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The Papers of Paul G. Caplan

Biographical Sketch

Paul Glasser Caplan was born on August 29, 1918 in Norfolk, Virginia to Phillip and Ida May Glasser Caplan. A sister, Selma Faye Caplan, was born October 10, 1923.1 In 1963, Caplan married Ruth Kopelove Salasky and became a stepfather to Stanley Jackson Salasky and Marilyn Salasky. Caplan eventually had three step-grandchildren: Stanley’s daughter Lauren, and Marilyn’s two sons Daniel and Andrew.

Caplan graduated from Maury High School in 1936. He then attended the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary/Virginia Polytechnic Institute, now Old Dominion University, graduating in 1938.2 Caplan completed his education by graduating from the Medical College of Virginia in 1941 with a degree in pharmacy.3

After graduating, Caplan worked at Whelan Drugs in Newport News and Norfolk from 1941-1947.4  After 1947, he assisted his father in running Caplan’s Pharmacy, located on Church and Charlotte Streets that had been purchased by Caplan’s Uncle Abe in 1916.5 When Norfolk redevelopment closed the pharmacy in 1961, Caplan became president of One Stop Drug Shops, a co-operative of nine independent drug stores.6  Caplan also continued working as a pharmacist, for Red Behrman at Modern Pharmacy on Granby Street, at Frazier Pharmacy on 35th Street and Colonial Avenue, as well as at Central Stores in Roland Park7.

Caplan was a member of several professional associations, such as the Tidewater Pharmaceutical Association, Virginia Pharmaceutical Association, and American Pharmaceutical Association, as well as a number of civic and political organizations. For instance, Caplan was a very prominent figure in the Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce, where he served on the Health and Sanitation, New Residents, Civic Affairs, and Publications committees.8 Caplan became president of the Norfolk chapter in 1951.9 Other organizations that Caplan was involved with included the Virginia Jaycees, the Tidewater Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Virginia Zoological and Aquarium Society.

In the development of the City of Norfolk, Caplan was primarily known via his involvement with the Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority (N.P.I.A.), which oversaw the Norfolk International Terminals and Norfolk Municipal Airport, later becoming Norfolk Regional Airport in 1969 and eventually Norfolk International Airport in 1976.10  From 1962-1987, Caplan served on the N.P.I.A. Board of Commissioners, and was chairman from 1974-1987. During his time on the N.P.I.A. Board of Commissioners, the Norfolk airport grew from a municipal/regional airport to an international airport. Caplan vehemently opposed the turnover of the Norfolk International Terminals to the Virginia Port Authority and he told the Virginian-Pilot in 1971 “the surreptitious handling of Norfolk’s interest in these matters concerns me, as it should our city fathers, for surely the port is our city’s heartbeat.”11 Caplan’s opposition to the turnover was not successful and, the Norfolk International Terminal, along with terminals in Portsmouth and Newport News, became part of the Virginia Port Authority in July 1972.12

For his service with the N.P.I.A. and to the City of Norfolk, Caplan was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation in July of 1987 for “recognition of valuable and distinguished service on the Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority.”13 Two months later, he was honored with a resolution from Norfolk Mayor Joseph A. Leafe that recognized Caplan as an “advocate of tourism and promotion of the City of Norfolk with regard to the use of air travel,” as well as serving  “as the Port and Industrial Authority’s Representative with the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.”14 Caplan was also honored with a bronze plaque in the lobby of Norfolk International Airport.

Other areas of interest for Caplan were city and state politics and religion. He was the co-chair of Roy Martin’s City of Norfolk council campaign and served as the “unofficial first campaign manager” for Stanley C. Walker, as well as working on campaigns “to elect various state senators and delegates from Norfolk.”15 Caplan was a charter member of the local Alpha Zadik Alpha fraternity, Chairman of the Community Relations Committee of the Norfolk Jewish Community Council, assisting in the formation of the Hillel Club at Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary, and a past president of the Tidewater B’nai B’rith lodge.16

Education continued to be an interest for Caplan throughout his life. Along with former members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Caplan helped establish an informal group named the Monday Morning Group, which met on Wednesdays and featured speakers “representing a wide variety of Norfolk civic affairs.”17 Caplan was also active in the Old Dominion University Alumni Association, Norfolk Division Executive Committee.18

Caplan passed away in Norfolk on April 13, 2003.

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Paul G. Caplan, President, Arnold Gamsey Lodge No. 1195 of B’nai B’rith, 1962-1963. The Papers of Paul G. Caplan, Box 1, Folder 3, Special Collections, Old Dominion University Libraries, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.

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Awards-Transportation Related.  The Papers of Paul G. Caplan, Box 1, Folder 1, Special Collections, Old Dominion University Libraries, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.

City of Norfolk Resolution, September 22, 1987. The Papers of Paul G. Caplan, Box 1, Folder 7, Special Collections, Old Dominion University Libraries, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA.

Obituaries. Virginian Pilot. “Paul Caplan.” April 15, 2003. B8.


Scope and Contents

The papers of Paul G. Caplan range from the 1930s-1990s, mostly consisting of materials related to the Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce, City of Norfolk, Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority, Norfolk International Airport, and air transportation in general.  The collection also contains correspondence related to personal life, transportation, politics, community and city issues; clippings and publications pertaining to various subjects including transportation, community relations, and politics; brochures; pharmacy related materials; photographs; and miscellaneous items.


The collection is arranged into nine series: Series I-Personal; Series II-Correspondence; Series III-Brochures, Clippings, Magazines, and Newsletters; Series IV-City of Norfolk/Community Relations; Series V-Pharmacy; Series VI-Photographs; Series VII-Politics; Series VIII-Transportation; Series IX-Miscellaneous.  The collection is organized alphabetically, with some chronological arrangements.

Series Descriptions

Series I: Personal
Consists of Caplan’s personal papers and information; in regard to awards, certificates, biographies, as well as club membership and hobbies.

Sub-series A: Personal Papers/Information. Contains awards and certificates that Caplan received for service in regard to transportation, Junior Chamber of Commerce, as well as service to the United States Coast Guard Rescue. The sub-series also contains biographical information about Caplan. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series B: Clubs/Membership, Hobbies. Contains information about the organizations and clubs that Caplan belonged to. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Series II: Correspondence
Consists of correspondence received and sent by Caplan; in regard to business and financial matters, community relations, family, politics, pharmacy, transportation, and notes.

Sub-Series A: Business/Financial Correspondence. Contains correspondence and statements in regard to business and financial matters. All of the correspondence was sent to Caplan. The correspondence dates from the 1950s to the 1980s, and is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series B: City of Norfolk. Contains correspondence received and sent by Caplan, pertaining to the City of Norfolk. The sub-series focuses Caplan’s many relations to the city in regard to redevelopment, city services, tourism, and the Norfolk Zoo. The dates range from the 1950s to the 1980s, and are arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series C: Civic/Community. Contains correspondence received and sent by Caplan, pertaining to the many organizations that he belonged to. These organizations include: Aleph Zadik Aleph (A.Z.A.), American National Red Cross-National and Tidewater Chapter, B’nai B’rith, Civitan, Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce, Monday Morning Group, and ODU Alumni. The dates of the correspondence range from the 1940s to the 1990s, and are arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series D: Invitations and Cards. Contains invitations and cards received by Caplan, consisting of special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, grand openings, sympathy, get-well, and thank-you cards. The sub-series spans through many years, mostly in the 1980s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Sub-series E: Notes. Contains various notes that Caplan wrote. The notes consist on a variety of subjects, written on various forms of paper, such as hotel stationery, notebook, legal pad, and scrap paper. Most of these notes are undated.

Sub-series F: Personal Correspondence. Consisting of personal cards, postcards, and correspondence, from family and friends, ranging from the 1950s to 1990s. The sub-series also contains of special note, V-Mail correspondence dated December 20, 1943, sent from Stanley Glasser to Phil and Ida Caplan. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Sub-series G: Pharmacy Correspondence. Contains correspondence in regard to lease information on Caplan’s Pharmacy (the pharmacy owned by Caplan’s father Phillip), the Medical College of Virginia (where Caplan received his pharmacy degree), and as well as other pharmacy related correspondence and notes. The correspondence ranges from the 1950s to the 1970s and is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Sub-series H: Political Correspondence. Consists of local, state, and national correspondence that Caplan received.  Of those who wrote to Caplan include: Norfolk Mayor Roy B. Martin, Jr., Virginia State Senator Stanley Walker, and U.S. Senators G. William Whitehurst and John W. Warner. The folders that are labeled “correspondence” contain more than one letter. The folders labeled “letter” contains a single letter. The correspondence ranges from the 1950s-1990s, and is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series I: Transportation Correspondence. Contains transportation related correspondence pertaining to Caplan’s association with the Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority (N.P.I.A.), as well as other associations such as the Airport Operators Council International (A.O.C.I.) and the Aviation/Space Writers Association.  The correspondence ranges from the 1950s-1990s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically, with the N.P.I.A. correspondence arranged chronologically.

Sub-series J: Miscellaneous Correspondence. Contains miscellaneous correspondence.

Series III: Brochures, Clippings, Magazines, Newsletters
Consists of the various brochures, clippings, magazines, newsletters, and newspapers that Caplan collected through the years.

Sub-series A: Brochures. Contains brochures collected over the years, which include topics such as fire prevention and industry. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series B: Clippings. Contains numerous clippings that Caplan collected throughout the 1950s to the 1990s. The clippings pertain to subjects such as the City of Norfolk and the State of Virginia, community relations, redevelopment, politics and transportation. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically by subject.

Sub-series C: Magazines & Newsletters. Consists of magazines and newsletters dating from the 1960s to the 1970s, pertaining to politics, business and city planning. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically by title.

[There is no sub-series D.]

Sub-series E: Newspapers. Consists of newspaper sections dating from the 1950s to the 1980s.  Titles include: The Virginian Pilot and the Ledger Star, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and The Washington Post. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically by title. Some of the contents are in fragile condition -- the 1961 Sunday Star article on redevelopment in Washington D.C. and the May 21, 1952 Norfolk Ledger Dispatch.

Series IV: City of Norfolk/Community
Consists of materials relating to Caplan’s involvement and interest with the city of Norfolk as well as his involvement in organizations such as the Junior Chamber of Commerce, the American Red Cross, theMonday Morning Breakfast Group,and B’nai B’rith.

Sub-series A: Civic Duties. Contains materials on Caplan’s involvement in the American Red Cross, Civitan, Monday Morning Breakfast Group, the Old Dominion University Alumni Association, and other civic groups. The dates of the materials range from the 1940s to the 1990s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series B: Junior Chamber of Commerce. Contains materials in regard to Caplan’s involvement with the organization. The materials date from the 1940s to 1970s, and consist of the many activities that the organization was involved in, such as the daylight savings time campaign; “Clean-Up, Paint-Up, Fix-Up Campaign”; numerous safety programs; and the Tennis Award Program. The sub-series also contains copies of The Port Advocate (the newsletter for the Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce), as well as information on the Virginia Junior Chamber of Commerce; National Junior Chamber of Commerce; and the International Junior Chamber of Commerce.  The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series C: Community Relations. Contains materials in regard to Caplan’s involvement within the community, which include related booklets, brochures, magazines, and publications, as well as information on programs in regard to religious, cultural, and social relations. The materials date from the 1940s to the 1980s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series D: City Information. Consists of materials about the City of Norfolk, which includes information on the city’s government, neighborhood civic newsletters and directories. The materials date from the 1940s to the 1980s.  The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series E: City History. Contains materials on the history of the City of Norfolk. The dates of the materials range from the 1950s to the 1990s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series F: City Services. Consists of materials in regard to the services provided by the city of Norfolk, such as fire; police; and utilities. The dates for most of these materials range from the 1960s to the 1970s.The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series G: Economic Information. Contains materials on the economy of Norfolk, which includes reports; statistics; fiscal year budgets and economic development plans. The materials date from the 1950s to the 1990s.The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series H: Redevelopment. Caplan was very involved with Norfolk’s redevelopment, as well as being affected by it (his father’s pharmacy on Church Street was torn down in the 1960s to make way for redevelopment). The sub-series consists of information, reports, plans, maps and publications in regard to redevelopment in the City of Norfolk. The date range for these materials is from the 1950s to the 1990s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically. There are also two items located in the map case: an enlarged November 16, 1960 Virginia Ledger-Dispatch & Star Article, “Construction in Norfolk Moves at Brisk Pace”; and a “General Plan of Norfolk” map, dating from the 1960s.

