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The Papers of the Norfolk Branch of the American Association of University Women

Collection Number: MG 74

Series Descriptions - Access - Container Listing

Historical Sketch

The roots of the Norfolk branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) can be traced to December 10, 1902, when ten women met in Norfolk, Va. to form the College Club of Norfolk. The purpose of this group was to support higher education for women. The requirement for membership was a minimum of one year of college at any Association of Collegiate Alumnae (ACA) approved college. In 1918 the College Club of Norfolk united with the Southern Association of College Women (SACW) and became part of the AAUW as a result of the 1921 merge of the SACW and the ACA. In 1922 the first national convention of the AAUW was held in Kansas City and a representative from the Norfolk branch was in attendance.

One of the branch's first projects was creating a scholarship for women to attend an approved college. In 1909 Miss Nettie Sterling of Gloucester, Va received the first scholarship. In 1922 Miss Cherry Nottingham, referred to as the "Branch's intellectual core," joined the AAUW and in later years this scholarship became known as the Cherry Nottingham scholarship.

In the 1920s the Norfolk branch of the AAUW joined national AAUW efforts to purchase a gram of radium to present to Madame Curie as a gift of American women on the occasion of Curie's visit to the U.S.

The Norfolk branch of the AAUW was among the first racially integrated women's organizations.

Other major interests of the branch over the years have been pre-schools, nurseries, daycare centers, poverty, school integration, civil rights, and international relations.

Men are also admitted to the Norfolk branch of the AAUW on the basis of their educational qualifications.

Scope and Contents

The Papers of the Norfolk branch of the American Association of University Women date from 1902 to 2000. The collection includes information about the history and organization of the group, meeting minutes, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, conference brochures, branch reports, and other publications by and about the group. The bulk of the collection is in the following categories: history, meeting minutes, reports, scrapbooks, and publications.

Series Descriptions:

The collection is comprised of the following twelve series:

I. History; II. Organization; III. Minutes; IV. Reports; V. Issues/Activities; VI. Annual Conventions; VII. Handbooks; VIII. Yearbooks;
IX. Publications; X. Miscellaneous; XI. Promotional Materials; XII. Scrapbooks.

Series I: History: This series is divided into two sub-series. Sub-series A: National; Sub-series B: Norfolk Branch.

Sub-series A: National. This sub-series contains publications and a cassette recording about the creation and growth of the American Association of University Women from 1881 to 1981. Included is material from the 75th and centennial anniversaries.

Sub-series B: Norfolk Branch. This sub-series contains publications, notes, photographs, and a cassette recording about the history of the Norfolk Branch of the AAUW from 1902 to 2000.

Series II: Organization: This series is divided into three sub-series. Sub-series A: Members; Sub-series B: Bylaws & Policies; Sub-series C: Finances.

Sub-series A: Members. This sub-series contains lists of chapter members and branch officers from various decades.

Sub-series B: Bylaws & Policies. This sub-series describes responsibilities, duties, and policies involved with being an AAUW member or officer.

Sub-series C: Finances. The bulk of the material in this series is from the 1980s. Treasurer's Reports from the 1940s may also be found interfiled with the Meeting Minutes from the 1940s.

Series III: Minutes: This series is divided into two sub-series and contains minutes of the AAUW meetings dating back to the organization's beginning in1902. The minutes provide details of the meetings and daily activities of the organization. Minutes are handwritten, typed, and composed on a word processor. Some of the minutes folders, especially from the 1940s, have Treasurer's reports interfiled.

Sub-series A: Minutes Books. This sub-series consists of four minutes books covering 1902-1939. Each book is fragile and must be handled with care. These minute books are in box 22.

Sub-series B: Minutes Folders. This sub-series consists of minutes from 1939 to the 1990s.

Series IV: Reports: The bulk of this series contains annual branch reports from the 1940s and 1980s. Also included are folders titled Committee Reports 1938-1939 and President's Report 1945.

Series V: Issues/Activities: This series describes issues and activities focused upon by the AAUW such as education, daycare, and poverty. Information about some issues is located in other places throughout the collection such as in the minutes or miscellaneous folders. Particularly noteworthy issues throughout the AAUW are the Cherry Nottingham Scholarship and the Antiques Fair.

Sub-series A: Scholarships. This sub-series provides information about the Cherry Nottingham Scholarship, one of the first activities of the Norfolk branch of the AAUW, and a book on the history of the Fellowship Program of the AAUW titled "Investment in Creative Scholarship" by Ruth W. Tryon.

