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The Papers of Mason C. Andrews

Biographical Sketch

Mason C. Andrews was born in Norfolk, Virginia in 1919. He graduated from Maury High School, and later received his Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Princeton and his M.D. from John's Hopkins University. He specialized in obstetrics and gynecology and completed his residency training at Johns Hopkins as well. Andrews then began a successful ob/gyn private practice in Norfolk in 1950. Additionally, Dr. Andrews taught Obstetrics and Gynecology at Johns Hopkins University and later at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

Andrews' community service began during the 1950's with service on the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and the Health Welfare and Recreation Planning Council. While serving as president of the Norfolk County Medical Society, Andrews appointed a bipartisan committee to study the need for a medical school in the area. The study was able to convince the Virginia General Assembly of the need for a new medical school. In 1964 the Eastern Virginia Medical Center authority was formed with the charge of developing the new medical school. Andrews served as the chairman of the authority from 1964-1970. Under his leadership a medical center complex was built in an area that has once been slums. The medical complex now consists of Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS), Norfolk General Hospital, Medical Tower, Public Health Department, Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters and Tidewater Rehabilitation Institute. In addition, as chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at EVMS Andrews was instrumental in bringing the team of Drs. Howard and Georgeanna Jones to Norfolk. The Drs. Jones specialized in treating infertility problems. In 1981 they brought notoriety to Norfolk with the role they played in the first successful birth, in the United States, of a baby conceived by in-vitro fertilization. With the success of the in-vitro fertilization program the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine was founded in 1983.

Andrews also served on the Norfolk City Council from 1974 to 2000 and as the city's mayor from 1992 to 1994. During his tenure on the council he was instrumental in the redevelopment of the downtown waterfront. Andrews introduced the developer of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, James Rouse, to Norfolk. Rouse designed the Waterside Festival Marketplace for the Norfolk waterfront. Other downtown projects promoted by Andrews included Nauticus, the Norfolk campus of Tidewater Community College, and the Mac Arthur Center Mall. Mason Andrews declined to run for re-election to city council in 2000.

Scope and Contents

The papers of Mason C. Andrews date from 1932 to 1997. The collection includes correspondence related to personal, business and city issues; photographs; medical articles; newspaper clippings; architectural drawings; 16mm film reels; reports; and miscellaneous materials. The bulk of the material relates to the development of the medical center and the Eastern Virginia Medical School and Andrews' tenure on the city council from 1974 to 1997.

The collection is arranged into the following series:

I. Personal Papers; II. Medical Papers; III. Medical Center Planning; IV. E.V.M.S; V. Community Service; VI. Norfolk City Government; VII. Newspaper Clippings; VIII. Binders and Published Materials; IX. Oversized, Photographs and Miscellaneous Items.

Series Descriptions

Series I. Personal Papers. This series includes 3 sub-series: A. Papers of Dr. C. J. Andrews; B. Children; C. Household. The series contains correspondence of Mason C. Andrews and other family members dating from 1949 to 1997. Sub-series A contains correspondence of Dr. C. J. Andrews dating from 1932 to 1944. Sub-series B includes correspondence and material relating to Andrews' two children. Sub-series C contains material regarding planning and design of a vacation home, and boat ownership.

Series II. Medical Papers. This series includes 6 sub-series: A. Lectures; B. Medical Tower; C. Articles; D. Norfolk General Hospital; E. Medical Societies; F. Audio-Visual materials. This series contains correspondence, dating from 1949 to 1973, pertaining to Dr. Andrews medical practice. Sub-series A contains materials used in medical instruction. Sub-series B contains material, dated from 1957 to 1960, on the development and management of the Medical Tower building. Sub-series C contains medical articles on a variety of topics arranged alphabetically by topic. Sub-series D contains correspondence, reports, and other materials, dating from 1957 to 1967, pertaining to Dr. Andrews practice at Norfolk General Hospital. Sub-series E contains correspondence, meeting agendas, and other materials, dated 1950 to 1989, from various medical societies. Sub-series F contains two 16mm film reels and an audio cassette tape used in medical education.

Series III. Medical Center Planning. This series includes correspondence, architectural drawings, reports and other materials dating from 1959 to 1973 regarding the planning and development of the Norfolk Medical Center complex.

