974
Folder 16: Correspondence August 1974 -- December 1974
Folder 17: Correspondence January 1975 -- April 1975
Folder 18: Correspondence May 1975 -- May 1976

Box 12

Folder 1: Correspondence 1992-94
Folder 2: Correspondence 1997
Folder 3: Correspondence 1999

Sub-series G: Miscellaneous

Folder 4: 40 Year Achievement Award, G.C. Phillips 1999
Folder 5: Award -- Milestone '72
Folder 6: Chairman’s Award 1991
Folder 7: Dealer World magazines featuring Conoly Phillips [1989, 1997]
Folder 8: Ford Merchandising School Forum magazine featuring Conoly Phillips, Jan.–Feb. 1956
Folder 9: Magazines -- Newsletters: Subscriptions, etc. 1969-73
Folder 10: Miscellaneous
Folder 11: Notes
Folder 12: Phillips Bros. Lincoln-Mercury Postcard
Folder 13: President’s Award, Presented by Ford Motor Company, 1998

Series II: Religious Activities

Sub-series A: Churches

Folder 14: First Presbyterian Church 1950s – 1980s
Folder 15: Other Churches 1970s – 1990s
Folder 16: Church School 1960s – 1980s
Folder 17: Church Work I 1960s
Folder 18: Church Work II [1960s, 1980s]

Sub-series B: Christian Correspondence

Folder 19: Christian Correspondence I, 1969 - 72
Folder 20: Christian Correspondence II, 1973
Folder 21: Christian Correspondence III, 1978
Folder 22: Christian Correspondence IV, 1983-89
Folder 23: Christian Correspondence V, 2002

Box 13

Sub-series C: Evangelical Caucus

Folder 1: Evangelical Caucus I, 1978-79
Folder 2: Evangelical Caucus II, 1978-83
Folder 3: Evangelical Caucus III, 1978-81
Folder 4: Evangelical Caucus IV, 1978-79
Folder 5: Evangelical Caucus V [n.d.]
Folder 6: Evangelical Caucus VI, 1978-80
Folder 7: Evangelical Caucus VII, 1978-79

Box 14

Index Cards: Evangelical Caucus Mailing List I

Box 15

Index Cards: Evangelical Caucus Mailing List II
Index Cards: Evangelical Caucus Members

Box 16

Sub-series D: Leadership Prayer Breakfast

Folder 1: Leadership Prayer Breakfast I, 1978-01
Folder 2: Leadership Prayer Breakfast II, 1980-88
Folder 3: Leadership Prayer Breakfast III, 1986
Folder 4: Leadership Prayer Breakfast IV, 1986-88
Folder 5: Leadership Prayer Breakfast V, 1984-86

Sub-series E: Newsletters, Articles, and Speech Materials

Folder 6: Articles [n.d.]
Folder 7: Conoly Phillips – Speeches and Writing [n.d.]
Folder 8: Notes [n.d.]
Folder 9: Perspective 1971-92
Folder 10: Religious Articles [n.d.]
Folder 11: Religious Notes / Speech Materials [n.d.]
Folder 12: Secular Humanism and the Equal Rights Amendment [circa 1980]
Folder 13: Talk by G. Conoly Phillips [circa late 1970s]
Folder 14: Barry Brown – Religious / Political Meetings [n.d.]
Folder 15: Doulas Ship Tour 1978
Folder 16: Guidepost Program to School Teachers 1968-75
Folder 17: Jesus '78
Folder 18: Lydia Fellowship 1988
Folder 19: Missionaries 1981-91
Folder 20: National Conference of Christians and Jews 1974
Folder 21: Youth Program 1965
Folder 22: Miscellaneous

Sub-series G: Televangelists

Folder 23: Billy Graham 1970s-80s
Folder 24: Christian Broadcasting Network 1960s-80s

Sub-series H: Miscellaneous

Folder 25: Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, 1973 – 74
Folder 26: Prayer Petitions [n.d.]
Folder 27: Proclaim Evangelistic Association 1960s - 1990s
Folder 28: Regent University Board of Trustees [1991, 1994]
Folder 29: Miscellaneous

Box 17

Series III: Community / Civic Memberships and Activities

Sub-series A: Better Business Bureau

Folder 1: Better Business Bureau -- Membership and Board Affairs I, August 1969 - December 1971
Folder 2: Better Business Bureau -- Membership and Board Affairs II, 1972 - 73
Folder 3: Better Business Bureau Minutes, 1973

