March is Women's History Month. To honor women this month, the Old Dominion University Libraries are celebrating American women in business and industry.

Over the course of our history, women have made remarkable strides in every field and at every level. As stated in A to Z of American Women Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs:

From colonial innkeepers, merchants, and printers, to 19th-century factory owners and dressmakers, to the financiers, founders, and corporate executives of today, American women have succeeded in business. Although many did not receive credit for their contributions, American women have made their mark in virtually every field, both in areas that were traditionally associated with women and areas that were considered for men only. (Sherrow, 2002, p. xi)

At the Old Dominion University Libraries, our hope is that you'll use this web page to learn more about the history of women in business & industry -- the progress they have made and the pride they can take in their many accomplishments.