Friends of the Old Dominion University Libraries

Spring 1995 Newsletter

This spring marks the end of our organizational year and we are now on our way to support and serve the ODU library. Our membership drive is always continuing and we ask your help in recruiting new members through your friends in the community. We would like to particularly target alumni of the university, so please ask those you know to support their university by joining the Friends of the ODU Library.

Membership forms are always available by calling the library office at 683-4141.

The "Baskets for Books" basketball game in support of the library was held on February 11th at Scope. The Friends were a co-sponsor of this event, and the evening was great fun and successful. Not only did Old Dominion defeat American University, but money was raised for the Library. A special basketball shoot-out was held between President Koch and our own steering committee member, Sterling Edmonds. President Koch was declared the winner -- however, there was some dispute that maybe it was really a tie!

Please mark your calendar for the following up-coming events:

Wednesday, April 12th at 6:30 in the Webb Center, the Friends will hold their annual spring Author Dinner. The guest speaker will be Charlise Lyles, author of the newly released autobiography, Do I Dare Disturb the Universe. Further information will be forthcoming.

Monday, May 1st from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. in room 402 of the library, the Friends will host a "thank you" reception for the library staff. All members are invited.

The Board of Directors of the Friends of the ODU Library will be elected at the annual dinner on April 12th. The slate of nominees as presented by the nominating committee includes: Bette Browning, Sterling Edmonds, Lynda Erickson, Lucille Garner, Dolly Hinton, Judy Homsher, Donna Koch, Alf Mapp, Cynthia McCraw, Laura Moen, Ray Morgan, Virginia S. O'Herron, Ellis O'Neal, Barbara Peck, Al Rollins, John Tucker, and Sara Goldberger (student member). Additional nominations may be made by calling Jean Major (University Librarian) or Fern McDougal at the library office, 683-4141.

The constitution of the organization will also be adopted at the annual meeting. Copies are available in the library office (room 405) for review before the meeting.

Now Available -- T-shirts with the ever tasteful ODU Friends of the Library logo are for sale at the library (room 405) for only $10.00 (X-Large only). These were a big hit at the Baskets for Books game -- get yours today!

Thank you for your support, and please take time to visit your library.