Sub-series I: Tourism. Consists of materials regarding tourism in the City of Norfolk, which includes listings of local events, places to visit, information on tourism committees (Norfolk by the Sea, Norfolk Convention & Visitors Bureau), as well as studies and statistics on tourism. The dates of these materials range from the 1970s to the 1990s.  The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series J: Norfolk Zoo. Caplan was one of the people who made the Norfolk Zoo the place it is today. The sub-series consists of materials and publications in the regard to the Norfolk Zoo, as well as information about the zoo’s campaign to acquire an elephant by using S&H green stamps. The materials range from the 1960s to the 1990s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Series V: Pharmacy
Consists of materials relating to Caplan’s career as a pharmacist. The materials include information on the pharmacy related committees and organizations that he belonged to, brochures and newsletters, as well as other pharmacy related material.

Sub-series A: Committees/Organizations. Contains information on the pharmacy related committees and organizations that he belonged to, such as Alpha Zeta Omega (the pharmacy fraternity that Caplan belonged to), the Medical College of Virginia Alumni, Commonwealth of Virginia-State Board of Pharmacy, American Pharmaceutical Association, and Tidewater Pharmaceutical Association. The date range is from the 1950s to 1980s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

[There is no sub-series B.]

Sub-series C: Miscellaneous. Contains other pharmacy related materials, such as pharmacy advertisements. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Series VI: Photographs
Consists of a photo-scrapbook containing photos of Caplan’s N.P.I.A. career, as well as other photos in regard to transportation, Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce, tourism, and zoos (Norfolk and other zoos across the country. The photos range from the 1940s to the 1980s. The series is arranged alphabetically.

Series VII: Politics
Consists of materials and information in regard to Caplan’s political involvement with the City of Norfolk, the State of Virginia, and even on the national level.

Sub-series A: City of Norfolk/Hampton Roads. Contains City of Norfolk election materials, campaign materials, and voting information. The dates of these materials range from the 1950s to the 1990s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series B: State of Virginia. Contains State of Virginia election materials, campaign materials, as well as State House and Senate materials. The dates of these materials range from the 1950s to the 1990s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series C: National. Contains newsletters and publications, by various members of U.S. Congress (re. John Warner), as well a election materials, and reports. The date range is from the 1960s-1980s, and the sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Series VIII: Transportation
This series, the largest series in the Caplan collection with fifteen sub-series, focuses on Caplan’s career with the N.P.I.A. and the development of Norfolk International Airport, as well as various transportation related organizations.

Sub-series A: Committees-Airports. This sub-series pertains to some of the committees and organizations that Caplan belonged to, such as AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives), Civil Aeronautics Board, and Southeastern Airport Manager’s Association. The dates range from the 1970s to the 1980s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically. There is also an American Association of Airport Executives executive manual, located in oversize.

Sub-series B: Hearings-Norfolk International Airport. This sub-series contains information on local hearings involving Norfolk International Airport and the Fox Hall neighborhood, in regard to noise and expansion. The dates for these materials are 1980 and 1985. The sub-series is arranged both in alphabetical and chronological order.

Sub-series C: Information-Norfolk International Airport.  Contains materials in regard to Norfolk International Airport. Materials include: schedules, brochures, advertisements, postcards, maps, news-releases, and airport restaurant menus. Most of the materials are from the 1970s and 1980s, with one item from the 1930s-a copy of a 1933 Norfolk Tidewater Airport Envelope. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically. There are also two items located in the map-case: an aerial photo of Norfolk International Airport and a map of Norfolk International Airport.

Sub-series D: Reports/Studies: Norfolk International Airport. Contains reports, plans, and studies in regard to Norfolk International Airport. The date range for these materials is from the 1960s to the 1980s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically. The Norfolk International Airport Master Plan: Draft, October 1979, by R. Dixon Speas Associates is located in oversize.

Sub-series E: A.O.C.I. (Airport Operators Council International). Consists of handbooks, newsletters (Airport Highlights, Airport P.R. News), conference information, and reports pertaining to Airport Operators Council International, in which Caplan was a member. The dates range from the 1970s to the 1980s for these materials. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series F: Other Airports/Airlines. Contains information on airlines and airports across the United States and other countries such as France, Britain, Canada, and Mexico. The materials include brochures, guides, and statistics. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series G:  Magazines and Newsletters-Airport Transportation. Contains magazines and newsletters pertaining to airport transportation. Titles include:  Aeroports Magazine, Airport Management Journal, Aviation Daily, and Virginia Aviation Newsletter. The date ranges of these materials are from the 1970s-1980s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.
Sub-series H: Miscellaneous-Airport.  Contains materials such as, reports on aircraft noise, airport studies and guides, air-traffic analyses, and other materials (i.e. “Ship Air Freight” bumper sticker). The materials date from the 1960s-1980s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series I:  Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority. Contains information on the Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority (N.P.I.A.). The material in this sub-series is from the 1970s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series J: Meetings/Reports-Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority. Consists of meetings and reports held by the Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority (N.P.I.A.). This sub-series includes meeting agendas and minutes, budget/financial reports, annual reports, as well as reports to Norfolk City Council. The date ranges of these materials are from the 1960s-1980s. Materials such as meeting agendas and minutes and budget/financial reports are in chronological order as well.

Sub-series K: Newsletters- Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority. Contains newsletters published by the Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority (N.P.I.A.). Titles consist of: The Beacon, The Port of Norfolk Newsletter, and Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority News. The dates range from the 1960s-1970s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series L: Information-Port Associations. Consists of information in regard to various port associations across the country and around the world. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series M: Information-Cruise Industry. Contains information on the cruise industry in Norfolk, pertaining to the Virginia Cruise Corporation. Materials also include information on the Cunard (QE2) cruise line and the Holland-American Line. The materials date from the 1960s-1970s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series N: Conferences/Committees: Transportation. Consists of information from the various transportation conferences that Caplan attended, as well as information on transportation committees. Conferences and committees include the: Aircrafts Owners & Pilots Association, Aviation Space Writers Association, and Regional Transportation Committee. The date ranges of these materials are from the 1960s-1980s. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series O:  Other Transportation. Contains information on other forms of transportation including Amtrak (trains), fire & rescue boats and trucks, public transportation, and helicopters. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Sub-series P: Miscellaneous-Transportation. Consists of miscellaneous transportation materials, which include Caplan’s N.P.I.A. badge and business cards, N.P.I.A. stationery, transportation cartoons, and transportation brochures. The sub-series is arranged alphabetically.

Series IX: Miscellaneous
Contains miscellaneous items and materials kept by Caplan, which include various business papers, fire buff materials and button pins.


Donated by Irwin Berent, June 10, 2003


Collection is open to researchers without restrictions Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


62 Hollinger document cases, and two oversized boxes

Contents Listing

Series I: Personal

Sub-series A: Personal Papers/Information.

Box 1

Folder 1: Paul G. Caplan, President, Arnold Gamsey Lodge, No. 1195 of B’nai B’rith, 1962-1963 (contains biographical information)
Folder 2: Auto incidence
Folder 3: Awards (transportation)
Folder 4: Biographical Information
Folder 5: Certificate of Disenrollment as Temporary Member of the United States Coast Guard Rescue, 1944
Folder 6: Certificate of Fitness- Selective Service System, May 31, 1946
Folder 7: Certificate of Merit, Middle Atlantic States Institute, September 31, 1953
Folder 8: City of Norfolk Resolution-Paul Caplan, September 22, 1987
Folder 9: Divorce Papers
Folder 10: Eye Prescription
Folder 11: Key Man Certificate “[For Caplan as] Leader in the Internal and External Activities of the Norfolk, Virginia Junior Chamber of Commerce, June 26, 1954

Sub-series B: Clubs/Membership, Hobbies.

Folder 12: Harbor Club Information, October 1993
Folder 13: The Monitor Foundation
Folder 14: Virginia Sheriff’s Institute-Membership

Series II: Correspondence

Sub-Series A: Business/Financial Correspondence.

Folder 15: Letter from the Department of Housing and Community Development, September 26, 1985
Folder 16: Letter from Dominion National Bank, September 18, 1979
Folder 17: Letter from First Virginia Bankshares Corporation, March 1972
Folder 18: Letter from Harold L. Gallup, Jr., Industrial Coordinator, City of Virginia Beach, April 19, 1982
Folder 19: Letter from J. J. Gara, Sears, Roebuck and Co., July 11, 1967
Folder 20: Letter from Hunton and Williams, October 26, 1982
Folder 21: Letter to Caplan, from David M. Jacoby, Director of Sales, Evergard Fire Alarms, September 28, 1966
Folder 22: Letter from Law Offices of S. Beryl Adler, May 11, 1962
Folder 23: Letter from James G. Mahone, Jr., Administrative Assistant, City of Norfolk, November 15, 1978
Folder 24: Letter from Robert J. McBride, Jr. Program Director, WGH, October 15, 1951
Folder 25: Letter from WRVC-FM Manager, October 16, 1962
Folder 26: Tax Receipts, 1940 - 1962

Sub-series B: City of Norfolk.

Folder 27: Advance Norfolk, Correspondence, 1966
Folder 28: Annexation Notes?
Folder 29: Anonymous Correspondence: re. Real Estate Enterprises/Real Estate Correspondence, buying property in Chesterfield Heights (undated)
Folder 30: City of Norfolk Correspondence, 1951, 1954, 1956, 1961
Folder 31: City of Norfolk Correspondence, 1979-1981, 1983, 1986-1988
Folder 32: City of Norfolk Fire Department, Correspondence, October 21, 1967
Folder 33: Correspondence- Hunting and Fishing Licenses
Folder 34: Correspondence- Joint Tourism with Portsmouth, February 3, 1983
Folder 35: Letter from Herman A. Chapell, President 21st Street Business Area Association, January 12, 1973
Folder 36: Letter from Grover Franklin, President-Fraternal Order of Norfolk City Employees, to Peter K. Babalas, Virginia State Senate, February 11, 1970
Folder 37: Letter to Thomas D. Blanchard, Jr., Executive Vice President, Greater Norfolk Corporation, from Bruce H. Lucker, May 21, 1986
Folder 38: Letters to Lawrence Cox/NHRA, 1953-1963
Folder 39: MacArthur Memorial Foundation Letter to Caplan, February 4, 1976
Folder 40: Norfolk by the Sea Correspondence, 1984-1987
Folder 41: Norfolk Community Chest Correspondence, 1951, 1952
Folder 42: Norfolk General Hospital Pledge Drive Correspondence, March 17, 1954
Folder 43: Redevelopment Correspondence, 1957, 1960-1962
Folder 44: Zoo Correspondence, 1966-1970, 1979, 1987
Folder 45: Zoo Related Notes

Sub-series C: Civic/Community.

