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The Papers of Rev. John Paul Carter

Scope and Contents - Series Descriptions - Access - Contents Listing


John Paul Carter was born May 14, 1923 in Clarksburg, West Virginia. He was the oldest child of the Rev. Josiah Tidbal Carter and Virginia Rutherford Nolting. He had two younger brothers, James and Josiah, and two sisters, Virginia and Louise. John was always known as "Jack", probably because his grandfather and uncle shared his name. Carter married in 1947. He and his wife, Joan, had six children together.

In his youth, Jack attended public schools in Clarksburg. He decided long before college that he wanted to be part of the ministry. He was accepted to both Harvard and William and Mary. Because of the financial assistance it offered, he chose to attend William and Mary. In college, Carter was involved many extracurricular activities. He was President of the class of 1945, member and officer of the biology club, and choir member in the Bruton Parish Church. He was active in the Canterbury Club. He also started a football team. Carter graduated in June 2, 1944. After graduation, he went to the Virginia Theological Seminary.

In 1947, Carter was ordained in his father's church in Durham, North Carolina. He went on to become deacon-in-charge of St. James Kannapolis, St. Paul's, and St. Peter's Salisbury. Five years later, Carter accepted a job as the Episcopal Chaplain to the University of Texas. There he put his energy into church reform.

In 1964, Carter accepted a job with the Airlie Foundation in Warrenton, Virginia. The Airlie Foundation was a "think tank" organization. Airlie served as an innkeeper for a number of National and Washington organizations, and they generated meetings between people with similar liberal/populist ideas. There Carter met Henry Berne and Max Tuffs. They were all very active in opposition to Massive Resistance and in Community Action. Among other things, they "preached" and spoke politically at Black churches, wrote position papers, and campaigned for Henry Howell and for George Rowling. After a year, Carter left Airlee. He went back to working for the Episcopal Church. There he served as Secretary/Treasurer of the National Association of Episcopal Schools.

In 1979, Carter received his Ph.D. After graduation, he became assistant to the President of Mary Baldwin College. He resigned this position after six weeks. Carter then moved to Maryland, and served at St. John's in Ellicoll City. Eventually, he became a rector there.

Retiring in 1987, Carter moved to Sewanee, Tennessee. In 1997, Carter died of pulmonary fibrosis.

Scope and Contents

The Carter papers date from 1965 to 1997, although the main focus is on the late 1960's and early 1970's. These papers deal mainly with the Airlie Group, Democratic politics, and Henry Howell's gubernatorial campaigns.

Series Descriptions

These papers are divided into five series: I. Correspondence; II. Airlie Group; III. Henry Howell; IV. Politics; and V. News Clippings.

Series I: Correspondence

Correspondence dates from 1965-1996. Material from the late 1960's and early 1970's pertains to: Airlie Foundation business, meetings, and conferences; Liberal Democratic political strategy; redistricting; the poll tax; populism; the Byrd Organization in Virginia; allocation of State surplus funds in 1965; revision of the Virginia election laws; and the political campaigns of Henry Howell and George Rawlings. Later material from the mid-1970's through the mid-1990's is largely personal correspondence with some references to politics.

Series II: Airlie Group

This series includes agendas, minutes, conference/meeting registration forms, notes, and an essay on Virginia. Topics include: Virginia politics, integration, candidates for office, and other Airlie business. Material dates from 1965-66.

Series III: Henry Howell

This series pertains specifically to Henry Howell. Information includes: a 1967 appeal brief by Henry Howell to the Supreme Court of Appeals in Virginia regarding Virginia automobile insurance rate increases; campaign photographs; Henry Howell's Action Program for Virginia in 1969; Howell's campaign newsletter from 1973; the program for Henry Howell's inauguration as Lieutenant Governor of Virginia in 1971; and his campaign speeches. Material dates from 1965-73.

Series IV: Politics

This series contains: an undated list of Clarke County Democratic members; Virginia Democratic Party Organization Plan (as adopted June 9, 1932); 1966 election results from the 8th District Democratic Primary; "Rawlings for Senate" campaign material from 1966 and 1970; a press release and campaign flyer for "Bingo" Stant for Congress; a Democratic precinct worker's handbook from 1965; material on redistricting Virginia in 1966 and 1971; an outline on a seminar on Virginia State government in 1965; and Virginia Independent newsletters from 1991. This series also includes news clippings and notes. Material dates from 1965-71. One folder has material from 1991.

