Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

Fall 1995 Newsletter

First Annual Friends of ODU Library Author's Dinner

Charlise Lyles, columnist for the Virginian-Pilot and adjunct faculty member at Old Dominion, was the guest speaker at the first annual Friends of the ODU Library Author's Dinner on April 12 in Webb Center. Reading a poignant selection from her newly published autobiography, Do I Dare Disturb the Universe, she described the important role books have played in her life.

Honored at the dinner was Alf J. Mapp, Jr., a professor emeritus of Old Dominion University, author, and internationally recognized Thomas Jefferson scholar. He received the first Friends of the Library Outstanding Achievement Award for "representing all that a library cherishes reading for enjoyment, scholarly research, preservation of culture and tradition, and the quest for discovery, invention, and truth."

The second annual Author's Dinner in the spring will offer another sparkling literary evening, featuring an outstanding speaker and the designation of the second Friends of the Library Award. Watch for details in 1996 and reserve your place early.

Membership Time

As we approach the beginning of our second year of activity, it will be time for many of us to renew our memberships in the Friends of the Old Dominion University Library. This is also an excellent time for new members to join. Memberships range from $35 to $1000, and dues are used for library acquisitions. The Friends group ensures the future of the Library by providing funds for the library endowment, encouraging contributions of specific gifts, and offering service to the Library. New membership forms will be mailed the month before your renewal date and are always available at the 4th floor Library office. A university is only as good as its library. An excellent library is essential to university excellence.

Thank You to Library Staff

May Day was a Thank You to the Staff Day at the University Library, as members of the Friends of the Library created a banquet table of afternoon delights for the hardworking library staff. If you would like to help with this event next May, please contact Dolly Hinton through the Library office, 683-4141, and you will be contacted as the event draws closer.

Quick Facts About the First Year of the Friends of the ODU Library

  • First year membership total: 125 individuals, one company, and one organization
  • Amount raised for the library: $19,215

Were you a part of the first year?

T-Shirts for Sale

Just what the well-dressed bibliophile needs for fall a Friends of the Old Dominion University Library T-shirt. Now available in the Library office on the 4th floor, these off-white T-shirts feature the distinctive logo of the Friends, sell for only $10, and proceeds go to Library acquisitions. Remember these shirts for gifts also.

Town-N-Gown Supports the Friends

The Town-N-Gown organization has pledged $2500, payable over 5 years, to the University Library through the Friends. Stuart Cake, last year's president of Town-N-Gown said the gift was "a sign of our desire to be an active part of ODU and of the importance of the Library to the life of the University." The Friends thank this organization for their dedication to ODU and their support of the Library.

1995-1996 Board Members of the Friends of the ODU Library

Bette Browning, Sterling Edmonds, Lynda Erickson, Lucille Garner, Sarah Goldberger (student representative), Carole Hines, Dolly Hinton, Judy Homsher, Donna Koch, Beverley Lawler, Jean A. Major, Alf Mapp, Cynthia McCraw, Laura Moen, Ray Morgan, Virginia S. O'Herron, Ellis O'Neal, Barbara Peck, Al Rollins, Martha Rollins, and John Tucker.

Executive Committee members: Dolly Hinton, President Cynthia McCraw, Vice President Lucille Garner, Secretary Jean Major, Treasurer Ellis O'Neal, Member at Large

Book Sale Coming!

The University Library will hold its annual Book Sale the end of October or early November. Watch for details later in the fall. Do save the books that you would like to contribute for the sale. Books can be brought to the Library beginning the first week in October. If you would like to help with the sale, please call the Library office at 683-4141 and ask that your name be added to the Friends' volunteer list for this event.

Summer Reading

The following ODU faculty share one of the books they read this summer while they were sunning themselves at the beach, traveling the highways, or, more likely, relaxing after a day toiling in their offices: Janet Katz (Acting Dean, College of Arts & Letters) -- An Imperfect Spy by Amanda Cross; Robert Ash (Professor, Aerospace Engineering) -- Jeb Stuart: Last Cavalier by Stuart Davis; John Broderick (Professor, English) -- Paula (both in English and in Spanish) by Isabel Allende; Lou Henry (Director, Academic Honors Program) -- Mozart by Maynard Sullivan; Judy Doumas (Professor, English) -- Alligator Dance by Janet Perry; Jean Major (University Librarian) -- Women in Power: The Secrets of Leadership by Dorothy W. Cantor; James V. Koch (President) -- Moo by Jane Smiley; Dana Burnett (Vice President, Student Services) -- My Antonia by Willa Cather; Harold Wilson (Professor, History) -- The Enigma of Japanese Power by Kerel Von Wolferen; Jane Hager (Professor, Curriculum & Instruction) -- Beach Music by Pat Conroy.