Presidents of Old Dominion University


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This exhibit was originally created as a welcome to Dr. Roseann Runte, ODU's seventh president in 2001. It was updated in 2009 as John R. Broderick was introduced as the eighth president of Old Dominion University.

Biographical material was taken from Old Dominion University: from the Great Depression to the new millenium, 1930-2000 (by Maggie Brydges), various university press releases and other sources in Special Collections.

Early photos are available in the University Archives of Perry Library, while recent photos (Koch, Runte and Broderick) were contributed by Steve Daniel of the University Public Relations Office.

Karen Vaughan, Digital Services Coordinator, organized the project and created and updated the web site. Jan Halecki, former Special Collections assistant, compiled early biographical material, and graduate student Srinivas Kasakurti scanned and converted the photos for the web site. Special thanks to Steve Daniel for reviewing the site and providing additional photos.

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