Series V: News Clippings

This series contains: news clippings on the 1966 Democratic Primary and General Assembly Session; Henry Howell's election as Lt. Governor in 1971; various other clippings on Mr. Howell in the 1970's; and Henry Howell's obituary from 1997. Material dates sporadically from 1966 to 1997.


The collection is open to researchers with no restrictions. Information on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


1 Hollinger Document Case. .38 Linear Feet.

Contents Listing

Box 1

Series I: Correspondence

Folder 1: Correspondence, June - Sept. 1965
Folder 2: Correspondence, Oct. 1965
Folder 3: Correspondence - between George Rawlings and Governor Harrison, July-
August 1965, re. Allocation of state surplus
Folder 4: Correspondence, Nov. - Dec. 1965
Folder 5: Correspondence, Jan. - May 1966
Folder 6: Correspondence, June - July 1966
Folder 7: Correspondence, Aug. - Dec. 1966
Folder 8: Correspondence, [Jan. - Feb.], Aug. 1967
Folder 9: Correspondence, Feb. - Mar. 1969 re. Howell's 1969 Gubernatorial campaign
Folder 10: Correspondence, Dec. 1971 - May 1973
Folder 11: Correspondence, 1974 - 1996
Folder 12: Correspondence, Henry Howell to Reverend John Paul Carter, 28 December
1983 with accompanying newsclippings and articles

Series II: Airlie Group

Folder 13: Agenda - Airlie Group Meeting - Richmond, Jan. 1966
Folder 14: Minutes - Airlie Group Meeting, Oct. 1965, re. actions of liberal Democrats in
1966 Democratic primary
Folder 15: Minutes - Airlie Group Meeting - Charlottesville, July 1966, re. results of
1966 Democratic primary
Folder 16: Notes on Telephone Conversations, Nov. 1965 - Jan. 1966, re. the running of
liberal Democratic candidates in 1966 Democratic primary
Folder 17: Registration - Airlie Group Meeting, Oct. 1965
Folder 18: Registration - Airlie Group Meeting, Jan. 1966
Folder 19: Registration - Airlie Group Meeting, July 1966
Folder 20: "Virginia At Mid-Century Plus 15 " - Airlie Foundation, 27 March 1965

Series III: Henry Howell

Folder 21: Appeal Brief - Henry Howell, et. al. v. State Corporation Commission, 1967
Folder 22: Henry Howell - Campaign Photographs, n.d.
Folder 23: The Finest of Tomorrow - Henry Howell's Action Program for Virginia, 1969
Folder 24: The Howell Campaigner, 1973
Folder 25: Henry Howell - Inauguration as Lt. Governor, 1971
Folder 26: Speeches - Henry Howell, Oct. - Dec. 1965
Folder 27: Speeches - Henry Howell, May 1969

Series IV: Politics

Folder 28: Clarke County Democratic Committee, List of Members, n.d.
Folder 29: "Democratic Party Plans: Plan of Organization and Primary Plan of the
Democratic Party of Virginia"
Folder 30: Election Results, 1966 8th District Democratic primary
Folder 31: George Rawlings - Campaign Material, 1966 and 1970
Folder 32: Miscellaneous
Folder 33: Precinct Worker's Handbook, Sept. 1965
Folder 34: Press Release - June 1968 re. "Bingo" Stant
Folder 35: Redistricting in Virginia, 1966 (I)
Folder 36: Redistricting in Virginia, 1966 (II)
Folder 37: Redistricting in Virginia, 1971
Folder 38: "Seminar on State Government" by Prof. E.A. Means, 12 June 1965
Folder 39 "Virginia Independent, Apr., Oct. 1991

Series V: News Clippings

Folder 40: 1966 General Assembly session
Folder 41: 1966 Democratic primary
Folder 42: Howell's Election as Lt. Governor, 1971
Folder 43: Henry Howell 1973, 1977, 1978
Folder 44 Henry Howell obituaries, 1997

Revised: 7/10/08