ODU Oral Histories Related to Football

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Person interviewed
Akers, W. Gerald

Faculty, 1930-72

Recounts attending a football game with an attendence of about 20 as justification for removing football from school's budget. (pages 12-13)
Chandler, Joseph C. "Scrap"
Athletic Director, 1942-71
Recalls the administration not reviving football due to the debt it caused the school in the 1930's. Focus was put on other, less expensive, sports like basketball. (pages 2, 9-11)
Charity, Bessie Support Staff, 1934-69
Recalls Coach Tommy Scott and his team practicing in Larchmont Field and using a basement as a locker room. Recounts how sad she was to see the football team go, but the small college didn't have the budget for it.
Healy, Joseph E.
Director & Organizer of Wm&Mary "Extension", 1920s-30s
Recounts hiring Coach Tommy Scott and the formation of the football team. (page 3)
Jackson, Perry Y.
Faculty, 1930-39
Comments on the football team being aptly named the "Indians" and how local opponents were scarce. (page 3)
Kovner, Edgar A.
Faculty, 1946-84
Discusses Lacrosse as a suitable substitute for the discontinued football team. (page 2)
MacDonald, Frank
Faculty, 1938-56
Discusses Foreman Field, the financing of the football team, and an "overemphasis" on athletics in those days. (page 6)
Martin, Mayor Roy B.
Student, 1930s; Norfolk Mayor
Discusses the contract between the City of Norfolk and Old Dominion for the use of Foreman Field. Also mentions the Shriner's Oyster Bowl. Nothing specific to the 1930's football team. (page 5)
Metheny, Arthur B. (Bud)
Athletics coach, 1948-80

Interview 1: Recounts playing football as an undergraduate at William and Mary, a renewed interest in reviving football in the 1950's, and the cost to finance a football team. (pages 1, 17-18, 21-22)

Interview 2: Discusses 1968 Southern Conference eligibility related to having a football team, renewed interest in reviving football in 1968, and the cost of football as a the reason it was not revived. (pages 11, 16-17)

Pearce, Edward
Student, 1934-35
Recounts Coach Tommy Scott and the football team playing student clubs and small colleges. (pages 1-2, 4)
Plummer, Louis G.
Faculty, 1956-75
Discusses how not having a football team hurt the track team. (page 4)
Scott, Mrs. Tommy L.
Wife of first Athletic Director, Tommy Scott, 1930s
Talks about how her husband, Coach Tommy Scott, had more than enough interest to fill positions on the football team; the team practicing at "Scott's field" before Foreman stadium was constructed; taking the team to games in their old Studebaker; Tommy Scott's coaching style; how he went about scheduling opponents for the football team; a 1932-33 trip the football team took to Miami, Florida; recollections of football games at Foreman Field; the school's focus on track and less expensive sports in the 1940's; and the attitude of Coach Scott and the team during their final season in 1940. (pages 1-7)
Sebren, Herbert L.
Faculty, 1948-87
Recalls the band putting on a halftime show for a game William and Mary vs. Wake Forest and being Chairman of the Athletic Committee trying to get Southern Conference Eligibility which was denied due to the lack of a football team. (pages 8, 12)
Shufflebarger, David
Asst. to President for Governmental Relations, 1970s
Discusses a 1971 university master plan that includes the possibility of tearing down Foreman Field since there was no football team to use it. The plan was revised in 1976 and the Foreman was use kept because it was being used by women's sports such as field hockey. Also discusses the contract with the City of Norfolk to use Foreman Field and the possibility of a Regional Stadium being built to attract a professional team to the area. (pages 7-8)
Tatem, Albert
Student 1946-48; Faculty, 1960-85
Briefly mentions coming to football games after Foreman Field was built. (pages 1-2, 4)
Teich, Albert, Jr.
Student 1945-47; Faculty, 1957-92; Norfolk lawyer
Compares his career at the University of Virginia, which had a football team, and the Norfolk Division of William and Mary that didn't when he taught here. Also mentions a football team as important to school spirit. (page 7)
Tonelson, A. Rufus
Student 1930-33; Principal of Maury High School, 1957-?; ODU Faculty & Dean 1966-71; Asst to President 1971-76

Interview 1: Recalls Tommy Scott, coach of the football team; covering football games as a reporter for the High Hat where the college played high schools and small colleges. (pages 2-3)

Interview 2: Recounts the trip where the Norfolk Division played the University of Miami in 1932 as a result of a mix up between the Norfolk Division of William and Mary and the College of William and Mary and other games played that season. (pages 1-2)

Webb, Lewis W., Jr.
President, 1960-69; Faculty, 1932-74

Interview 1: Talks about how football was abandoned just before WWII and how it has been a good thing that the college has not had a football team because of cost and because football does not attract quality students. (pages 8-9)

Interview 2: Discusses the arrangement between the college and the City of Norfolk regarding Foreman Field. (page 22)

White, Edward
Dean, School of Engineering, 1932-74
Briefly mentions football debt and attracting spectators to an after hours event on a commuter campus. (page 5)

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