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DAAI: Design and Applied Arts Index ProQuest
No Fulltext 1973 - present
Contains abstracts and bibliographic records for articles, news items, and reviews published in design and applied arts periodicals.
Restricted to ODU
Dance in Video Alexander_Street
Streaming Video 20th Century
Contains dance productions and documentaries by the most influential performers and companies of the 20th century. Selections cover ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, experimental, and improvisational dance, as well as forerunners of the forms and the pioneers of modern concert dance.
Restricted to ODU
Data Sharing for Demographic Research @ ICPSR
Fulltext 1705-Present
Provides resources to demographic data producers and users, including confidentiality and disclosure review, restricted data contract development and data dissemination, a searchable index of important demography and population study data, and a catalogue of publications using data indexed.
Restricted to ODU
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects OVID
Fulltext Current
Contains critical assessments of systematic reviews from a variety of medical journals from all over the world. DARE records cover topics such as diagnosis, prevention, rehabilitation, screening, and treatment.
Restricted to ODU
Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source EBSCOhost
Selected Fulltext 1966 - present
Covers the dental literature, including general and pediatric dentistry, endodontics, odontology, dental public health, oral & maxillofacial pathology/surgery/radiology, orthodontology, and periodontology. The Journal of Dental Research is full text back to 1919.
Restricted to ODU
Digital National Security Archive ProQuest
Fulltext Coverage varies by collection
From the award-winning, nongovernmental National Security Archive, this resource consists of expertly curated, and meticulously indexed, declassified government documents covering U.S. policy toward critical world events – including their military, intelligence, diplomatic and human rights dimensions – from 1945 to the present.
Restricted to ODU
Digital Sanborn Maps ProQuest
Fulltext 1867 -1970
Provides large-scale maps of towns and cities in Virginia, plus Washington, DC. This resource is valuable to anyone who wants to learn about the history, growth, and development of American cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Data include the outline of each building; size, shape, and construction materials; functions of structures; locations of windows and doors; street names, street and sidewalk widths, property boundaries, and house and block numbers.
Restricted to ODU
Directory of Open Access Journals
Fulltext Coverage varies by journal
Provides free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, aiming to cover all subjects and languages. There are a growing number of journals in the directory, with many of them searchable on article level.
Dissertations & Theses @ ODU ProQuest
Fulltext 1861 - Present
Allows you to access the citations and abstracts of all ODU student dissertations and theses, as well as the full text in PDF format, when available.
Restricted to VIVA/ODU
Dissertations & Theses Global ProQuest
Selected Fulltext 1743-Present
The world's most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from 1743 to the present day and offering full text for graduate works added since 1997, along with selected full text for works written prior to 1997. It contains a significant amount of new international dissertations and theses both in citations and in full text.
Restricted to VIVA/ODU

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