Sub-series B: Boy Scouts

Folder 4: Boy Scouts I [1968, 1976]
Folder 5: Boy Scouts II [1967, 1969]

Sub-series C: Chamber of Commerce

Folder 6: Chamber of Commerce, 1969 – 73
Folder 7: Chamber of Commerce: National

Sub-series D: Norfolk Symphony

Folder 8: Norfolk Symphony, 1968 - 69
Folder 9: Norfolk Symphony Orchestra, 1968

Sub-series E: Rotary Club

Folder 10: Northside Norfolk Rotary Club 1960-73
Folder 11: Programs 1960s
Folder 12: Rotary Talk, March 1987

Sub-series F: SPSA

Folder 13: SPSA 1995
Folder 14: SPSA 1996
Folder 15: SPSA 1997 I
Folder 16: SPSA 1997 II
Folder 17: SPSA 1998
Folder 18: SPSA 2000

Box 18

Sub-series G: United Community Fund

Folder 1: Award for Distinguished Service 1976
Folder 2: Board 1970-73
Folder 3: Budget 1972
Folder 4: Minutes 1970-73
Folder 5: UCF -- State Budget United Way of Va. 1973-75

Sub-series H: Union Mission

Folder 6: Union Mission Board of Directors, March 1, 1990
Folder 7: Union Mission Programs [n.d.]

Sub-series I: United Drug Abuse Council

Folder 8: UDAC Organization, 1973
Folder 9: UDAC Executive Committee, 1972 - 73
Folder 10: UDAC General Information I, December 1972 - June 1973
Folder 11: UDAC General Information II, June 1973 - December 1973
Folder 12: UDAC General Information III (Board Members Kit -- UDAC, Norfolk, VA) 1973-74
Folder 13: UDAC Personnel -- 1973
Folder 14: UDAC Budget of Finance, 1973 - 74
Folder 15: UDAC Committee Assignments, 1973
Folder 16: UDAC -- Grant Review Committee 1973
Folder 17: UDAC -- Legislative Committee 1973
Folder 18: UDAC -- Project Review Chesapeake 1972 - 73
Folder 19: UDAC Minutes, January 26, 1973
Folder 20: UDAC Education Committee 1973
Folder 21: UDAC -- SV/PDC (Southeastern Virginia Planning District Commission) 1973
Folder 22: UDAC T + R (Treatment and Rehabilitation) Committee 1973
Folder 23: UDAC -- VDACC (Virginia Drug Abuse Control Council) 1973

Box 19

Sub-series J: Miscellaneous

Folder 1: AD. Review Board (Tidewater Advertising Review Board), 1973-74
Folder 2: American Cancer Society Annual Meeting, Sept. 19, 1979
Folder 3: Awards – miscellaneous [1960s, 1990s]
Folder 4: CBU – Epworth Camp 1981-82
Folder 5: Hampton Roads 5% Club 1980s-90s
Folder 6: Harbor Club 1968-73
Folder 7: Kings Daughter Hospital, 1968-73
Folder 8: Mallory Country Club 1964-70
Folder 9: Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce – Distinguished Service Award 1961
Folder 10: Organization Resignations 1967-70
Folder 11: Sertoma Club,  City of Norfolk: A City of the Past, Present, and Future, January 29, 1992
Folder 12: University of Georgia Alumni Chapter 1967-68
Folder 13: VDOT Tunnel Advisors Committee Meeting, Nov. 18, 2004
Folder 14: VRMA Board of Directors Meeting, Oct. 21-23, 1988

Series IV: Political Activities

Sub-series A: Political Correspondence

Folder 15: Councilman 1976
Folder 16: Letters to Conoly Phillips from Senators 1980s- 1990s
Folder 17: Political and Civic Correspondence [1942, 1968-73]

Sub-series B: Delegate Listings

Folder 18: Delegate Listings I, 1978
Folder 19: Delegate Listings II, 1978
Folder 20: Delegate Listings III, 1978
Folder 21: Delegate Listings IV (not in order), 1978
Folder 22: Delegate Listings V (not in order), 1978
Folder 23: Delegate Listings VI (not in order), 1978

Box 20

Sub-series C: Democratic Mass Meetings

Folder 1: Democratic Mass Meetings I, 1978
Folder 2: Democratic Mass Meetings II, 1978
Folder 3: 1978 Virginia Democratic State Convention
Folder 4: Congressional District Chairmen and Congressional District Organizational Summary 1978
Folder 5: Committee Elections 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th Congressional District 1978
Folder 6: Tidewater Mass Meeting, April 15, 1978

