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The Papers of Beverly Randolph Middleton

MG 64

Scope and Contents - Series Descriptions - Access - Container List


Beverly Randolph Middleton was born on September 7, 1928, in Norfolk County, Virginia. He graduated from Norview High School where he was a gifted athlete and a central force in both Norview's football and basketball varsity programs. After high school he began his university career at the Virginia Polytechnic Institute where again his athletic abilities stood out as a member and co-captain of the track and field team. Middleton finished his University career at VPI graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

At VPI Middleton was enrolled in the Army cadet program. After college he joined the U.S. Army, and served from 1951 to 1953, attaining the rank of Captain. He was stationed in Europe where he received a special commendation from Queen Julianne of the Netherlands for his devoted personal assistance in coming to aid in a time of national crisis.

In 1967 Middleton was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates representing the city of Virginia Beach on a Democratic Union party ticket that opposed the Kellam Machine. He was a member of the House of Delegates from 1968 until 1974, having been defeated in his bid for re-election in 1973. He served three consecutive terms. The five committees on which he served were: Appropriations, Education, Roads, Chesapeake Bay and its Tributaries, and Conservation and Natural Resources. From 1972 to 1982 he was a member, appointed by the Governor of Virginia, of both the Virginia Housing Study Commission and the State Board of Housing and Development. Middleton also served as a member of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel Commission and on the General Advisory Council for Vocational Education for Virginia Beach schools.

Beverly R. Middleton was a licensed professional engineer and retired as president of Middleton Construction Company. He was a member of several organizations including the Society of Professional Engineers, and the Builders and Contractors Exchange. He served as director of the latter organization. He chaired the Joint Apprenticeship Committee of the Tidewater Electrical Industry from 1961 to 1974. He also served as president of the Suburban Kiwanis Club and Thoroughgood Civic League and was a member of the Royal Order of the Neptune Festival and Bayside Presbyterian Church.

Middleton died on July 12, 1996. He was married twice and is survived by his second wife, Ernestine W. Middleton. He fathered three sons and four daughters: John Middleton, Barry Knight, Wayne Middleton, Shannon Knight, Gale Dunlap, Beverly Middleton Hathaway, and Terry Burton. He was active in coaching little league football and basketball and enjoyed bird hunting and fishing.

Scope and Contents

The papers of Beverly R. Middleton deal primarily with his athletic career at Virginia Polytechnic Institute from 1945 until 1949 and his political career from 1967 to 1974. The collection provides an adequate look at Beverly R. Middleton's athletic career at VPI. The political aspects of the collection which concentrate heavily on his election and re-election campaigns in 1967, 1969, and 1971 as well as political correspondence from 1970 until mid-1971 provide a genuine examination of his political aspirations. Included in this collection is some sparse material that gives hints to both his athletic career at Norview High School and his career after he left the Virginia House of Delegates. The collection provides a look into the growth of Middleton's public image from a star athlete to a Virginia Beach delegate.


The documents and materials in the Beverly R. Middleton collection are divided into eight series entitled in order of appearance: correspondence, campaign files, organizations, printed material, photographs, artifacts, newspaper clippings, and scrapbooks.

Series Descriptions

Series I - Correspondence

This series consists mostly of political correspondence written between 1970 and 1971. The series is separated into three sub-series. Correspondence from 1970 and 1971 is divided into two sub-series separated by year while the third sub-series consists of invitations and thank you letters. The political correspondence is divided by topic and consists mostly of letters from concerned citizens with replies from Delegate Middleton concerning specific legislation. Personal correspondence as well as invitations to several inaugurations for the governors of Virginia from 1978 to 1990 constitutes the last sub-series in this series.

Among the correspondence are letters composed by citizens concerning the Save Old Dominion University campaign of 1970, letters from Congressman G. William Whitehurst regarding Boater Safety, personal invitations and correspondence with Governor John B. Dalton, and a personal thank you letter and autographed photo from Congressman Thomas N. Downing. Also, there is a Table of Contents outlining correspondence from 1971.

Series II - Campaign Files

The material in this series includes packet guides for campaign volunteers and poll workers, campaign stationery, press releases and speeches made by Middleton during his election and re-election campaigns, and a poll book registration of voters who voted on September 14, 1971. Items of note are handwritten notes and documents pertaining to the 1971 Middleton Campaign Fund which include a list of contributors in 1971 and a compilation of registered voters by counties/cities as of January 1, 1970.

