How it all started….

Listen to the excerpt from the interview with Dr. Healy on June 9, 1960.

… according to Joseph Ewart Healy, one of the original administrators of the Norfolk Division of the College of William & Mary.  He was told by William & Mary’s President J.A.C. Chandler to

… go out and employ a coach; go out and employ an athletic director. I said, Okay. It happened that a young man by the name of Tommy Scott had graduated the previous June from VMI. He was All Southern end that year at VMI. I knew Tommy, and he had a nice personality, so I got in touch with Tommy, and he accepted the position of athletic director at the Norfolk Division, and Dr. Chandler told Billy Gooch to send some old uniforms down. So on or about the middle of September we had an athletic team, had a football team on the field. [from an oral history interview June 9, 1960,  p. 3]

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An exhibit of the Old Dominion University Libraries. Fall 2009