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The family of Henry Clarico Freeman Cook, the donor of the Cook Family Papers, dates to several distinguished Virginians. The family traces its ancestry to Richard Blow, a dominant figure in the business life of eighteenth and nineteenth century Virginia. The papers of Richard Blow are with the Blow Family Papers in the manuscripts collection of the Library of the College of William and Mary. Richard Blow's grandson, George Blow, Jr., was a Norfolk judge and a member of the state convention for Virginia's secession at the time of the Civil war. Judge George Blow and his wife, Elizabeth Taylor Allmand, settled on Boush Street in Norfolk, where their daughter, Emma, grew up. Blow Street in Norfolk is named after this family.

Emma Blow married Arthur Clarico Freeman and they had three children, Arthur II, Elizabeth Allmond ( " Lizzie " ), and Emma. It is this generation and their descendants which the Cook Family Papers detail.

Arthur II was born in 1878 and graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1897. His interest in engineering led him to several inventions, some of which he attempted to sell to the government during World Wars I and II. He married a woman named Elsa, of whom his family disapproved, forcing Arthur to leave Norfolk and settle in Pennsylvania. In 1924, Elsa died and Arthur returned to Norfolk with his four children. In the 1950's, Arthur carried on much correspondence with Katherine Groner Shropshire who resided in New York and later in St. Augustine, Florida. Her letters to Arthur are quite revealing; unfortunately the collection contains few letters from Arthur to Katherine.

Of Arthur's children, the collection reveals information only about his daughter, Elfrieda Blow Freeman ( " Elf " ). Elfrieda married Merton B. Tice and settled in Mitchell, South Dakota. Tice was active in state politics and Elfrieda became National President of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in 1963. They had three children, Charles, Baird, and Virginia.

The collection reveals little information about Elizabeth Allmond Freeman ( " Lizzie " ). Lizzie founded the Edgewater Garden Club and lived in the family home in the Edgewater subdivision of Norfolk with her sister, Emma, until her death.

Emma Blow Freeman married Allen Merriam Cook and they initially settled in the family home on Boush Street. They had three children; Allen Blow, and twins, Henry Clarico Freeman ( " Freeman " ) and Clarice.

The bulk of the collection consists of the papers of Allen M. Cook. He graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1893 and served in the Navy until 1919, retiring with the rank of commander. Allen M. Cook's Naval career took him to assignments throughout the United States, while his wife remained in Norfolk. Emma Freeman Cook was active in the Edgewater Garden Club and the Great Bridge Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Upon his retirement, Commander Cook carried on a large real estate business in Norfolk. When he died in 1941, his widow continued to live at the family's home in Edgewater until her death in 1956.

Allen Blow Cook was born in 1899 and graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1921. A physical disability caused him to retire in 1926. He received his masters degree in 1929 from the University of Virginia and joined the faculty at the Naval Academy. In 1942, he was recalled to active duty and retired in 1947 with the rank of commander. Upon retirement he returned to the Naval Academy faculty. He died in 1971.

The twins, Henry Clarico Freeman ( " Freeman " ) and Clarice, were born in 1909. The collection contains little information of Clarice, other than a few references in the family's correspondence. She married Arthur Gardner and settled in New York.

Freeman Cook, the donor of the collection, is presently living in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Though he received a scholarship to Virginia Polytechnic Institute, his family wished him to attend the University of Virginia, where he would be a " gentleman. " He did attend UVA and studied agriculture. He later traveled and worked throughout the U.S. and in Panama, where he met his wife, Pepita.

Freeman enlisted in the Navy, though the collection only reveals that in 1944 he was a Chief Petty Officer stationed in Norfolk.

The Cook Family is perhaps most notable for their residence, The Tazewell House, in the Edgewater subdivision of Norfolk. Once the home of Littleton Waller Tazewell, a U.S. Senator and Governor of Virginia in the nineteenth century, the mansion was originally located at Granby and Boush Streets in Norfolk. When the mansion was threatened in the early twentieth century, Emma Blow Freeman (Mrs. Arthur Clarico Freeman) purchased the house, and had it dismantled and reassembled on a site facing the Elizabeth River in Edgewater. According to a newsclipping in the collection, even the trees on the original site were uprooted and replanted at the new location. The Cook Family lived in the home at least until 1960's. Today, the privately owned Tazewell House is on the National Register of Historic Places.


The Cook Family Papers, dating from 1872 to 1976, include material documenting the lives of the children of Arthur Clarico and Emma Blow Freeman, and later generations. Most of the collection centers on the personal and business papers of Allen Merriam Cook. The collection documents a prominent Norfolk family, the development of subdivisions in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, and the career of a Naval Officer from 1889 - 1919.

The papers are divided into ten series: correspondence; minutes and proceedings; diaries; printed material; financial documents; photographic material; literary productions; legal documents; scrapbooks and scrapbook material; and charts, diagrams, lists, real estate plats, and maps.

Series I: Correspondence

In the correspondence series, separate subseries are established for each member of the family and for Harry A. Seawell, a business associate of Allen M. Cook. There is also a subseries for miscellaneous addresses, postcards, and stationery.

There is some interesting correspondence between Arthur Clarico Freeman II and the War Department concerning an invention Arthur wished to sell. One such letter is from Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy. The incoming and outgoing correspondence of Allen Merriam Cook concerning his Naval career covers his service record. This contains a notice on April 19, 1889, to report to the u.s. Naval Academy for an appointment examination and a letter from Josephus Daniels.