Series IV. E.V.M.S. This series includes two sub-series: A. Curriculum and B. Jones Institute. This series contains correspondence, pamphlets, reports, fundraising materials and the school's first yearbook. The materials included date from 1971 to 1995. Sub-series A includes reports and proposals for the school's medical curriculum. Sub-series B includes correspondence, reports, and other information on the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine and in-vitro fertilization.

Series V. Community Service. This series includes 3 sub-series; A. Awards; B. Board of Directors; C. Sabine Andrews. Materials in this series date from 1961 to 1994, they include correspondence, reports, meeting minutes and agendas. Sub-series A includes mostly correspondence regarding various awards given to Dr. Andrews. Sub-series B includes correspondence, reports and other materials related to Dr. Andrews' service as director for various companies. Sub-series C includes information on the community service activities of Sabine Andrews.

Series VI. Norfolk City Government. This series is divided into 10 sub-series: A. City Council Papers; B. Transportation; C. Cousteau Ocean Center; D. Nauticus; E. Waterside; F. Mac Arthur Center; G. Park Place; H. Commissions and Task Forces; I. Speeches; J. Mayor's Files. Materials in this series date from 1974 to 1997. Sub-series A, Box 19, includes mostly council meeting materials, minutes, agendas, and correspondence. Sub-series A, Boxes 20 through 23 consist of alphabetically arranged files each dealing with specific city issues. Sub-series B includes correspondence, and reports regarding the issue of local transportation. Sub-series C includes information on the proposed Cousteau Ocean Center that was never built. Sub-series D contains information on the development of the Nauticus project. Sub-series E contains correspondence and information on the Waterside Festival Marketplace project. Sub-series F contains information on the development of the Mac Arthur Center Mall in downtown Norfolk. Sub-series G includes correspondence, reports, and meeting materials related to the redevelopment of the Park Place neighborhood in Norfolk. Sub-series H contains reports produced by various city commissions and task forces. Sub-series I contains notes, transcripts, and correspondence regarding speeches given by Dr. Andrews. Sub-series J includes correspondence and other materials pertaining to Dr. Andrews' tenure as Mayor of Norfolk from 1992 to 1994.

Series VII. Newspaper Clippings. This series includes clippings on various topics. The clippings are arranged alphabetically by topic and range in date from 1960 to 1996.

Series VIII. Binders and Published Materials. This series includes materials in binders that were too large to be included in the other boxes. Boxes 34 through 36 are related to city government issues. The materials in Box 37 are related to Dr. Andrews' medical career.

Series IX. Oversize, Photographs, and Miscellaneous Items. This series includes one oversize bound report, souvenir tee-shirt, seal, and photographs.


Gift of Dr. Mason C. Andrews, October 1998


Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.


22.5 linear feet, 38 Hollinger document cases.

Collection Number


Container Listing

Box 1

Series I: Personal papers

Folder 1: Correspondence Sabine to Mason N.D. (ca.1949)
Folder 2: Correspondence Sabine to Mason (1949)
Folder 3: Correspondence Sabine to Mason (ca.1949)
Folder 4: Personal Correspondence (June-Sept. 1949)
Folder 5: Personal Correspondence (not dated)
Folder 6: Personal correspondence (1956-1986)
Folder 7: Personal Correspondence (1992-1997)
Folder 8: Mrs. Jean Cooke Andrews
Folder 9: Curriculum Vitae - Mason Andrews
Folder 10: "Mason C. Andrews - the Dauntless Doctor" - Tidewater Virginian - June 1983
Folder 11: Postcards
Folder 12: Christmas cards
Folder 13: Princeton Club
Folder 14: Navy-NATO contacts
Folder 15: Presidential politics - 1960's
Folder 16: Drafts and notes Re: Biography of E. Stanley Jones and Howard Jones
Folder 17: U.S. Postal Service - First Day Covers
Folder 18: Sermon Re: Vietnamese Refugees
Folder 19: Miscellaneous

