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The Papers of the League of Women Voters of Norfolk - Virginia Beach

Historical Sketch

The League of Women Voters (LWV) was established in 1920, the year that women's suffrage was finally incorporated into the Constitution of the United States. The League was originally part of the National American Women's Suffrage Association, which led the 72-year drive for full and equal suffrage for women of the United States. The League was founded primarily to help 20 million newly enfranchised women carry out their new responsibilities as voters.

The Norfolk League of Women Voters was begun in the fall of 1955. Mrs. Clement Kester was elected president of the Provisional League. In the 1930's a League had been active in Norfolk, but was disbanded at the beginning of World War II. In March 1957, Norfolk was recognized as an official League. Mrs. Hugh Fortescue was elected the first president with a membership of 85. This was the 11th Virginia League.

The Virginia Beach membership in the League became stronger after the merger of old Princess Anne County and the city of Virginia Beach in 1962. A unit of the Norfolk League began to meet regularly there in the winter of 1963. In 1964, the State Board Organizational Committee agreed that Norfolk and Virginia Beach should become an area League.

The modern day League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan, volunteer organization, established to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation in government. The League holds regular monthly meetings to informally discuss common concerns and periodic full membership meetings with speakers on topics of interest. Members include teachers, housewives, and women of various backgrounds, who are interested in good government. Some members are well informed in certain areas because of special interest or training.

The League cannot work for candidates or political parties as a group, though it encourages each member to work for the candidate of her choice. The League does take stands on issues, once they have studied the issues thoroughly and achieved a consensus among members, or when the issue is pertinent to the statement of principles of the national League.

League action includes testifying at public hearings, the use of television, radio, and newspapers, public forums and panel discussions to inform voters, and letters to local, state, and national officials. The League's two most prominent programs are Voters Service and the League Program.

The primary concern of the League is service to the voter. The Voters Service program serves this purpose by informing the public about registration, voting procedures, and voting calendars; urging citizens to vote, explaining proposed amendments and referenda appearing on the ballot; giving factual information about the candidates based on their records and opinions on important issues; holding candidate meetings, forums, and debates; and publishing candidate questionnaires and voting records.

In the League Program, members select an issue of interest from local, state, and national levels of government. Two national, two state, and two local issues are selected for study each year at the League of Women Voters Annual Meeting and at State and National Conventions. Committees throughout the year study these items and the committees prepare information to keep members informed on the issues.

Scope and Contents

The papers of the League of Women Voters (LWV) of Norfolk-Virginia Beach date from 1956 to 1999. The collection includes information about the business and organization of the group, finances, correspondence, newspaper clippings, newsletters, projects, programs, and studies. The great bulk of this collection falls under three main categories: 1) meeting agendas and minutes, 2) the Voter's Service program, and 3) studies and publications produced by the organization.

Series Descriptions

The collection is broken down into the following series: I: Business and Organization; II: Meetings and Conventions; III: Correspondence; IV: Newsletters; V: Programs and Projects; VI: Voter's Service; VII: Issues and Studies; VIII: Know Your Government, and IX: Artifacts.

Series I: Business and Organization: This series is divided into seven sub-series. Sub-series A: Structure and Organization; Sub-series B: Membership; Sub-series C: Budget and Financing; Sub-series D: Publicity and Public Relations; Sub-series E: Miscellaneous Business; Sub-series F: League History; and Sub-series G: Other Organizations.

Sub-series A: Structure and Organization. This sub-series includes papers, pamphlets, fact sheets, and manuals related to the structure and organization of the League of Women Voters --constitutions, by-laws, policies, and procedures for the years 1946-1989.

Sub-series B: Membership. This sub-series consists of membership rosters and recruiting information for the years 1969-1996.

Sub-series C: Budget and Finance.
This sub-series contains budgets and treasurer reports from 1957 - 1995. Also included are: receipts, tax forms, fundraising information and guidelines, information on dues, pledges, and per member payments, contributor lists and letters asking for contributions, and LWV Financing and Fundraising memos and newsletters. Please note that additional copies of treasurer's reports may also reside in Series II: Meetings and Conventions as part of the minutes for local board meetings.

Sub-series D: Publicity and Public Relations.
This sub-series contains material from 1957 to 1995. Included are a few newspaper clippings about the League, letters to the editor, pamphlets on issues, correspondence related to publicity, listings of media and political contacts, press releases, topics for television spots, and LWV publications of tips and guidelines for public relations.

Sub-series E: Miscellaneous Business.
This sub-series contains various LWV calendars, committee reports, information on community outreach, LWV self-study, the disbanding of the Portsmouth and Chesapeake Leagues, working with other Leagues, litigation, long range planning for the League, various LWV events such as the Soviets visit to Hampton Roads, miscellaneous newspaper clippings, and other miscellaneous material related to LWV business.

Sub-series F: League History.
This sub-series contains booklets, papers, articles, and newspaper clippings related to LWV history, and few profiles of women who were involved with the League.

Sub-series G: Other Organizations.
This sub-series contains information on other organizations that the LWV or its members have been involved in, and services that the LWV provided for other organizations. Organizations include Common Cause of Virginia, the Princess Anne Women's Club, the Pro-Choice Alliance, and the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Services include monitoring the City Employee Representative Election for Norfolk in 1989 and monitoring the Vietnam Veterans Election of Officers at their 1991 and 1993 national conventions.

Series II: Meetings and Conventions. This series is divided into five sub-series: Sub-series A: Annual Meetings; Sub-series B: Local Board; Sub-series C: State Board / Council; Sub-series D: National Board; and Sub-series E: Conventions.

Sub-series A: Annual Meetings. This sub-series contains information on the annual meeting of the League of Women Voters of Norfolk-Virginia Beach held each spring. This sub-series includes program booklets, agendas, meeting minutes, incidental correspondence related to the meetings, project proposals, committee reports, and annual treasurer's reports for the years 1966 to 1996. This sub-series also includes the annual reports following these meetings for the years 1965 to 1997.

Sub-series B: Local Board. This sub-series contains information on the local board of the League of Women Voters of Norfolk-Virginia Beach. In addition to meeting agendas and minutes for the years 1956 to 1998, this sub-series contains information on board policies and procedures, board orientation, board members from 1957 to 1996, and other materials related to the local board.

Sub-series C: State Board / Council.
This sub-series contains minutes from the LWV State Board for the years 1978 to 1982, and program booklets for the State Council meetings for 1980, 1982, 1984, and 1986.

Sub-series D: National Board. This sub-series contains National Board Reports of the positions, programs, projects, budgets, policies, and actions of the National League of Women Voters for the years 1969 to 1998, as well as legislative updates. This sub-series also contains summaries of the National Board meetings for the years 1977 to 1989.