Folder 46: Aleph Zadik Aleph (A.Z.A.) Correspondence, 1944-45
Folder 47: Aleph Zadik Aleph (A.Z.A.) Correspondence, 1962
Folder 48: American National Red Cross, National and Tidewater Chapter, Correspondence, 1951, 1958, 1961-62, 1967-69, 1974, 1979
Folder 49: Anti-Defamation League Correspondence, 1955, 1962

Box 2

Folder 1: B’nai B’rith Correspondence, February-May 1962
Folder 2: B’nai B’rith Correspondence, June-December 1962
Folder 3: Civitan Club of Norfolk, Virginia, Correspondence, June 23, 1948
Folder 4: Civitan Related Correspondence, 1952-53
Folder 5: Correspondence from the National Community Relations re: Soviet Jewry, October 3, 1968
Folder 6: Fire Buff Correspondence
Folder 7: “First Citizen”/ Cosmopolitan Club Correspondence, October-December 1983
Folder 8: Greater Norfolk Corporation Correspondence, August 26, 1985
Folder 9: Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Correspondence, 1987, 1990
Folder 10: Jaycee’s Notes
Folder 11: Jaycee’s Correspondence: Old Timer’s Nite, 1960
Folder 12: Jaycee’s Clean-up/Paint-up/Fix-up Campaign, 1954
Folder 13: Jaycee’s Distinguished Service Award nomination for Anthony Hage, 1968
Folder 14: Jaycee’s Tennis Banquet Correspondence, 1951-1952 (I)
Folder 15: Jaycee’s Tennis Banquet Correspondence, 1951-1952 (II)
Folder 16: Jewish Community Council Correspondence, 1951, 1959, 1962
Folder 17:  Khedive Temple Correspondence, 1976
Folder 18: Letter from Roy R. Charles, Colgate W. Darden, Jr., J. Hoge Tyler III, August 9, 1962
Folder 19: Letters from Melvin Losick to Jack Weintraub, United Jewish Federation; David Stahl, Anti-Defamation League, November, 1974
Folder 20: Letter to Caplan, from Dr. Paul Reich, October 30, 1962
Folder 21: Letter from Temple Israel, September 22, 1967
Folder 22: Letter from Albert Teich, Jr., June 15, 1962
Folder 23: Letter from Michael B. Wagenheim to Allan S. Reynolds, President Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce, April 29, 1960
Folder 24: Letter from the Women’s Auxiliary to the Norfolk County Medical Society, August 1, 1951.
Folder 25: Memo from Donna Raudenbush, July 20, 1987

Box 3

Folder 1: Monday Morning Group Correspondence, 1961-1963
Folder 2: Norfolk Chamber of Commerce Correspondence, 1952, 1960, 1962
Folder 3: Norfolk By the Sea Correspondence, 1987
Folder 4: Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce Correspondence, 1951
Folder 5: Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce Correspondence, 1952-1967
Folder 6: Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce Notice Cards, 1951-1952
Folder 7: ODU Alumni Correspondence, 1975
Folder 8: United Jewish Federation Correspondence, 1969, 1979
Folder 9: United States Jaycees Correspondence, 1954
Folder 10: Virginia Junior Chamber of Commerce Correspondence, 1952-54
Folder 11: Virginia Beach Junior Chamber of Commerce Correspondence, December 27, 1951

Sub-series D: Invitations and Cards.

Folder 12: Birthday Cards
Folder 13: Christmas Cards
Folder 14: Fathers Day Cards
Folder 15: Get Well Cards
Folder 16: Invitations from Aero Enterprises Division, 1981
Folder 17: Invitation for the 54th National Foreign Trade Convention, New York Port Authority
Folder 18: Invitation for the Official Opening of the 7th Japan Industry Fair, June 26, 1987
Folder 19: “Norfolk Ambassador Breakfast” Invitation, March 11, 1993
Folder 20: Passover/New Years Cards
Folder 21: Seasons Greetings Card from NHRA
Folder 22: “Special Father” Recognition Award
Folder 23: Sympathy Cards
Folder 24: Thank You Cards
Folder 25: Tourism/Travel Related Invitations
Folder 26: Miscellaneous Cards
Folder 27: Miscellaneous Invitations

Sub-series E: Notes.

Folder 28: Notes (I)

Box 4

Folder 1: Notes (II)
Folder 2: Notes (III)
Folder 3: Notes (IV)
Folder 4: Notes (V)
Folder 5: Notes (VI)

Sub-series F: Personal Correspondence.

Box 5

Folder 1: Personal Cards
Folder 2: Personal Correspondence, 1950s-1990s
Folder 3: Postcards
Folder 4: V-Mail/Correspondence from Stanley Glasser to Phil & Ida Caplan, December 20, 1943

Sub-series G: Pharmacy Correspondence.

Folder 5: Caplan’s Pharmacy Correspondence and Lease Information, 1959-1960
Folder 6: Pharmacy Correspondence, 1950s-1970s
Folder 7: Medical College of Virginia, Correspondence, 1976
Folder 8: Pharmacy Related Notes

Sub-series H: Political Correspondence.

Folder 9: Byrd/Spong Correspondence, 1966
Folder 10: Correspondence: Senator Harry Byrd, Jr. (1978-79)
Folder 11: Correspondence: Porter Hardy, Jr. (1960, 1962, 1966, 1968)
Folder 12: Correspondence: Roy B. Martin, Jr. (1962, 1966, 1967)
Folder 13: Correspondence: Thomas R. McNamara (1967-69)
Folder 14: Correspondence: James R. Roberts (1959, 1961, 1967)
Folder 15: Correspondence from U.S. Senator Terry Sanford, January 22, 1988
Folder 16: Correspondence: William B. Spong, Jr. (1966-1968)
Folder 17: Correspondence: Paul Trible (1980, 1984, 1988)
Folder 18: Correspondence: Stanley Walker (1966, 1967, 1978, 1980, 1992, 1995, 1997)
Folder 19: Correspondence: G. William Whitehurst (1980, 1986)
Folder 20: Letter from the National Democratic Committee, April 1, 1966
Folder 21: Letter from Sam Ames, Ames Insurance Company, 1962
Folder 22: Letter from M.I. Birshtein, Birshtein Studios
Folder 23: Letter from Chesapeake Auto Supply
Folder 24: Letter from Citizen’s Committee, Norfolk, VA/Victor J. Ashe, Chairman, July 8, 1961
Folder 25: Letter from Bernard Levin, Commonwealth of Virginia House of Delegates, February 7, 1962
Folder 26: Letter from S.T. Northern, Bank of Commerce, Norfolk VA. June 4, 1962
Folder 27: Letter from Charles S. Robb, Lieutenant Governor, Virginia, November 17, 1981
Folder 28: Letter from W. Roy Smith, Campaign Manager for Fred Pollard for Governor, March 25, 1969
Folder 29: Letter from Norfolk Mayor, Vincent J. Thomas, July 8, 1976
Folder 30: Letter from Senator John W. Warner, September 8, 1980
Folder 31: Letter from Jesse A. White, May 2, 1962
Folder 32: Letter from Robert Whitehead, Virginia House of Delegates, November 17, 1951
Folder 33: Letter to Norfolk City Council from Mason C. Andrews, W.P. Dickson Jr., Hunter A. Hogan, Jr., Harvey Lindsay, Jr., William Marshall, Jr. Porter H. Mason, Edwin R. MacKethan, Louis A. Oliver, John R. Sears Jr. John A. Watts, Richard F. Welton III-October 15, 1962
Folder 34: Moderator Notes
Folder 35: Political Correspondence: Local (1961, 1964, 1966, 1995 & undated)
Folder 36: Political Correspondence: State (1959-61, 1965, 1995)
Folder 37: Political Notes

Sub-series I: Transportation Correspondence.

Box 6

Folder 1: Aero Club of Buffalo, Inc., April 17, 1980
Folder 2: A.O.C.I. Correspondence, 1970s-1980s
Folder 3: Aviation/Space Writers Association Correspondence (1978, 1979, 1983)
Folder 4: Certification of Caplan’s Appointment as Commissioner of the Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority: September 19, 1962
Folder 5: Certification of Caplan’s Reappointment as Commissioner of the Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority: July 10 1963; June 25, 1971; June 15, 1979; July 20, 1983
Folder 6: Copy of Letter from Andrew P. Miller, Attorney General, State of Virginia to Robert E. Washington, Virginia House of Representatives (re. Act 51-111.31, Retirement regarding N.P.I.A. Employees)
Folder 7: Correspondence from Shell Oil Company, December 23, 1975
Folder 8: Correspondence to Kenneth R. Scott, Executive Director of N.P.I.A., 1976 & 1977
Folder 9: Letter from F.A. “Buddy” Davis, Empire Storage and Van Corporation, January 3, 1984
Folder 10: Letter from E. Joseph Hillings & James B. Magnor of National Airlines, Inc. December 13, 1978
Folder 11: Letter from Joseph A. Leafe, July 13, 1987
Folder 12: Letter to Ferman W. Perry from Herbert L. Garrison, Jr. Station Manager, National Airlines, Inc. November 29, 1951
Folder 13: Letter from Robert F. Ripley, October 31, 1962
Folder 14: Letter from Kenneth R. Scott, Executive Director, Norfolk Airport Authority, November 16, 1990
Folder 15: Letter from R.D. Tuttle, Secretary, May 3, 1962
Folder 16: Letter from Tidewater Regional Transit, November 4, 1996
Folder 17: Letter from Virginia Transit Company, May 11, 1951
Folder 18: Letter from George Wedekind Jr., Chairman, Dayton Air Fair, April 1979
Folder 19: Letters from Louis S. Hudgins to Norman Hill and Samuel Sandler, in regard to N.P.I.A. Commissioner Reappointments, June 10, 1976 
Folder 20: Miscellaneous Transportation Correspondence
Folder 21: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1962
Folder 22: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1965
Folder 23: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1966
Folder 24: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1967
Folder 25: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1968 (January-February)
Folder 26: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1968 (March)

Box 7

Folder 1: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1968 (April-May)
Folder 2: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1968 (June-July)
Folder 3: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1968 (August)
Folder 4: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1968 (September)
Folder 5: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1968 (October-December)
Folder 6: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1969
Folder 7: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1970
Folder 8: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1972
Folder 9: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1973

Box 8

Folder 1: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1974
Folder 2: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1975 (January-September)
Folder 3: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1975 (October)
Folder 4: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1975 (November)
Folder 5: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1975 (December)
Folder 6: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1976 (January-March)

Box 9

Folder 1: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1976 (April-May)
Folder 2: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1976 (June)
Folder 3: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1976 (July)
Folder 4: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1976 (August)
Folder 5: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1976 (September-November)
Folder 6: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1977 (January-February)

Box 10

Folder 1: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1977 (March)
Folder 2: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1977 (April-August)
Folder 3: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1977 (September-December)
Folder 4: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1978 (January-June)
Folder 5: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1978 (July-December)
Folder 6: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1979 (January)

Box 11

Folder 1: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1979 (February-May)
Folder 2: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1979 (June)
Folder 3: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1979 (July-August)
Folder 4: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1979 (September-November)

Box 12

Folder 1: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1980
Folder 2: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1981 (January-June)
Folder 3: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1981 (July-December)
Folder 4: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1982 (January-August)
Folder 5: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1982 (September-December)
Folder 6: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1983
Folder 7: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1984

Box 13

Folder 1: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1985
Folder 2: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1986 (January-June)
Folder 3: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1986 (July-December)
Folder 4: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1987
Folder 5: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1988
Folder 6: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1989
Folder 7: N.P.I.A. Correspondence, 1990

Box 14

Folder 1: Transportation Related Notes

Sub-series J: Miscellaneous Correspondence.

Folder 2: Addresses
Folder 3: Miscellaneous Correspondence

Series III: Brochures, Clippings, Magazines, Newsletters

Sub-series A: Brochures.
Folder 4: Fire Prevention Flyers
Folder 5: Industrial Tours of Virginia

Sub-series B: Clippings.
Folder 6: City of Norfolk Clippings (I)

Box 15

Folder 1:  City of Norfolk Clippings (II)
Folder 2:  Community Related Clippings
Folder 3:  Cruise Related Clippings
Folder 4:  Fire Buff Related Clippings
Folder 5:  Jaycees Related Clippings (I)
Folder 6:  Jaycees Related Clippings (II)
Folder 7:  Jaycees Related Clippings (III)
Folder 8: Jaycees Related Clippings (IV)

Box 16

Folder 1:  N.Y.C. Mayor Lindsay Clippings
Folder 2:  Pharmacy Related Clippings
Folder 3:  Police Department Related Clippings
Folder 4:  Political Clippings-Local (I)
Folder 5:  Political Clippings-Local (II)
Folder 6:  Political Clippings-Local (III)
Folder 7:  Political Clippings-Local (IV)
Folder 8:  Political Clippings-Local (V)
Folder 9:  Political Clippings-Local (VI)

Box 17

Folder 1:  Political Clippings-State  
Folder 2:  Political Clippings-National/World 
Folder 3:  Public Announcement/Hearing Clippings 
Folder 4:  Redevelopment Clippings (I) 
Folder 5:  Redevelopment Clippings (II) 
Folder 6:  Redevelopment Clippings (III)    
Folder 7:   “66 Pictures Sent From All Over Country Shown in 10th American Drawing Annual” by Bertha Fanning Taylor, 1951 (Clipping & Norfolk Museum Brochure)
Folder 8: Tourism Related Clippings
Folder 9: Transportation Related Clippings (I)
Folder 10: Transportation Related Clippings (II)
Folder 11: Transportation Related Clippings (III)

Box 18

Folder 1:  Transportation Related Clippings (IV)
Folder 2:  Virginia Related Clippings
Folder 3:  Zoo Related Clippings
Folder 4:  Miscellaneous Clippings (I)
Folder 5:  Miscellaneous Clippings (II)
Folder 6:  Miscellaneous Clippings (III)
Folder 7:  Miscellaneous Clippings (IV)

Sub-series C: Magazines & Newsletters.