Unless otherwise noted, it should be assumed all letters are written by the individual in the subseries under which they are filed.

Series II: Minutes and Proceedings

Items of special interest in this series are the minutes and proceedings of the Princess Anne and Norfolk Mutual Building and Loan Association.

Series III: Diaries

This series includes a diary kept by Naval Cadet Allen Merriam Cook while at sea aboard the U.S.S. Newark, as required by his commanding officer, and a diary kept by Emma Freeman Cook

Series IV: Printed Material

Of special interest in this series is a printed poem, " Old Christ Church, " by Emma Blow Freeman, and a magazine, " Know the Navy and Norfolk, " in which, on page 144-E, Allen Merriam Cook is profiled. Also included in this series are miscellaneous newspaper and magazine clippings, pamphlets, circulars, flyers, and programs. There are interesting references to real estate development in Norfolk and Virginia Beach among the newspaper clippings and circulars.

Series V: Financial Documents

This series contains real estate account books; miscellaneous reports, forms, and receipts; and miscellaneous handwritten notes pertaining to real estate and the Princess Anne and Norfolk Mutual Building and Loan Association.

Series VI: Photographic Material

Photographs in this series are classified under the pertinent family member. In addition, there are subseries containing photographs and negatives of miscellaneous or unknown people and places. There is a cut profile of an unknown man in subseries I. Many of the photographs have notes on the reverse identifying people or places.

Series VII: Literary Productions

This series contains drafts of various documents, both business and personal, essays, memoirs, clippings and copies of poetry, recipes, reminiscences, reports, research notes, and speeches.

Of special interest are such items as a document, similar to a resume, of Arthur Clarico Freeman II, entitled, " Professional Record -Education Experience, " an account of an apparently false arrest of Lizzie Freeman, a series of reports prepared by Allen Merriam Cook while in the Navy, and an evaluation by his commanding officer of Allen Merriam Cook while serving on the U.S.S. Amphitrite

Series VIII: Legal Documents

Legal documents are divided into Allen Merriam Cook's business documents and the family's personal documents. Of special interest is a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation of the Princess Anne and Norfolk Mutual Building and Loan Association, and several various papers of the Princess Anne and Norfolk Mutual Building and Loan Association and the Ferndale Corporation, in which Allen Merriam Cook was also involved. Also in this series is a copy of Henry Clarico Freeman Cook's birth certificate.

Series IX: Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Material

Of special interest in this series are two scrapbooks kept by Allen Merriam Cook, filled with newspaper clippings relating to the U.S. military. This series also contains a drawing of unknown origin, signed with the initials, "G.B." The only family members with such initials were Richard Blow's son, George, or George Blow, Jr.

Series X. Artifacts

Includes the Foreign legion cap of Allen Merriam Cook, a picture of a sailboat, international code flag cards, a picture signed by G.B., and an unidentified key.

Series XI: Charts, Diagrams, Lists, Real Estate Plats, Maps

Included in this series are various charts, diagrams of property, lists of subdivision owners, real estate plats, and miscellaneous maps of the Norfolk area, the U.S., and Europe. Included among the charts is the itinerary of Elfrieda Freeman Tice's tour of the U.S. on behalf of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The many real estate plats of the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area should be of value to anyone interested in the development of area subdivisions.

Series XII: Genealogy

Genealogical material and information compiled by Allen Merriam Cook about the Cook Family's history.


Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


6 Hollinger Boxes and 1 Hollinger Documents Case


MG - 46


Box 1

Series I: Correspondence

Sub-series A: Arthur Clarico Freeman II

Folder 1: General Correspondence, Oct. 1917 - Mar. 1963
Folder 2: Inventions, World War I, May - Aug. 1917
Folder 3: Inventions, World War II, Dec. 1939 - Aug. 1950
Folder 4: Katherine Groner Shropshire (incoming), ca. Jan. 1951 - April 1958
Folder 5: Katherine Groner Shropshire (outgoing), Mar. 1952 - Feb. 1956
Folder 6: Undated

Sub-series B: Elizabeth Allmond Freeman

Folder 7: Letters Received

Sub-series C: Emma Blow Freeman Cook

Folder 8: General Correspondence (outgoing), Aug. 1907 - Jan. 1943
Folder 9: General Correspondence (incoming), Aug. 1909 - May 1953
Folder 10: from Edmund S. Ruffin and Sons, Counsellors at Law (incoming), Sept. 1942 - Dec. 1955
Folder 11: from James G. Martin and Sons, Attorneys at Law (incoming), Mar. 1950 - Oct. 1951

