Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

Spring 1997 Newsletter


The Friends of the ODU Library, along with the Athletic Department, are sponsoring a special evening to help the Library. A dinner at the Encore Restaurant at Scope at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 1st will precede the mens basketball game against the University of Richmond at 7:30 p.m. Dinner is complimentary to members of Friends of the Library.

A percentage of all tickets proceeds from the game will go to the Library. Fans can present their library card and purchase tickets for the discounted rate of $5, or the regular price of $10.

At half-time of the game, President James Koch and Tony Mercurio from radio station WGH-AM, SCORE, will have a "Shoot-out." For every basket made within a certain time limit, the radio station will donate $25 to the Library. Last year this event raised several hundred dollars.

For more information, call Julie in ODU Special Events at 683-5359.


The annual Fall Book Sale was held November 7th and 8th and raised about $2,000. The money was divided into 32 awards for library student workers who met certain criteria.

This years winners were: Cynthia Anderson, Krisa Blanchard, Amanda Bloodgood, Peter Bruce, Jackie Burnett, Jerry Coggeshall, Erin Dunford, Tracy Ferrell, Robert Fletcher, Tara Gunter, Gayle Hinkley, Molly Hutton, Shawn James, Karen Johnson, Kim Johnson, Tanya Johnson, Sam Lopez, Antonio Mapp, John McCord, Mohamud Mohamud, Trudy Morgan, Lester Preiss, Anthony Ruffin, Denise Rummler, Patricia Ryan, Christine Sawyer, Adrian Smith, Chalarra Snead, Warren Taylor, Ilyssa Tonnesson, and Matisha Tucker. The awards were presented in the form of gift certificates at the ODU Book Store.

Thank you to all who donated books, worked at the sale, or purchased books.


The Annual Author Dinner for Friends of the Library will be Wednesday, April 16th at 6:30 p.m. in the River Rooms of Webb Center. Reservation forms will be mailed in March, but plan to reserve early, as last year was a sell-out and seating is limited.

The guest speaker will be Howard Owen, Deputy Managing Editor of the Richmond Times Dispatch. Owen, a native of North Carolina, has worked for newspapers around the country since 1971. In 1981 his first novel, Little John, was published. It has sold more than 50,000 copies and has been printed in Japanese, French, and Korean. It was also a Doubleday Book Club selection.

He has also written Fat Lightening, published in 1994, and Answers to Lucky, 1996. Howard Owen's latest novel, The Measured Man, will be published by Harper Collin this February. It has received glowing pre-publication reviews from Publisher's Weekly and Kirkus Reviews.

At the dinner, this years Friends of the Library Outstanding Achievement Award will be presented to an individual who has made a significant literary contribution through published works and has an affiliation to Old Dominion University. The first award was presented to Alf J. Mapp, Jr., and last year the award was given to Dr. Daniel E. Sonenshine.

This year reserved table seating will be provided for book clubs who wish to come together. The reservation form in March will have a space for book clubs to indicate their seating preference.


It was Standing Room Only for the Friends Fall Forum on November 10th as Art history Professor Elizabeth Lipsmeyer and History Professor Kathy Pearson covered the medieval world of art, kings, and politics. We thank them for an excellent Sunday afternoon program at which there was not one empty seat, and every inch of floor space was filled.

Watch for the 1997 Friends Fall Forum for another pairing of outstanding speakers on a fascinating topic, followed by a reception.


The addition to the main library building is taking form, and the final appearance of the wrap-around addition can be seen. On the west side of the building, brick and glass installation both are nearly finished, giving a genuine sense of the finished building. Observers can see the emergence of the north side facade of the building, too, with the staircase tower at the center. The east side is scheduled for completion after the other two areas, and brick is just now being installed.

On the inside of the addition, a new elevator has been completed, and the structure for campact shelving has been installed. Sprinklers and inside work on wiring are taking place at this time. Discrete areas inside the building are in process of being laid out.

The addition -- new construction -- phase of the main library project is now scheduled for completion on June 1. At that time, library functions and staff will move into the new areas, and renovation will be carried out on the existing building. The target date for completion of the entire project is January 1998.

At the same time, construction of the Diehn Composers Room has been initiated. This addition to the Diehn Fine & Performing Arts Building will house special collections in twentieth century music and a reading room for their use.

The addition has been closed in, and internal work areas have been laid out. The project will be completed in April of this year.



If you have any doubt as to your membership status, please call Fern or Ocieola at 683-4141. Remember, your membership contribution provides much needed financial support for library acquisitions.

And if you are not yet a memeber of the Friends, call Dolly at 423-2604 for a membership form and information on the various levels of membership. The Friends is for those on campus and off who want to support the Library.


David Basco -- The Tailor of Panama (Fiction) by John LeCarre.

Susan Schaffer -- Time Enough for Love (science fiction) by Robert Heinlein

G. Richard Whittecar -- The Dechronization of Sam Magruder (science fiction) by George Gaylord Simpson

Henry Behrmann -- The Arms of Krupp (nonfiction, German dynasty of weapons manufacturers) by William Manchester

Donna Koch -- Rape of Europa (nonfiction, what happened to the art of Europe during and after World War II) by Lynn Nicholas