Box 19

Folder 1: Adventure Road, Travel Magazine: Zoo Issue, Fall 1970
Folder 2:  The Civitalk (Civitan Newsletter), June 13 & July 4, 1967
Folder 3:  Reprint from Journal of Housing, January 1960
Folder 4:  Naval Hospital Portsmouth, VA, The Courier Newsletter, December 1968-January 1969
Folder 5:  Southeastern Soundings, 1979
Folder 6:  Tidewater Virginia Real Estate News, 1963

[There is no Box 20]

Sub-series E: Newspapers.

Box 21

Folder 1:  “Challenging the Fundamentalist View”-Article in the Religion Section of the Virginian Pilot and the Ledger Star, September 17, 1988
Folder 2:  Daily Break (Virginian Pilot)-50th Anniversary of Norfolk International Airport, April 15, 1988
Folder 3:  Philadelphia Inquirer: Spring Educational Supplement, May 16, 1965
Folder 4:  “The New Washington”-Sunday Star 1961 (very fragile)
Folder 5:  Norfolk Ledger Dispatch, May 21, 1952 (fragile)
Folder 6:  Washington Post Weekend, November 30, 1979

Oversize Box 1
  1. Ledger-Dispatch Progress Edition: Ad Celebrating W.G. Swartz’s Department Store’s 56 Years, 1952
  2. Commerce Journal: April 17-23, 1981
  3. Daylin Inc. News: July 1968
  4. Virginian Pilot: November 13, 1979

Series IV: City of Norfolk/Community

Sub-series A: Civic Duties.

Folder 7: “Celebrating Twenty Years of Progress, 1946-1966”-Testimonial Dinner Honoring C.A. Harrell, Advance Norfolk, October 13, 1966
Folder 8:  American National Red Cross, Norfolk Chapter, Annual Report, 1959 & 1961
Folder 9:  American National Red Cross, Norfolk Chapter, 1963-64 
Folder 10:  American National Red Cross, Norfolk Chapter, Board of Directors
Folder 11:  American National Red Cross, Norfolk Chapter, Chapter Bylaws
Folder 12:  American National Red Cross, Norfolk Chapter, 1967-68
Folder 13:  American National Red Cross, Norfolk Chapter, Fiscal Years, 1957-58, 1962, 1963, 1968
Folder 14: Annual Report 1957, The American National Red Cross
Folder 15: American National Red Cross, Manager’s Memo, 1968-69
Folder 16:  Red Cross Newsletter, American National Red Cross, 1958, 1964, 1968
Folder 17:  American National Red Cross Brochures, 1960s
Folder 18:  American National Red Cross, Tidewater Chapter, Blood Program
Folder 19:  Report on [the] Tidewater Chapter [of] the American National Red Cross, June 30, 1967

Box 22

Folder 1:  Civil Defense
Folder 2:  Civitan
Folder 3:  Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk, Presentation Ceremony, John R. Sears, January 19, 1984
Folder 4:  Greater Norfolk Citizens Forum, Bylaws, Norfolk, VA, 1946
Folder 5:  Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, April 1, 1984
Folder 6:  Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce 1986 Membership Directory
Folder 7:  Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, 1988-1990
Folder 8:  Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, Invitation to Norfolk’s Annual Navy Appreciation Day Luncheon, October 11, 1985
Folder 9:  Hampton Roads Civic Forum-1952
Folder 10:  Health and Sanitation Committee
Folder 11:  Mason’s Materials
Folder 12:  Monday Morning Breakfast Group
Folder 13:  National Civic League
Folder 14:  Norfolk Association of Commerce
Folder 15:  Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
Folder 16:  Norfolk Community Chest
Folder 17:  Old Dominion University Alumni Association
Folder 18:  Shriners/ Khedive
Folder 19:  United Communities Fund
Folder 20:  Civic Duties: Miscellaneous

Sub-series B: Junior Chamber of Commerce.

Folder 21:  “Caplan for Vice-President” Invitations
Folder 22:  “Caplan for International Director” Signs and Invitations

Box 23

Folder 1:  Junior Chamber of Commerce/Boy Scouts of America
Folder 2:  Junior Chamber of Commerce, Certificates  
Folder 3:  Clean-Up, Paint-Up, Fix-Up Campaign
Folder 4:  Conference Name Tags
Folder 5:  Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce, Constitution
Folder 6:  Daylight Savings Time Campaign
Folder 7:  Digest of Junior Chamber of Commerce Projects, 1950-51
Folder 8:  Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce Directories, 1955-58
Folder 9:  Norfolk Jaycees’ 50th Anniversary, 1974
Folder 10:  Fire Prevention Campaign
Folder 11:  Insect and Rodent Control Program
Folder 12:  Installation of Officers: Banquet and Dance, June 30, 1951
Folder 13:  Installation Banquet, Pine Tree Inn, June 14, 1952
Folder 14:  Junior Chamber of Commerce: Materials
Folder 15:  Miss Virginia Pageant 1949 (sponsored by Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce)
Folder 16:  The New Dominion, Jaycees Magazine, 1948, 1951-54
Folder 17:  Norfolk Jaycees Banner
Folder 18:  Officers’ Handbook, 1952-53
Folder 19:  “Old Timers”
Folder 20:  The Port Advocate, 1950 (?)

Box 24

Folder 1:  The Port Advocate, 1951
Folder 2:  The Port Advocate, 1952
Folder 3:  The Port Advocate, 1953
Folder 4:  The Port Advocate, 1961 &1962
Folder 5:  The Port Advocate:  October 1965
Folder 6:  Report of Examination, Auditing Committee-June 30, 1951
Folder 7:  Safety Campaign
Folder 8:  Spring Dance, March 29, 1952
Folder 9:  Tennis Award Information, 1951-52
Folder 10:  Norfolk Junior Chamber of Commerce, Miscellaneous
Folder 11:  Virginia Junior Chamber of Commerce, Materials
Folder 12:  Virginia Junior Chamber of Commerce, Tree Planting Program
Folder 13:  United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, Materials
Folder 14:  United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, 33rd Annual Business Conference:  Minneapolis, June 9-12, 1953
Folder 15:  Roster: Vancouver Junior Chamber of Commerce, 1952
Folder 16:  International Junior Chamber of Commerce, Materials

Sub-series C: Community Relations.

Box 25

Folder 1:  Aging Committee
Folder 2:  American Jews: Their Story
Folder 3:  Arnold Gamsey Lodge Norfolk, B’nai B’rith Norfolk: Bermuda Cruise, November 1962
Folder 4:  “The Auxiliary Police Unit” by Everett M. King
Folder 5:  Award from United Jewish Fund of the Norfolk Jewish Community Council, June 5, 1958
Folder 6:  Black Liberation Action Council Flyer (re. slumlord problems)
Folder 7:  Beth Sholom Home of Virginia, 16th Annual Dinner Meeting April 8, 1962
Folder 8:  B’nai B’rith, Materials
Folder 9:  Brith Sholom Center
Folder 10:  Commodore Levy Chapel
Folder 11:  Community Membership Cards/Name Tags
Folder 12:  Community Relations Committee/Council
Folder 13:  Community Relations, Related Booklets & Brochures (I)
Folder 14:  Community Relations, Related Booklets & Brochures (II)

Box 26

Folder 1:  Community Relations, Related Magazines/Publications (I)
Folder 2:  Community Relations, Related Magazines/Publications (II)
Folder 3:  Community Relations, Related Materials
Folder 4:  Community Relations, Related Reports
Folder 5:  Community Relations, Miscellaneous
Folder 6:  Congregational, Christian Temple Sunday School, Active & Inactive Member-sheet
Folder 7:  Congress of Racial Equality, Committee for the Employment of Negro Performers, Negro American Labor Council Flyer (re. exclusion of performers)
Folder 8:  Department of Health, Education, and Welfare/Community Facilities and Services Act, 1962
Folder 9:  Embassy of Israel, re: Saudi Arabia, June 25, 1980 & May 26, 1982
Folder 10:  Film Advisory Committee, Report # 21, March 1, 1968
Folder 11:  “The Future of Hampton Roads, Inc.”
Folder 12:  Generic Issues in the Human Services: Manual for Trainees
Folder 13:  Generic Issues in the Human Services: Sourcebook for Trainers
Folder 14:  Golden Age Club Bulletin
Folder 15:  Handbook for Community Economic Development
Folder 16:  Hebrew Academy of Tidewater, 1962

Box 27

Folder 1:  Higher Education in the Tidewater Area of Virginia
Folder 2:  Hillel-Old Dominion College
Folder 3:  Jewish Family Service
Folder 4:  Joint Program Plan for Jewish Community Relations, 1988-89
Folder 5:  Juvenile Delinquency Materials
Folder 6:  National Community Relations Advisory Council
Folder 7:  National Community Relations Advisory Council: Role of the Public Schools in Dealing with Religion, October 11, 1955
Folder 8:  National Jewish Community Relations Advisory Council
Folder 9:  National Municipal League
Folder 10:  Norfolk Area Human Relations Council
Folder 11:  1948 Yearbook-Norfolk Jewish Community Council
Folder 12:  Norfolk Jewish Community Council
Folder 13:  Prayers 
Folder 14:  Rabbinical Seminary of America
Folder 15:  Religion in American Life (RIAL)
Folder 16:  Senior Service Center
Folder 17:  “Settle Jim Crow under NATO”-Protest Statement, re. Segregation and the NATO Games, May 1, 1965
Folder 18:  Shearith Israel Newsletter, March 17 & 24, 1989
Folder 19: Southeastern Tidewater Community Project (STOP)
Folder 20: Southern Jewish Historical Society Conference
Folder 21: United Jewish Federation
Folder 22: Virginia Council on Social Welfare, Inc. Program Committee Meeting, July 25, 1962

Sub-series D: City Information.

Folder 23: South Hampton Roads Vital Statistics, 1986-1987
Folder 24:  City of Norfolk-Administrative Organization Chart
Folder 25:  Board Meetings (City of Norfolk?)
Folder 26:  Norfolk Board Members
Folder 27:  City Council Resolution 076, Norfolk, VA
Folder 28:  “Norfolk City Hall Countdown”
Folder 29:  City Hall Report, Fall 1988
Folder 30:  City of Norfolk/Hampton Roads Maps
Folder 31:  Civic League Newsletters (Bayview, Bromley, Fox Hall)
Folder 32:  Docket for the [Norfolk] Council, January 9, 1973
Folder 33:  Downtown Norfolk/Waterfront Brochures and Norfolk Postcard
Folder 34:  “Facts of About the Future Norfolk Botanical Gardens Conservatory”
Folder 35: Jury Commissioners-City of Norfolk
Folder 36:  Norfolk City Government
Folder 37:  Norfolk City Topics
Folder 38:  Norfolk Goals & Objectives
Folder 39:  Norfolk/Hampton Roads Related Newsletters
Folder 40:  Norfolk Museum of Arts and Sciences/Chrysler Museum
Folder 41:  Ordinance and Code Regulating Food and Food Establishments, City of Norfolk, VA, 1947

Box 28

Folder 1:  City of Norfolk, Roster & Directory, 1975-76
Folder 2:  City of Norfolk, Roster & Directory, 1976-77
Folder 3:  City of Norfolk, Roster & Directory, 1987
Folder 4:  Self-Guided Naval Base Tour
Folder 5:  City of Norfolk Virginia-Time and Place Meetings of City Boards and Commissioners
Folder 6:  “Trends”, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982

Sub-series E: City History.

