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The Records of Assorted Faculty Clubs


Faculty organizations have been a part of campus life since the 1960s. Originally founded in 1930 as the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary, the school became Old Dominion College in 1962 and Old Dominion University (ODU) in 1969. This historical sketch will take a brief look at four faculty clubs from the past, including the following: the Old Dominion Faculty Club Association (ODFCA), the Humanities Club, the Association of University Administrators (AUA), and the Faculty Emeriti Association (FEA).

These organizations shared goals to serve as either social organizations or for professional and academic advancement.  The ODFCA and the FEA were social clubs, and the AUA and Humanities Club were for professional and academic advancement.  The ODFCA and the Humanities Club were founded during Old Dominion’s time as Old Dominion College, whereas the AUA and the FEA, were established during the Old Dominion University years.  The founding of these clubs reflects a desire to participate in traditions found at other universities across the nation at the time. Out of these clubs, the AUA and the FEA continue to be active, whereas the others are defunct. 

In April 1967, Old Dominion College faculty members decided to create their own faculty club, the Old Dominion Faculty Club Association, and encouraged all faculty to join. Before this, they reached out to other colleges and universities for copies of their faculty club constitutions because they were concerned about having a proper club constitution. The group also went by various other names, such as the Faculty Club, the Faculty Club Association, and the Faculty Association.  The group rented a house from the city of Norfolk from March 1967 to September 1977. After that time due to a lack of funds required to maintain the lease, the Old Dominion Faculty Club Association disbanded.

The Humanities Club was established in 1963. Its purpose was to allow faculty members and invited students to have academic discussions about presented topics. Once a week, faculty would meet to participate in a paper reading given by a professor, followed by a discussion of his or her research.

The Old Dominion University Association of University Administrators (AUA) was founded in 1990 to support the needs and interests of administrators and to promote and enhance the profession of university administration. The Association has been involved in the concerns of university administrators and has provided administrators with opportunities to grow professionally. The Association of Administrators has been active in hosting events from 1990 to the present year 2013.

The Faculty Emeriti Association (FEA) is a club for retired members of Old Dominion University Faculty.  Meeting frequently, this social club allowed retired professors to remain active with the university and former colleagues.  Members founded a scholarship for children of ODU faculty, met for a book club, and continued to participate in graduation ceremonies after retirement.  Honorary status was given to those who died while still teaching.  This club was active from 1983 to the present year 2013.


The collection is organized first alphabetically by organization and then by date (1919-2008). This collection contains materials related to the Old Dominion University Association of Administrators, the Old Dominion Faculty Club Association (ODFCA), the Humanities club, and the Old Dominion University Faculty Emeriti Association.

The documents from the Old Dominion Faculty Association Club include minutes, club business, event flyers letters and invitations, newsletters, and the club’s constitution (1968-1976). Other documents include the constitutions from other colleges and universities faculty clubs as was requested by the Old Dominion Faculty Association Club. The Humanities Club documents are reading notices and flyers about the Humanities Graduate Program (1963-1972). The Association of University Administrators documents are event flyers (2003-2008). The Old Dominion University Faculty Emeriti Association documents include minutes, flyers, newsletters, and newspaper clippings. 




Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


1 Hollinger Document Case


RG 36


Folder 1: Association of University Administrators Event Flyers 2003-2008
Folder 2: Faculty Emeriti Association Misc. and Old Dominion University communications to the Old Dominion University Faculty Emeriti Association 1983-2006
Folder 3: Faculty Emeriti Association Meeting agendas and Newsletters 1992-2005
Folder 4: Faculty Emeriti Association Newspaper Clippings, Rolls and Membership lists.  1992-2005
Folder 5: Faculty Emeriti Association Minutes 1992-2006
Folder 6: Faculty Emeriti Association Combined Virginia Campaign 1997-2001
Folder 7: Faculty Emeriti Association Events and Book club 1997-2006
Folder 8: Faculty Emeriti Association Bylaws 2001-2004
Folder 9: Humanities Club Reading Events and Humanities Graduate Program Flyer 1963-1972
Folder 10: Old Dominion Faculty Club Association Club Constitutions and Rules; ODFCA requested faculty club constitutions from other universities and colleges 1919-1967
Folder 11: Old Dominion Faculty Association Club Business and Minutes 1968-1976
Folder 12: Old Dominion Faculty Association Club Events and Recruitment 1968-1975
Folder 13: Old Dominion Faculty Association Club Publications 48th Street Rag Vol.  1 Number 2 April 1969


Revised: 4/23/2013