Sub-series E: Conventions. This sub-series contains program booklets for LWV state conventions for the years 1981, 1985, 1987, and 1989. These program booklets include information on State League positions, programs, projects, budgets, policies, and actions, as well as legislative reports. Also included are program booklets, flyers, and memos from the 1986 LWV National Convention.

Series III: Correspondence. This series includes general correspondence from 1956 to 1995. Correspondence relates mainly to LWV business, meetings, conventions, speakers, issues, voting, and elections. A few topics of note include: school integration, the Panama Canal Treaty, the construction of the Virginia Marine Science Museum, and the combining of the Norfolk and Virginia Beach local leagues into one area league. Mainly, folders are organized chronologically by year. However, a few folders stand-alone by topic. These folders contain correspondence related to the environment, National and State memos, the LWV consultant, publicity, and letters to congress (specifically G. William Whitehurst).

Series IV: Newsletters. This series contains newsletters for the local, state, and U.S. Leagues of Virginia Voters, as well as legislative and community bulletins.
The Norfolk-Virginia Beach "Voter" includes information on local League business, officers, meetings, board members, conventions, calendars, voting information, legislative issues, speakers, finance reports, programs and projects, and other information geared toward local members for the years 1956, 1967, 1970-75, 1978, 1980-83, 1986-1990, 1994-96, and 1998-99.

The Virginia Voter includes election calendars, voter information, legislative records, budget information, legislative issues, information on workshops, conventions, speakers, and events, and other information related to the LWV of Virginia for the years 1977-87, 1989-90, and 1993-95.

The National Voter, produced by the League of Women Voters of the United States, contains a variety of articles on voting, politics, and League news.
Swap Shop, the LWV of the U.S. newsletter, includes ideas, information on what various Leagues were doing, and articles on voting for the years 1957-65.

The League of Women Voters South Hampton Roads Reports to the Community contains information on the LWV of Hampton Roads, what it is, its accomplishments, and contact information for 1994 and 1995.

The LWV Community Guide is a publication of the LWV Education Fund. Articles deal mainly with community and environmental awareness.

The LWV of Virginia Legislative Newsletter includes Virginia General Assembly summaries, bills, proposals, and resolutions, LWV stances on the issues, and information on writing legislators for the years 1980-87.

This series also contains a newsletter for the LWV of Loudoun County for October 1995; and newsletters for Virginian's for Returnables, a coalition seeking a Virginia Deposit - Refund law on cans and bottles to promote recycling; the AERS News newsletter for the Atlantic Estuarine Research Society; and The Virginia Scientists newsletter for the Virginia Academy of Science.

Series V: Programs and Projects. This series relates the various programs and projects of the League of Women Voters. It is divided into the following sub-series: Sub-series A: General Program Information, Sub-series B: Action, Sub-series C: Education Fund, and Sub-series D: Speakers Bureau. It should be noted that although Voters Service and LWV research studies also qualify as programs and projects, they have been made into separate series due to the intricacy and extent of their subject matter.

Sub-series A: General Program Information. This sub-series contains general information related to LWV programs. Included are program proposals, information on program development and management, program guidelines, program calendars, flyers and materials for programs and workshops, and incidental correspondence related to LWV programs.

Sub-series B: Action. This sub-series contains information about LWV action on political issues. Included are Action guides, pamphlets, tips on lobbying and writing legislators, correspondence and memos, newspaper clippings, letters to newspaper editors, committee reports and updates, LWV positions to act on, action alerts, and various testimonies and other presentations made by League members on issues from 1957 to 1997. A variety of issues are covered in this section, including the 1968 Bond Issue, the Civil Rights Restoration Act, the preservation of Assateague, the Equal Rights Amendment, Motor Voter, the Superfund program to clean up waste sites, and the Bill of Rights.

Sub-series C: Education Fund. This sub-series contains information about the LWV Education Fund. Included are LWV Education Fund grants and grant guidelines, project proposals and request forms, committee reports, memos and incidental correspondence, brochures, the Education Fund newsletter for 1965-66, Education Fund expense vouchers, and information on the LWV overseas education fund.

Sub-series D: Speakers Bureau. This sub-series contains speeches, pamphlets, guidelines, and directories of speakers. Speech topics include LWV history, criminal justice, the Equal Rights Amendment, and the Voting Rights Act amendments of 1981.

Sub-series E: Workshops. This sub-series contains information on workshops hosted by the League of Women Voters. Included are workshops on affordable housing and on crime.

Series VI: Voters Service. This series is divided into twelve sub-series: Sub-series A: Voter Registration; Sub-series B: Election Laws; Sub-series C: Voting Information; Sub-series D: Voter Guides; Sub-series E: Candidate Questionnaires; Sub-series F: Political Accountability and Voting Records; Sub-series G: Election Results and Reporting; Sub-series H: Congressional/ Legislative Interviews; Sub-series I: Candidate Debates and Forums; Sub-series J: WHRO Interviews; Sub-series K: Articles and News Clippings; Sub-series L: Voters Service Publications; and Sub-series M: Voters Service Miscellaneous.

Sub-series A: Voter Registration. This sub-series contains information about the League of Women Voters voter registration efforts. Included are a listing of organizations active in Voter Registration and Voter Education information in 1971; the "Get Out and Vote" handbook to encourage voter participation; pamphlets on registering and voting in Virginia including election dates and registration sites; information and correspondence regarding the March 1974 "Voter Registration Month", July 1976 "Voter Registration Drive Poster Contest", 1976 Bicentennial Voter Registration Effort, the 1976 "Votingest City" contest, the September 9, 1988 Voter Registration Day, the 1988 "Your Vote Counts" video tapes, the September 1992 Voter Registration Week at Walmart, and the 1992 "Take Back the System" campaign; 1989 Election Center Reports, the National Voter Registration Act of 1989; and newspaper clippings related to voter registration in 1976.

Sub-series B: Election Laws. This sub-series covers the time period from 1965 to 1986. The League of Women Voters' primary interest in election laws relates to increasing voter participation by decreasing the legal obstacles that prevent citizens from registering to vote, voting, and otherwise taking part in the election process. Included are articles, pamphlets, booklets, letters, surveys, reports, fact sheets, registration and voting statistics, and summaries of legislative bills, resolutions, and proposals related to elections. Specific themes include the poll tax and literacy requirements, reapportionment and redistricting, voter registration and postcard registration, absentee voting, and campaign financing. Specific topics include the Civil Rights Act, the 1965 "Liberty Amendment", the "Freeholder Amendment" of 1960 and 1962, the 1973 "Omnibus Bill", and the League of Women Voter's Voting Rights Act Monitoring Project.