Folder 7:  Calendars with Historic Pictures of Norfolk, 1989 & 1990
Folder 8:  Annexation Information
Folder 9:  Dedication of the Jean MacArthur Research Center, June 15, 1990
Folder 10:  Invitation from Norfolk City Council for a Special Preview Tour of the New City Hall

Box 29

Folder 1:  “Norfolk Needs An Archives”

Sub-series F: City Services.

Folder 2:  City of Norfolk: Services & Departments
Folder 3:  Feasibility Study: Downtown Norfolk, Mounted Police Patrol, Norfolk, VA. January 11, 1984
Folder 4:  Ordinance No. 20781-Sickleave for City of Norfolk Employees
Folder 5:  Parking Information
Folder 6:  Top Ten Discharging Physicians at Norfolk General Hospital, November 21, 1975

Sub-series G: Economic Information.

Folder 7:  The Campaign for Old Dominion University
Folder 8:  City of Norfolk, Proposed Operating Budget, for the Fiscal Year, July 1, 1968-June 30, 1969
Folder 9:  City of Norfolk, Economic Task Force
Folder 10:  City of Norfolk, P.O.B.E. (Proposed Operating Budget Excerpts) July 1, 1991-June 30, 1992
Folder 11:  City of Norfolk: Proposed Capital Improvement Program, FY 92-FY 96
Folder 12:  Norfolk Approved Operating Budget: July 97-June 98
Folder 13:  Commercial & Industrial Financing to Norfolk’s Business Community

Box 30

Folder 1:  Comparison of Salary Scale Differences of Faculty and the Various State Institutions of Higher Learning in Virginia
Folder 2:  Department of Development, City of Norfolk
Folder 3:  Economic Development Action Plan- City of Norfolk, May 1980
Folder 4:  Economic Development Community Goals Project, April 1979
Folder 5:  Economic Development Action Plan, Economic Development Task Force, City of Norfolk, May 1980
Folder 6:   “Five Aspects of Americas Most Misunderstood Market: Norfolk-Tidewater”-Brochure
Folder 7:  Future of Hampton Roads-An Investment in the Future 
Folder 8:  Hampton Roads Economic Report, February 1985
Folder 9:  Hampton Roads Statistical Digest-1994
Folder 10: Norfolk Ambassadors Advertisement-Virginia Pilot & Ledger Star, June 26, 1989
Folder 11: “Norfolk, A Great Place to Live, Play, Learn, Work/A Budget for Norfolk Citizens”: Approved Capital Improvement Program, FY-1998 through FY-2002
Folder 12:  Norfolk Foundation-Annual Report, 1974
Folder 13:  Norfolk School Board, 1953-1954
Folder 14:  Southeastern Virginia Planning Development Corporation
Folder 15:  Task Force on Economic Development, November 7, 1979

Sub-series H: Redevelopment.

Folder 16:  Reprint of Commonwealth Magazine, November 1960
Folder 17:  “A Community College in Downtown Norfolk?”
Folder 18:  Description of Olde Town Point Project, June 24, 1976
Folder 19:  Downtown Norfolk Council
Folder 20:  Downtown Redevelopment:  “The Birth of a Metropolitan Heart”
Folder 21:  Downtown Norfolk-Current Planning Status, 1975
Folder 22:  General Plan of Norfolk, May 1967
Folder 23:  General Plan of Norfolk, 1970
Folder 24:  Ghent Neighborhood League
Folder 25:  Hampton Boulevard Redevelopment Concept Plan & Draft, October 8, 1997
Folder 26:   “The Heart of a Resurging City”-Granby Mall

Box 31

Folder 1: An Idea to Revitalize the Norfolk Waterfront, 1978 (map)
Folder 2: The Impact of Dislocation from Urban Renewal Areas on Small Business
Folder 3: Industrial Development Authority of Norfolk
Folder 4: Industrial Revenue Bond-To Develop Facilities and Buildings at Norfolk Academy
Folder 5: Knickerbocker Square
Folder 6: Lawyers Title News: Rebirth of a City
Folder 7: The Making of the New Norfolk
Folder 8:  Map of Downtown Norfolk-Redevelopment Project
Folder 9:  Norfolk Botanical Gardens Projected Development
Folder 10: Norfolk Development Action Council
Folder 11: Norfolk Development Corporation
Folder 12: Norfolk Gardens
Folder 13: NRHA Newsletters, 1977
Folder 14: NRHA Report: April, 1957
Folder 15:  Norfolk 2000-A Plan for Downtown
Folder 16:  Ocean View Project, 1975-1977
Folder 17:  People: A Description of Purposes and Programs of Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority
Folder 18:  A Prescription for Successful Cities (an address by Mason Andrews), June 15, 1993
Folder 19:  Proposed Highway Project I-264, 1977
Folder 20:  Planting/Road Projects, 1960s
Folder 21:  Receipt of Rent for Caplan’s Pharmacy-NRHA, November 5, 1962
Folder 22:  Redevelopment Tour of Norfolk, Pamphlet
Folder 23:  Rosemont Redevelopment Project Map
Folder 24:  Report on the Market Plaza, Prepared for Norfolk Development Council, 1979

Box 32

Folder 1: A Review of Progress Under the Workable Program for Community Development for the Elimination of Slums and Blight in Norfolk, Virginia: March 23, 1964
Folder 2:  Sale of City Market, 1957-58
Folder 3:  Spot Blight Bill, 1962
Folder 4:  Virginia Housing Development Authority-Survey of Housing Bond Sales in Virginia for Local Industrial Development Authorities, 1985

(Items located in map case)

Item 1: “Construction in Norfolk Moves at Brisk Pace” Enlarged November 16, 1960 Virginia Ledger-Dispatch & Star Article
Item 2:  General Plan of Norfolk Map

Sub-series I: Tourism.

Folder 5:  Chrysler Hall Events, 1972-1973
Folder 6:  City of Norfolk Related Brochures-Tourism
Folder 7:  Entertainment Calendar: Norfolk Scope/Chrysler Hall, November 1984
Folder 8:  Festevents, 1983 & 1984
Folder 9:  MacArthur Memorial Information
Folder 10:  Norfolk by the Sea
Folder 11:  Norfolk Convention & Visitors Bureau
Folder 12:  The Tidewater Guide, 1979, 1982
Folder 13:  Tidewater Tides Baseball Program (1980s)
Folder 14:  Virginia House & Senate/Virginia Hospitality and Travel Association-Tourism Taxes
Folder 15:  Virginia Pleasure and Business Visitor Study, 1992
Folder 16:  Virginia Travel Council
Folder 17:  The Virginia Waterfront
Folder 18:  Visitation/Tourism Statistics

Sub-series J: Norfolk Zoo.

Folder 19:  Friends of the Zoo Newsletters
Folder 20:  Friends of the National Zoo: Brochures & Materials
Folder 21: Green (Stamp) Elephant Fund, 1969
Folder 22: Norfolk Zoo Brochures
Folder 23: Norfolk Zoo Materials
Folder 24: Proposed Plan of Development at Lafayette Park
Folder 25: Receipt from Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company (For Lion Cage)
Folder 26: Virginia Zoological and Aquarium Society Constitution & Articles of Incorporation
Folder 27: Zoo News
Folder 28: Zoo Pack-Teachers Guide to the Virginia Zoological Park
Folder 29: Zoos & Aquariums in the Americas

Series V: Pharmacy

Sub-series A: Committees/Organizations.

Box 33

Folder 1:  Alpha Zeta Omega Pharmaceutical Fraternity
Folder 2:  American Pharmaceutical Association
Folder 3:  Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Health Regulatory Boards, Board of Pharmacy
Folder 4:  Commonwealth of Virginia-State Board of Pharmacy
Folder 5:  Joint Commission on Health Care
Folder 6:  Medical College of Virginia –Alumni
Folder 7:  Tidewater Pharmaceutical Association
Folder 8:  Tidewater District Picnic
Folder 9:  Virginia Pharmaceutical Association
Folder 10:  Virginia Pharmacy Action Committee, August 12, 1976

Box 34

Sub-series C: Miscellaneous.

Folder 1:  Formulary, Norfolk City Dispensary, January 1, 1940
Folder 2:  “A Guide to Pharmaceutical Services Under Civilian Health and Medical Program Uniformed Services (CHAMPUS)”
Folder 3:  Legal Notice –retail license to sell wine and beer on and off premises at Caplan’s Pharmacy, September 22, 1947 
Folder 4:  Modern Pharmacies, 1967-68
Folder 5:  Narcotics Inventories
Folder 6:  Pharmacy Advertisements
Folder 7:  Pharmacy Labels
Folder 8:  Pharmacy Receipts

Series VI: Photographs

Box 35

Item 1: Scrapbook-N.P.I.A.

Box 36

Folder 1:  Photographs-Family or Friends?
Folder 2:  Caplan-Formal Portraits and Photographs
Folder 3:  Caplan presenting the “Virginia Way” Book to Bob Dickinson, Carnival Cruise Lines, May 18, 1976
Folder 4:  Caplan with H. William Whitaker, Vice-President: Marketing, Ogden Food Services
Folder 5:  “Cloud Dancer” Film photos and information
Folder 6:  Cruise Ship United States Photographs
Folder 7:  Dallas/Fort Worth Airport
Folder 8:  Eastern Airlines (DC 9-50, Management Staff Photographs)
Folder 9:  Fire Engine Photos
Folder 10:  “Float” Photograph
Folder 11:  Group Photograph-Norfolk Jaycees’ 50th Reunion?
Folder 12:  Jaycees’ Driving Safety Campaign Photographs
Folder 13:  Jaycees’ Fire Prevention Campaign Photographs and Negatives
Folder 14:  Jaycees’ Petersburg Virginia Convention Photographs, 1950s
Folder 15:  Jaycees’ Rat Control Photographs
Folder 16:  Jaycees’ Tree Planting Program Photographs
Folder 17:  “M/S Southward” Cruise Ship
Folder 18:  Norfolk International Airport Billboard Photograph
Folder 19:  Norfolk Zoo Photographs
Folder 20:  Mr. Sam Robbins (recipient of B’nai Brith Award)
Folder 21:  Tennis Coach Harry Fogleman (re. Jaycees Tennis Banquet)
Folder 22:  Tourism related photographs
Folder 23:  U.S. Treasury Award Photograph
Folder 24:  Various Zoo Photographs

Series VII: Politics

Sub-series A: City of Norfolk/Hampton Roads.

Box 37

Folder 1:  1968 Norfolk City Council Elections
Folder 2:  1992 Norfolk City Council Elections
Folder 3:  Administration Ticket/Campaign, 1962
Folder 4:  Administration Ticket/Campaign, 1963
Folder 5:  Administration Ticket/Campaign, 1964-65 (I)
Folder 6:  Administration Ticket/Campaign, 1964-65 (II)
Folder 7:  Advance Norfolk Campaign
Folder 8:  Mason Andrews & George Middleton for Norfolk City Council Pamphlet
Folder 9:  Articles of Incorporation of Snack-Time Services, Incorporated
Folder 10:  City of Norfolk Voting Statistics-1960s
Folder 11:  Common Sense-Coalition for Norfolk Newsletters
Folder 12:  Democratic Community Get Out and Vote, 1959 & 1962
Folder 13:  “Elect Your Neighbor, James E. Prince Jr. to the Democratic Executive Committee”
Folder 14:  Election Letters to the Norfolk School System: June 4 & 7, 1962
Folder 15:  “Five for Norfolk” Campaign Materials and Correspondence, 1970
Folder 16:  “Gottlieb for City Council”
Folder 17:  “R. Stanley Hurst for Norfolk City Council”
Folder 18:  Invitation for a talk with Conoly Phillips, May 3, 1992
Folder 19:  Invitation to Clyde Little’s Crab Feast with guests: Colgate W. Darden, Jr., Roy B. Martin, Jr., Linwood Perkins, Edward Brickhouse, Jesse White –June 9, 1962                               
Folder 20:  Invitation: “Mr. & Mrs. Sam Sandler and Mr. & Mrs. Max L. Kayer, Cordially Invite You and Your Family to a Cookout at the Home of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Sandler,” June 3, 1962
Folder 21:  League of Women Voters of Norfolk, 1962
Folder 22:  List of Voting Precincts and Their Location: Norfolk, 1962
Folder 23:  Roy B. Martin Information
Folder 24:  William Mazel Information
Folder 25:  Municipal Parking Issue-Norfolk
Folder 26:  Norfolk City Election Survey
Folder 27:  Norfolk First
Folder 28:  Norfolk, Virginia-by Voting Precincts
Folder 29:  Norfolk Voters Association

Box 38

Folder 1:  “Kathryn N. Ogg: Candidate [for] City Council”
Folder 2:  People’s Ticket Campaign
Folder 3:  Political Bumperstickers
Folder 4:  John H. Robertson/Norfolk Operations Research Committee
Folder 5:  Nomination Petition, John R. Sears
Folder 6:  Sample and Guide Ballots, 1950s-1990s
Folder 7:  Steering Committee-Membership List
Folder 8:  “Summers [for] City Council”
Folder 9:  A Survey of the Political Climate in Virginia Beach, VA. 1967 
Folder 10:  “Vote Organization” Ribbon
Folder 11:  W. Randy Wright, Election Materials
Folder 12:  Miscellaneous Political

Sub-series B: State of Virginia.