Sub-series B: 7th Annual Antiques Fair 1956. This sub-series contains materials removed from a scrapbook about the 7th annual Antiques Fair. The Antiques Fair was one of the branch's biggest fundraisers. Funds raised were used for the Cherry Nottingham Scholarship. Other materials related to the Antiques Fair can be found in Series XII: Scrapbooks.

Sub-series C: Other Issues/Activities. This sub-series contains information about issues considered important to the branch. Such issues are daycare, fundraising, ERA, and the development of Norfolk. Materials related to this sub-series can be found in Series III: Minutes and Series X: Miscellaneous.

Series VI: Annual Conventions: This series contains brochures from the annual conventions. The bulk of the material is from the 1980s and 1990s.

Series VII: Handbooks: The Handbooks contain information about branch members, a calendar of events, and updates regarding scholarship recipients. This series contains Handbooks from the 1970s-2000. The handbooks may be successors of the Yearbooks.

Series VIII: Yearbooks: The Yearbooks are similar in format and content to the Handbooks and may be predecessors of the Handbooks. The Yearbooks contain information about branch members, a calendar of events, and updates regarding membership dues. This series contains Yearbooks from the 1950s and 1960s.

Series IX: Publications: This series contains monographs and serial publications by and about the AAUW, both nationally and locally. "AAUW News" is the first newsletter of the Norfolk Branch dating back to the 1950s. This publication undergoes several design, frequency, and numbering changes; however, this publication offers a close look into the activities of the Norfolk branch of the AAUW. Both the Fall 1981 and the Winter 1981 issues of "Leader in Action" are labeled v.1 no.1; however, the Fall 1981 issue states that it is the premiere issue. "Outlook" is published by the AAUW and distributed free of charge to all AAUW members.

Series X: Miscellaneous: This series contains materials from the 1950s through the 1990s. Materials include newspaper clippings, photographs, and research materials related to topics in Series V Sub-series C: Other Issues/Activities.

Series XI: Promotional Materials: This series consists of AAUW stationery, letterhead, and merchandise catalogs.

Series XII: Scrapbooks: This series is divided into two sub-series. Sub-series A: General Scrapbooks; Sub-series B: Antiques Fair Scrapbooks.

Sub-series A: General Scrapbooks. This bulk of this sub-series consists of scrapbooks from the 1950s.

Sub-series B: Antiques Fair Scrapbooks. This sub-series consists of two scrapbooks devoted to the Antiques Fair. Materials from a third Antiques Fair scrapbook were removed from the scrapbook and are housed in Box 5 Sub-series B: 7th Annual Antiques Fair. The scrapbook in sub-series A: General Scrapbooks dated 1949-1950 contains some Antiques Fair information.


Gift of Mary Wright Thrasher, March 2000.
Accession #: A2000-4


Open to researchers without restrictions. Questions on literary property rights should be directed to the Special Collections Librarian.

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], the Papers of the Norfolk Branch of the American Association of University Women , [Box number], [folder number], Special Collections, Perry Library, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia


11 linear feet, 13 document cases and 9 oversized boxes.

Container Listing

Box 1

Series I: History:

Sub-series A: National

Folder 1 "AAUW 1881-1949" by Ruth W. Tryon
Folder 2 "AAUW 1882-1957" Seventy-Fifth Anniversary
Folder 3 "AAUW 1881-1981" Centennial Celebration
Folder 4 Centennial Audio Tapes 1881-1981
Folder 5 "The Talbot Story…A Play In Three Acts"

Sub-series B: Norfolk Branch

Folder 6 Decade of the Virginia Division 1960-1970
Folder 7 Fact Sheet (1990s)
Folder 8 "The History of the Virginia Division" 1960
Folder 9 60th Anniversary of Norfolk Branch with Portsmouth Branch 1962
Folder 10 75th Anniversary of Norfolk Branch 1977
Folder 11 75th Anniversary of Norfolk Branch Audio Tape Dec. 3, 1977
Folder 12 Miscellaneous
Folder 13 Norfolk Division History 1997

Series II: Organization:

Sub-series A: Members
Folder 14 Branch Officers 1946-1953
Folder 15 Branch Officers 1985/1986-1989/1990
Folder 16 Branch Officers (Other Virginia chapters)
Folder 17 Dossier of Missing Fellows List 1987
Folder 18 Membership 1935-1939
Folder 19 Membership Lists 1990s
Folder 20 New/Prospective Members

Sub-series B: Bylaws & Policies

Folder 21 Bylaws & Policies 1970s
Folder 22 Bylaws & Policies 1980s
Folder 23 Bylaws & Policies 1990s