Sub-series C: Voting Information. This sub-series contains logistic information of value to voters and spans the years from 1954 to 1997. This section consists mainly of voting flyers and calendars, and information on registering to vote, absentee voting, and voting procedures.

Sub-series D: Voter Guides. This sub-series contains voter information guides prepared by the League of Women Voters and other organizations for the years 1970 to 1996. Voter guides provide information on the candidates, background information and League positions on ballot questions, 1984 party platforms, and information on how to prepare voter guides.

Sub-series E: Candidate Questionnaires. This sub-series contains surveys of the opinions and background of local and state candidates for the years 1970 to 1992. Also included are copies of cover letters sent with the questionnaires, and publications containing the candidates' answers to the questions.

Sub-series F: Political Accountability and Voting Records. This sub-series contains political accountability ratings for the 92nd to the 97th congress, 1985 Congressional Voting Records, LWV Political Accountability Ratings 1973 to 1979, Reports from the Hill 1970 and 1994, fact sheets on votes for women's issues 1976 to 1985 and 1995, and a couple of newspaper clippings related to rating political accountability.

Sub-series G: Election Results and Reporting. This sub-series contains information on League involvement in election reporting for various years (mainly in the 1980's) and results for the 1992 election.

Sub-series H: Congressional / Legislative Interviews. This sub-series contains information on legislative interview tips, questions and summaries for LWV interviews with their congressmen for the years 1965 to 1992, and information on the LWV 1993 Candidate Watcher Program.

Sub-series I: Candidate Debates and Forums. This sub-series contains tips and guides on holding debates and forums, and logistic information on various debates and forums sponsored by the League. Debates and forums include the 1984 and 1987 Senatorial debates, 1986 and 1988 Congressional debates, Presidential debates for 1976, 1980, and 1988, Virginia Beach City Council forum in 1992, and information on the 1979 Candidates forum in Fredericksburg. It should be noted that the League of Women Voters U.S. decided to pull out of the 1988 Presidential Debates because of perceived fraud in the debate format. Information about this is included as well.

Sub-series J: WHRO Interviews. This sub-series contains radio transcripts and an audiocassette tape of interviews with senators, delegates, and other public officials on a variety of topics and issues, and actions taken in the Virginia General Assembly for the years 1985 and 1986.

Sub-series K: Articles and News Clippings. This sub-series includes articles and newspaper clippings related to Voters Service from the 1960's to the 1990's. Topics include voting machine instructions, candidate profiles, candidate advertisements, absentee voting laws, voter turnout, voter registration, newspaper clippings of election results, and ballot questions.

Sub-series L: Voters Service Publications. This sub-series includes booklets, brochures, flyers, and pamphlets related to voting produced by the LWV of Norfolk - Virginia Beach and other Leagues.

Sub-series M: Voters Service Miscellaneous. This sub-series includes reports, correspondence, notes, schedules, and other assorted material related to the Voters Service program.

Series VII: Issues and Studies. The bulk of this series consists of various research and studies undertaken by the League of Women Voters as part of their League Program. This series is divided into two sub-series: Sub-series A: Summaries and Positions and Sub-series B: Research, Studies, and Publications.

Sub-series A: Summaries and Positions. This sub-series contains summaries of legislative issues and the League of Women Voter's positions on these issues. Also included is information on how to conduct a study and publish the information.

Sub-series B: Research, Studies, and Publications. This sub-series contains research, studies, and booklets on issues broken down by topic. The following topics are a part of this collection: Adult Domestic Violence, American Association for the Advancement of Science Project, Campaign Financing, Child Day Care and Children at Risk, City Planning in 1971, Clean Air, the Dillon Rule, Early Voting, Electoral College and the Presidency, Education and Education Funding, Employment, Energy, Environmental Issues, Equal Rights Amendment, Family Building Act of 1990, Federalist Papers Reexamined, Finance Issues and Financing the Federal Government, Garbage, Great Dismal Swamp, Green America, Green Space, Gun Control and Gun Violence, Hampton Roads Regional Cooperation, Hazardous Waste, Health Care, Housing, HOV, Human Resources and Employment, Hunger, Intergovernmental Relations, International Relations, International Relations -- China Study, International Relations -- National Security, International Relations -- Trade, International Relations -- United Nations, Jail Study and Study for a Regional Jail, Juvenile Justice, Land Use, MacArthur Center, Mental Health, Motor Voter, Natural Resources, Norfolk and Local Schools, Nuclear Waste, Pay Equity, Pesticides, Poverty, Pro-Choice Information, Reapportionment and Redistricting, Recycling, Religious Freedom, School Desegregation, Social Policy, Transportation, Uranium, Urban Crisis, the Virginia Court System, Waste, Water (conservation, resources, pollution), Welfare, Wetlands, "Who should elect the President of the United States" (LWV US publication on the electoral process), and Women's Rights and Issues.

Series VIII: Know Your Government. This series includes city guides for Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and Hampton, and general information, reports, booklets, newsletters, and articles on local and state government and history. City guides include information on voting; city profiles and problems; city government; public safety, health, and welfare; schools; city finances; public works; recreation; and city directories.

Series IX: Artifacts. This series includes "Campaign for Election" board games, "Your Vote Counts" posters, a "Vote! Democracy is NOT a Spectator Sport" bumper sticker, and a "Vote America" advertisement on a paper Winn Dixie Bag.


Gift from Susan L. Goranson, December 1999.


Collection is open to researchers without restrictions Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


32 Hollinger Document Cases and 2 Oversize Boxes, 15.6 Linear Feet.

Contents Listing

Box 1

Series I: Business and Organization

Sub-series A: Structure and Organization

Folder 1: Facts about the LWV
Folder 2: LWV Bylaws I [U.S. 1946]
Folder 3: LWV Bylaws II [Virginia]
Folder 4: Bylaws and Board Policies
Folder 5: Bylaws of LWV of Norfolk and Virginia Beach, April 18, 1989
Folder 6: Local Bylaws
Folder 7: LWV Organization
Folder 8: Organization
Folder 9: Organization II
Folder 10: LWV Reference Book 1982-83
Folder 11: LWV Reference Book 1983-84
Folder 12: LWV US - "Local League Handbook -- 1969"
Folder 13: Welcome to the LWV -- 1970
Folder 14: In League: LWV US
Folder 15: Concurrence Definition
Folder 16: Consensus Definition
Folder 17: Consensus Forms
Folder 18: President's Packet [1986]
Folder 19: LWV Prospectus: A Planning Guide for Local and State Leagues '80-82 #4