Folder 13:  Anti-Integration Letter from White-Ford-Hagan, 1957
Folder 14:  Peter K. Babalas, Election Materials
Folder 15:  Robert F. Baldwin, Election Materials
Folder 16:  Breeden, Howell, Roberts for State Senate
Folder 17:  Campaign Ribbons, ca. 1960s
Folder 18:  Capitol Review, 1995
Folder 19:  Caplan Nametag-Senator Walker’s Staff                            
Folder 20:  Citizens Committee
Folder 21:  Citizens United for Representative Government (C.U.R.G.)
Folder 22:  Commonwealth of Virginia-General & Special Elections, November 8, 1988
Folder 23:  Democratic Primary, July 1967
Folder 24:  General Assembly of Virginia-1968 Session Books
Folder 25:  General Assembly of Virginia, 1970
Folder 26:  General Assembly of Virginia, Summary 1976

Box 39

Folder 1:  General Assembly and Legislative Agencies and Commissions of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Financial Report for Fiscal Years ended June 30, 1993 & 1994
Folder 2:  General Assembly of Virginia, House Documents 1995 (I)
Folder 3:  General Assembly of Virginia, House Documents 1995 (II)
Folder 4:  General Assembly of Virginia, House Documents 1995 (III)
Folder 5:  Edythe Harrison for House of Delegates
Folder 6:  House and Senate Finance Committees
Folder 7:  “How a Bill Becomes a Law in Virginia”
Folder 8:  Henry Howell, Election Materials
Folder 9:  Invitation, Inauguration of Lindsay Almond, Jr., January 11, 1958           
Folder 10:  Invitation from Stanley C. Walker, President Pro Tempore and Hunter B. Andrews, Senate Majority Leader, for a Reception in Honor of the Senate Democratic Caucus
Folder 11:  Invitation, Honoring Stanley C. Walker as President Pro Tempore of the Senate of Virginia, August 2, 1995
Folder 12:  Invitation: Colonial Holiday Dinner and Dance at Evelynton Plantation, in recognition of the Honorable Stanley C. Walker, December 5, 1997
Folder 13: Joe Jordan for House of Delegates
Folder 14:  “Join With Us in Voting” for Godwin-Pollard-Button: November 2, 1965
Folder 15:  Bernie Levin, Election Materials
Folder 16:  Charles A. McDuffie/House of Delegates, Guide Ballot
Folder 17:  Thomas R. McNamara, Election Materials
Folder 18:  Members of the Virginia General Assembly
Folder 19:  Miller Report, Spring 1988                                
Folder 20:  “Norfolk’s Five for the House,” August 28, 1981
Folder 21:  Political Bumperstickers
Folder 22:  Political Pamphlets
Folder 23:  Progress Team Materials
Folder 24:  Ribbon, 1956 Democratic State Convention
Folder 25:  Sample Ballots (ca. 1980s) (re. Repealing Blue Laws)
Folder 26:  John R. Sears, Jr.     
Folder 27:  State Legislation
Folder 28:  Summary of Conference Committee Report, House Bill 1450 and Senate Bill 650, February 21, 1995
Folder 29:  Tidewater Delegates and Senators
Folder 30:  Nettie Trimyer, House of Delegates
Folder 31:  Virginia Freedom of Information Act
Folder 32:  Virginia House of Delegates Appropriations Committee 

Box 40

Folder 1:  Virginia Institute of Government                    
Folder 2:  Virginia Municipal Review, March 1952
Folder 3:  Vote Administration Campaign
Folder 4:  “Vote in the Democratic Primary Election…for Archie Boswell” Flyer, July 14, 1953
Folder 5:  Voting Statistics, 1960s
Folder 6:  Stanley Walker, Election Materials
Folder 7:  Miscellaneous Political

Sub-series C: National.

Folder 8:  Anti-Semitic/Anti-Integration Flyer
Folder 9:  Campaign Insight Newsletter
Folder 10:  Committee for the Hoover Report
Folder 11:  Computer Based Districts for the Delaware Legislature, May 1, 1968
Folder 12:  Con-Con Call: Beware Mike Leavitt’s “Conference of the States”
Folder 13:  Dutch Treat Luncheon from Senator John W. Warner
Folder 14:  Porter Hardy, Jr.-Your Representative in Congress
Folder 15:  U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Aging
Folder 16:  “An Invitation to Help Elect Louis B. Fine”
Folder 17:  “National Committee of Pharmacists for Johnson and Humphrey”
Folder 18:  Political Booklets
Folder 19:  Bill Scott Reports, January 1976
Folder 20:  Spectrum, The Journal of State Government
Folder 21:  F.T. Stant, Election Materials    
Folder 22:  U.S. Senator Paul Trible Reports
Folder 23:  U.S. Senator John Warner Reports to You”
Folder 24:  “Vote Nancy B. Spannus: Independent U.S. Senate and Harry G. Broske: Independent U.S. Congress 2nd C.D.”
Folder 25:  Miscellaneous Political

Series VIII: Transportation

Sub-series A: Committees-Airports.

Box 41

Folder 1:  AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives)
Folder 2:  Ad-Hoc Committee-Norfolk International Airport
Folder 3:  Airport Committees-Norfolk International Airport
Folder 4:  Airport Trade Development Committee (N.P.I.A.)
Folder 5:  Civil Aeronautics Board
Folder 6:  Future of Hampton Roads-Transportation Task Force Meeting
Folder 7:  Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce-Regional Transportation Committee
Folder 8:  Norfolk International Airport Environmental AD-Hoc Committee
Folder 9:  Norfolk International Airport Marketing Committee
Folder 10:  Partnership for Improved Air Travel
Folder 11:  1979 Conference-Southeastern Airport Manager’s Association
Folder 12:  “Airports Mean Economic Growth”-11th Annual Virginia Aviation Conference-August 15-17, 1984
Folder 13:  Committees: Miscellaneous

Oversize Box 2

Item 1: American Association of Airport Executives: Executive Manual

Sub-series B: Hearings-Norfolk International Airport.

Folder 14:  Fox Hall Civic League, 1980 & 1985, re: NIA Runway Extension and Relocation of Denny’s Canal
Folder 15:  Fox Hall Speech Outline (re. Airport Growth)

Sub-series C: Information-Norfolk International Airport. 

Folder 16:  Air Passenger Survey-Norfolk International Airport
Folder 17:  Airline Schedules
Folder 18:  Airport Limousine Service Information
Folder 19:  Airport Use Agreement
Folder 20:  Norfolk International Airport Ads
Folder 21:  Norfolk International Airport Aerial View Postcards
Folder 22:  Norfolk International Airport Air Cargo Facility, Dedication Ceremony, January 16, 1985
Folder 23:  Norfolk International Airport Brochures
Folder 24:  Copy of Norfolk Tidewater Airport Envelope (ca. 1933)
Folder 25:  Economic Development Goals
Folder 26:  Eighth Anniversary-Norfolk International Airport, January 21, 1982
Folder 27:  Invitation for Dedication Ceremonies for the Airport Conference Room, May 20, 1978
Folder 28:  Invitation: Groundbreaking Ceremonies for the New Aviation Facility of Norfolk International Airport with an Address by the Honorable John Warner (date unknown)
Folder 29:  Norfolk International Airport: News-releases
Folder 30:  Norfolk Regional/International Airport: History
Folder 31:  Planned Improvements, Norfolk International Airport (Maps) 
Folder 32:  Norfolk International Airport: Restaurant Menus
Folder 33:  Norfolk International Airport: Room/Phone Directory
Folder 34:  Norfolk International Airport and Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority Issues
Folder 35:  Norfolk International Airport: “Where the Roads Meet the Sky”
Folder 36:  Norfolk Regional Airport Layout Plan
Folder 37:  Norfolk Regional Airport: Proposal and Lease Agreement, September 5, 1973

(Items located in map case)

Item 1:  Aerial Photo of Norfolk International Airport
Item 2:  Map of Norfolk International Airport

Sub-series D: Reports/Studies: Norfolk International Airport.

Folder 38:  Air Freight Regarding Various Companies, 1977 Report
Folder 39:  Airport Parking Statistics
Folder 40:  Airport Task Force: Report to City Council (Future Management/Operation and Ownership of Norfolk International Airport)
Folder 41: Air Transportation Action Report, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce, 1979-1980

Box 42

Folder 1:  Analysis of Passenger Terminal Facilities
Folder 2:  Norfolk International Airport, 1977 Annual Report 
Folder 3:  Appraisal Report-Property Sales D.A.T.A. Analysis [of] River Oaks, Fox Hall, Princess Anne Park, Landsdale, Landsdale Gardens/Cape Henry Avenue Subdivisions 
Folder 4:  “Arrival 2002 Dedication”: Arrivals Terminal and Parking Garage, June 27, 2002
Folder 5:  Assessing the Responsiveness of Specialized Marketing-The Case of General Aviation at Norfolk Regional Airport … July 1973
Folder 6:  Background Information on Items Suggested for Discussion During Meeting with Piedmont Airline Officials
Folder 7:  Norfolk Municipal Airport: Brief Review of Existing Policies with Respect to Common Carrier Ground Transportation for Air Passengers, May 9, 1966
Folder 8:  Citizens Airport Information/Complaint Response System, Norfolk International Airport
Folder 9:  Civil Rights Compliance D.A.T.A.-F.A.A./Department of Transportation
Folder 10:  Draft-Airport Resolution, 1984
Folder 11:  Norfolk International Airport Construction/Remodeling Projects
Folder 12:  Economic Impact of Norfolk International Airport, 1984
Folder 13:  Norfolk International Airport-Environmental Impact Assessment Report, Draft: R. Dixon Speas Associates, October 1979
Folder 14:  Norfolk Regional Airport: Expansion Plans, 1968
Folder 15:  N.P.I.A.-Expansion at Norfolk International Airport
Folder 16:  Norfolk Municipal Airport: Feasibility Study, January 1968

Box 43

Folder 1:  Fifth Anniversary Briefing, Norfolk International Airport, January 26, 1979
Folder 2:  Norfolk International Airport: Financial Reports
Folder 3:  Norfolk International Airport, Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority, Norfolk, Virginia: Fixed Base Operations Proposal & Lease
Folder 4:  Future Operational & Management Options for the Norfolk International Airport, July 19, 1988  
Folder 5:  Locational/Financial Analysis-Airport Hotel Facilities at Norfolk International Airport: R. Dixon Spears Associates, May 1980                                            
Folder 6:  Master Plan Report: Norfolk Municipal Airport, 1968
Folder 7:  Norfolk International Airport Master Plan-Pavement Analysis, 1977
Folder 8:  Master Plan Study, Norfolk International Airport, December 7, 1978
Folder 9: Summary Document, Norfolk International Airport Master Plan, R. Dixon Speas Associates, June 1980                                                                                                                                               
Folder 10:  Master Plan Update, Ralph Burke Associates, June 16, 1986
Folder 11:  Master Plan Update, Norfolk International Airport: Dyna Plan International, June 16, 1986