Box 2

Sub-series A: Papers of Dr. C J Andrews, Folders 1-6

Folder 1: Miscellaneous Correspondence 1932, 1944
Folder 2: Correspondence 1943-1944 with Sen. Byrd Re: Children's Bureau Appropriation
Folder 3: Norfolk Chamber of Commerce Correspondence 1940-1944
Folder 4: Norfolk Association of Commerce, statistics, minutes
Folder 5: Norfolk Association of Commerce Slum Clearance Issue 1940
Folder 6: Correspondence Re: William Cooke Andrews

Sub-series B: Children, Folders 7-8

Folder 7: Correspondence Re: Schools 1970-1973
Folder 8: Mary Mason McDonald Andrews

Sub-series C: Household, Folders 9-14

Folder 9: Mariner's Woods Subdivision
Folder 10: Sturgeon creek
Folder 11: Wetlands Development Permit Application
Folder 12: Yacht - Shearwater
Folder 13: Coastal Warning Facilities Chart
Folder 14: Boat Gas Tax Refund

Box 3

Series II: Medical Papers

Folder 1: Miscellaneous correspondence
Folder 2: Correspondence, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1949, 1970-1973
Folder 3: Obstetrical and Gynecological Associates of Tidewater Profit Sharing Plan
Folder 4: "Assuring Learning with Self-Instructional Packages…" (workbook)
Folder 5: Medical Articles (written by Andrews)
Folder 6: "Epithelial changes in the puerperal fallopian tube" by M. C. Andrews, includes notes and slides
Folder 7: Clinical research
Folder 8: Ob/Gyn notes
Folder 9: Minutes of business meeting Ob/Gyn department
Folder 10: Medical instrument brochures (ca. 1950's-1970's)
Folder 11: Microsurgery conference materials (1977)
Folder 12: Miscellaneous

Box 4

Sub-series A: Lectures, Folders 1-11

Folder 1: Tubal surgery lecture
Folder 2: Incompetent cervix lecture
Folder 3: Endometriosis, 1985
Folder 4: Notes for lectures
Folder 5: Remarks for American Association of Gynecological Laparoscopists
Folder 6: In-Vitro fertilization talk given to the Florida Obstetric and Gynecologic Society (1980)
Folder 7: Unicornuate Uteri
Folder 8: Color slides: medical - Ob/Gyn
Folder 9: Slide and lecture notes - Ob/Gyn
Folder 10: Sodium excretion notes
Folder 11: Intramural pregnancy case study

Sub-series B: Medical Tower, Folders 12-17

Folder 12: Board of Directors
Folder 13: Medical tower opening
Folder 14: Emblem
Folder 15: Kling, Vincent Architect
Folder 16: Correspondence 1957
Folder 17: Correspondence 1958-1960

Box 5

Sub-series C: Articles, Folders 1-51

Folder 1: Arthritis and Rheumatism

Folder 2: Aspirin risks in pregnancy

Folder 3: Birthweight and diabetes

Folder 4: Cesarean section

Folder 5: Clinical and legal implications of contraception

Folder 6: "Continuing education plan aids busy physicians" -Richmond Times Dispatch, Dec. 5, 1966

Folder 7: Culdocentesis

Folder 8: Cytology

Folder 9: Donated human ova

Folder 10: Endometriosis

Folder 11: "Essentials of an approved internship" -1955

Folder 12: Extroversion of the ovaries

Folder 13: Gynecologic cancer

Folder 14: Hippocratic oath

Folder 15: Home delivery

Folder 16: Hospital management

Folder 17: Immunization during pregnancy

Folder 18: Incompetent cervix

Folder 19: The infertile couple

Folder 20: Maternal deaths from anesthesia and analgesia

Folder 21: Maternal phenylketonuria

Folder 22: Maternal welfare and the Negro

Folder 23: Menopause

Folder 24: Obstetric analgesia and anesthesia

Folder 25: Oral contraceptives

Folder 26: Ovarian tumors

Folder 27: Ovulation failure

Folder 28: Perinatology

Folder 29: Premenstrual syndrome

Folder 30: Preovulatory human ovarian follicles

Folder 31: Posterior pituitary extract

Folder 32: Prostaglandin

Folder 33: Renal tuberculosis

Folder 34: Research in reproduction

Folder 35: Sexuality

Folder 36: Spontaneous abortion (role of genetics in)

Folder 37: Statistical reports: infant mortality (1932)