Box 2

Folder 1: LWV Prospectus: A Planning Guide for Local and State Leagues 1982-1984 #1 & #2
Folder 2: LWV Prospectus: A Planning Guide for Local and State Leagues #1 & #3 [1984-86]
Folder 3: LWV Prospectus [1984-86]
Folder 4: Guidelines: League Appointments to gov't agencies, commissions
Folder 5: Program Coordination and Management
Folder 6: Observer Training Manual [1970]
Folder 7: Discussion Leader Manuals & Guidelines
Folder 8: Training Material

Sub-series B: Membership

Folder 9: LWV Office State & National 1979-1980
Folder 10: Membership Information
Folder 11: Membership Handbook [1965-67]
Folder 12: LWV Membership Booklet [1990-1992]
Folder 13: Membership I
Folder 14: Membership II
Folder 15: Membership Recruitment 1987-1990
Folder 16: Membership and Prospect List 2/23/88

Box 3

Folder 1: Membership Lists 1969-1986
Folder 2: Membership Roster 1975-1988
Folder 3: Membership Roster 1989-1994
Folder 4: 1988-89 Reference Book and Directory
Folder 5: 1990-1991 Reference Book and Directory
Folder 6: 1995-1996 Reference Book and Directory
Folder 7: Membership Reports (to National)
Folder 8: Telephone Tree [1982]
Folder 9: Local League Mailing Information 1989

Sub-series C: Budget and Financing

Folder 10: Finance Development
Folder 11: Development
Folder 12: LWV Financing 1972-76
Folder 13: PMP (per member payment) and Pledges, Dues 1971-79
Folder 14: Finance Chairman Calendar 1986-87
Folder 15: Budget / Treasurer's Report 1957-1960
Folder 16: Budget / Treasurer's Report 1961-1965
Folder 17: Budget / Treasurer's Report 1966-1970
Folder 18: Budget / Treasurer's Report 1971-1975

Box 4

Folder 1: Budget / Treasurer's Report 1976-1980
Folder 2: Budget / Treasurer's Report 1981-1985
Folder 3: Budget / Treasurer's Report 1986-1990
Folder 4: Budget / Treasurer's Report 1991-1996
Folder 5: Budget / Treasurer's Report [undated]

Sub-series D: Publicity and Public Relations

Folder 6: Publicity [1988-1995]
Folder 7: LWV Publicity
Folder 8: Publicity Media Contacts
Folder 9: Public Relations: Press Releases, Correspondence I, 1967-1973
Folder 10: Public Relations: Press Releases, Correspondence II, 1974-1986
Folder 11: Press Releases concerning Public Relations (National), 1972-1980
Folder 12: Public Relations: League of Women Voters Publications
Folder 13: Sample Slogans
Folder 14: Logos

Box 5

Sub-series E: Miscellaneous Business

Folder 1: LWV Calendars
Folder 2: Legislative Preview / Wrap-up Committee
Folder 3: Program Planning Committee
Folder 4: Committee Reports -- Misc.
Folder 5: Community Outreach
Folder 6: "Neighborhood Assistance Program"
Folder 7: Crossroads: National Project
Folder 8: Self-study
Folder 9: Disbanding of Portsmouth & Chesapeake Leagues
Folder 10: Inter League Organization
Folder 11: Litigation
Folder 12: Long Range Plan
Folder 13: Region III Leagues
Folder 14: Soviets Visit Hampton Roads includes pictures with Meyera Obendorf, Mayor of Virginia Beach
Folder 15: Teleconference October 13, 1990
Folder 16: "Virginia Women's Legacies"
Folder 17: Miscellaneous Business
Folder 18: Miscellaneous Events
Folder 19: Misc. Clippings
Folder 20: Miscellaneous

Sub-series F: League History

Folder 19: History
Folder 20: LWV: "A Great Idea Through the Years"
Folder 21: News Article's concerning LWV History
Folder 22: (History) The Humble Way 3rd Quarter 1968
Folder 23: Women's History

Sub-series G: Other Organizations

Folder 24: City Employee Representative Election (ERC) 1989
Folder 25: Common Cause of Virginia
Folder 25: Princess Anne Women's Club
Folder 27: Pro-Choice Alliance
Folder 28: Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry
Folder 29: Vietnam Veteran's National Election I
Folder 30: Vietnam Veteran's National Election II

Box 6

Series II: Meetings and Conventions

Sub-series A: Annual Meetings

Folder 1: Annual Meeting: March 30, 1966
Folder 2: Annual Meeting: March 20, 1968
Folder 3: Annual Meeting: March 31, 1969
Folder 4: Annual Meeting: March 31, 1970
Folder 5: Annual Meeting: March 24, 1971
Folder 6: Annual Meeting: March 23, 1972
Folder 7: Annual Meeting: March 21, 1973
Folder 8: Annual Meeting: March 27, 1974
Folder 9: Annual Meeting: March 13, 1975
Folder 10: Annual Meeting: March 17, 1976
Folder 11: Annual Meeting: March 16, 1977
Folder 12: Annual Meeting: March 16, 1978
Folder 13: Annual Meeting: March 21, 1979
Folder 14: Annual Meeting: March 29, 1980
Folder 15: Annual Meeting: March 28, 1981
Folder 16: Annual Meeting: March 27, 1982
Folder 17: Annual Meeting: March 19, 1983
Folder 18: Annual Meeting: April 13, 1985
Folder 19: Annual Meeting: April 15, 1986
Folder 20: Annual Meeting: April 21, 1986 [Loudoun County]
Folder 21: Annual Meeting: April 22, 1987
Folder 22: Annual Meeting: April 27, 1988
Folder 23: Annual Meeting: April 18, 1989
Folder 24: Annual Meeting: May, 1990
Folder 25: Annual Meeting: May 11, 1991
Folder 26: Annual Meeting: May 9, 1992
Folder 27: Annual Meeting: May 22, 1993
Folder 28: Annual Meeting: May 21, 1994
Folder 29: Annual Meeting: April 22, 1995
Folder 30: Annual Meeting: May 2, 1996
Folder 31: Annual Meeting, May 18, 2006

Box 7

Folder 1: Annual Reports: 1965-1966
Folder 2: Annual Reports: 1966-1967
Folder 3: Annual Reports: 1967-1968
Folder 4: Annual Reports: 1968-1969
Folder 5: Annual Reports: 1969-1970
Folder 6: Annual Reports: 1970-1971
Folder 7: Annual Reports: 1971-1972
Folder 8: Annual Reports: 1972-1973
Folder 9: Annual Reports: 1973-1974
Folder 10: Annual Reports: 1974-1975
Folder 11: Annual Reports: 1975-1976
Folder 12: Annual Reports: 1976-1977
Folder 13: Annual Reports: 1977-1978
Folder 14: Annual Reports: 1978-1979
Folder 15: Annual Reports: 1979-1980
Folder 16: Annual Reports: 1980-1981
Folder 17: Annual Reports: 1981-1982
Folder 18: Annual Reports: 1984-1985
Folder 19: Annual Reports: 1987-1988
Folder 20: Annual Report: May 2, 1996
Folder 21: Annual Report: May 1, 1997