Box 2

Folder 1 Duties of Officers
Folder 2 Leadership
Folder 3 Membership
Folder 4 Parliamentary Procedure
Folder 5 Resolutions

Sub-series C: Finances

Folder 6 Donations
Folder 7 Dues Reports 1981-1982
Folder 8 Treasurer 1958
Folder 9 Treasurer 1970s
Folder 10 Treasurer 1980-1985
Folder 11 Treasurer 1985-1990
Folder 12 Treasurer 1990s

Box 3

Series III: Minutes

Folder 1 Minutes October 1939-September 1945
Folder 2 Minutes October 1945-May 1949
Folder 3 Minutes 1949-1953
Folder 4 Minutes 1953-1954
Folder 5 Minutes June 1953-May 1955
Folder 6 Minutes 1985
Folder 7 Minutes 1986
Folder 8 Minutes 1987
Folder 9 Minutes 1988-1999
Folder 10 Minutes 1990s

Box 4

Series IV: Branch Reports

Folder 1 Branch Reports 1940/1941
Folder 2 Branch Reports 1941/1942
Folder 3 Branch Reports 1942/1943
Folder 4 Branch Reports 1944/1945-1945/1946
Folder 5 Branch Reports 1947/1948
Folder 6 Branch Reports 1950/1951-1951/1952
Folder 7 Branch Reports 1980/981
Folder 8 Branch Reports 1984
Folder 9 Branch Reports 1985
Folder 10 Branch Reports 1986
Folder 11 Branch Reports 1986/1987
Folder 12 Branch Reports 1987
Folder 13 Committee Reports 1938/1939
Folder 14 President's Report 1945
Folder 15 President's Report 1995/1996

Box 5

Series V: Issues/Activities

Sub-series A: Scholarships

Folder 1 Cherry Nottingham Scholarship
Folder 2 Fellowship Program "Investment in Creative Scholarship 1890-1956" by Ruth W. Tryon

Sub-series B: 7th Annual Antiques Fair 1956

Folder 3 Address Lists
Folder 4 Announcement
Folder 5 Application for State License, Insurance Policy
Folder 6 Applications for Booths
Folder 7 Bill
Folder 8 Correspondence
Folder 9 Fair Management
Folder 10 Fashion Show
Folder 11 Instructions for Exhibitors
Folder 12 Letters to Ticket Chairmen
Folder 13 Opening Ceremonies
Folder 14 Papers for Arena Rental
Folder 15 Poster
Folder 16 Program
Folder 17 Programs From Other Antique Shows
Folder 18 Publicity-Broadcast Media
Folder 19 Publicity-Print Media
Folder 20 Publicity-Window Displays
Folder 21 Recommendations
Folder 22 Register of Visitors
Folder 23 Report of the Finance Chairman 1956
Folder 24 Report of the Tea Room Chairman
Folder 25 Statements
Folder 26 Stationery
Folder 27 Tea Room Catering

Box 6

Sub-series C: Other Issues/Activities

Folder 1 Contributions
Folder 2 Directory of Nursery and Kindergartens in Norfolk, VA October 1963
Folder 3 ERA
Folder 4 Fundraising
Folder 5 Fundraising Handbook
Folder 6 Grants
Folder 7 International Federation of University Women (IFUW)
Folder 8 Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Edition
Folder 9 Pay Equity
Folder 10 Poverty
Folder 11 Programs 1936/1937-1940/1941
Folder 12 Program Planning
Folder 13 Public Support/Public Education
Folder 14 Tokyo Women's Christian College
Folder 15 Town Meeting On Norfolk's Future November 1982
Folder 16 "Woman of Achievement 1978" nomination
Folder 17 Women's Work/Women's Inventory

Box 7

Series VI: Annual Conventions

Folder 1 Virginia Division 23rd Annual Convention April 16-17, 1948
Folder 2 Virginia Division 51stAnnual Convention April 2-4, 1976
Folder 3 Virginia Division 55th Annual Convention April 11-13, 1980
Folder 4 Virginia Division 56th Annual Convention April 27-29, 1981
Folder 5 Virginia Division 57th Annual Convention April 30-May 2, 1982
Folder 6 Virginia Division 59th Annual Convention April 27-29, 1984
Folder 7 Virginia Division 60th Annual Convention April 26-28, 1985
Folder 8 Virginia Division 62nd Annual Convention April 24-26, 1987
Folder 9 Virginia Division 66th Annual Convention April 19-21, 1991
Folder 10 Virginia Division 67th Annual Convention May 1-3, 1992
Folder 11 Virginia Division 69th Annual Convention April 23, 1994
Folder 12 Virginia Division 70th Annual Convention April 28-30, 1995

