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Librarians are available to assist with the collection development activities of your subject area. Contact the librarian listed if you wish to request materials for purchase. All email address are @odu.edu and all phone numbers begin with 683 (area code 757 if necessary).

Subject Areas

Specialist Librarian



Accounting Miriam Bridges mbridges -4169
Aerospace Engineering Stuart Frazier sfrazer -4174
Anthropology James Rhoades jrhoades -4484
Art Pamela Morgan pmorgan -4148
Biological Sciences Pamela Morgan (acting) pmorgan -4148
Chemical Sciences Pamela Morgan (acting) pmorgan -4148
Child Study Lucinda Rush lrush -5909
Civil & Environmental Engineering Rob Tench ftench -4144
Communication Donna Hughes-Oldenburg dholdenb -4153
Communication Disorders and Special Education Lucinda Rush lrush -5909
Community & Environmental Health Charity Karcher ckarcher -5908
Computer Science Valentina Neblitt-Jones vneblitt -5952
Counseling & Human Services Lucinda Rush lrush -5909
Criminal Justice James Rhoades jrhoades -4484
Dance Donna Hughes-Oldenburg dholdenb -4153
Dental Hygiene Charity Karcher ckarcher -5908
Earth Sciences Pamela Morgan (acting) pmorgan -4148
Economics Leanne Hillery lhillery -4340
Educational Foundations & Leadership Lucinda Rush lrush -5909
Electrical & Computer Engineering Stuart Frazer sfrazer -4174
Engineering Management
Enginnering Technology Leanne Hillery lhillery -4340
English Karen Vaughan kvaughan -4184
Finance Miriam Bridges mbridges -4169
Foreign Languages
Geography James Rhoades jrhoades -4484
History Pamela Morgan pmorgan -4148
History (Virginia) Pamela Morgan (acting) pmorgan -4148
Human Movement Sciences Lucinda Rush lrush -5909
Humanities Donna Hughes-Oldenburg dholdenb -4153
Information Technology & Decision Sciences Tonia Graves tgraves -4188
International Studies James Rhoades jrhoades -4484
Journalism Karen S. Vaughan kvaughan -4184
Law James Rhoades jrhoades -4484
Linguistics Karen Vaughan kvaughan -4184
Management Miriam Bridges mbridges -4169
Marketing Miriam Bridges mbridges -4169
Mathematical Sciences Pamela Morgan (acting) pmorgan -4148
Mechanical Engineering Pamela Morgan (acting) pmorgan -4148
Medical Diagnosis & Translational Sciences Charity Karcher ckarcher -5908
Modeling, Simulation & Virtualization Tonia Graves tgraves -4188
Music Elizabeth Hogue ehogue -4131
Nursing Charity Karcher ckarcher -5908
Oceanography Pamela Morgan (acting) pmorgan -4148
Philosophy & Religion Rachel Lux rlux -4185
Physical Therapy Charity Karcher ckarcher -5908
Physics Pamela Morgan (acting) pmorgan -4148
Political Science James Rhoades jrhoades -4484
Psychology Nancy Schafer nschafer -4184
Sociology James Rhoades jrhoades -4484
STEM Education & Professional Studies Lucinda Rush lrush -5909
Teaching & Learning Lucinda Rush lrush -5909
Theater Arts Donna Hughes-Oldenburg dholdenb -4153
Urban Studies & Public Administration Rob Tench ftench -4144
Women's Studies Rachel Lux rlux -4185