Box 44

Folder 1:  Master Plan Update, Norfolk International Airport: Hayes, Seay, Mattern and Mattern, June 16, 1986
Folder 2:  Norfolk International Airport Master Plan Update, June 17, 1986: Thompson Consultants International
Folder 3:  Master Plan Update: Passenger Terminal System Analysis Noise Exposure Map Development, by CH2M Hill/Burns & McDonnell, July 10, 1986
Folder 4:  Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority-Norfolk International Airport: Master Plan Update, Passenger Terminals System Analysis, Noise Exposure Map Development, July 10, 1986
Folder 5:  Memoranda on Scheduled Air Service Requirements at Norfolk, VA. 1973-78 (June 1973)
Folder 6:  Noise Reports
Folder 7:  Norfolk Area Air Travel Survey, 1974
Folder 8:  Norfolk Airport Use Agreement, February 13, 1970
Folder 9:  N.P.I.A. Reports Regarding Projects at the Airport, 1987
Folder 10:  Off-Airport Land Use Plan, Norfolk International Airport, September 4, 1979
Folder 11:  Operational & Management Options for Norfolk International Airport: KPMG Peat Marwick, July 19, 1988
Folder 12:  Operations Manual: Norfolk Regional Airport, April 1973

Box 45

Folder 1:  Petition of Norfolk-Virginia Beach-Portsmouth-Chesapeake-Suffolk Parties, for an Investigation Into the Service Cuts Proposed by United Airlines Incorporated, May 31, 1978
Folder 2:  Norfolk Regional Airport: Proposal and Lease Agreement for Gift Shop Concession, June 30, 1973
Folder 3:  Norfolk Regional Airport: Proposed Fixed Base Operators Lease, 1970
Folder 4:  Norfolk International Airport/Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority, Proposal and Lease Agreement for Fixed Base Operation, March 15, 1979
Folder 5:  Proposal to Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority…to Lease Space for the Operation of a Gourmet Food and Specialty Gift Shop, submitted by Dewitt Stuart, Inc. July 16, 1979
Folder 6:  Proposed Staffing Fiscal Year, 1987
Folder 7:  Public Relations Planning for Norfolk International Airport, March 1984 (Draft)
Folder 8:  Reconnaissance Planning Study: Norfolk International Airport: Peat, Marwick, Mitchell, & Co. October 1982
Folder 9:  Regional Air Cargo Market Analysis for Norfolk International Airport
Folder 10:  Resolution Regarding Taxicab Controversy at Norfolk Airport, 1979
Folder 11: Airport Rescue Squad Operational Procedure; Norfolk Municipal Airport, 1966
Folder 12:  First Quarter 1973, Rescue Squad Activity Breakdown
Folder 13:  Resolution 80-1, A Resolution Concerning Need for Airport Capital Improvement Funding Assistance, January 24, 1980 (N.P.I.A.)
Folder 14:  Norfolk Airport Security Manual
Folder 15:  Revised Airport Security Plan for Norfolk Airport, November 26, 1975
Folder 16:  Security Department Activity, First Quarter 1973

Box 46

Folder 1: Norfolk International Airport: Short Term Parking and Curbside Traffic Management Study, 1986
Folder 2: Scheduled Air Service Requirements, 1974-1979, Edward Mac Neal Management Consultants, December 1973
Folder 3:  Statement of Paul G. Caplan, Chairman, Board of Commissioners, N.P.I.A. to Senators Harry F. Byrd, Jr., and John Warner, December 10, 1979
Folder 4:  Statements and Remarks of Paul D. Moore Concerning an Ordinance Before the City Council Proposing a Levy on $1.00 Per Person by Norfolk Regional Airport, January 9, 1973
Folder 5:  Summary of Meeting with Representatives of Piedmont Airlines, November 25, 1985
Folder 6:  Norfolk International Airport Statistics
Folder 7:  Summary of Tidewater Virginia Area Representatives Meeting in Washington, D.C., January 23, 1979
Folder 8:  Norfolk International Airport: Terminal Complex Expansion
Folder 9:  “To Hub or Not to Hub?”-Presented to the Greater Norfolk Corporation, October 21, 1987
Folder 10:  Ultimate Airport Capacity, Working Paper
Folder 11:  Virginia’s Airports and Economic Advantage
Folder 12:  Virginia Commercial Airport System Study, Norfolk, August 1984
Folder 13:  Virginia Commercial Airport System Study (Summary Report), Department of Aviation, August 1984
Folder 14:  Miscellaneous Reports

Oversize Box 2

Item 2: Norfolk International Airport Master Plan: Draft, October 1979, R. Dixon Speas Associates

Sub-series E: A.O.C.I. (Airport Operators Council International).

Folder 15:  A.O.C.I. Badge
Folder 16:  Economic Policy Handbook
Folder 17:  Amendments to A.O.C.I. Policy Handbook, Resolution No. 1, 2, 3
Folder 18:  A.O.C.I. Airport Educational Tour Handbook
Folder 19:  Airport Environmental Report
Folder 20:  A.O.C.I. Airport Highlights
Folder 21:  Airport P.R. News (A.O.C.I. Newsletter)

Box 47

Folder 1:  A.O.C.I. Conferences
Folder 2:  A.O.C.I. Information
Folder 3:  A.O.C.I. Legal Newsletter, August 1979
Folder 4:  A.O.C.I. Media Training
Folder 5:  A.O.C.I. Meetings
Folder 6:  A.O.C.I. Membership Directory, 1986 & 1988
Folder 7:  A.O.C.I. News Releases
Folder 8:  A.O.C.I.:  Perspectives on Airport Environmental Compatibility, March 2-3, 1978
Folder 9:  A.O.C.I.  Public Relations Handbook
Folder 10:  A.O.C.I. Reports (I)

Box 48

Folder 1:  A.O.C.I. Reports (II)
Folder 2:  A.O.C.I. Reports (III)
Folder 3:  A.O.C.I.  “Tele-Skill Directory”
Folder 4:  A.O.C.I.  Miscellaneous

Sub-series F: Other Airports/Airlines.

Folder 5:  Airline Industry Statistics
Folder 6:  Airlines:  Air France
Folder 7:  Airlines:  Allegheny
Folder 8:  Airlines:  Aloha
Folder 9:  Airlines:  Altair
Folder 10:  Airlines:  American
Folder 11:  Airlines:  Atlantis
Folder 12:  Airlines:  Delta
Folder 13:  Airlines:  Eastern
Folder 14:  Airlines:  Hughes Air West
Folder 15:  Airlines:  National
Folder 16:  Airlines:  Ozark
Folder 17:  Airlines:  Pan-Am

Box 49

Folder 1:  Airlines:  Piedmont
Folder 2:  Airlines:  Republic
Folder 3:  Airlines:  SAS (Copenhagen)
Folder 4:  Airlines:  Summit
Folder 5:  Airlines:  TWA   
Folder 6:  Airlines:  United Airlines
Folder 7:  Airlines:  U.S. Air
Folder 8:  Airlines:  Wheeler
Folder 9:  Airports: Arizona
Folder 10:  Airports:  California
Folder 11:  Airports:  Florida
Folder 12:  Airports:  Georgia
Folder 13:  Airports:  Indiana 
Folder 14:  Airports:  Iowa
Folder 15:  Airports:  Kansas
Folder 16:  Airports:  Kentucky  
Folder 17:  Airports:  Louisiana
Folder 18:  Airports:  Maryland 
Folder 19:  Airports:  Massachusetts
Folder 20:  Airports:  Nevada
Folder 21:  Airports:  New York
Folder 22:  Airports:  North Carolina
Folder 23:  Airports:  Ohio
Folder 24:  Airports:  Oklahoma
Folder 25:  Airports:  Oregon 
Folder 26:  Airports:  Pennsylvania
Folder 27:  Airports:  South Carolina
Folder 28:  Airports:  Tennessee

Box 50

Folder 1:  Airports:  Texas
Folder 2:  Airports:  Virginia
Folder 3:  Airports:  Washington
Folder 4:  Airports:  British Airports Information
Folder 5:  Airports:  Canada; Toronto International Airport-A Public Affairs Master Plan for Toronto International Airport
Folder 6:  Airports:  France; Aeroport de Paris
Folder 7:  Airports:  Germany; Frankfurt Main AG
Folder 8:  Airports:  Mexico; Aeropuerto 79 Magazine (Mexico City Airport)

Sub-series G:  Magazines and Newsletters-Airport Transportation.

Folder 9:  Aerocom, Center for Aerospace Sciences, Fall 1985
Folder 10:  Aeroports Magazine:  March 1976, May 1977, September 1977, October 1978, September 1979
Folder 11:  Air Cargo Newsletter, Norfolk International Airport, 1978, 1983
Folder 12:  Air Transport World:  December 1975, June-August 1976, September 1979
Folder 13:  Air Transportation Association (A.T.A.), Newsletters/News Releases, 1975-1981
Folder 14:  Air World Magazine, 1979
Folder 15:  Airline Executive:  March 1981, June 1982
Folder 16:  Airline News, 1975-1979
Folder 17:  Airport Management Journal: April & July, 1976
Folder 18:  Airport News: November 1985, April 1987
Folder 19:  Airport Report:  March & April 1987
Folder 20:  Airport Services Management Magazine: November-December 1975, March 1976, July 1977, November 1978, November 1979, January/February 1991

Box 51

Folder 1:  Airports International: September 1979
Folder 2:  Airports Weekly, 1988
Folder 3:  Aviation Daily (I)
Folder 4:  Aviation Daily (II)
Folder 5:  Business Flying, 1979
Folder 6:  C.A.B. Monthly Report (Civil Aeronautics Board): August 1978
Folder 7:  C.A.B. News Summary (Civil Aeronautics Board), 1977
Folder 8:  Commuter Air, 1979, 1981, 1989
Folder 9:  Department of Transportation News Releases, 1979
Folder 10:  Falcon Newsletter: June 3, 1981
Folder 11:  First Boston-Transportation Financing Newsletter: April 10, 1981 & August 28, 1981
Folder 12:  Jane’s Airport Review: September/October 1988
Folder 13:  Merrill Lynch Aviation Log: August 22, 1983
Folder 14:  Mirabel-Financial Times of Canada: September 29, 1975 (re: Airlines and Transportation in Canada)
Folder 15:  Virginia Aviation Newsletter: October-December 1968, January-March 1976, July-September 1984, April-June 1987     
Folder 16:  World Air-show News: September/October 1988

Sub-series H: Miscellaneous-Airport. 

Folder 17:  Administration Bill-Potential Impact of S. 1648 on Airport Sponsor Assurance/Obligations Under Airport Grant Programs
Folder 18:  Affirmative Action in Regard to F.A.A. Policy
Folder 19:  A300:  Airbus Industries Packet
Folder 20:  Air Cargo Research Institute Quality Control Temperature and Time Study Sheets   
Folder 21:  Aircraft Noise Studies/Reports (I)

Box 52

Folder 1:  Aircraft Noise Studies/Reports (II)
Folder 2:  Airline Information D.A.T.A. Service Report
Folder 3:  Airport Compatibility-Report by McDonnell Douglas
Folder 4:  Airport Finance & Management Advisory Services
Folder 5:  Airport Growth Speech
Folder 6:  Airport/Airline Postcards
Folder 7:  Airport Easements-by Marshall T. Bohannon, reprinted from Vol. 54, No. 2, Virginia Law Review, 1968
Folder 8:  Airline-Airport Lease Agreement, Tampa, Florida
Folder 9:  Article Meetings-Article Copies
Folder 10:  Airport System Development
Folder 11:  Alternative Methods of Allocating Airport Slots: Performance and Evaluation
Folder 12:  American Society of Planning Officials: “Planning the Airport Environment,” February 1968
Folder 13:  Aviation Law of Virginia, 1968
Folder 14:  DC 9 Super 80
Folder 15:  Department of Transportation: Citizen Participation in Airport Planning
Folder 16:  Enerco, Inc.
Folder 17:  A Guide to Accessibility of Terminals-Access Travel: Airports, by U.S.D.T./F.A.A.
Folder 18:  House Bill, No. 371 (re. Service Fee for Passengers)
Folder 19:   “How the Airports will Cope with Deregulation”  
Folder 20:  The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Major Airliners of the World
Folder 21:  Improving the Air Traffic Control System: An Assessment of the NASP
Folder 22:  Industry Task Force on Airport Capacity Improvements and Delay Reductions, Washington D.C., March 26, 1986
Folder 23:  List of People Supportive of Good Air Transportation
Folder 24:  Lockheed L1011 Tri-Star
Folder 25:  Lauren D. Lyman Award Address, May 20, 1985

Box 53

Folder 1:  Merrill Lynch Capital Markets Analysis: Airline Industry
Folder 2:  Merrill Lynch Institutional Report: U.S. Airlines Trunks & Regionals, Monthly Traffic Analysis, February 1981
Folder 3:  Noise Abatement Public Hearing: Massachusetts Port Authority, Logan International Airport, December 16, 1985
Folder 4:  Ogden Food Services
Folder 5:  Piedmont Aviation
Folder 6:  “A Proposed Guide for Organizing All Purpose Airport Action Groups for Aviation Progress”: May 1987
Folder 7:   “Ship Air Freight, Door to Door: Norfolk International Airport” Bumper Sticker
Folder 8:  University of Oklahoma, National Airports Conference
Folder 9:  WTKR-Channel 3, Press Release-Editorial Delivered by Bill Peterson, President and General Manager, June 22, 1987

Sub-series I:  Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority.

