Citing your sources is extremely important, not only in your academic work, but also later if your career involves any type of research or documentation.
  • Most published information, whether on the Web or in print, is copyrighted automatically and subject to copyright laws.
  • Using someone else's work without citation is plagiarism, which usually results in serious consequences, especially for college students.
  • You must not only cite text, but images, media formats, and anyone else's ideas and words.
  • Paraphrasing from a source is a good practice, but you still need to cite the source.
  • Because there are various citation styles, in your academic research projects, it is important to find out what specific style you are required to use.
  • Free Web sites, library databases, and citation management programs (e.g., EndNote) can all provide help with citing. But they are not always accurate; you must always remember to check the references for errors and adherence to the appropriate style.

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