Series III - Organization

The papers in this series include correspondence from the Virginia Beach Women's Democratic Club and a flyer from the Thoroughgood Garden Club. Papers of interest include correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other documents pertaining to the Virginia Building Officials Conference.

Series IV - Printed Material

This series consists of a printed newsletter and an official program for a sporting event sponsored by Kiwanis International. Middleton was a member and also served as president of the Suburban Kiwanis Club. The Virginia Housing Development Authority - 1982 Annual Report also appears in this series. The most prominent item of special interest however is an official program from the testimonial dinner honoring Senator Harry F. Byrd, Jr., with the establishment of an endowment fund in his name at the Virginia Military Institute.

Series V - Photographs

The photographs in this series include: a photo of the Norview High School football team, Middleton in track and field attire and cadet uniforms, and Middleton presiding over a Kiwanis Club conference. Of note are photographs of Governor Linwood Holton with State Senator James Turk, presiding over a press conference after the Virginia Housing Study Commissions Final Report on the housing crisis.

Series VI - Artifacts

This series contains Virginia Delegate license plates, a cocktail napkin from the Middleton campaign, and a bumper sticker from a Middleton re-election campaign.

Series VII - Newspaper Clippings

The newspaper articles in this series concern both Middleton's election and re-election campaigns and his family. There are several miscellaneous newspaper clippings, which concern Middleton's family from 1938 to 1941.

Series VIII - Scrapbooks

The four scrapbooks in this series are relatively intact; however, there are certain items which have been removed and are now located in folders of their own. The four scrapbooks in this series each relate to a specific time frame. Scrapbook I is a compilation of items related to either Middleton's athletic career at VPI or his career as a Cadet in Company "B" from 1945 to 1949. The scrapbook also mentions his high school athletic career. The other three scrapbooks incorporate Middleton's political career including his election and re-election campaigns for the Virginia House of Delegates. Each scrapbook focuses on one particular campaign: 1967 United Campaign and Democratic primary, 1969 re-election campaign, and 1971 re-election campaign. In the scrapbooks concerning Middleton's re-election campaigns of 1969 and 1971 there are several items which relate to his tenure in the Virginia House of Delegates in that particular time frame.


Gift of Ernestine K. Middleton, December 1998


The collection is open to researchers without restriction. Questions about literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


3 Document Cases and 1 Oversize Box; 3 linear feet

Container List

Series I - Correspondence
Sub-Series A - 1970

Box 1

Folder 1 - Abortion Laws I, Dec. 18, 1969 - Jan. 30, 1970
Folder 2 - Abortion Laws II, Feb. 1-4, 1970
Folder 3 - Abortion Laws III, Feb. 6-23, 1970
Folder 4 - Blue Laws, Feb. 17-25 , 1970
Folder 5 - Conservation and Pollution, Jan. 25 - Feb. 13, 1970
Folder 6 - Cigarette Tax, Mar. 1-11, 1970
Folder 7 - Drug Control, Jan. 14 - Feb. 28, 1970
Folder 8 - Education I, Jan. 22 - Feb. 20, 1970
Folder 9 - Education II, Feb. 21 - Mar. 11, 1970
Folder 10 - Gas Tax Bill, Feb. 2 - Mar. 5, 1970
Folder 11 - Hospital Legislation, Dec. 31, 1969 - Mar. 1, 1970
Folder 12 - Interest Rates, Jan. 10 - Mar. 4, 1970
Folder 13 - Library Support, Jan. 19, 1970
Folder 14 - Licensing of Electronic Technicians, Dec. 22, 1969
Folder 15 - Personal, Jan. 12 - Feb. 4, 1970
Folder 16 - Pest Control Legislation, Dec. 23-24, 1969
Folder 17 - Port Facilities, Jan. 23 - Feb. 23, 1970
Folder 18 - Save Old Dominion University I, Jan. 29 - Feb. 24, 1970
Folder 19 - Save Old Dominion University II, Feb. 16-20, 1970
Folder 20 - Save Old Dominion University III, Feb. 22 - Mar. 4, 1970
Folder 21 - Science Museum Complex, Nov. 6, 1969 - Jan. 13, 1970
Folder 22 - State Aid to Private Schools, Jan. 26 - Feb. 12, 1970
Folder 23 - Special Education I, Jan. 17 - Feb. 14, 1970
Folder 24 - Special Education II, Feb. 16 - Mar. 6, 1970
Folder 25 - Twin Trailers and Trucking I, Jan. 27 - Feb. 9, 1970
Folder 26 - Twin Trailers and Trucking II, Feb. 9 - 20, 1970
Folder 27 - United Parcel Service, includes article "A Bill," Jan. 19, 1970
Folder 28 - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Dec. 3, 1969 - Feb. 5, 1970
Folder 29 - Miscellaneous I, January 1970