Folder 10:  Appointments, 1977
Folder 11:  Commissioners, Current and Former
Folder 12:  Direct Exhibits
Folder 13:  Dun and Bradstreet Information
Folder 14:  Dan Evans, member of N.P.I.A.
Folder 15:  Expenses, Business (I)
Folder 16:  Expenses, Business (II)
Folder 17:  Information and Charter
Folder 18:  Job Descriptions
Folder 19:  Marketing, Information and Research Questionnaire, April 15, 1977
Folder 20:  Personnel Policy
Folder 21:  The Port of Norfolk Virginia, A Look to the Future
Folder 22:  Presentation of Employee Certificates, 1975
Folder 23:  Radio Schedule
Folder 24:  Vs. Bessie Scott Boyd, 1972, 1974

Sub-series J: Meetings/Reports-Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority.

Folder 25:  Activities: Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority
Folder 26:  Administrative Survey for Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority

Box 53a

Folder 1:  Agendas & Minutes: Meetings, Board of Commissioners, Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority

Box 54

Folder 1:  Agendas & Minutes: Meetings, Board of Commissioners, Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority (II)
Folder 2:  Air Cargo Marketing Program, 1977
Folder 3:  Annual Report to City Council of Norfolk, May 1, 1981-April 30, 1982
Folder 4:  Bond Request to N.P.I.A. to Fund the Development of New Facilities for the Southside Boy’s Club
Folder 5:  Budget/Financial (I)
Folder 6:  Budget/Financial (II)
Folder 7:  Budget/Financial (III)

Box 55

Folder 1:  Budget/Financial (IV)                                                                                         
Folder 2:  Critique of Revenue Projections, Norfolk Base Terminal: March 1966
Folder 3:  Economic Development Between N.P.I.A. and N.D.E.C./N.D.C. (Norfolk Economic Development Council and Norfolk Development Council)
Folder 4:  Executive Director’s 1977 Annual Report for Board of Commissioners
Folder 5: Executive Director’s 1984 Annual Report for Board of Commissioners
Folder 6:  Executive Director’s 1985 Annual Report for Board of Commissioners
Folder 7:  Executive Director’s Fiscal Year 1985 Annual Report for Board of Commissioners
Folder 8:  Executive Director’s Fiscal Year 1986 Annual Report for Board of Commissioners
Folder 9:  Financing Norfolk International Terminals
Folder 10:  Fiscal Impact Statement For Proposed Industrial; Revenue Bond Financing, February 29, 1984
Folder 11:  Goals and Objectives, Fiscal Year, 1984, 1987-1986
Folder 12:  Interstate Commerce Commission-Petition for Suspension, September 15, 1967
Folder 13:  Joint Venture Team “Agreement” (NPIA, S&H, R.H.B.A., S.D.D.A.), December 1968

Box 56

Folder 1:  Meetings/Reports with City Council
Folder 2:  Motion to Adjourn to Closed Meeting Sheets
Folder 3:  Norfolk Cooperation with State Port Authority
Folder 4:  Norfolk International Airport: Committee for Trade Development
Folder 5:  Norfolk Terminal Corporation-Reports, 1966-1968
Folder 6:  Measuring the Impact of the Waterborne Commerce of the Ports of Virginia on Employment, Wages, and Other Key Indices of the Virginia Economy, 1953-1963
Folder 7:  Proposed Expanded Cargo Development Program
Folder 8:  Resolutions
Folder 8:  Kenneth R. Scott’s Response to Dick Ketcham on Fiscal Year 1983, August 1982
Folder 9: SESCO Employee Relations Material (I)
Folder 10:  SESCO Employee Relations Material (II)
Folder 11:  Special Report: July 25, 1968

Box 57

Folder 1:  [State] Senate Bill No. 423-February 12, 1968-“A Bill to Create a Commission to Make a Study of the Ports of Norfolk, Newport News, and Portsmouth”
Folder 2:  State Aid Requested for Development of Norfolk International Terminals, 1968-1970 Biennium
Folder 3:  Statement of James Crumbley at a Public Hearing on September 4, 1962 Regarding the Deepening of the James River Channel
Folder 4:  Summary of Capital Program Fiscal Years, 1969-1973
Folder 5:  Trade Development Marketing Plan for 1980

Sub-series K: Newsletters- Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority.

Folder 6:  The Beacon, Newsletter, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1979
Folder 7:  Port of Norfolk Newsletters, 1962, 1967, 1968
Folder 8:  Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority News (1974-1975)

Sub-series L: Information-Port Associations.

Folder 9:  American Association of Port Authorities
Folder 10:  Committee Reports: The American Association of Port Authorities (1965 Annual Convention)
Folder 11:  International Shipper’s Forum

Box 58

Folder 1:  Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority 
Folder 2:  Port of Baltimore
Folder 3:  Port of Buffalo
Folder 4:  Port of Hampton Roads 
Folder 5:  Master Plan for Development-New Port of Miami
Folder 6:  Port of Oakland
Folder 7:  Port of Portland
Folder 8:  Port of Seattle
Folder 9:  Portsmouth Marine Terminal
Folder 10:  San Diego Unified Port District
Folder 11:  Virgin Islands Port Authority
Folder 12:  Virginia State Ports Authority    

Sub-series M: Information-Cruise Industry.

Folder 13:  Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Cruise Pier: A Short Cut Calculation, October 1976
Folder 14:  Cruise Ads
Folder 15:  Cruise Brochures
Folder 16:  Cruise Information (re. Greek Line), 1973
Folder 17:  Cunard Cruise Line (I)
Folder 18:  Cunard Cruise Line (II)

Box 59

Folder 1:  Downtown Cruise Facility
Folder 2:  Feasibility Study for a Cruise Ship Terminal, September 1973
Folder 3:  Norfolk as a Cruise Port-A Practical Approach, June 1973
Folder 4:  A Reconsideration of Norfolk as a Cruise Ship Port, November 1972
Folder 5:  San Diego Cruise Industry Information
Folder 6:  Virginia Cruise Corporation: Information (I)
Folder 7:  Virginia Cruise Corporation: Information (II)
Folder 8:  Virginia Cruise Corporation: Information (III)

Box 60

Folder 1:  Virginia Cruise Corporation:  Holland-American Line, S.S. Statendam
Folder 2:  Virginia Cruise Corporation:  Port of Spain
Folder 3:  Virginia Cruise Corporation:  Proposed Articles of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation & Proposed Amended Bylaws
Folder 4:  Miscellaneous Cruise

Sub-series N: Conferences/Committees: Transportation.

Folder 6:  A.O.P.A. (Aircrafts Owners & Pilots Association)-How to Organize Community Support for Your Airport
Folder 7:  Aviation Space Writers Association
Folder 8:  Information Packet for the Tenth Annual FAA Aviation Forecast Conference, February 20, 1985
Folder 9:  International Air Transportation Conference, June 2-4, 1986, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, Texas
Folder 10:  Regional Transportation Committee
Folder 11:  Virginia State Port Authority Advisory Committee and Board of Commissioners (re: I-58 Improvements), February 14, 1968

Sub-series O:  Other Transportation.

Folder 13:  CFR Truck Specifications for Norfolk Regional Airport
Folder 14:  Chesapeake Ferries Toll Rates
Folder 15:  Cleveland Air Taxi Brochure
Folder 16:  EMS Med-Flight
Folder 17:  Fire & Rescue Boats Information 
Folder 18:  General Marine
Folder 19:  Norfolk Airport Downtown Rail Link Study

Box 61

Folder 1:  Norfolk-Virginia Beach Public Transport Corridor Study
Folder 2:  Good Year Blimp Information
Folder 3:  Preliminary Engineering Report of Alternate North-South and East-West Highway Crossings of Lower Chesapeake Bay, 1957
Folder 4:  Transit Topics:  1951, 1954
Folder 5:  Transportation Directions Newsletter, 1995
Folder 6:  Toronto Transit Commission
Folder 7:  TRT Ridesharing Project
Folder 8:  Very Large Aircraft Carriers (VLAC), Seaforth Maritime Ltd.
Folder 9:  Wedway Peoplemover

Sub-series P: Miscellaneous-Transportation.

Folder 10:  Cast Steel Plates Brochure
Folder 11:  City of Milwaukee Job Opportunity: Deputy Municipal Port Director                
Folder 12:  18th Annual Virginia Conference on World Trade, October 19-21, 1966
Folder 13:  General Aviation Manufacturers Association
Folder 14:  Marine Section of the Annual Custom House Guide, 1965 Edition
Folder 15:  Maritime Administration, Obsolete Ship Facility
Folder 16:  Caplan’s N.P.I.A. Badge
Folder 17:  Caplan’s N.P.I.A. Business Cards
Folder 18:  N.P.I.A. Speech Outline
Folder 19:  Paceco-Bulk & Container Cargo
Folder 20:  Regional Transportation Forum on Ridesharing, September 13, 1979
Folder 21:  Support An Expanded Merchant Shipbuilding Program
Folder 22:  Transportation Cartoons
Folder 23:  Travel Trade Newsletters, 1979
Folder 24:  Trends in Air Travel
Folder 25:  U.S. Department of Agriculture-“What’s Ahead in Containerization”
Folder 26:   “Welcome to Pier 2” Norfolk International Terminals (Brochure)
Folder 27:  Miscellaneous Transportation Brochures
Folder 28:  Miscellaneous Transportation

Series IX: Miscellaneous

Box 62

Folder 1:  Advertisement of I. Caplan & Son/B. Richter’s Department Store (circa 1918?)
Folder 2:  Announcements/Invitations
Folder 3:  Application to Live in North Carolina (parody)
Folder 4:  “Architect” Cartoon
Folder 5:  Business Cards
Folder 6:  Copy of Moshe Dyan Portrait
Folder 7:  Fire Buff Materials (I)
Folder 8:  Fire Buff Materials (II)
Folder 9:  Fleet Recreation Park, Little League Complex, Dedication, April 9, 1994-Programs and Ribbons
Folder 10:  Granby High School Graduation, August 8, 1966
Folder 11:  Insurance Claim: James T. Ellis             
Folder 12:  Maury High School, Class of 1936, 30th Reunion, November 5, 1966
Folder 13:  Maury High School, 70th Reunion, June 28, 2002
Folder 14:  Mimeograph Stencils
Folder 15:  Miscellaneous Items
Folder 16:  Miscellaneous Membership Cards
Folder 17:  Nametags
Folder 18:  National Trade Shows, Inc. 1979
Folder 19:  “Next time you come to the airport be sure to bring some positive id”
Folder 20:  Nu Sigma Chi Fraternity Card, 1934
Folder 21:  Parody of Mississippi Department of Welfare, From National Lampoon Magazine, June 1982
Folder 22:  Paul G. Caplan-Chairman, Norfolk Port and Industrial Authority/Norfolk International Airport, Ribbon
Folder 23:  Receipts
Folder 24:  Resumes
Folder 25:  Shriver and Holland Architects
Folder 26:  Steps to Setting up a TV Program
Folder 27:  TAA/Tidewater Automobile Association Questionnaire
Folder 28:  Virginia Beach Tomorrow, “A Shared Vision of the Future”            

Oversize Box 2

Item 3:  Button pin

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