Sub-series D: Allen Merriam Cook

Folder 12: Correspondence, July 1898 - April 1939
Folder 13: Correspondence with his sons, Allen Blow and Henry Clarico Freeman Cook
Folder 14: Business, Financial, Legal, 1902, 1913, 1916-1919
Folder 15: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - Dec. 1921
Folder 16: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. 1922 - Dec. 1923
Folder 17: Business, Financial, Legal, July - Dec. 1924
Folder 18: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - Dec. 1925
Folder 19: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - Dec. 1926
Folder 20: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - July 1927
Folder 21: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - Nov. 1928
Folder 22: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - Nov. 1929
Folder 23: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. 1930 - Dec. 1932
Folder 24: Business, Financial, Legal, Feb. - Apr. 1933
Folder 25: Business, Financial, Legal, May - Dec. 1933
Folder 26: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - Mar. 1934
Folder 27: Business, Financial, Legal, Apr. - May 1934
Folder 28: Business, Financial, Legal, July - Nov. 1934
Folder 29: Business, Financial, Legal, Feb. - Oct. 1935
Folder 30: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - Oct. 1936
Folder 31: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - Apr. 1937
Folder 32: Business, Financial, Legal, May 1937
Folder 33: Business, Financial, Legal, July - Dec. 1937
Folder 34: Business, Financial, Legal, June - Nov. 1938
Folder 35: Business, Financial, Legal, Apr. - Dec. 1939
Folder 36: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - Dec. 1940
Folder 37: Business, Financial, Legal, Jan. - Apr. 1941, Feb. 1949, Nov. 1953
Folder 38: Naval Correspondence, Apr. 1889 - Dec. 1895
Folder 39: Naval Correspondence, Aug. 1896 - Nov. 1898
Folder 40: Naval Correspondence, Feb. - June 1899
Folder 41: Naval Correspondence, Aug. - Dec. 1899
Folder 42: Naval Correspondence, Mar. 1900 - July 1901
Folder 43: Naval Correspondence, Sept. 1901 - Apr. 1902
Folder 44: Naval Correspondence, June 1902 - Sept. 1902
Folder 45: Naval Correspondence, Jan. 1903 - Oct. 1904
Folder 46: Naval Correspondence, Apr. - Oct. 1905
Folder 47: Naval Correspondence, May - Nov. 1906
Folder 48: Naval Correspondence, July - Oct. 1907
Folder 49: Naval Correspondence, Jan. - Nov. 1908
Folder 50: Naval Correspondence, Feb. - Oct. 1909
Folder 51: Naval Correspondence, Jan. - Dec. 1910
Folder 52: Naval Correspondence, Mar. - Dec. 1911
Folder 53: Naval Correspondence, Apr. - Dec. 1912
Folder 54: Naval Correspondence, Dec. 1916, Oct. 1937, Sept. 1939
Folder 55: Miscellaneous and Undated Correspondence

Sub-series E: Harry A. Seawell

Folder 56: Business, Financial, Legal, Nov. 1917 - July 1929

Sub-series F: Elfrieda Blow Freeman Tice

Folder 57: Aug 9, 1920; Sept. 1962 - Mar. 1963

Sub-series G: Merton B. Tice

Folder 58: May 20, 1958; June - July 1961

Sub-series H: Allen Blow Cook

Folder 59: Family and Naval Correspondence, Apr. 15, 1929; Dec. 30, 1942; Nov. 22, 1946; 1956; May 30, 1963; Nov. 15, 1965

Sub-series I: Henry Clarico Freeman Cook

Folder 60: Family and Business Correspondence, Feb. 25, 1930; Dec. 1971 - July 1974; Apr. 16, 1976
Folder 61: Christmas Cards Received (n.d.)

Sub-series J: Pepita B. Cook

Folder 62: General Correspondence Sept. 1975; Apr. 28, 1976
Folder 63: Financial, Business, Legal (Letters in Spanish), Jan. - Dec. 1971
Folder 64: Financial, Business, Legal, Jan. - Dec. 1972; Jan. - Mar. 1975

Sub-series K: Miscellaneous

Folder 65: Addresses, Phone Numbers, Blank Mailing Label
Folder 66: Blank Postcards and Cards
Folder 67: Blank Stationary and Paper

Series II: Minutes and Proceedings

Folder 68: Minutes, Vestry Meeting, Christ and St. Luke's Church; March 13, 1974
Folder 69: Constitution, Edgewater Garden Club
Folder 70: Minutes - Meeting of the Great Bridge Chapter, D.A.R., May 8, 1943
Folder 71: Princess Anne & Norfolk Mutual Building & Loan Association, ca. Jan. 1935 - May 1937
Folder 72: By - Laws - Princess Anne & Norfolk Mutual Building & Loan Association, Inc.
Folder 73: Norfolk Federal Savings and Loan re. Merger
Folder 74: Federal Savings and Loan Association re. Merger

Series III: Diaries

Folder 75: Allen Merriam Cook, July 1893 - March 1895 re. Naval Service
Folder 76: Allen Merriam Cook, June - July 1906

Box 2

Series III: Diaries

Folder 1: Emma Freeman Cook, House Expenses Ledger, ca. 1924

Series IV: Printed Material

Sub-series A: Applications or Cards

Folder 2: Asst. Scoutmaster's Application, Henry Clarico Freeman Cook, May 1927

Sub-series B: Books

Folder 3: Choice Recipes, 1907
Folder 4: Handbook of Christ Church, Philadelphia
Folder 5: Christmas Cards
Folder 6: English/German Dictionary
Folder 7: A Few Recipes From Virginia
Folder 8: Flags of America
Folder 9: Foreign Policy Number 8, Fall 1972
Folder 10: The Healing Christ by Henry Victor Morgan
Folder 11: Information Booklet on Foreign Ports Visited, Allen M. Cook
Folder 12: League of Nations - Organization For Communications
Folder 13: Spots or 202 Cleansers, compiled by Clarice T. Courvoisier
Folder 14: Unigraph: An Improved Method of Verbatim Reporting