Folder 38: Sterility

Folder 39: Sterilization

Folder 40: Surgery, annals -etc. general information

Folder 41: Syphilis

Folder 42: Testis

Folder 43: Thyroid gland

Folder 44: Toxemia of pregnancy

Folder 45: Transplants

Folder 46: Transverse presentation

Folder 47: Trichomonas vaginitis

Folder 48: Trophoblastic disease

Folder 49: Tubal ectopic pregnancy

Folder 50: Tubal sterilization

Folder 51: Tubal surgery

Box 6

Sub-series C: Articles, Folders 1-7

Folder 1: Urethral calculi

Folder 2: Urinary tract stones and infection

Folder 3: Uterine hemorrhage

Folder 4: Vomiting of pregnancy

Folder 5: Weight changes and water balance in pregnancy

Folder 6: What is a clinician and what does he do?

Folder 7: X-ray pelvimetry

Sub-series D: Norfolk General Hospital, Folders 8-18

Folder 8: Miscellaneous papers and correspondence (not dated)

Folder 9: Miscellaneous papers and correspondence (1957)

Folder 10: Miscellaneous papers and correspondence (1958)

Folder 11: Miscellaneous papers and correspondence (1961-1967)

Folder 12: By-laws, rules and regulations

Folder 13: Committee and clinic assignments 1956-1964

Folder 14: Department and committee reports 1963

Folder 15: South wing addition 1962

Folder 16: Resident and intern training programs 1958-1959

Folder 17: Accreditation 1956-1958

Folder 18: Disaster plans 1956-1957

Sub-series E: Medical Societies, Folders 19-23

Folder 19: American Association of Obstetrics - Gynecology

Folder 20: American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Folder 21: American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Folder 22: American Fertility Society

Folder 23: American Gynecological and Obstetrical Society

Box 7

Sub-series E: Medical Societies, Folders 1-12

Folder 1: Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology (CREOG)

Folder 2: Norfolk County Medical Society

Folder 3: South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, correspondence and membership 1951-1973

Folder 4: South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, meeting programs 1980-1989

Folder 5: South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, meeting programs 1970-1979

Folder 6: South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, programs 1950-1969

Folder 7: South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, papers presented to Feb 1973 meeting,
alphabetical by author A-G

Folder 8: Papers and case studies presented to the South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, Feb. 1973, Alphabetical by Author H-W

Folder 9: Southern Gynecological and Obstetrical Society

Folder 10: United Communities Council of Social Agencies - Health Forum

Folder 11: Virginia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society

Folder 12: Miscellaneous programs of medical meetings

Box 8

Sub-series F: Audio-visual materials

Folder 1: 16mm film reel: "Normal Delivery" Dr. Barnes Film

Folder 2: 16mm film reel: "Pelvic Examination"

Folder 3: Audio cassette: "The Female Climacteric, Vol.1 #1"

Series III: Medical Center Planning

Folder 4: Medical school promotional speeches I (not dated)

Folder 5: Medical school promotional speeches II (1959-1965)

Folder 6: Correspondence 1960

Folder 7: Correspondence 1961-1962

Folder 8: Correspondence 1963

Folder 9: Correspondence Feb.-June 1964

Folder 10: Correspondence July-Aug. 1964

Folder 11: Correspondence Sept.-Oct. 1964

Box 9

Series III: Medical Center Planning

Folder 1: Norfolk Area Medical Center Authority Nov.-Dec. 1964

Folder 2: Correspondence 1965

Folder 3: Correspondence 1966

Folder 4: Correspondence 1967

Folder 5: Correspondence 1968

Folder 6: Correspondence 1969

Folder 7: Correspondence Jan - June 1970

Folder 8: Correspondence July - Dec 1970

Folder 9: Correspondence 1971

Folder 10: Correspondence 1972

Box 10

Series III: Medical Center Planning

Folder 1: Legislative Committee

Folder 2: Meeting minutes / agendas

Folder 3: Medical center testimony, July 1965

Folder 4: Medical community statistics

Folder 5: Committee on education for health professions and occupations, 1972

Folder 6: Physicians for Virginia a preliminary report on a study of medical education

Folder 7: "Physicians for Virginia- a study of the feasibility of establishing a private medical school in the Tidewater area
of Virginia," 1963

