Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

May 2006

New Board Members
At the annual meeting of Friends of the ODU Library, held in conjunction with the author dinner on March 29, nine board members were elected. Five current board members accepted election to second three-year terms. These continuing board members are Mary Lewis Ash, Charles Burgess, Jean Major, Cecelia Tucker, and Derek Turrietta.

Four new board members were elected:

Fred Kirsch is now an editor and writing coach for the Virginian-Pilot. A winner of many writing awards during his 26-year career with the Virginian-Pilot, Fred began as a sports writer. He is a regular user of the ODU Library’s Special Collections, where he frequently does research.

Lisa Murray is a local author and public radio personality. She presents Lisa’s List, a book review, every Friday on WHRV during All Things Considered, and serves as local host for WHRV’s Weekend Edition – Saturday.

Helen Sonenshine is a former stockbroker and retired business owner, as well as a recent president of the Virginia Symphony League. An acclaimed fund-raiser and woman of noted talents, Helen is dedicated now to supporting the ODU Library by serving in the Friends leadership.

Lisa Suhay is a freelance journalist published in the New York Times, Philadelphia Enquirer, Miami Herald, and Christian Science Monitor, as well as other newspapers, and is the author of a children’s book titled There Goes A Mermaid! A NorFolk Tale. She is currently a staff member in the Office of University Relations at Old Dominion.

Library Staff Appreciation Reception
In a tradition of long standing, the Friends of the Library board will honor librarians and staff at a reception on May 4. Board members and other Friends will take the opportunity then to recognize the library’s staff and thank them personally for their committed service to library users.

During the reception, awards will be presented to the Librarian of the Year and the Staff Member of the Year. These annual awards were instituted by Cynthia Duncan at the close of her tenure as University Librarian. Jean Major, University Librarian Emeritus, and Virginia S. O’Herron, present University Librarian, continued to support the awards and to celebrate the achievements of the honored colleagues during the Friends’ staff appreciation reception.

The Year In Review
The mission of the Friends of the ODU Library is to support the library by volunteering, increasing visibility and understanding, and providing financial resources. The Friends made significant contributions to supporting the Old Dominion University Library in all these ways during the 2005/2006 year.

To increase visibility, the following major programs were presented during the year:
-- Perspectives on Banned Books: A Panel Discussion celebrated the freedom to read and spoke in opposition to attempts to censor books. The program was given during Banned Books Week at the end of September.
-- “The History of War and Other Histories,” a Fall Forum lecture, was presented by Peter Paret, noted scholar in the contemporary study of military history.
-- Lead-In to Terry Waite’s speech (part of the President’s Lecture Series) was a Friends-of-the-Library sponsored panel discussion related to Waite’s topic, “Iraq, Guantanamo, and Human Rights.” Panelists were ODU faculty experts.
-- Annual Author Dinner in late March featured a presentation by Paul Rasor, Director of the Center for the Study of Religious Freedom at Virginia Wesleyan College. His recent book, Faith Without Certainty: Liberal Theology in the 21st Century provided the point of departure for his remarks.

Friends provided direct service to the library and to all members of the Friends during the year.
-- A workshop on preserving personal collections of books, photographs, documents and audio-visual materials was offered to Friends members in July. It was given by the preservation expert from the library’s bindery.
-- Friends memorabilia such as tee shirts, sweat shirts, tote bags, and travel mugs, all embellished with the Friends of the Library logo, were sold during all Friends events.
-- Book sale assistance was given to the library’s staff association, which manages the annual book sale.
-- A reception in the Diehn Composers Room was given to celebrate the opening of an exhibit of materials drawn from the recent gift of the papers and manuscripts of Adolphus Hailstork.
-- Individual Friends volunteers took the opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes in the library and to make an important contribution to its growth by working as volunteers in the Library’s Special Collections.
-- The staff appreciation reception is given by the Friends each May to recognize the library staff’s committed service to users.

Friends of the Library fund-raising programs gave valuable support to the library’s services and acquisitions programs. Among the major purchases underwritten by the Friends was the JSTOR Arts and Sciences Collection. It is a retrospective, full-text database that includes many core research journals in key fields in the humanities and social sciences, journals that the library has not held until now. The Friends of the Library also contributed to the library staff scholarship fund, a source of support for library staff pursuing Masters in Library Science.

Membership dues supply the primary source of financial support from the Friends, but the Friends organization has another long-standing fundraising event: Baskets for Books. This annual basketball game was played last December against the DePaul Blue Demons. The Friends benefited from selling 290 tickets. In addition, there was a half-time free-throw contest, for which the Friends “earned” $25 for each basket made by either contestant.

The Friends of the Old Dominion University Library exists to support the development of a research library for the university and the community. During this very successful year, the major Friends programs have provided essential support for the library’s development. As the Friends of the Library continues to grow and develop, a research library for the university and the community can happen with continued help from all the library’s Friends.

Friends Merchandise Now Featured on Web Page

Friends of the Library Web page now features a display of the complete range of FoL merchandise. Now you can view a photo of each item before selecting that next birthday or graduation gift.

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July 1, 2005 – June 30, 2006

Life Members, Friends of the Library (One-time $1,000 gift)
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ash
Dr. and Mrs. Charles O. Burgess
Mrs. Rita Costello
Ms. Lisa Cumming
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Daniel
Robert L. and Katherine B. Fenning
Mr. Leslie Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Frost
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Hoddinott
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Isenhour
The Honorable and Mrs. Marc Jacobson
Mrs. Jean M. Lindsay
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Magoon
Ms. Virginia S. O’Herron
Mr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Perry
Dr. and Mrs. Sid Roberts
Dr. Roseann Runte and Mrs. Anna O’Reilly
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Sonenshine
Drs. Katherine and Robert Treherne

University Librarian’s Circle ($1,000)
President and Mrs. James V. Koch

Fellow ($500 - $999)
Cynthia Clark
Robert Magoon

Sponsor ($200 - $499)
Warner Chapman
Robert Daniels
Franklin Ross Jones
Fern McDougal
Peter Schauss

Sustaining ($100 – $199)
Nancy Bagranoff
Donna Bausch
Georgia Christie
Mary Commander
Jane and David Hager
Carole P. Hines
Michael Larson
Duane and Randy Lougee
Mariam Morris
John Nottingham
Ann Phillippe
Usman Qureshi
Janet Rogers
Robert and Aleene Rose
Richard Todd
Donald White
Seth Zimmer

Basic Individual and Family Memberships in Friends of the Old Dominion University Library are held by 192 additional library friends and supporters.


FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY NEWSLETTER is produced by the Publicity Committee of the Friends of the Old Dominion University Library; members are:
Donna Bausch
Jean A. Major, Chair
Peter Schulman
Susan Weaver