LOCATING Information

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In order to locate the sources you find in your search for information, it is useful to know how libraries and their Web sites are organized. ODU organizes information sources in a manner similar to that of most university libraries.

ODU has three libraries:

  • The Perry Library (which is our main library)
  • The Hofheimer Art Library
  • The Diehn Composers Room
Feel free to contact library reference staff if you are having trouble locating a source.
IDevice Icon Learning Outcomes
After completing this module, you will be able to
  • describe the ways libraries organize information, including classification systems
  • use the library catalog to identify sources held by the ODU Libraries
  • find print materials (e.g., books, government documents) in the ODU Libraries
  • use the library Web site to identify various sources and services
  • find journals in the ODU Libraries and from the library's Web site
  • identify sources for finding information not available through ODU Libraries
  • identify and use interlibrary loan

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