Sub-series D: Norfolk City Council Business

Folder 7: Annual Budget Concerns, June 7, 1977
Folder 8: Communications 1992
Folder 9: Comparative Report of Local Governments (excerpts), June 30, 1990
Folder 10: Correspondence: City Manager 1992
Folder 11: Correspondence: Interdepartmental 1992
Folder 12: Correspondence: Norfolk City Council 1992
Folder 13: Current Human Resource Issues Under Review [n.d.]
Folder 14: Department of Utilities, Management, and Operations Report, January 7, 2000
Folder 15: Employees’ Retirement System, 1990
Folder 16: Finance and Infrastructure Committee -- Meeting, Dec. 20, 1999
Folder 17: Finance and Infrastructure Committee -- Review of Operations & Management of the Department of Utilities, December 20, 1999

Box 21

Folder 1: Greater Norfolk Corp., Press Release, “Downtown Produces More Benefits Than Costs”,  December 4, 1991
Folder 2: Image Processing System Selection, 1991
Folder 3: Literacy 1991
Folder 4: Magazine Articles 1990s
Folder 5: Management Letter, June 30, 1991
Folder 6: Marina Proposal 1992
Folder 7: Norfolk City Council 2000
Folder 8: Norfolk Community Services Board, Public Hearing 1992
Folder 9: Norfolk Review Final Report, June 1, 1980
Folder 10: A Plan for Downtown Norfolk 2000
Folder 11: Quarterly Projection for Period Ending, Feb. 29, 1992
Folder 12: Report on Soviet Sister City Initiative, Oct. 29, 1991
Folder 13: Services Inventory and Goals & Objectives, Feb. 18, 1992
Folder 14: Virginia Ports Authority Expansion 2000

Sub-series E: Norfolk City Council Race

Folder 15: Campaign Contributions and Expenditures 1980, 1986
Folder 16: Campaign Contributions and Expenditures 1990, 1992
Folder 17: Campaign Fund 2002

Box 22

Folder 1: Norfolk City Council Race 1976 I
Folder 2: Norfolk City Council Race 1976 II
Folder 3: Norfolk City Council Race 1976 III
Folder 4: Norfolk City Council Race 1976 IV
Folder 5: Norfolk City Council Race 1976 V
Folder 6: Norfolk City Council Race 1976 VI
Folder 7: Norfolk City Council Race 1980 I
Folder 8: Norfolk City Council Race 1980 II
Folder 9: Norfolk City Council Race 1980 III
Folder 10: Norfolk City Council Race 1980 IV

Box 23

Folder 1: Norfolk City Council Race 1986 I
Folder 2: Norfolk City Council Race 1986 II
Folder 3: Norfolk City Council Race 1986 III
Folder 4: Norfolk City Council Race 1990
Folder 5: Norfolk City Council Race 1992 I
Folder 6: Norfolk City Council Race 1992 II
Folder 7: Norfolk City Council Race 1992 III
Folder 8: Norfolk City Council Race 1992 IV
Folder 9: Norfolk City Council Race 1992 V
Folder 10: Norfolk City Council Race 1992 VI

Box 24

Folder 1: Norfolk City Council Race 1994 I
Folder 2: Norfolk City Council Race 1994 II
Folder 3: Norfolk City Council Race 1994 III
Folder 4: Norfolk City Council Race 1998 I
Folder 5: Norfolk City Council Race 1998 II
Folder 6: Norfolk City Council Race 1998 III
Folder 7: Norfolk City Council Race 1998 IV
Folder 8: Norfolk City Council Race 2000

Box 25

Index Cards: City Council Campaign 1986

Box 26

Sub-series F: U.S. Senate Campaign 1978

Folder 1: Articles: Miscellaneous
Folder 2: Biographical Information – Conoly Phillips
Folder 3: Campaign Analysis, January 10, 1978
Folder 4: Campaign Materials
Folder 5: Campaign Notebook
Folder 6: Campaign Notes
Folder 7: Campaign Strategy
Folder 8: Candidacy Paperwork
Folder 9: Congressional District Organizational Summary
Folder 10: Convention Delegate Information
Folder 11: Convention Housing
Folder 12: Correspondence: To Betsy Phillips
Folder 13: Correspondence: To Conoly Phillips
Folder 14: Correspondence: To Delegates
Folder 15: Correspondence : To Democratic Committee Members
Folder 16: Correspondence: To Friend in Christ
Folder 17: Correspondence: To Jerry Tiahrt
Folder 18: Correspondence: To Supporters
Folder 19: Correspondence: Miscellaneous
Folder 20: Delegate Forms
Folder 21: Democratic Party of Norfolk Notice, March 17, 1978
Folder 22: Finances
Folder 23: Itineraries
Folder 24: Mailing / Contact Lists I
Folder 25: Mailing / Contact Lists II
Folder 26: Mailing / Contact Lists II
Folder 27: Method of Nomination United States Senate Seat 1978
Folder 28: Newsletters featuring Conoly Phillips
Folder 29: Official Election Results 1976
Folder 30: Other Candidates
Folder 31: Participating Voter Information
Folder 32: Pledges of Commitment
Folder 33: Press Releases
Folder 34: Stands on Issues
Folder 35: University of Virginia Newsletter: The 1978 Virginia Senatorial Nominating Conventions, December 1978

