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The Digital Services Center in the Perry Library provides hardware, software, and assistance to Old Dominion University faculty, staff and graduate students needing to integrate digital information resources into instruction, research, and coursework.


Mon - Fri: 10am-3pm or by appointment.


3rd floor west, Perry Library


Karen Vaughan - kvaughan@odu.edu
757-683-4184 or 683-5953


Digital Services Center

Scanning Assistance

Images: Flatbed and slide scanning capabilities are available for digitizing photographs, slides, or other graphic images. PaintShop may be used to create, capture, and/or edit images.

Text: TextBridge and Adobe Acrobat are available for creating and editing text documents. High-speed scanners convert text to PDF very quickly. Staff can assist with incorporating digital images and text into Web pages, PowerPoint presentations, or word processing documents.

Digital Audio Assistance

Audio: Create your own digital audio using a microphone, or use Audacity to digitize cassette tapes or CDs.

Digital Projects

The Digital Services Center welcomes the opportunity to work with ODU faculty and staff to create digital projects.


The Digital Services Center will offer training seminars to faculty, staff and students in the use of various tools and techniques available for digitizing materials.

Available Equipment

A list of equipment available for use in the Digital Services Center can be found here.