Box 8

Sub-series B: Local Board

Folder 1: Board of Directors
Folder 2: LWV - Norfolk & Virginia Beach: Board of Directors, Policies & Procedures 1985
Folder 3: LWV - Norfolk & Virginia Beach: Board of Directors, Policies & Procedures 1994-95
Folder 4: Board Packets
Folder 5: Board tools / Handbook
Folder 6: Board tools / Misc.
Folder 7: Board Nominating Committee 1960's
Folder 8: Board Nominating Committee 1970's
Folder 9: Board Nominating Committee 1980's
Folder 10: Board Orientation I
Folder 11: Board Orientation II
Folder 12: "How to Get Your Board a Plan" -- A Checklist -- 1980
Folder 13: Board Related 1983-1986
Folder 14: Board Lists 1957-1970
Folder 15: Board Lists 1971-1975
Folder 16: Board Lists 1976-1980
Folder 17: Board Lists 1981-1985
Folder 18: Board Lists 1986-1988
Folder 19: Board Lists 1992, 1995-96

Box 9

Folder 1: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1956
Folder 2: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1957
Folder 3: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1962
Folder 4: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1963
Folder 5: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1964
Folder 6: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1965
Folder 7: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1966
Folder 8: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1967
Folder 9: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1968
Folder 10: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1969
Folder 11: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1970
Folder 12: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1971
Folder 13: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1972
Folder 14: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1973
Folder 15: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1974
Folder 16: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1975
Folder 17: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1976
Folder 18: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1977
Folder 19: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1978
Folder 20: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1979
Folder 21: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1980
Folder 22: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1981
Folder 23: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1982
Folder 24: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1983
Folder 25: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1984
Folder 26: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1985
Folder 27: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1986
Folder 28: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1987
Folder 29: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1988

Box 10

Folder 1: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1989
Folder 2: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1990
Folder 3: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1991
Folder 4: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1992
Folder 5: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1993
Folder 6: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1994
Folder 7: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1995
Folder 8: Local Board Agendas & Minutes 1996
Folder 9: Local Board Minutes 3/7/98

Sub-series C: State Board / Council

Folder 10: Minutes (State Board) 1978-82
Folder 11: State Council Meetings [1980, 1982, 1984, 1986]

Box 11

Sub-series D: National Board

Folder 1: National Board Report 1969
Folder 2: National Board Report 1970
Folder 3: National Board Report 1971
Folder 4: National Board Reports 1972-73
Folder 5: National Board Reports 1974
Folder 6: National Board Reports 1975
Folder 7: National Board Reports 1976
Folder 8: National Board Reports 1977
Folder 9: National Board Reports 1978
Folder 10: Post Board Summaries 1977-1980
Folder 11: Post Board Summaries 1981-1982
Folder 12: Post Board Summaries 1983-1984
Folder 13: Post Board Summaries 1985-1986
Folder 14: Post Board Summaries 1989
Folder 15: Post Board Summaries 1995

Sub-series E: Conventions

Folder 16: State Convention 1981
Folder 17: State Convention1985
Folder 18: State Convention 1987
Folder 19: LWV of Virginia Convention '89, Williamsburg, VA
Folder 20: National Convention 1986

Box 12

Series III: Correspondence

Folder 1: Correspondence 1956-64
Folder 2: Correspondence 1965-67
Folder 3: Correspondence 1968-69
Folder 4: Correspondence 1970-71
Folder 5: Correspondence 1972-73
Folder 6: Correspondence 1974-75
Folder 7: Correspondence 1976-77
Folder 8: Correspondence 1978-79
Folder 9: Correspondence 1980-81
Folder 10: Correspondence 1982-83
Folder 11: Correspondence 1984-85
Folder 12: Correspondence 1986-87
Folder 13: Correspondence 1988-89
Folder 14: Correspondence 1990-95
Folder 15: Correspondence: National to State and Local 1979-80
Folder 16: Correspondence: State
Folder 17: Correspondence: Consultant 1977, 1979-1982, 1989
Folder 18: Correspondence: Environmental Issues [1970-73]
Folder 19: Correspondence: Legislative [Congress] (majority with G. William Whitehurst), 1969-72
Folder 20: Correspondence: Legislative [Congress] (majority with G. William Whitehurst), 1973-87
Folder 21: Correspondence: Publicity and Meetings I
Folder 22: Correspondence: Publicity and Meetings II

Box 13

Series IV: Newsletters

Folder 1: Norfolk-Virginia Beach LWV Bulletin 1956, 1967
Folder 2: Norfolk-Virginia Beach LWV Bulletin 1970
Folder 3: Norfolk-Virginia Beach Voter LWV Bulletin 1971
Folder 4: Norfolk-Virginia Beach Voter LWV Bulletin 1972
Folder 5: Norfolk-Virginia Beach Voter LWV Bulletin 1973
Folder 6: Norfolk-Virginia Beach LWV Bulletin 1974
Folder 7: Norfolk-Virginia Beach Voter LWV Bulletin 1975
Folder 8: Norfolk-Virginia Beach Voter LWV Bulletin 1978
Folder 9: Norfolk-Virginia Beach Voter LWV Bulletin 1980
Folder 10: Norfolk-Virginia Beach Voter LWV Bulletin 1981-83, 1986
Folder 11: Voter, May 1986-1987
Folder 12: Voter 1988
Folder 13: Voter 1989
Folder 14: Voter 1990

Box 14

Folder 1: Voter 1994-1995
Folder 2: Voter 1996
Folder 3: Voter 1998-Feb. 1999
Folder 4: Guidelines for Voter Articles
Folder 5: Virginia Voter [1972, 1973, 1976]
Folder 6: Virginia Voter 1977-87
Folder 7: Virginia Voter, Summer 1987
Folder 8: Virginia Voter 1989
Folder 9: Virginia Voter 1990
Folder 10: Virginia Voter 1993 (Fall, Vol. 40, #5)
Folder 11: Virginia Voter 1994 & 1995
Folder 12: Virginia Voter 2005
Folder 13: National Voter 1997
Folder 14: Swap Shop [1957-1965]
Folder 15: League of Women Voters South Hampton Roads Reports to Community, Winter 1994-95
Folder 16: LWV Community Guides 1977
Folder 17: LWV of Virginia: Legislative Newsletter 1980-87
Folder 18: League of Women Voters of Loudoun County - Oct. 1995
Folder 19: AERS News 1996-97
Folder 20: Virginia Scientists 1992-1997
Folder 21: Virginians for Returnables [1982]