Box 2
Folder 1 - Miscellaneous II, Feb. 2-10, 1970
Folder 2 - Miscellaneous III, Feb. 11-18, 1970
Folder 3 - Miscellaneous IV, Feb. 20-25, 1970
Folder 4 - Miscellaneous V, March 1970

Sub-Series B - 1971

Folder 5 - Table of Contents, 1971 Files
Folder 6 - Appalachian Trail, Jan. 6 - Feb. 7, 1971
Folder 7 - Boater Safety, Jan. 15-18, 1971 (includes correspondence with G. William Whitehurst)
Folder 8 - Conflict of Interest, Feb. 11, 1971
Folder 9 - Congratulations (to the Tidewater Scholastic Team), Jan 21, 1971
Folder 10 - Congratulatory Letters (for victory in the Democratic Primary), Sept. 15, 1971
Folder 11 - Personal Correspondence, Jan. 12-27, 1971
Folder 12 - Recommendations, Feb. 9, 1971
Folder 13 - School Children, Correspondence from - Feb. 1, 1971
Folder 14 - School Visiting, Jan. 28, 1971
Folder 15 - Sewerage, Jan.6, 1971 (includes newspaper article)
Folder 16 - State Corporate Commission, Jan. 18, 1971
Folder 17 - State Owned Land, Jan. 18 - Feb. 16, 1971
Folder 18 - Taxes (School, Church, Hospital), Jan. 6-26, 1971
Folder 19 - Land Use Tax, Jan. 27, 1971
Folder 20 - Virginia Beach Zoning Ordinance, Jan. 29 - Feb. 18, 1971
Folder 21 - 18 year old Voting Age, Jan. 22, 1971

Sub-Series C - Invitations and Thank You Letters

Folder 22 - Invitation I (to the Inauguration of the Governor of Virginia, 1978 & 1982)
Folder 23 - Invitation II (to the Inauguration of the Governor of Virginia, 1986 & 1990)
Folder 24 - Invitation III (Christmas card and letter from Governor John B. Dalton, 1977)
Folder 25 - Invitation IV (to the Republican Senatorial Circle Spring Briefing and Spring Gala Dinner Dance, 1990)
Folder 26 - Thank You letter from Thomas N. Downing, Nov. 7, 1968. (includes picture)

Series II - Campaign Files

Folder 27 - Campaign Stationery: "Vote for Lowell K. Clarke for the House" & "Elect Holloman House of Delegates"
Folder 28 - Election Campaign Brochures for the House of Delegates I (undated)
Folder 29 - Genealogical Chart of Middleton family (located in Map Case Drawer 11)
Folder 30 - Guidelines and Procedures for Candidates including compilation of registered voters by counties and cities as of Jan. 1, 1970, Mar. 12, 1971
Folder 31 - Handwritten Notes Concerning Campaign Supporters and Helpers (1971)
Folder 32 - Middleton Campaign Fund 1971 (includes list of Contributors)
Folder 33 - Packet for Precinct Captains includes Tips, Schedules for Poll Workers, Petition for Qualified Voters in Primary Elections, and Registered Voters by Precinct in Virginia Beach (1971)
Folder 34 - Press Releases and Speeches 1971
Folder 35 - "Tips for a Candidate's Wife"
Folder 36 - "Tips for Poll Workers"
Folder 37 - Virginia Beach Map of Voting Precincts, 1969 (located in Map Case drawer 11)
Folder 38 - Voter Registration and Sign-in, Sept. 14, 1971

Series III - Organizations

Folder 39 - Thoroughgood Garden Club (Flyer for Dec. 1-2, 1984)
Folder 40 - Virginia Beach Women's Democratic Club
Folder 41 - Virginia Building Officials' Conference