Folder 8: Articles/ brochures re: doctor shortage

Folder 9: Academic manpower needs in obstetrics and gynecology

Folder 10: Tidewater health foundation: statement of purpose, by-laws

Folder 11: Legal agreements

Folder 12: EVMS - brief of the Mayor's advisory committee on the establishment of a medical college

Folder 13: Report: Medical School Status 1967

Box 11

Series III: Medical Center Planning

Folder 1: Report of the first phase of a study of health manpower requirements

Folder 2: Norfolk community health survey - preliminary outline survey guides Part I

Folder 3: Brief of the Mayor's advisory committee on the establishment of a medical college in the tidewater area - 1963

Folder 4: Old Dominion College long range building needs part one: medical school affiliation

Folder 5: Information and opinion relative to the proposed establishment of a school of medicine in Hampton Roads Virginia

Folder 6: Architectural drawings and specs

Folder 7: Norfolk medical center information booklet ca.1968

Folder 8: Noback reports

Folder 9: Application for regional medical program grant- project description, 1968

Folder 10: Virginia regional medical program

Folder 11: Virginia regional medical program grant application

Folder 12: Tidewater Rehabilitation Institute

Box 12

Series III: Medical Center Planning

Folder 1: Correspondence planning commission, Sept. 1957, may 1961

Folder 2: Position paper: public health service hospital medical library

Folder 3: Medical center plan, May 1973

Folder 4: Basic steps in planning the nurse's residence and education facility by Louise O. Waagen - 1953

Folder 5: Info on other medical centers

Folder 6: Healthcare manpower planning

Folder 7: Miscellaneous

Box 13

Series IV: E.V.M.S.

Folder 1: Correspondence

Folder 2: Fundraising

Folder 3: Eastern Virginia Medical School Campaign Oct. 25, 1972

Folder 4: Eastern Virginia medical foundation endowment fund campaign 1984

Folder 5: Medical center talks

Folder 6: "A new medical school in Norfolk" pamphlets

Folder 7: Eastern Virginia Medical School 1973-1974 bulletin

Folder 8: Eastern Virginia Medical School Robert T. Manning, M.D.

Folder 9: Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook 1976

Folder 10: Transportation planning 1977

Folder 11: The Kling partnership

Folder 12: Eastern Virginia Medical School - facilities program, March 12, 1974 - Vincent G. Kling and Partners, Architects

Box 14

Series IV: E.V.M.S.

Folder 1: Faculty recruitment program : Eastern Virginia Medical School

Folder 2: Chairman, Department of Surgery

Folder 3: Report of the survey E.V.M.S. by the Liaison Committee on medical education of the AMA and AAMC

Folder 4: E.V.M.S. site visit

Folder 5: Present status of facilities development at Eastern Virginia Medical School

Folder 6: Master plan update for the Eastern Virginia Medical Center - January 1979

Folder 7: Eastern Virginia Medical Center : master plan, June 1981

Folder 8: 1992,1995, 2000 master plans - Norfolk Medical Center

Folder 9: Financial Statements 1988

Box 15

Series IV: E.V.M.S.

Folder 1: E.V.M.S. financial plan for first ten years of operation

Folder 2: Miscellaneous

Sub-series A: Curriculum, Folders 3-7

Folder 3: Elective opportunities booklet: 1971-1972

Folder 4: Curriculum: Eastern Virginia Medical School

Folder 5: Proposal - behavioral science program in medical education

Folder 6: Curriculum development for the Eastern Virginia Medical School

Folder 7: "Medical School Education" Journal of Medical Education 1970

Box 16

Series IV: E.V.M.S.

Sub-series B: Jones Institute, Folders 1-6

Folder 1: Jones Institute - draft copy Serono/ EVMA agreement July 1984

Folder 2: Meetings of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Folder 3: Report of the committee of inquiry into human fertilization and embryology - July 1984

Folder 4: Reports

Folder 5: Correspondence

Folder 6: Miscellaneous

Series V: Community Service

Folder 7: City Planning Commission 1961-1962

Folder 8: City Planning Commission 1963-1964, not dated

Folder 9: City Planning Commission Brochures

Box 17

Series V: Community Service

Folder 1: Health-Welfare-Recreation Planning Council

Folder 2: Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Folder 3: Rotary Club