Sub-series C: Certificates and Diplomas

Folder 15: Civic Beautification Committee, Oklahoma City, OK, H. C. Freeman Cook, Apr. 7, 1941
Folder 16: Diploma de Honor, H. C. Freeman Cook, May 1951
Folder 17: Ministerio de Agricultura, Comercio e Industrias, Pepita B. Cook, Jan. 1959
Folder 18: Office of Superintendent of School, H. C. Freeman Cook, July 1929; Prescription, H. C. Freeman Cook, Jan. 1977; U.S. Public Health Service Hospital, Lizzie Freeman, Feb. 1952

Sub-series D: Circulars, Flyers, Programs

Folder 19: History of The Cook Family, June 1902; Cook Family News, Jan. 1904
Folder 20: Ladies Auxiliary of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Elfrieda Blow Freeman Tice, Ca. 1955-1963
Folder 21: Miscellaneous, Apr. 1913 - Winter 1975
Folder 22: Miscellaneous (n.d.)

Sub-series E: Magazine and Magazine Clippings

Folder 23: American Cookery, Jan. 1925
Folder 24: The Home Economist, 1929
Folder 25: Know the Navy and Norfolk, Aug. 1944
Folder 26: Know Tidewater Virginia, Oct. 1942
Folder 27: SKETCH, Iowa State College, Dec. 1936
Folder 28: The Quarterdeck, April 1946
Folder 29: "Seagoing Language" by Allen Blow Cook, Jan. 1937
Folder 30: "Salty Lingo" by Allen Blow Cook, Sept. 1955
Folder 31: Miscellaneous Clippings, 1872-1899
Folder 32: Miscellaneous Clippings, 1901-1954
Folder 33: Miscellaneous Clippings, A-M (n.d.)
Folder 34: Miscellaneous Clippings, N-Z (n.d.)

Sub-series F: Newspaper Clippings

Folder 35: Photograph of Allen Merriam Cook (n.d.), Emma Blow Freeman (n.d.)
Folder 36: Articles and Photographs re. Elfrieda Blow Freeman Tice and Family, ca. 1950-1963.
Folder 37: Article re. Arthur Clarico Freeman II (n.d.)
Folder 38: Letter to the Editor, Lizzie Freeman, May 1938
Folder 39: Articles re. Family History (Boush-Tazewell-Waller House), ca. 1941-1977
Folder 40: Articles and Pictures re. Henry Clarico Freeman Cook, May 1921 - Jan. 1977
Folder 41: Articles re. Business and Real Estate, ca. 1914-1923
Folder 42: Articles re. News Events, ca. 1920-1970
Folder 43: Miscellaneous Articles, 1916-1955
Folder 44: Miscellaneous Articles (n.d.)

Sub-series G: Pamphlets, Booklets, Catalogs

Folder 45: "Sketch of Annapolis Lodge, No. 622" The Elks Club
Folder 46: "Unique in The Republic" 1826
Folder 47: Official Program, Yorktown Sesquicentennial Celebration, 1931
Folder 48: Catechisms
Folder 49: Daughters of The American Revolution, Great Bridge Chapter
Folder 50: Edgewater Garden Club

Box 3

Series IV: Printed Material

Sub-series G: Pamphlets, Booklets, Catalogs

Folder 1: The Flag of the United States
Folder 2: Landscaping, Gardening
Folder 3: Local History
Folder 4: Prayers, Church History
Folder 5: Provident Mutual Life Insurance Comp.
Folder 6: Recipes
Folder 7: World Peace
Folder 8: Miscellaneous A-Z

Sub-series H: Poetry

Folder 9: "Old Christ Church" Emma Blow Freeman (n.d.)

Series V: Financial Documents

Sub-series A: Account Books

Folder 10: Virginia Beach Property, August 18, 1925
Folder 11: Order Book, Coleman Place (n.d.)
Folder 12: Journal Coleman Annex (n.d.)
Folder 13: Record of Buyers and Rent (n.d.)
Folder 14: Journal, Ferndale Corp. (n.d.)
Folder 15: Notebook, Allen M. Cook (n.d.)
Folder 16: Journal of Listings, Book #3, (n.d.)
Folder 17: Emma Blow Freeman Cook, (n.d.)

Sub-series B: Documents and Receipts

Folder 18: Allen M. Cook (I)
Folder 19: Allen M. Cook (II)
Folder 20: Allen M. Cook (III)
Folder 21: Allen M. Cook (IV)
Folder 22: Allen M. Cook (V)
Folder 23: Allen M. Cook (VI)
Folder 24: Allen M. Cook (VII)
Folder 25: Allen M. Cook (VIII)
Folder 26: Allen M. Cook (IX)
Folder 27: Allen M. Cook (X)
Folder 28: Allen M. Cook (XI)
Folder 29: Allen M. Cook - Army and Navy Club Annual Reports 1932, 1933
Folder 30: Allen M. Cook - Bird Neck Point, Virginia Beach
Folder 31: Allen M. Cook - Examiner's Reports - Princess Anne & Norfolk Building & Loan Association, 1933
Folder 32: Allen M. Cook - Reports of Audits, July 1928 - June 1931
Folder 33: Allen M. Cook - Reports of Audits, July 1929 - March 1932
Folder 34: Allen M. Cook - Report of Expenditures, St. Julienne's Creek, VA, Naval Magazine
Folder 35: Allen M. Cook - Virginia Beach and Norfolk Taxpayer's Receipts, 1933- 1941
Folder 36: Allen M. Cook - Notes
Folder 37: Emma Blow Freeman Cook, 1915-1956 (I)
Folder 38: Emma Blow Freeman Cook, 1915-1956 (II)
Folder 39: Henry Clarico Freeman Cook
Folder 40: Pepita B. Cook, Jan. - July 1976

Box 4

Series VI: Photographs

Sub-series A: Cook Family

Folder 1: Edgewater Home (n.d.)

