ODU Libraries celebrate BIG BLUE
as we welcome students back to the Learning Commons @ Perry Library Welcome

An exhibit in the Learning Commons features photographs and news clippings from the University Archives and Athletics Department and borrows from a recent article by Steve Daniel, ODU Public Relations Director.

View the exhibit from August 23 to September 30, 2012 to view the many faces of Big Blue from the 1970s til now. The exhibit was created by Teresa Statler-Keener.

Big Blue 2012

View Photos of the Exhibit.

BraveA bit of history:

1930-1961:  as the Norfolk Division of the College of William & Mary, our athletic teams are referred to as the “Braves”

1961:  “Monarchs” is adopted as our new name, as we split from William & Mary and become an independent, four-year institution.

1971:  A “roaring, crowned lion” replaces the crown and mace as the symbol of the Monarchs. “Big Blue” becomes our mascot.

Read Steve Daniel's article in the Monarch Magazine to learn more.*

1970s: Big Blue starts out a bit scary.

Big Blue 70s

: Big Blue softens and then gets a lot of color.

Big Blue 80s

: Big Blue is on his way to becoming the Big Blue we know and love.

Big Blue 90s

2011:  Big Blue is voted “Capital One National Mascot of the Year.”

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* Daniel, Steve. "Then & Now: The Monarchy Looks Back 50 Years; It All Started with a Regal Name and a 'Seedy-Looking' Mascot." Monarch: Old Dominion University Magazine 2011: 6-7.