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Oral History Interview with Emily V. Pittman

July, 1976
Interviewer: James R. Sweeney

Q: During the past few years women's athletics ... has received much attention on the college level. What impact has the women's liberation movement had on women's athletics?

A: I suppose that one of the impacts of course, is ... is more money to carry out the program. We have scholarships now, which is something new for women. I am sure this will lead to more opportunities for students to participate in the various inter-collegiate activities.

Q: I wondered if you had on this question some comments about the effect of scholarships on women's collegiate athletics. Do you see a possibility that scholarships will lead to over-emphasis as it has in some cases within men's athletics?

A: I really don't know. This of course is hypothetical ... I know that there are in some parts of the country a great deal of emphasis put on women's athletics. I haven't been in those sections, so I really don't know. Sometimes this bothers me because I don't think the overall objective of women is to be terribly outstanding in athletics. Maybe for men but I've never heard a woman say that to be on an Olympic team was an objective. So, I don't know.

Q: Do you believe that women's athletics will attain parity with men's athletics on the college level?

A: No! For two reasons: interest as far as spectators are concerned and again going back to the general objectives of women.

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