Sub-series B: Arthur Clarico Freeman II

Folder 2: Elsa and Child, ca.1915
Folder 3: World War II Searchlights, ca. Oct. 1941 - Sept. 1942
Folder 4: Katherine Groner Shropshire, ca. 1941
Folder 5: Katherine Groner Shropshire, negative, Aug. 1941

Sub-series C: Emma Blow Freeman

Folder 6: Miscellaneous, ca. 1918-1919

Sub-series D: Allen Merriam Cook

Folder 7: Miscellaneous, ca. 1876, 1896
Folder 8: Miscellaneous, (n.d)

Sub-series E: Elfrieda Blow Freeman Tice

Folder 9: Miscellaneous, (n.d.)
Folder 10: Virginia Tice, (n.d.)

Sub-series F: Merton B. Tice

Folder 11: Campaign Photograph
Folder 12: VFW, 1954-55; Judge, 1955; Military (n.d.)

Sub-series G: Allen Blow Cook

Folder 13: Military, (n.d.)
Folder 14: Childhood Photographs, (n.d.)

Sub-series H: Henry Clarico Freeman Cook

Folder 15: Clarice, 1910
Folder 16: The twins - Freeman and Clarice, ca. 1909-1913
Folder 17: Freeman, ca. 1914-1926
Folder 18: Freeman, 1931-1948
Folder 19: Freeman - Naval Service (n.d.)
Folder 20: Blue ridge Sanatarium, Spring 1928
Folder 21: Miscellaneous (n.d.)

Sub-series I: Miscellaneous People

Folder 22: Navy
Folder 23: Sailors on a Naval Vessel
Folder 24: Miscellaneous and Unknown People (I)
Folder 25: Miscellaneous and Unknown People (II)
Folder 26: Miscellaneous and Unknown People (III)
Folder 27: Miscellaneous and Unknown People (IV)
Folder 28: Miscellaneous and Unknown People (V)
Folder 29: Miscellaneous and Unknown People (VI)
Folder 30: Miscellaneous and Unknown People (VII)
Folder 31: Unknown Profile (n.d.)

Sub-series J: Miscellaneous Places

Folder 32: Navy - postcards (n.d.)
Folder 33: Navy (n.d.)
Folder 34: Panama
Folder 35: Victoria, British Columbia (n.d.)
Folder 36: Miscellaneous and Unknown (n.d.)

Sub-series K: Negatives

Folder 37: Miscellaneous and Unknown (n.d.)

Series VII: Literary Productions

Sub-series A: Allen M. Cook, Naval Reports

Folder 38: Investigation at St. Juliens Creek, July 1911
Folder 39: Allen M. Cook, Navy, St. Juliens Creek Magazine (n.d.)
Folder 40: Torpedo Boats in Reserve, Jan. 19, 1903
Folder 41: St. Juliens Creek - Manpower in an emergency; Labor output
Folder 42: Accounting and Cost Keeping
Folder 43: Records of Previous Costs and Determining Indirect Charges
Folder 44: "Economy in the Navy…," n.d. (I)
Folder 45: "Economy in the Navy…," n.d. (II)
Folder 46: "Economy in the Navy…," n.d. (III)
Folder 47: "Organization - The Organization of a Navy Yard…"
Folder 48: List of Job Orders, St. Juliens Creek Magazine; Sept. 30, 1910
Folder 49: "Instructions Relative to Cost of Work For Industrial Navy Yards"
Folder 50: Standard for Making 5"50 Charges, April 21, 1911
Folder 51: Standard of Cost and Details of Making 12" Bags, June 1910
Folder 52: Expenditure Reports, St. Juliens Creek
Folder 53: Administration of Naval Industrial Establishments
Folder 54: Report on the Fitness of Officers - U.S.S. Amphitrite, Oct 12, 1896

Sub-series B: Assorted

Folder 55: Arthur Clarico Freeman II, invention (n.d.)
Folder 56: Allen M. Cook, Princess Anne & Norfolk Mutual B & L Association, Aug. 1933 - Dec. 1936
Folder 57: Edgewater Garden Club, ca. 1938
Folder 58: History - The Camm Family; Littleton, Walker, and Tazewell (n.d.)
Folder 59: Arthur C. Freeman, memoirs, ca. 1939
Folder 60: Essays (n.d.)
Folder 61: Portion of Essay re. Humanity
Folder 62: Poetry (n.d.)
Folder 63: Story Plot about Marriage and Infidelity
Folder 64: Recipes
Folder 65: Reminiscences, Arthur C. Freeman II, June 1944
Folder 66: Reminiscences, The Arrest of Lizzie Freeman, May 1922
Folder 67: Research Notes
Folder 68: Speeches
Folder 69: Miscellaneous Reports, A-M
Folder 70: Miscellaneous Reports, N-Z