Box 15

Series V: Programs and Projects

Sub-Series A: General Program Information

Folder 1: Program Management I
Folder 2: Program Management II
Folder 3: Programs
Folder 4: LWV National Programs
Folder 5: Programs w/ co-sponsors

Sub-Series B: Action

Folder 6: Action I
Folder 7: Action II
Folder 8: LWVUS: Action (1978)
Folder 9: Action Alerts: Calls for Action [1980's]
Folder 10: Action Testimony I (1957-1975)
Folder 11: Action Testimony II (1977-1986)
Folder 12: Action Testimony III (1987-1990)
Folder 13: Action Testimony IV (1991-1997)
Folder 14: Action Testimony [undated]
Folder 15: Presentations on Issues
Folder 16: Bond Issue - 1968
Folder 17: Civil Rights Restoration Act
Folder 18: Committee to Preserve Assateague
Folder 19: VA ERA "Women of Virginia: Rights You Are Denied"
Folder 20: Action: Motor Voter
Folder 21: Superfund Call to Action
Folder 22: Action - various issues
Folder 23: Legislative -- Lobbying
Folder 24: State Legislative Action [Forms and Information]
Folder 25: Legislative Action / Bill of Rights

Box 16

Folder 1: Legislative Previews / Wrap-Ups [1978, 1988-89, 1991-96]
Folder 2: Action: Correspondence: General Assembly, Senate
Folder 3: Correspondence Concerning Legislative Action 1987
Folder 4: Various Newspaper Clippings (Action)
Folder 5: Action: Letters to Editors

Sub-Series C: Education Fund

Folder 6: LWVUS Education Fund
Folder 7: LWV Education Fund 1960-1989
Folder 8: LWV Education Fund: Brochures & Annual Reports 1967-1976
Folder 9: LWV Education Fund: Newsletter 1965-1966
Folder 10: Education Fund: Bicentennial Bill of Rights I
Folder 11: Education Fund: Bicentennial Bill of Rights II
Folder 12: Education Fund: Bicentennial Bill of Rights III
Folder 13: UN Wrap Up 1989
Folder 14: Census 1990
Folder 15: Expense Voucher I: LWV Education Fund
Folder 16: Expense Voucher II: LWV Education Fund
Folder 17: Overseas Education Fund

Sub-Series D: Speakers Bureau

Folder 18: Speakers Bureau [speeches]

Sub-series E: Workshops

Folder 19: Affordable Housing: Considering Solutions, May 24, 2007
Folder 20: Workshops on Crime, Violence, and Community, May 1995

Box 17

Series VI: Voters Service

Sub-series A: Voter Registration

Folder 1: Voter Registration Month 1974
Folder 2: Voter Registration Drive 1976
Folder 3: Voter Registration 1984
Folder 4: Voter Registration Efforts 1988-89
Folder 5: Voter Registration (1990s)
Folder 6: Mail in Voter Registration 1996
Folder 7: Voter Registration Misc.
Folder 8: Norfolk Ward System [1992]
Folder 9 LWV Government Week 1976
Folder 10: America Vote [1976]
Folder 11: Votingist City - 1976 local
Folder 12: "Take Back the System" Campaign [1992]
Folder 13: Brochure "Take Back the System" [1992]
Folder 14: "Get Out & Vote!" - Encouraging Voter Participation in Your Community

Sub-Series B: Election Laws

Folder 15: Election Laws: Voting Rights Act -- National
Folder 16: Election Laws 1965, 1970, 1973, 1974
Folder 17: Election Laws 1975-76, 1978
Folder 18: Election Laws 1984

Box 18

Folder 1: Election Laws 1985-86
Folder 2: Voting Rights Act 1981-1984
Folder 3: "Access to Registration and Voting: Continuing Obstacles"

Sub-Series C: Voting Information

Folder 4:Voting Information and Calendars [1954-1972]
Folder 5: Voting Information 1973-76
Folder 6: Voting Information [1977]
Folder 7: Voting Information 1978
Folder 8: Facts for Voters 1989
Folder 9: Voting Information 1991
Folder 10: Facts About the League & Facts for Voters [1992]
Folder 11: Calendars and Voter Sheets 1996
Folder 12: Voting Information 1996-97
Folder 13: VS - Voter Publications

Sub-series D: Voter Guides

Folder 14: "Make Democracy Work: A Guide to Voter Guides for Local Leagues"
Folder 15: Voter Guides 1970
Folder 16: Voter Guides 1974-76
Folder 17: Voter Guides 1977
Folder 18: Voter Guides 1978
Folder 19: Voter Guides 1979
Folder 20: Voter Guides 1980
Folder 21: Voter Guides 1981
Folder 22: Voter Guides 1982
Folder 23: Voter Guides 1984
Folder 24: Voter Guides 1985
Folder 25: Voter Guides 1986
Folder 26: Voter Guides 1988
Folder 27: Voter Guides 1996
Folder 28: Proposed Constitutional Amendments "Victims Rights" 1996
Folder 29: Political Parties
Folder 30: Voter Guides - Misc.

Box 19

Sub-Series E: Candidate Questionnaires

Folder 1: Candidate Questionnaires 1970
Folder 2: Candidate Questionnaires 1971
Folder 3: Candidate Questionnaires 1972
Folder 4: Candidate Questionnaires 1973
Folder 5: Candidate Questionnaires 1974
Folder 6: Candidate Questionnaires 1975
Folder 7: Candidate Questionnaires 1976
Folder 8: Candidate Questionnaires 1977
Folder 9: Candidate Questionnaires 1978
Folder 10: Candidate Questionnaires 1979
Folder 11: Candidate Questionnaires 1980
Folder 12: Candidate Questionnaires 1981
Folder 13: Candidate Questionnaires 1985
Folder 14: Candidate Questionnaires 1986
Folder 15: Candidate Questionnaires 1989
Folder 16: Candidate Questionnaires 1990's
Folder 17: Candidate Questionnaires [undated]

Box 20

Sub-Series F: Political Accountability and Voting Records

Folder 1: Political Accountability and Voting Record I
Folder 2: Political Accountability and Voting Record II
Folder 3: LWV Reports from the Hill

Sub-Series G: Election Results and Reporting

Folder 4: Reporting on Elections 1966, 1972, 1981
Folder 5: Reporting on Elections 1982, 1984, 1985, 1986
Folder 6: Election Results [1992]