Folder 4: Tidewater Regional Health Planning Council, 1971

Folder 5: United Community Funds and Councils of America

Folder 6: Fetal/Infant Mortality Review Program - Community Review Board

Folder 7: Miscellaneous Correspondence

Sub-series A: Awards, Folders 8-10

Folder 8: Nominating Letters for AMA's Benjamin Rush Award

Folder 9: Norfolk First Citizen: Congratulatory Letters

Folder 10: Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk: Norfolk's First Citizen, 1967

Sub-series B: Board of Directors, Folders 11-14

Folder 11: C + P Telephone - Director's Reference Binder I

Folder 12: C + P Telephone - Director's Reference Binder II

Folder 13: C + P Telephone - Annual Review 1976

Folder 14: C + P Telephone: Energy conservation trailer

Box 18

Series V: Community Service

Sub-series B: Board of Directors, Folders 1-12

Folder 1: C + P Telephone: Security briefing information

Folder 2: C + P Telephone: Correspondence

Folder 3: C + P Telephone: Miscellaneous

Folder 4: First VA Bank: Board of Directors

Folder 5: Board of Directors: Recreation Planning Council 1967

Folder 6: Southern Bank of Norfolk

Folder 7: Tidewater Westminster Homes

Folder 8: Virginia Good Music Corp. and WRVC-FM

Sub-series C: Sabine Andrews, Folders 9-13

Folder 9: Junior League of Norfolk

Folder 10: Kids

Folder 11: Planning Council

Folder 12: Red Cross - Voluntary Advisory Board

Folder 13: Urban Coalition

Box 19

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-series A: City Council Papers

Folder 1: 1974-1975

Folder 2: 1976

Folder 3: 1977-1982

Folder 4: 1988

Folder 5: 1989

Folder 6: 1990-1991

Folder 7: 1992

Folder 8: July-October 1994

Folder 9: November 1-7 1994

Folder 10: November 8-16 1994

Folder 11: June-September 1995

Folder 12: October 1995

Folder 13: 1997

Box 20

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-Series A: City Council Papers

Folder 1: At-large voting system

Folder 2: Campaign 1996

Folder 3: Campaign Brochures

Folder 4: Campaign Regulations

Folder 5: Capital Improvement Program FY 1998-2002

Folder 6: Capital Improvement Program 1964-1968

Folder 7: City Planning Commission

Folder 8: City Rebirth

Folder 9: Collective Bargaining

Folder 10: Community Development Block Grant

Folder 11: Consultants

Folder 12: Correspondence Re: Virginian Pilot article "City buys up downtown out of necessity and hope"

Folder 13: Cox Cable

Folder 14: Chrysler Museum

Folder 15: Cultural Resurgence

Box 21

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-Series A: City Council Papers

Folder 1: Downtown Development 1961-1979

Folder 2: Downtown Development 1994-1997

Folder 3: Downtown Graphics (Directional signs)

Folder 4: Downtown Moving Message Sign

Folder 5: Downtown Norfolk Campus of TCC - Preliminary Design 1993

Folder 6: Empowerment Zone application

Folder 7: Empowerment Zone Correspondence

Folder 8: Environmental Quality

Folder 9: Finance and bond rating

Folder 10: Ghent Rehabilitation

Folder 11: Greater Norfolk Corporation

Folder 12: Harrison Opera House

Folder 13: Location and Design Study - Waterfront Drive 1963

Box 22

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-Series A: City Council Papers

Folder 1: Miscellaneous

Folder 2: "New Norfolk" September 1967

Folder 3: Norfolk Redevelopment and housing authority

Folder 4: Norfolk Regional slides

Folder 5: The Norfolk Story 1966, 1973

Folder 6: Norfolk Works, Inc.

