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U.S. Census Data @ ICPSR
Fulltext 1790 - 2010
Serves as a focus for United States Census materials. The site seeks to provide information about all U.S. Census data and documentation files, training activities, links to relevant sites for Census users, and guidelines to aid researchers in the use of these files.
Restricted to ODU
U.S. Stock Market Database
Fulltext Historic and current
Provides comprehensive current and historical coverage of stocks traded on exchanges in the United States, with daily data for current US stocks back to 1970 and monthly data back to 1815. Stock market indices, historical stock data, delisted stocks, and fundamental data are included.
Restricted to ODU
No Fulltext Current
Provides detailed, comprehensive, and authoritative information on periodicals published throughout the world.
Restricted to ODU
Urban Studies Abstracts EBSCOhost
No Fulltext 1973 - Present
Includes bibliographic records covering essential areas related to urban studies, including urban affairs, community development, urban history, and other areas of key relevance to the discipline. The index contains more than 51,600 records, which are carefully selected from the most important sources within the discipline, such as: Urban Affairs Review, Urban studies, Journal of Urban Affairs, etc. EBSCO has digitized the full archive of this index.
Restricted to VIVA/ODU

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