Box 27

Folder 1: Voter Registration
Folder 2:  Miscellaneous: Senate Campaign

Sub-series G: Miscellaneous Political

Folder 3: Admiral Carlisle A.H. Trost Biography [n.d.]
Folder 4: Chesapeake City Council Newsletter [n.d.]
Folder 5: City Council Resolution Recognizing 20 Years of Service, June 27, 2002
Folder 6: Embassy of the USSR 1989-91
Folder 7: Real Estate Holdings Disclosure, Conoly Phillips, April 5, 1987

Series V: Personal Information

Sub-series A: Personal Correspondence

Folder 8: Christmas Letters and Lists [1970s, 1980s, 1990s]
Folder 9: Personal Correspondence I, November 1968 - January 1972
Folder 10: Personal Correspondence II, August 1972 - November 1973

Sub-series B: Education

Folder 11: Air Force 1952-55
Folder 12: Childhood 1930s – 1940s
Folder 13: Maury High School 1949
Folder 14: Maury High School “Class of 1949” 50th Reunion, October 1999
Folder 15: University of Georgia 1950-53

Sub-series C: Family

Folder 16: Betsy Ferebee Phillips (Conoly’s Wife) 1970s – 1980s
Folder 17: Charlotte Phillips (Conoly’s daughter) [n.d.]
Folder 18: Note from Julie (Conoly’s niece) [n.d.]

Sub-series D: Finances

Folder 19: Financial Records [1970s-1980s]
Folder 20: Stocks / Shares (G. Benson Ferebee, Jr.) 1979

Box 28

Series E: Real Estate

Folder 1: Deeds to Snug Harbor, NC and Glenn Cove, NC Properties 1970s-1980s
Folder 2: Walnut Island Property 1971-72

Series F: Miscellaneous

Folder 3: Misc. – Handwritten Notes
Folder 4: Notes
Folder 5: Personal Agreements 1950s

Series VI: Writing and Speeches

Sub-series A: Writing

Folder 6: Higher Education Drafts 1977-78
Folder 7: ODU Business Management Papers by Conoly Phillips 1976
Folder 8: “Should morals be a priority,” Mace and Crown, October 24, 1977

Sub-series B: Speeches

Folder 9:  Councilman Speeches 1970s-1980s
Folder 10: Council Speeches (by other people) 1970s-1980s

Sub-series C: Speech Notes and Annotated Source Materials

Folder 11: Articles – Integration 1970s
Folder 12: Articles – Politics 1970s-1980s
Folder 13: Articles -- Public Schools 1980s
Folder 14: Notes– Cities 1970s
Folder 15: Miscellaneous 1970s-1980s

Series VII: Multimedia

Sub-series A: Audio Cassettes

Box 29

Cassette 1: G. Conoly Phillips, "Springfield, Va 12 Mar 78"
Cassette 2: "Introducing Conoly Phillips"
Cassette 3: " Men's Prayer Breakfast", Conoly Phillips
Cassette 4: G.C. Phillips Authority Sales Mtg. 12/79

Sub-Series B: Compact Discs

CD 1: Dealership Design Process, J. Howard Nudell Architects, Inc. Interactive Navigation Tour
CD 2: Phillips, “A Very Simple Business” Radio Spots 1-15

Sub-series C: Floppy Discs

Disc 1: Conoly Logo IBM (1 of 4)
Disc 2: Conoly Logo IBM (2 of 4)
Disc 3: Conoly Logo IBM (3 of 4)
Disc 4: Conoly Logo IBM (4 of 4)
Disc 5: Planet Cars Video Logo
Disc 6: Care and Share, Format  (Jiff)

