Coach Tommy Scott

Coach Tommy Scott

Thomas (Tommy) Lawrence Scott was a 1926 graduate of Maury High School and a 1930 graduate of VMI. He was the first athletic director of the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary, where he coached football, baseball, basketball, and track. He was loved and admired by his team, often referred to as "Scottmen." He left the Norfolk Division in 1941 to pursue a business career.

In an oral history interview, Tommy Scott's wife talks with Dr. Jim Sweeney about her memories of early football: the team practicing at "Scott's field" before Foreman Field was constructed, taking the team to games in their old Studebaker, a 1932-33 trip the football team took to Miami, Florida, and many other recollections.

Scott died in 1962.

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Listen to an excerpt from Dr. Sweeney's interview with Mrs. Scott on Feb. 5, 1976.

Q: Could you recollect for me the story that you told me before about the car, your car that was used by the teams and then how the school purchased a station wagon?

Mrs. Scott: When we were first married, Tommy had an old Studebaker and we had to take the boys to the different games in the Studebaker. It had a rumble seat. He'd put three or four in the front seat, three or four in the rumble seat. The other cars were... either belonged to the boys who -- his players. And over the years the old Studebaker fell to pieces so the college did buy a station wagon to move the boys from the different towns to be able to play their games.

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