Sub-Series H: Congressional / Legislative Interviews

Folder 7: Legislative Interview Tips
Folder 8: Congressional Interviews 1965-69
Folder 9: Congressional Interviews 1970-72
Folder 10: Congressional Interviews 1975
Folder 11: Congressional Interviews 1977, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1987
Folder 12: Legislative Interviews 1985-86
Folder 13: Legislative Interviews 1992
Folder 14: Candidate Watchers 1993

Sub-Series I: Candidate Debates and Forums

Folder 15: "Face to Face: A Guide to Candidate Debates"
Folder 16: Debate Format I
Folder 17: Debate Format II
Folder 18: LWV Sponsored Senatorial Debates 1984
Folder 19: Congressional Debates 1986
Folder 20: LWV Sponsored Congressional Debate 1986
Folder 21: LWV - State Senatorial Debate 1987
Folder 22: Debates '88 2nd Congressional District VA
Folder 23: Presidential Debates 1976, 1980, 1988 (mostly 1976)

Box 21

Folder 1: Presidential Debates 1987
Folder 2: Presidential Debates 1988
Folder 3: VB City Council Candidate Forum 1992
Folder 4: Fredericksburg Candidates Forum 1979

Sub-Series J: WHRO Interviews

Folder 5: WHRO Interviews I (same order as original file)
Folder 6: WHRO Interviews Cont. II (same order as original file)
Folder 7: WHRO Interviews Cont. III (same order as original file)
Folder 8: WHRO Transcripts 1985-86 I
Folder 9: WHRO Transcripts 1986 II
Folder 10: WHRO Radio, General Assembly Reports (Tape)

Sub-Series K: Articles and News Clippings

Folder 11: Voters Service Clippings 1960's
Folder 12: Voters Service Clippings 1971-75
Folder 13: Voters Service Clippings 1976-79
Folder 14: Voters Service Articles 1980's
Folder 15: Voters Service Articles 1990's
Folder 16: Voters Service Clippings [undated]

Sub-Series L: Voters Service Publications

Folder 17: VS Publications: Local Passe
Folder 18: Voting Publications of Other Leagues
Folder 19: Ideas from Other Leagues V.S.
Folder 20: Voters Service Kit: 1972

Box 22

Sub-Series M: Voters Service Miscellaneous

Folder 1: Voters Service 1960's
Folder 2: Voters Service 1972-74
Folder 3: Voters Service 1975-76
Folder 4: Voters Service 1977-78
Folder 5: Voters Service 1979-80
Folder 6: Voters Service 1981
Folder 7: Voter Services and Information 1984-86
Folder 8: Voters Service 1992
Folder 9: Voters Service 1995-1996
Folder 10: Voters Service [undated]
Folder 11: "The League of Women Voters recommends that you make election '80 a real world lab" 1979

Series VII: Issues and Studies

Sub-series A: Summaries and Positions

Folder 12: Positioned for Action State Positions Pub. # AP135
Folder 13: Categorical Assistance Report & Positions on Issues
Folder 14: Positions -- Local and State [1971 - 1996]
Folder 15: Position Statements [1979 LWV-VA]
Folder 16: Position Paper: LWV of VA -- 1980
Folder 17: General Issues 1992-1995 [LWV-VA]
Folder 18: LWV of Virginia Positions in Brief 1996
Folder 19: Positions & Issues: Election 1996
Folder 20: Local Positions 1996
Folder 21: Impact on Issues -- National Positions [1990-92]
Folder 22: Impact on Issues: A Leader's Guide to National Program 1990-92
Folder 23: LWV Impact on Issues 1994-96
Folder 24: Study Guide: How to Conduct Studies
Folder 25: Publication Production: How to Guidebook 1974-1982
Folder 26: LWVUS Publications I

Box 23

Sub-series B: Research, Studies, and Publications

Folder 1: Adult Domestic Violence Study I
Folder 2: Adult Domestic Violence Study II
Folder 3: American Association for the Advancement of Science Project I (same order as original folder)
Folder 4: American Association for the Advancement of Science Project II (same order as original folder)
Folder 5: American Association for the Advancement of Science Project III (same order as original folder)
Folder 6: Campaign Financing
Folder 7: "Child Day Care Report" (Feb. 1984)
Folder 8: Child Care
Folder 9: "Child Care: Investment in VA's Future"
Folder 10: "State Plan for Child Day Care"
Folder 11: Child Day Care Issues 1985-1987
Folder 12: Children at Risk
Folder 13: City Planning 1971
Folder 14: N.R. Clean Air

Box 24

Folder 1: Dillon Rule
Folder 2: Early Voting I
Folder 3: Early Voting II
Folder 4: Electoral College and the Presidency
Folder 5: Education Funding
Folder 6: Education Funding - State Study I
Folder 7: Education Funding - State Study II
Folder 8: Education
Folder 9: Employment
Folder 10: Energy 1976-1980
Folder 11: LWV Energy 1-15, 24-25
Folder 12: Environmental Information
Folder 13: Environmental Issues I
Folder 14: Environmental Issues II

Box 25

Folder 1: "The Equal Rights Amendment", June 1981
Folder 2: Equal Rights Amendment I
Folder 3: Equal Rights Amendment II
Folder 4: Family Building Act 1990
Folder 5: The Federalist Papers Reexamined - League of Women Voters Education Fund
Folder 6: Finance Issues
Folder 7: State Finances
Folder 8: LWV - "Financing Federal Government" I
Folder 9: LWV - "Financing Federal Government" II
Folder 10: The Garbage Primer - LWV 1993
Folder 11: Great Dismal Swamp Study
Folder 12: Environment / Dismal Swamp
Folder 13: Photos: Dismal Swamp 1967 + 69, ERA Rally, Union Square S.F.
Folder 14: "The Great Dismal Swamp of Virginia and North Carolina" The Living Wilderness: Autumn 1970
Folder 15: Green America "The Good Earth"

Box 26

Folder 1: Green Space Study I
Folder 2: Green Space Study II
Folder 3: Green Space Study III
Folder 4: Green Space Study IV
Folder 5: Green Space -- Back Bay
Folder 6: Gun Control
Folder 7: "Regional Cooperation in the Reduction of Gun Violence" - May 1, 1997, also Sheriff's & Meeting Agendas
Folder 8: Hampton Roads Regional Cooperation
Folder 9: Hazardous Waste
Folder 10: Health Care
Folder 11: Housing
Folder 12: City of Norfolk: Report of the Affordable Housing Task Force - April 8, 1987
Folder 13: Affordable Housing: Clippings & Correspondence
Folder 14: HOV Impact Analysis, Norfolk - Virginia Beach Expressway Booklet, December 1987
Folder 15: Human Resources 1963-1966, 1972-1975, 1980-1981
Folder 16: Human Resources
Folder 17: Employment (Human Resources)
Folder 18: Fighting Hunger in Your Community: A Guide for the Development of Community Action Projects, League of Women Voters Education Fund
Folder 19: Intergovernmental Relations

