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The Papers of Alice Rice Jaffe


Alice Rice Jaffe was an art teacher at Old Dominion College / Old Dominion University in the 1960s and 1970s. Jaffe received her A.B. from Vassar College. She was married to the late Louis I. Jaffe, editor of the Virginian Pilot from 1919 to 1950.

Scope and Contents

The material in this collection relates to people in Alice Jaffe's life, rather than to Alice Jaffe personally. These persons include: Louis I. Jaffe, her husband and editor of the Virginian Pilot from 1919 to 1950; Colonel Henry Rice, her father; and Captain Samuel Davis, an ancestor and ship's captain. A part of the collection includes materials on the first two decades of growth of the Norfolk Division of William and Mary which later became Old Dominion College and then Old Dominion University. These may have been collected by Louis Jaffe in his role as editor or though other Norfolk civic involvements Materials related to her ancestor, Captain Samuel Davis whose papers date from 1807 to 1817. The remainder of the collection dates from 1919 to 1950.

Series Descriptions

Series I: Norfolk Division of William and Mary. This series includes correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, and brochures regarding the early formation and growth of the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary from 1938 to 1948. Many of the documents are addressed to or copied to Mr. Louis Jaffe, Alice Jaffe's husband and editor of the Virginian Pilot at the time. Materials are arranged chronologically.

Series II: Colonel Henry Rice. This series relates to the building of a house for year round occupancy at Virginia Beach in 1936 by Alice Jaffe's father, Col. Henry Rice. Included are price estimates, brochures, bills, construction plans, and other related materials. This series is arranged alphabetically.

Series III: Captain Samuel Davis. This series relates to Captain Samuel Davis, a ship's captain, citizen of Norfolk, Virginia, and an ancestor of Alice Jaffe. The series is broken into two sub-series: A. Correspondence and B. Legal Documents.

Sub-series A: Correspondence. This sub-series contains correspondence regarding U.S. trade with Britain and France. Material is arranged chronologically and dates from 1810 to 1817.

Sub-series B: Legal Documents. This sub-series contains legal documents including a ship's roster for the American Barque Petersburg, a letter from the Collector of Norfolk requesting safe overseas passage for Captain Davis, and a document regarding the sale of a slave to Samuel Davis. Material is arranged chronologically, and dates from 1807 to 1810.

Series IV: Louis I. Jaffe. This sub-series contains a booklet with a compilation of articles and speeches by Alice Jaffe's husband, Louis Jaffe who was the editor for the Virginian Pilot from 1919 until his death in 1950. He won the Pulitzer Price for Editorial Writing in 1929 for An Unspeakable Act of Savagery, which condemned lynching. This compilation includes this editorial, and his other famous editorial The Baby Magnolia (1920). Other topics include: the press, the Virginian Pilot, Norfolk, anti-lynching laws and race relations, and introductions of speakers such as Robert Frost, World War II.

Series V: Miscellaneous. This series contains a birthday card with an illustrated map of Virginia, a portrait of the presentation of the Norfolk Mace to the Corporation of Norfolk by Robert Dinwiddie, Governor of Virginia in 1754, and sheet music from the records of the ODU School of Arts and Letters. Material is arranged alphabetically.


A gift from Alice R. Jaffe, June 1977.


Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


2 Hollinger document cases, .83 linear feet.

Collection Number

RG 17-2B1

Container Listing

Box 1

Series I: Norfolk Division of William and Mary

Folder 1: Pamphlet: Some Facts about The Norfolk Division, College of William and Mary, and its Services to Parent College and Community (1938)
Folder 2: Miscellaneous news articles on William and Mary, 1939
Folder 3: Letter from Public Welfare Director H. G. Parker to Louis Jaffe, William D. Fawcett, and Col. James Mann, April 29, 1941
Folder 4: Letter from City Manager Charles B. Borland to Norfolk Council President Joseph D. Wood, with attached copy of committee report, 1941
Folder 5: Report of Charles J. Duke, Jr. to President John Stewart Bryan of the College of William and Mary, September 5, 1941
Folder 6: Booklet: Programs for Training the High School Graduate in Skills Valuable in Time of War, Norfolk Division, January 1942
Folder 7: Letter from Charles J. Duke, Jr. to Louis I. Jaffe, February 18, 1942, with accompanying report of Mr. Duke to President John Stewart Bryan of the College of William and Mary, February 5, 1942
Folder 8: News release of October 1, 1944, on the establishment of a vocational school at the Norfolk Division
Folder 9: News release of May 27, 1946, on appointment of Lewis Webb as Director of the Norfolk Division
Folder 10: Memorandum on the Progress of the Norfolk Division since June 1941, Presented to the Board of Visitors on June 4, 1946
Folder 11: Letter from Charles Duke to Governor William Tuck regarding the consolidation of the educational facilities of the St. Helena Extension and the Norfolk Division, March 22, 1948
Folder 12: Report of committee to study Extensions, to the Rector and The Board of Visitors, College of William and Mary, n.d.
Folder 13: Bulletin of Present Facilities and Plans for Future Development, Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary and Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Series II: Col. Henry Rice

Folder 14: Construction Papers- Brochures
Folder 15: Construction Papers- Materials
Folder 16: Construction Papers- Methods of Construction and Plans
Folder 17: Construction Papers- Price Estimates & Bills

Box 2

Series III: Captain Samuel Davis

Sub-series A: Correspondence

Folder 1: Correspondence - Captain Samuel Davis (1810)
Folder 2: Correspondence - Captain Samuel Davis (1815)
Folder 3: Correspondence - Captain Samuel Davis (1817)

Sub-series B: Legal Documents

Folder 4: Sale of Slave to Samuel Davis, September 22, 1807
Folder 5: Letter from the Collector of Norfolk requesting safe overseas passage for Captain Samuel Davis, January 14, 1809
Folder 6: Ship's Roster for the American Barque Petersburg, March 8, 1810

Series IV: Louis I. Jaffe

Folder 7: "Articles and Speeches by Louis I. Jaffe, Editor, Norfolk Virginian-Pilot, 1919-1950."

Series V: Miscellaneous

Folder 8: Birthday card with illustration of the map of Virginia
Folder 9: Photo of Norfolk Mace, 1938
Folder 10: Sheet Music Covers
Folder 11: Sheet Music

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