Early Jamestown:
The Voyage, the Venture, the Vision

An Exhibit of the Old Dominion University Perry Library

In 1606, three ships set sail from England in search of gold, a route to Asia, and freedom. They arrived in Jamestown in May 1607. Adapting to this new life proved too difficult for many to endure, even though they made every effort to succeed. Eventually, they prevailed in establishing the first permanent English settlement in America. In recognition of the 400th Anniversary of Jamestown, the Old Dominion University Libraries is featuring an exhibit, "Early Jamestown: The Voyage, the Venture, the Vision." The exhibit, which includes maps, illustrations, and textual materials, will be available from May 11 through July 2007 in the main lobby of Perry Library.

The exhibit was researched and created by Teresa Statler-Keener, Marissa Jimenez, and Kathryn Boone. For more information, please contact Teresa Statler-Keener tstatler@odu.edu


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