Series IV - Printed Materials

Box 3
Folder 1 - Kiwanis International - Kiwanis Bowl Program, Sept. 4, 1965
Folder 2 - Kiwanis News Newsletters, Dec. 16, 1975 & Feb. 22, 1977
Folder 3 - A Salute to Senator Harry F. Byrd, Jr., Dec. 6, 1982
Folder 4 - Virginia Housing Development Authority - 1982 annual report

Series V - Photographs

Folder 5 - Norview High School Football Team photograph (no date)
Folder 6 - VPI Track pictures (no date)
Folder 7 - Cadet Company "B" at VPI (no date)
Folder 8 - Governor Holton receives Housing Study Report, Jan. 27, 1971
Folder 9 - Press Conference after Virginia Housing Study Commissions final report, Nov. 15, 1971
Folder 10 - Middleton presiding over Kiwanis International meeting (no date)
Folder 11 - Middleton and unknown persons (no date)

Series VI - Artifacts

Folder 12 - Bumper Sticker: "Guy and Middleton House of Delegates"
Folder 13 - Cocktail Napkin with Seal
Folder 14 - Virginia Delegate License Plate I 1972
Folder 15 - Virginia Delegate License Plate II 1974

Series VII - Newspaper Clippings

Folder 16 - Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings, 1938-1939 (from The Norfolk Ledger- Dispatch)
Folder 17 - Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings, 1940-1941 (from The Norfolk Ledger- Dispatch)
Folder 18 - Newspaper Article concerning John and Wayne Middleton: "Spring Brings Outdoor Games," The Beacon, April 12, 1963
Folder 19 - Newspaper Campaign Advertisements (c. 1971)
Folder 20 - Newspaper Article concerning Mrs. B. R. Middleton: "Candidate's Wife Important, Too," The Beacon, Oct. 14, 1971

Series VIII - Scrapbooks

Folder 21 - Annual Banquet German Club at VPI, May 26, 1948 (from scrapbook I)
Folder 22 - Athletic Awards for track at VPI (from scrapbook I)
Folder 23 - Baccalaureate Sermon at Norview High School, 1945 (from scrapbook I)
Folder 24 - Button and Ribbon from United Campaign 1967 (from scrapbook II)
Folder 25 - Cadet Corps Mid-Winter Formal, Feb. 7, 1948 (from scrapbook I)
Folder 26 - Letter of Congratulations from young Stephanne Caverly (from scrapbook III)
Folder 27 - Newspaper Advertisement for United Campaign 1967 (from scrapbook II)
Folder 28 - Newspaper Articles on United Campaign 1967 (from scrapbook II - includes Article from The New York Times, July 12, 1967)
Folder 29 - Newspaper Articles from The Daily-News Record (Harrisonburg, Virginia) about Virginia's High School Basketball Championship, Mar. 9-10, 194 (from scrapbook I)
Folder 30 - Newspaper Articles concerning B. R. Middleton's VPI track career 1945-1949 from The Virginia Tech (University Newsletter) and The Richmond News Leader (from scrapbook I)
Folder 31 - Newspaper articles from The Ledger Star, 1970 (from scrapbook III)
Folder 32 - Newspaper articles from The Virginian-Pilot and The Richmond News Leader, 1973 (from scrapbook III)
Folder 33 - Newspaper Articles, Miscellaneous (no date - from scrapbook III)
Folder 34 - Number worn at unknown track meet includes signature (from scrapbook I)
Folder 35 - Official Program, Southern Conference Track Meet, May 14-15, 1948 (from scrapbook I)
Folder 36 - Official Program, University of Maryland Indoor Track Meet, Feb. 21, 1948 (from scrapbook I)
Folder 37 - Official Program for Virginia's High School Basketball Championship, Mar. 9, 1945 (from scrapbook I)
Folder 38 - Postcard addressed to Mrs. Middleton (mother of B. R.) from North Carolina (from Scrapbook I)
Folder 39 - "Tech Sports Revue's" from The Virginia Tech (no date - from scrapbook I)
Folder 40 - Telegram from Richard D. Guy concerning vote against State Corporation Commission control, June 11, 1969 (from Scrapbook III)
Folder 41 - United Contributions Report 1967 (from Scrapbook II)

Oversize Box 1

Scrapbook I - Athletic Career at VPI 1945-1949 (also small excerpts of Norview High School athletic career)
Scrapbook II - United Campaign, July Democratic Primary 1967, Middleton for House of Delegates
Scrapbook III - Re-election campaign 1969
Scrapbook IV - Re-election campaign 1971

Revised: 7/14/08