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Hiram F. Glazier lived in or near, Trenton (Dade County) Georgia just prior to the Civil War, but the exact date and place of his birth are not available. His father was Marnoch Glazier, his mother is not identified in the collection, and his family included three other brothers, Van Glazier, L. Glazier, and X.R. Warren (half brother perhaps), and one or two sisters, Amy Glazier and Ana Marie Glazier. Other known relatives included an uncle, Charles Warren, and two cousins, J.G. Warren and G.W. Butler. In turn, Hiram Glazier married Rebecca Wilson (March 12, 1836-December 8, 1896) and they had three children, Lucy Glazier (September 22, 1856), Marshall Glazier (October 24, 1858), and Belle Glazier (February 24, 1861). Other possible relatives or friends mentioned in this collection include C.H. Chadwick, T.H. Chadwick, Amanda Chadwick, Charles M. Glazier, Mr. Morrison, Franklin Daniel, George Statton, Mrs. M. Kithead (?), Blevins Auston, Mr. Carrel, Hardy Tare, Alexandria Smith, Emerson Blevins, William Buckner and Sis, D.L.G. Wilson, and Mandy.

Mr. Glazier enlisted on July 16, 1861 as a private in Captain G.W. Cureton's company D of the 39th Georgia Regiment. Organized as part of a statewide effort to send a large number of men into battle as quickly as possible, the 39th Georgia volunteers had the following officers: Colonel J.T. McConnell, Lt. Colonel J.F.B. Jackson, Major J.H. Randall, and Adjutant W.M. McCallister. The captains of the various companies were: (A) L.W. Crook, (B) T.H. Pitner, (C) Timothy Ford (D) J.W. Cureton, (E) C.D. Hill (later replaced by Henry P. Osborne), (F) James H. Anderson, (G) B.J. Brown, (H) William H. Edwards, (I) John D. Hayes, (J) J.W. Brady.

During the course of the war, this regiment was assigned to the army of Tennessee and saw the following action: the campaign of 1862 in East Tennessee and Kentucky; the battles of the Vicksburg Campaign in Mississippi being among those captured and then later exchanged at Vicksburg; the battle of Missionary Ridge; and the Atlanta and Tennessee campaigns in the spring of 1865. It was consolidated with parts of the Thirty-Fourth and Fifty-Sixth regiments and fought in the campaign of the Carolinas where it surrendered along with J.E. Johnston. Its Colonel, J.T. McConnell, died November 25th, 1864 after being shot in the Battle of Chattanooga and was replaced by Lt. Col. Jackson. In addition, two company commanders died during the course of the war, Captain Brady who was killed in action and Captain Osborne who died at home from an illness contracted earlier.

Hiram Glazier saw extensive action in the war even though he was active for approximately a year. After duty in Big Shanty Cobb County, Georgia and Knoxville and Chattanooga, and perhaps because of several forced marches and an inadequate diet, he became ill and was sent to a hospital outside of Atlanta where he died on May 2, 1862. He was buried in a Confederate cemetery outside that same city.


The papers consist of one basic series of correspondence including ones Glazier wrote and ones which friends or relatives wrote to him or his family. Also, included within them are copies of some interesting and important items including "The Southern Banner" which could be called the Confederate national poem and the response sent to Glazier's widow by T. Calvert of the Confederate Treasury Department. The most important aspect of these papers is the extensive insight that they provide about the attitudes of Confederate soldiers and their families. All of the documents in this collection are copies of the originals.


Donated by Betty Millsaps Jones, May 16, 1977


Open to researchers without restrictions.  Questions on literary property rights shoulkd be directed to the Special Collections Librarian


One Hollinger Document Case


MG - 18


Box 1 Correspondence

Folder 1 Correspondence, March 1862
Folder 2 Correspondence, April 1, 1862
Folder 3 Correspondence, April 7, 1862
Folder 4 Correspondence, April 14, 1862
Folder 5 Correspondence, April 18, 1862
Folder 6 Correspondence, Harry (?) T. (?), January 19, 1861
Folder 7 Correspondence: N.B. Warren, July 20, 1861
Folder 8 Correspondence: J.G. Warren, September 7, 1861
Folder 9 Correspondence: Van Glazier, November 3, 1861,
Folder 10 Correspondence: G. W. Butler, January 9, 1862
Folder 11 Correspondence: N.B. Warren, January 9, 1862
Folder 12 Correspondence: C.H. Chadwick, January 19, 1862
Folder 13 Correspondence: T. Calvert, April 30, 1863
Folder 14 Correspondence "The Southerner's Banner"
Folder 15 Correspondence Assorted Envelopes
Folder 16 Negatives Copies of Collection