Locating Resources from the Library's Web Site

For books and materials other than articles, check the ODU library catalog.

I am looking for a 2010 article from the journal Terrorism and Political Violence.

For articles, if you don't see a link from the record in the database, go to the "Find Journals & Newspapers" link, which is listed under Research Resources on the library Home Page. Type in the journal title (not the title of the article) in the search box.

NOTE: It is a common mistake to type the article title instead of the journal title. The library catalog does not list individual articles. You must first search for the journal, then go to a database to find the article.

When you find a journal on the "Find Journals & Newspapers" page, if the journal is available online to ODU users, there will be a link to it.

If the listing indicates that ODU Library has Print and/or Microform Holdings of a journal, you can click on that link to find out where that journal can be found in the library. It will be shelved either:

  • on the 2nd floor by call number in the stacks of bound volumes
  • in the 2nd floor Microforms Area by call number
  • on the 2nd floor shelves of current issues near the front of the building, arranged alphabetically by title

It is a good idea to double check for journal titles in the library catalog. Sometimes an annual journal may be listed as a book.

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Would I be able to find the 2010 article in print at the ODU Libraries?

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