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STARquest II: The Internet and the World Wide Web

8b. Evaluating Resources - Who?

What to do

How to do it

Check the author's credentials and affiliation.

Look for a link on the page for an author's bio.

Is the author an expert in the field? Is he/she qualified to write this article?

In the URL, a tilde ~ can sometimes mean that the page is a part of a personal web directory. You can eliminate the section of the URL back to the tilde to discover more about the author.

Does the resource have a reputable organization or expert behind it?

Check the header and footer information to determine the author and source.

Are the sources of information stated? Can you verify the information?

You may need to consult some printed or electronic sources such as Who's Who in America, Biography Index or Biography & Genealogy Master Index.

Can the author be contacted for clarification?