Folder 7: Old Dominion University

Folder 8: Parking, Downtown 1997

Folder 9: PACE - Cadet Program

Folder 10: Popular election of mayor

Folder 11: Port of Hampton Roads

Folder 12: Preserving Norfolk's Heritage: Proposed zoning for historic and cultural conservation

Folder 13: Real Estate assessment 1974

Folder 14: Refinery

Folder 15: Revenue Sharing

Box 23

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-Series A: City Council Papers, Folders 1-8

Folder 1: Taxes

Folder 2: Urban Development Action Grant

Folder 3: Urban Land Institute

Folder 4: Various Partnerships/Projects

Folder 5: Virginia Waterfront - brochures

Folder 6: Water and Sewer charges

Folder 7: Water supply system

Sub-series B: Transportation, Folders 8-12

Folder 8: Hampton Roads Crossing Study

Folder 9: Transportation Task Force

Folder 10: Light Rail

Folder 11: Hurricane Evacuation Interstate Highway Plan 1995

Folder 12: Miscellaneous

Box 24

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-series C: Cousteau Ocean Center, Folders 1-4

Folder 1: Economic projections, feasibility studies

Folder 2: Lease agreement

Folder 3: Legal papers

Folder 4: Miscellaneous

Sub-series D: Nauticus, Folders 5-10

Folder 5: National Maritime Center Authority (Nauticus) 1995

Folder 6: Report - Summary of correspondence concerning the National Maritime Center Authority and the Hampton Roads Naval Museum 1986-1993

Folder 7: Capital campaign

Folder 8: Marketing plans

Folder 9: Hampton Roads Naval Museum

Folder 10: Miscellaneous

Box 25

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-series E: Waterside, Folders 1-5

Folder 1: Development of Waterside Festival Marketplace

Folder 2: Correspondence

Folder 3: Revenue Reports

Folder 4: Rouse & Co. (Architect)

Folder 5: Brochures

Sub-series F: Mac Arthur Center, Folders 6-10

Folder 6: Design Plans

Folder 7: Land Disposition and Development Contract

Folder 8: Correspondence 1993-1995

Folder 9: Financing

Folder 10: Articles, press releases, brochures

Box 26

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-series G: Park Place, Folders 1-9

Folder 1: Park Place Steering Committee

Folder 2: Park Place Redevelopment Foundation Bylaws

Folder 3: Park Place Community Development Corporation meeting materials 1993

Folder 4: Park Place Community Development Corporation meeting materials 1994

Folder 5: Park Place Community Development Corporation correspondence 1993-1995

Folder 6: Economic Empowerment Demonstration Project

Folder 7: Rouse & Co.

Folder 8: General correspondence 1992-1995

Folder 9: Miscellaneous

Box 27

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-series H: Commissions and Task Forces, Folders 1-7

Folder 1: Norfolk Public Housing Task Force

Folder 2: Norfolk Public Housing Task Force Workbook

Folder 3: Hampton Roads Planning District Commission 1994-1995

Folder 4: Southeastern Virginia Planning District Commission Regional Housing Strategic Plan 1989

Folder 5: Southeastern Virginia Planning District Commission 1989 Economic Outlook

Folder 6: Southeastern Virginia Planning District Commission Southeastern Virginia Transportation Control Plan 1984

Folder 7: Southeastern Virginia Planning District Commission "Evaluation of transportation control strategies for Southeastern
Virginia" 1983

Folder 8: Southeastern Virginia Planning District Commission correspondence 1989

Box 28

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-series H: Commissions and Task Forces, Folders 1-4

Folder 1: Southeastern Virginia Planning District Commission - Suggested draft of the comprehensive plan 1964

Folder 2: Task Force on Violence and Crime Reduction 1992

Folder 3: Report to the Task Force on Violence and Crime Reduction 1992

Folder 4: Vision for Parks, Boulevards, and Waterways Steering/Oversight Committee