Series VIII: Legal Documents

Sub-series A: Business Documents, Allen Merriam Cook

Folder 71: Agreements, Sept. 1913 - July 1940
Folder 72: Certificate of Incorporation, Princess Anne and Norfolk Mutual and Loan Association, May 1921
Folder 73: Contracts, Ferndale Corp., July 1911 - July 1925: A-F
Folder 74: Contracts, Ferndale Corp., July 1911 - July 1925: G-M
Folder 75: Contracts, Ferndale Corp., July 1911 - July 1925: N-R
Folder 76: Contracts, Ferndale Corp., July 1911 - July 1925: S-Z
Folder 77: Contracts, Princess Anne and Norfolk Land Company, Jan. 1921 - Nov. 1940
Folder 78: Contracts, Miscellaneous, June 1916 - Dec. 1940
Folder 79: Contracts, Blank
Folder 80: Deeds, Oct. 1905 - Jan. 1941
Folder 81: Proxies, July 1922
Folder 82: Merger Agreement - Mutual Federal Savings and Loan Association AND First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Norfolk
Folder 83: Deed Release Princess Anne & Norfolk Land Company to Edwin J. Smith and S. Q. Collins Jr.
Folder 84: Directors, Norfolk Federal Savings and Loan Association - continuation of Service
Folder 85: Formation of corporation to buy and handle lots at Glen Park
Folder 86: Miscellaneous, 1918-1940
Folder 87: Legal Documents, Blank

Sub-series B: Personal Documents, Cook Family

Folder 88: Revocable Change of Beneficiary, Allen Merriam Cook, Sept. 1940
Folder 89: Insurance Policies, Allen Merriam and Emma Freeman Cook, Aug 1953 - June 1955
Folder 90: Contract, Hampton Roads Vermin Exterminating, July 1935
Folder 91: Deeds, Emma Freeman Cook, Aug 1909 - March 1929
Folder 92: Endorsement, Emma Freeman Cook, May 1952
Folder 93: Demand, Emma Freeman Cook and Family (n.d.)
Folder 94: Birth Certificate, Henry Clarico Freeman Cook, Mar. 1909
Folder 95: Documento Privado, Henry Clarico Freeman Cook, Nov. 1970
Folder 96: Sale (in Spanish), Henry Clarico Freeman Cook, Aug. 1976
Folder 97: Power of Attorney, Henry Clarico Freeman and Pepita Cook, Nov. 1950
Folder 98: Share Certificate, Atlantic Engineering & Construction Corporation, Jan. 1907
Folder 99: Appraisal of Estate, J. A. Campbell Groner, Feb. 1951

Box 5

Series IX: Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Material

Folder 1: Allen Merriam Cook, 1896-1898
Folder 2: Allen Merriam Cook, 1897-1900

Series X: Artifacts

Folder 3: Allen Merriam Cook, Foreign Legion Cap, ca. 1941
Folder 4: Henry Clarico Freeman Cook, Picture of Sailboat (n.d.)
Folder 5: International Code Flag Cards, (n.d.)
Folder 6: A Key
Folder 7: Picture with Initials "G. B." (n.d.)