Box 27

Folder 1: International Relations Policy
Folder 2: International Relations I
Folder 3: International Relations II
Folder 4: I.R. China Study
Folder 5: I.R. National Security
Folder 6: Agenda for Security: 1988 Final Report
Folder 7: I.R. Trade
Folder 8: I.R. United Nations
Folder 9: LWV Jail Study I
Folder 10: LWV Jail Study II

Box 28

Folder 1: Southeastern Virginia Regional Jail Study Addendum January 1989
Folder 2: A Regional Jail for Southeastern Virginia
Folder 3: Juvenile Justice Study
Folder 4: Land Use
Folder 5: Land Use Initiatives for Tidewater VA: The Next Step in Protecting the Bay, Nov. 1987
Folder 6: Land Use: VA Beach Expressway
Folder 7: MacArthur Center
Folder 8: Mental Health (1984-1985)
Folder 9: Mental Health (1986-1987)
Folder 10: Mental Health (1987-1989)
Folder 11: Motor Voter - National Voter Registration Act (NVRA)
Folder 12: Natural Resources (1971-1979)
Folder 13: Natural Resources (1980-1982)
Folder 14: Natural Resources (1983)
Folder 15: Natural Resources (1984-1986)
Folder 16: Norfolk School Study - 1967
Folder 17: Local Schools Study 1967
Folder 18: Schools Study

Box 29

Folder 1: The Nuclear Waste Primer - A Handbook for Citizens, LWV Education Fund
Folder 2: Nuclear Waste Primer, LWV 1993
Folder 3: Pay Equity
Folder 4: LWV: America's Growing Dilemma - Pesticides in Food & Water - A Citizen's Guide
Folder 5: Poverty
Folder 6: Pro-Choice Information, Webster V. Reproductive Health Service, Inc. June 22, 1989
Folder 7: Reapportionment & Redistricting
Folder 8: Reapportionment I
Folder 9: Reapportionment II
Folder 10: Pamphlets for Reapportionment / Redistricting in Various States
Folder 11: Reapportionment / Redistricting in Virginia 1964-1966
Folder 12: Reapportionment / Redistricting in Virginia 1970
Folder 13: Reapportionment / Redistricting in Virginia 1978-1985
Folder 14: Current Focus 1971-1979 "Reapportionment: Issues for the Eighties", League of Women Voters Education Fund,
"Constitutional Amendment by Convention: An Untried Alternative", "The Voter, The Law, and the Ballot", "The Expanded Electorate: Theory and Practice"
Folder 15: Redistricting - 1994
Folder 16: Recycling / Waste Management
Folder 17: Religious Freedom
Folder 18: School Desegregation
Folder 19: Social Policy I (Regional, National, & International) 1978-82
Folder 20: Social Policy II (Regional, National, & International) 1988-90
Folder 21: Local Transportation 1971-1972
Folder 22: Transportation: Light Rail I 1986-1988
Folder 23: Transportation: Light Rail II (Publications) 1986-1988

Box 30

Folder 1: Norfolk (Busing Clippings)
Folder 2: LWV Massachusetts 1972-1973 - Transportation
Folder 3: LWV Massachusetts 1974 - Transportation
Folder 4: Strategies for Coping: The Range of Options - by Patricia Van Matne McLaughlin and Nigel H.M. Wilson - Dec. 2-4, 1987
Folder 5: Uranium
Folder 6: Cities / Urban Crisis
Folder 7: Urban Brief 1, 3, 4, 5 "Source on Cities", "National Urban Policy: The President's Proposals",
"Circuit Breakers for the Tax Overload", "Learning from the Urban Experience Abroad"
Folder 8: Virginia Court System
Folder 9: Waste: Choices for Communities -- Concern, Inc.
Folder 10: Water Conservation
Folder 11: Water
Folder 12: Water Resources 1964-65
Folder 13: Water Resources & Land Use 1966-79
Folder 14: LWV "Environmental Update on Water", April 1975; "Update on Water", January 1977; "Update on Section 208", December 1976
Folder 15: LWV Facts and Issues "The Water You Drink", "Who Pays for a Clean Stream", "Water for the Nation's Capital"
Folder 16: League of Women Voters "So you'd like to do something about water pollution" pamphlets
Folder 17: LWV The Letter of the Law "The Clean Water Act of 1977"
Folder 18: "Protect Your Groundwater"
Folder 19: Welfare Reform
Folder 20: Wetlands (1991-92)
Folder 21: Environment / Wetlands - Articles 1990-91

Box 31

Folder 1: "Who Should elect the President" -- League of Women Voters of the United States, May 1969
Folder 2: Women's Issues
Folder 3: Women's Rights
Folder 4: Women's Rights I
Folder 5: Women's Rights II
Folder 6: Women & Work Education Fund
Folder 7: "Status of Women in VA"

Box 32

Series VIII: Know Your Government

Folder 1: Know Your City Guides
Folder 2: City Guides: Chesapeake, Tidewater Area
Folder 3: City Guides: Hampton
Folder 4: City of Norfolk
Folder 5: Guide to Norfolk City Government
Folder 6: Norfolk Story / City Government
Folder 7: Know Your City Guides: Virginia Beach
Folder 8: Virginia Beach - Misc.
Folder 9: Virginia Beach Tomorrow 1986
Folder 10: A Citizen's Guide to Montgomery Co. -- Christiansburg & Blacksburg - 1976
Folder 11: Virginia Government I
Folder 12: Virginia Government II
Folder 13: Representative Government
Folder 14: Virginia Potpourri

Box 33

IX: Artifacts

Item 1: "Campaign for Election" Board Game
Item 2: Dillon Rule Study Committee photo poster
Item 3: Join the Breakfast Unit photo poster
Item 4: Miscellaneous photos
Item 5: "Your Vote Counts" Poster (2)
Item 6: "Vote! Democracy is NOT a Spectator Sport" Bumper Sticker (1)
Item 7: "Vote America" advertisement on Winn Dixie Bag

Box 34

Item 1: Book: "The United Nations and How it Works"
Item 2: VHS Tape: "League of Women Voters Broadcast" 10/13/90
Item 3: VHS Tape: "Your Vote Counts: How, When, Why, and Where to Register and Vote"
Item 4: VHS Tape: "Your Vote Counts: How, When, Why, and Where to Register and Vote"
Item 5: VHS Tape: "Huntsman Chemical Chesapeake, VA"

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