The Future of ODU Football: Touchdown in 2009

Somehow in 2005, the time was right. On June 14, 2005, the ODU Board of Visitors unanimously approved a plan to begin NCAA Div. I-AA football at a remodeled Foreman Field. Obstacles still to overcome included funding, facility renovation and maintenance, increase in Title IX athletic programs, additional athletic practice fields, finding a coach and players. It all fell into place over the next five years with hard work and diligence on the part of students, alumni, the university administration, the Board of Visitors, and many others.

Bobby Wilder was introduced as the new coach on February 12, 2007 and immediately began recruiting his team. All the other pieces began to fall into place with funding coming in and the renovation of Foreman Field, including a new game day building, field surface, scoreboard, sound system, field enclosure and parking garage.

On September 5, 2009, ODU's new football season will kick off against Chowan University.

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