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From the American Revolution to the present, African American women have played a myriad of critical roles in the making of our nation.  Their labor and leadership, their motherhood and patriotism, and their intellect and artistic expression have all enriched both the African American community and the nation at large.  In slavery and freedom, their struggles have been at the heart of the human experience, and their triumphs over racism and sexism are a testimonial to our common human spirit.

From the Association for the Study of African American Life and History: 

The ODU University Libraries celebrate Black History Month 2012 with an exhibit in the Learning Commons. The exhibit features a background depicting "the labors, struggles, organization, and sacrifices of common women" that have made possible the "prominence of heralded individuals" we know today. "Black Women in American Culture and History" will be available through the month of February 2011.

The exhibit was created by Edison Simmons and Marissa Jimenez. Contact Edison with questions or comments.

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