Series XI: Charts, Lists, Diagrams, Real Estate Plats, Maps

Folder 8: Planting Charts and Tables, 1943
Folder 9: Itinerary for Elfrieda Tice (n.d.)
Folder 10: List of Letter File Title Sheet
Folder 11: Pilot Chart of the North Atlantic Ocean, April 1916
Folder 12: Sketch of Farm-Afton, Virginia
Folder 13: Labor Chart for St. Juliens Naval Magazine, Jan. 1909 - Feb. 1911
Folder 14: Sketch of Freeman Night Flag, Jan. 1952
Folder 15: Sketch of the Sailboat, "Water Gipsy"
Folder 16: Typical Floor Plan Proposed Apartment Building, Arthur C. Freeman II
Folder 17: Handwritten Map of Property near Carrsville, Virginia
Folder 18: Sketch of Edmund Bradford Estate
Folder 19: Assorted Sketches of Property
Folder 20: Sketch of real estate plat - Stratford Court
Folder 21: Assorted Sketches of Real Estate Plats (I)
Folder 22: Assorted Sketches of Real Estate Plats (II)
Folder 23: Allen Merriam Cook, Telephone List - Brotherhood of St. Andrews
Folder 24: Bill of Materials For A Farm House
Folder 25: List of "Native Trees, Shrubs, and Vines That Are Adaptable to Yards In Certain Areas"
Folder 26: List of Manufacturing Plants - Norfolk
Folder 27: Deeds from Ferndale Corp.
Folder 28: Real Estate Lists, Coleman Place
Folder 29: Real Estate Lists, East Coleman Place
Folder 30: Real Estate Lists, Fox Hall Place
Folder 31: Real Estate Lists, Fox Hall Residence Park
Folder 32: Real Estate Lists, Osburne Lots
Folder 33: Real Estate Lists, Rosemont Gardens
Folder 34: Real Estate Lists, Miscellaneous (I)
Folder 35: Real Estate Lists, Miscellaneous (II)
Folder 36: Plat of Property of Bay View Beach Corporation, April 1920
Folder 37: Plat Showing Proposed Extension of Ballentine Blvd, Jan. 1925
Folder 38: Map of Beachway (Rosemont) Princess Anne County, May 1922
Folder 39: Map of Belmont Place, Norfolk County, Jan. 1920
Folder 40: Map of Property of Broad Creek Land Corporation, Dec. 1906
Folder 41: Plat of the S. W. Brooks Farm on Lynnhaven River, Princess Anne County, Dec. 1920
Folder 42: Plat of Property of I. H. Buchanan, Princess Anne County, June 1908
Folder 43: Plan of E. U. Buell's Land - Southern Branch of Elizabeth River, April 1905
Folder 44: Amended Plat of Campostella Heights, May 1920
Folder 45: Cape Henry
Folder 46: Chesterfield Heights - Section I, Aug. 1917
Folder 47: Plat of John Daly Farm, Princess Anne County, Feb. 1918
Folder 48: Plat of W. Davis's Farm on Broad Bay,THE PALISADES Property of Bay View Farm - Princess Anne County, Nov. 1925
Folder 49: Map of East Norfolk, Princess Anne County
Folder 50: Plan of Edgewater
Folder 51: Plat Showing Edgewater Annex A, Suburb of Norfolk on the Elizabeth River, June 1909
Folder 52: Plat Showing Subdivision No. 2 of Elmhurst-Norfolk County, March 1922 (I)
Folder 53: Plat Showing Subdivision No. 2 of Elmhurst-Norfolk County, March 1922 (II)
Folder 54: Property of Farmer's Manufacturing Co. - Situated in Lindenwood, Norfolk
Folder 55: Map Showing Proposed Layout of Federal and Municipal Buildings, Aug. 1929
Folder 56: Garden City, Lynnhaven District, Princess Anne County, March 1923
Folder 57: Glenrock, Property of Ferndale Corp. - Eastern Branch Elizabeth River, 1916
Folder 58: Property of Princess Anne and Norfolk Land Co. - Eastern Branch Elizabeth River, 1907
Folder 59: Plat of Gowrie Park - Norfolk, July 1923
Folder 60: Plat Showing Proposed Extension of Grace St. and Adjacent Properties, Nov. 1916
Folder 61: Plat of Greenwich Terrace near Greenwich, Princess Anne County, May 1924
Folder 62: Plat Showing Subdivision of Jefferson D. Guy's Farm, Norfolk Co., April 1922
Folder 63: Plat of the Hardy Family Berkley (Norfolk), Mar. 1902
Folder 64: Section "B" Hollywood on Norfolk - Virginia Beach Blvd., Oct. 1924
Folder 65: Pleasure House Camp, Feb. 1924
Folder 66: Plat of Lands Owned by Indian River Park & Improvement Co. - Norfolk and Princess Anne Cos., Nov. 1916
Folder 67: Map Of Ingleside, Norfolk County, Nov. 1911
Folder 68: Kenilworth - Property of Kenilworth Realty Corp. Norfolk (n.d.)