Sub-series D: Reel Tapes

Reel 1: Leon Shaffer Golnick Advertising, Phillips Lincoln Mercury, Master, 12/18/72
Reel 2: WTAR Radio, Phillips Lincoln Mercury, Master P
Reel 3: WTAR Radio, Phillips Lincoln Mercury, For ThursA
Reel 4: Phillips Master, from FOG

Box 30

Sub-series E: VHS and Betamax Tapes

VHS 1: Council Update with Councilman G. Conoly Phillips
VHS 2: City Talk, Featuring G. Conoly Phillips, 10-4-99
VHS 3: Phillips for City Council, TV Spots
Beta 1: Conoly Phillips for U.S. Senate edited master of two live TV programs
Beta 2: Christian Broadcasting Network, Live Program #2

Box 31

Sub-series F: Photographs


Folder 1: Aerial Photos [n.d]
Folder 2: American Motors 1961
Folder 3: Automotive Team [n.d.]
Folder 4: Awards [n.d.]
Folder 5: Cars [n.d.]
Folder 6: Conoly Phillips Lincoln Mercury 1950s-1970s
Folder 7: Cougar [n.d.]
Folder 8: Dealerships 1940s-1990s
Folder 9: Department photos [n.d.]
Folder 10: Events [n.d.]
Folder 11: Fiat 1950s-1960s
Folder 12: Ford 1970s-1990s
Folder 13: Groups of People [n.d.]
Folder 14: Paint Both, June 25, 1992
Folder 15: Phillips Bros. Rambler 1950s-1960s
Folder 16: President’s Day Sale 1994
Folder 17: Nations Dealer Council 1972
Folder 18: Virginia Lottery Winner buys Towncar [n.d.]


Folder 19: City Council Race 1986
Folder 20: City Council Race 1992
Folder 21: Conoly Phillips Headshots [n.d.]
Folder 22: Councilman [n.d.]
Folder 23: Miscellaneous Political [n.d.]
Folder 24: Senate Campaign Headshots 1978


Folder 25: Air Force 1950s
Folder 26: Conoly and Betsy [n.d.]
Folder 27: Family [n.d.]
Folder 28: School 1940s
Folder 29: Sports 1950s
Folder 30: USAF Wyoming 1953-54


Folder 31: CBN Business School Luncheon, May 1984

Series VIII: Artifacts

Box 32

Item 1: Conoly Phillips Lincoln-Mercury Business Card (2)
Item 2: Conoly Phillips Lincoln-Mercury License Plate
Item 3: Conoly Phillips Lincoln-Mecury, 25th Anniversary Antique / Special Interest Auto Show emblem, March 20, 1982
Item 4: Political Button: "Re-Elect U.S. Senator Robertson"
Item 5: Political Button: "Stovall Clerk of Circuit Court"
Item 6: Buttons: Conoly Phillips for Council (3)

Series IX: Oversize

Box 33

Item 1: Black Scrapbook, Phillips Bros. advertisements and articles 1966-70

Box 34

Item 1: Black Scrapbook, Phillips Bros. Rambler advertisements and articles 1959-65
Item 2: Maroon Scrapbook, Phillips Bros. Lincoln-Mercury advertisements and articles 1967-70

Box 35

Item 1: Black Scrapbook, Phillips Bros. Rambler, Retailer of the Year Competition 1964
Item 2: Phillips Lincoln Mercury photo letterhead
Item 3: Conoly Phillips Lincoln Mercury photo
Item 4: Aerial Photo Conoly Phillips Lincoln Mercury (before)
Item 5: Aerial Photo Conoly Phillips Lincoln Mercury (after)
Item 6: Rambler New Car Show, Atlantic City, N.J. 1961 photo
Item 7: Sales Associates and family with George Romney, President, American Motors Corporation, 1960 phot
Item 8: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Georgia 1952 photo
Item 9: University of Georgia 1951 fraternity photo
Item 10: ODU Master of Business Administration degree, Conoly Phillips, December 21, 1976
Item 11: Commonwealth of Virginia certification, Conoly Phillips, Member of the City Council, July 1, 1986-June 30, 1990
Item 12: “Christianity and the Marketplace,” Conoly Phillips guest speaker, April 7 poster
Item 13: Conoly Phillips Concerned and Dedicated for Norfolk City Council, May 4 poster
Item 14: Re-elect On May 1, Conoly Phillips, City Council poster
Item 15: Conoly Phillips, U.S. Senate Poster

Oversize Maps (in map case)

Item 1: City of Norfolk Electoral Districts and Voting Precincts, July 12, 1983
Item 2: Untitled City of Norfolk District Map

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