Box 8

Series VII: Handbooks

Folder 1 Handbooks 1970/1971-1979/1980
Folder 2 Handbooks 1980/1981-1989/1990
Folder 3 Handbooks 1990/1991-1999/2000

Series VIII: Yearbooks

Folder 4 Yearbooks 1951/1952-1959/1960
Folder 5 Yearbooks 1960/1961-1969/1970

Box 9

Series IX: Publications

Folder 1 "AAUW Assignment in Human Freedom" 1949
Folder 2 "AAUW Branch Leadership Handbook" 1977
Folder 3 "AAUW Branch Leaders Handbook" 1982
Folder 4 "AAUW Branch Leaders Handbook" 1984
Folder 5 "AAUW Investments Unlimited News" 1957
Folder 6 "AAUW Legislative History and Policy Notes" 1981-1983
Folder 7 "AAUW News" 1950-1961 (Title changes to AAUW Bulletin)
Folder 8 "AAUW Bulletin 1961-1962 (Title changes to Norfolk Branch Bulletin)
Folder 9 "Norfolk Branch Bulletin" 1964-1968
Folder 10 "Norfolk Branch Bulletin" 1968-1976
Folder 11 "Norfolk Branch Bulletin" 1976-1986
Folder 12 "Norfolk Branch Bulletin" 1994-1996

Box 10

Folder 1"Graduate Women" July/August 1983-November/December 1983 (v.77 no.4-v.77 no. 7)
Folder 2 "Graduate Women" January 1984 (v.78 no.1), March 1984-June 1984 (v.78 no.3-v.78 no.6), September 1984-October 1984 (v.78 no.8-v.78 no.9)
Folder 3 "Graduate Women" January 1985 (v.79 no.1)
Folder 4 "Graduate Women" June 1986-November/December 1986 (v.80 no.5-v.80 no.8)
Folder 5 "Graduate Women" January/February 1987-November/December 1987 (v.81 no.1-v.81 no.6)
Folder 6 "Graduate Women" January/February 1988-May/June 1988 (v.82 no.1-v.82 no.3)
Folder 7 "Leader in Action" Winter 1981-Spring 1993
Folder 8 Newsletters from other Virginia Chapters

Box 11

Folder 1 "Outlook" 1993-1996
Folder 2 "Virginia Division Bulletin" 1942-1948
Folder 3 "Virginia Division Bulletin" 1949-1954
Folder 4 "Virginia Division Bulletin" 1954-1965
Folder 5 "Virginia Division Bulletin" 1965-1975
Folder 6 "Virginia Division Bulletin" 1975-1983
Folder 7 "Virginia Division Bulletin" 1983-1984
Folder 8 "Virginia Division Bulletin" 1984-1986
Folder 9 "Virginia Vision" 1987-1988
Folder 10 "Virginia Vision" 1992-1994, 1996, 2000

Box 12

Series X: Miscellaneous

Folder 1 1950s Miscellaneous
Folder 2 1950s Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings
Folder 3 1960s Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings
Folder 4 1970s Miscellaneous
Folder 5 1970s Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings (I)
Folder 6 1970s Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings (II)
Folder 7 1970-1980 Miscellaneous
Folder 8 1980s Miscellaneous (I)
Folder 9 1980s Miscellaneous (II)
Folder 10 1980s Miscellaneous Correspondence
Folder 11 1980s Miscellaneous Photographs

Box 13

Folder 1 1982-1983 Miscellaneous
Folder 2 1983-1984 Miscellaneous
Folder 3 1984-1985 Miscellaneous
Folder 4 1990s Miscellaneous (I)
Folder 5 1990s Miscellaneous (II)

Series XI: Promotional Materials

Folder 6 Available Materials
Folder 7 Letterhead
Folder 8 Merchandise Catalogs
Folder 9 Stationery

Series XII: Scrapbooks

Sub-series A: General Scrapbooks

Box 14


Box 15


Box 16

1954-1955 There are two scapbooks from 1954-1955.

Box 17


Box 18


Box 19


Sub-series B: Antiques Fair Scrapbooks

Box 20


Box 21

The contents of the scrapbook in this box are housed in box 5 Sub-series B: 7th Annual Antiques Fair 1956.

Box 22

The contents of this box are the four minutes books from Sub-series A: Minutes Books.