Box 6

Series XI: Charts, Lists, Diagrams, Real Estate Plats, Maps

Folder 1: Lafayette Terrace - Norfolk, March 1925 (I)
Folder 2: Lafayette Terrace - Norfolk, March 1925 (II)
Folder 3: Lakeview Heights, Nov. 1921
Folder 4: Plat 2A-C of Lakewood - Norfolk, Aug. 1925, Mar. 1926
Folder 5: Survey of Lansdale and Fox Hall Farms - Norfolk County, Aug 1919
Folder 6: Plat of London Bridge Gardens - Princess Anne County, Feb. 1925
Folder 7: Property of A. J. Makinson - Princess Anne Co.
Folder 8: Map of Milburn Manor on Norfolk - VB Blvd - Princess Anne Co., April 1930
Folder 9: Map of Morgan Farm on Southern Branch of Elizabeth River, Apr. 1891
Folder 10: Property of Morningside Realty Corp. - Norfolk Co. Aug. 1919
Folder 11: Plate 2 City of Norfolk
Folder 12: Plate 7 City of Norfolk
Folder 13: Plats of Norfolk Highlands
Folder 14: Map of Plots Nos. 14 & 15 - Oceana Gardens, June 20, 1925
Folder 15: Oceana Terrace - Princess Anne Co.
Folder 16: Plat No. 2 - Overbrook Realty Corp., Nov. 1919
Folder 17: Plan of Lots Situated in Princess Anne Co. Surveyed for B. F. Owens - Corner of VB Blvd and Great Neck Rd.
Folder 18: Plat of Properties of O. B. McLeon - Park Ave. and Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk
Folder 19: Oceana - Eastern Bridge Rd., London Bridge Rd.
Folder 20: Plan of Property Situated in Princess Anne Co. Surveyed for Frank P. Stras, Jan. 1924
Folder 21: Plan of Property Situated in Princess Anne Co. Surveyed for H. L. Bullis, Nov. 1922
Folder 22: Property of H. G. Robinson on Lafayette River between Bowdens Ferry Rd. and Colley Ave. - Norfolk, Mar. 1923
Folder 23: Maps of "Small Farms" - Princess Anne Co. - Norfolk Rolleston Corp.
Folder 24: Plat of Rosemont being that Part of Jacksondale Owned by the Rosemont Corp.
Folder 25: Virginia Blvd Road Map - Rosemont
Folder 26: Map of Part of East Norfolk in Princess Anne Co.
Folder 27: Rosemont Gardens - Princess Anne Co.
Folder 28: Rosemont Park - A Suburb Near Norfolk, Nov. 1924 (I)
Folder 29: Rosemont Park - A Suburb Near Norfolk, Nov. 1924 (II)
Folder 30: Rosemont Park - A Suburb Near Norfolk, Nov. 1924 (III)
Folder 31: Sea Breeze - Addition to Virginia Beach Princess Anne Co., Mar. 1926
Folder 32: Map of O. F. Smith's Property, Norfolk Co., Aug. 1916
Folder 33: Plat of a Part of Summerville, Princess Anne Co., Nov. 1920
Folder 34: Sunset Park Opposite State Rifle Range Virginia Beach, July 1925
Folder 35: Division of C. C. Uption Farm near Oak Grove - Norfolk Co. Mar. 1932
Folder 36: Map of Industrial Property of West Ghent Annex Corp. (n.d.)
Folder 37: Plat of Whitehead Subdivision, Property of C. T. Whitehead - Princess Anne Co., July 1928
Folder 38: Olney Rd. - Redgate Ave. Area - Norfolk
Folder 39: Plan Showing Location of Proposed Apartment Building (Greenway Ct. - Redgate Ave.), n.d.
Folder 40: Plat of S. N. Woodward's Land on Braod Creek, Princess Anne Co., Feb. 1921
Folder 41: Ballentine Place - Suburb of Norfolk, Aug. 1910
Folder 42: Map of Bird Neck Pt. Club Section - Princess Anne Co., June 1926
Folder 43: Edgewater - Property of New Edgewater Corp.
Folder 44: Map of Easton Place - Suburb of Norfolk, Dec. 1911
Folder 45: East Fairmont - Suburb of Norfolk
Folder 46: Euclid Place - Suburb of Norfolk, Mar. 1906
Folder 47: Map of Ingleside - Suburb Beautiful (Property of Barton Myers)
Folder 48: Ocean View Annex Co. - Norfolk
Folder 49: Advertisements for Sale of Lots in Oceana Gardens
Folder 50: Piece of Map including Pennsylvania Avenue
Folder 51: Map of Lafayette Residence Park
Folder 52: Copy of Part of Plat of Old Tiberius Lambert Property (New Edgewater)
Folder 53: Amended Plat of Larchmont - Property of Larchmont Realty Corp., June 1909
Folder 54: Survey of Lots 17 & 18 - Block 45 The Ghent Co. - The Norfolk Co. For Emma F. Cook et al., May 1950
Folder 55: Proposed Amusement Bldg. Rosemont Park
Folder 56: Plat of Ocean Park Property of Ocean Park Corp., Norfolk, Apr. 1912
Folder 57: Topographic Map - Cape Henry Quadrangle, 1919 ed.
Folder 58: Map of the Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line R. R. and Connections, 1919 (I)
Folder 59: Map of the Norfolk and Portsmouth Belt Line R. R. and Connections, 1919 (II)
Folder 60: Map of Harbor Lines, Tanners Creek, Virginia - 1910
Folder 61: Proposed Change in Harbor Lines (Sheet No. 5 Sewall Pt. Section) Elizabeth River, 1910
Folder 62: High Tide Downtown Norfolk, Aug. 1933
Folder 63: Map of Norfolk Business District (Published by Henry Eagleton)
Folder 64: Official Map of Norfolk and Vicinity
Folder 65: Architectural Plans for a Farm House (U.S. Dept of Agriculture)
Folder 66: Architectural Plans for a Two Story House
Folder 67: Craigmillar - Afton, Virginia
Folder 68: Arlington National Cemetery, April 1939
Folder 69: Map of a Portion of Jamestown, Rhode Island, 1909Folder Map of Alaska, 1936 ed.
Folder 70: Nostrand's Map of New York (n.d.)
Folder 71: Map of the City of Philadelphia (Arthur Clarico Freeman II)
Folder 72: Map of Alaska, 1936 ed.
Folder 73: Topographic Maps - Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and New Mexico, Texas, 1917-1921
Folder 74: Keyon's Map of the Western Battle Front of Europe, 1918
Folder 75: Cram's Pictographic Map of the Pacific Area
Folder 76: Cram's Panoramic Map of the World (n.d.)
Folder 77: Piece of Unidentified Map
Folder 78: Unidentified Map

Box 7

Series XII: Genealogy

Folder 1: Correspondence re. Genealogy of Cook Family, 1898
Folder 2: Correspondence re. Genealogy of Cook Family, 1902
Folder 3: Correspondence re. Genealogy of Cook Family, 1903
Folder 4: Correspondence re. Genealogy of Cook Family, 1904
Folder 5: Cook Family News, Jan. 1904
Folder 6: Blank Genealogical Data Forms
Folder 7: Genealogical Research for Cook Family History (I)
Folder 8: Genealogical Research for Cook Family History (II)
Folder 9: Genealogical Research for Cook Family History (III)
Folder 10: Genealogical Research for Cook Family History - 5th Generation
Folder 11: Genealogical Research for Cook Family History - 6th Generation
Folder 12: Genealogical Research for Cook Family History (Misc.)
Folder 13: Notebook Cook Family History (I)
Folder 14: Notebook Cook Family History (II)
Folder 15: Notebook - Record of Cook Family Genealogy