Tips for finding quality web sites

1) Look at the domain extension.

.edu -- educational sites

Generally, an educational site can be trusted. Colleges and universities will have certain criteria established before a page gets published. But not always!

.gov -- U.S. government agency

Again, information on a .gov site should be valid. But not always!

.com -- commercial site

Anyone can get a .com domain. If it's a company site, the purpose may be to sell something.

Pay attention to the domain extension in order to evaluate the information found there.

2) Using advanced features of search engines, you can limit your search in various ways:

  • to pages with specific domains
  • to how recent the pages are
  • to pages with various usage rights
  • to pages where your keywords are in the title, or other parts of the page
  • to pages that are considered "safe"

3) Use scholarly search engines instead of Open Web sites.

Among the search engines available for finding scholarly information are:

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