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10c. What is ODU's honor code?

Old Dominion University has its own Honor Code and Honor Pledge which were developed as part of the Code of Student Conduct. You can find the code on the Web, on the University's home page in the Student Handbook section under "Honor System."

The Honor Code taken from section IV.A Code of Student Conduct describes academic dishonesty as:

"including but not limited to plagiarism and all forms of academic cheating, and failure to report known violations of the honor pledge"

Upon enrollment, students are required to sign the Honor Pledge which states:

"I pledge to support the Honor System of Old Dominion University. I will refrain from any form of academic dishonesty or deception, such as cheating or plagiarism. I am aware that as a member of the academic community, it is my responsibility to turn in all suspected violators of the Honor Code. I will report to a hearing if summoned."