Sub-series I: Speeches, Folders 5-12

Folder 5: Civic Luncheon Speech

Folder 6: Community Development

Folder 7: Correspondence Re: Speeches

Folder 8: Health Care Reform

Folder 9: Honoring Individuals

Folder 10: Law Enforcement

Folder 11: Military

Folder 12: Miscellaneous

Box 29

Series VI: Norfolk City Government

Sub-series I: Speeches, Folders 1-2

Folder 1: Openings/Dedications

Folder 2: Talks to visiting groups and conventions

Sub-series J: Mayor's Files, Folders 3-6

Folder 3: Correspondence

Folder 4: Azalea Festival Mayor's Schedule 1994

Folder 5: Letters of congratulations on election as Mayor

Folder 6: Mayor's Institute on City Design 1993

Folder 7: Miscellaneous

Box 30

Series VII: Newspaper Clippings

Folder 1: Architects

Folder 2: Busing 1982

Folder 3: Busing January-March 1983

Folder 4: Busing April-May 1983

Folder 5: Busing June-November 1983

Folder 6: Busing 1984-1985

Folder 7: Busing 1986

Folder 8: City Council Campaign 1996

Folder 9: City Government

Folder 10: Church Street 1976-1978

Folder 11: Colley Avenue Bridge

Folder 12: Cousteau Center

Folder 13: Downtown 1960-1978

Folder 14: Downtown 1979-1980


Box 31

Series VII: Newspaper Clippings

Folder 1: Downtown 1981-1982

Folder 2: Downtown 1983

Folder 3: Downtown 1984-1985

Folder 4: Election as Mayor

Folder 5: Ghent 1976-1978

Folder 6: Hampton Blvd. 1975-1976

Folder 7: In-Vitro Fertilization 1978-1979

Folder 8: In-Vitro Fertilization 1980-1981

Folder 9: In-Vitro Fertilization 1982

Box 32

Series VII: Newspaper Clippings

Folder 1: In-Vitro Fertilization 1983-1992

Folder 2: Kaufman, Charles L.

Folder 3: NAMCA

Folder 4: Medical Center (not dated)

Folder 5: Medical Center 1961-1966

Folder 6: Medical Center 1967-1970

Folder 7: Medical Center 1971-1973

Folder 8: Medical Tower

Folder 9: Miscellaneous Topics

Folder 10: Ocean View 1976-1986

Folder 11: Old Bay Line

Box 33

Folder 1: Planning Commission 1960-1962

Folder 2: Planning Commission 1963

Folder 3: Planning Commission 1964-1965

Folder 4: Planning Commission 1967-1969

Folder 5: Public Administration

Folder 6: Roads

Folder 7: Stadium 1976-1995

Folder 8: Rouse & Co.

Folder 9: Urban Redevelopment

Folder 10: Waterside April 1981-May 1983

Folder 11: Waterside June 1983-June 1995

Box 34

Series VIII: Binders & Published Materials

Item 1: Approved Operating Budget - City of Norfolk July 1997-June 1998

Item 2: Breaking down the glass wall: A proposal for the Norfolk Empowerment Zone

Item 3: Comparative Report of Local Government Revenues and Expenditures - Year ended June 30, 1990

Item 4: Congestion Management System for Hampton Roads, VA 1995

Item 5: Downtown Norfolk - Briefing book for the Urban Land Institute Panel 1989

Box 35

Item 1: General Plan of Norfolk 1992

Item 2: Hampton Roads Crossing Study - Draft purpose and need statement and technical appendix 1994

Item 3: "A Larger Vision…" Jim Rouse and the American City 1994

Item 4: Mayors Institute on City Design 1993

Box 36

Item 1: Police Annual Report 1992

Item 2: Priority: Home! The federal plan to break the cycle of homelessness 1994

Item 3: Survey and Analysis of the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce 1966

Item 4: The Virginia Waterfront - Regional Travel and Tourism Study Economic Impact Analysis 1994

Item 5: The Virginia Waterfront - Regional Travel and Tourism Study Post Advertising Survey 1994

Item 6: Working Master Plan for The Partnerships for Excellence Capital Campaign 1988

Item 7: Appointment Books

Box 37

Sub-series: Medical

Item 1: Photograph binder ca 1910

Item 2: Financial Management of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 1972

Item 3: Introduction to Endocrinology - a programmed instruction course 1966

Folders I-III: From a binder: Virginia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society 1948-1965

Box 38

Series IX: Oversized, Photographs and Miscellaneous Items

Item 1: Virginia Obstetrical and Gynecological Society Seal

Item 2: Virginia Waterfront Rock Fish Tee-shirt

Item 3: Nauticus - The National Maritime Center 1995

Sub-series: Photographs

Folder 1: Mason & Family (ca. 1950's-1990's)
Folder 2: Medical Center 1962-1967
Folder 3: Medical Center Aerial Photos 1966-1970
Folder 4: EVMS (not dated)
Folder 5: Waterside (not dated)
Folder 6: Victory Party Photographs 1996

Revised: 7/10/2008