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F. Ludwig Diehn
Composers Room

Diehn Fine & Performing Arts Bldg.
49th & Elkhorn Ave.
Norfolk, VA

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Touring the Diehn Composers Room

The Diehn Composers Room may be toured by any interested individual or group. Tours will include viewing all public areas of the facility and information about the physical environment, collections, equipment, and services, and will last approximately thirty minutes. Tours are conducted as an orientation to the facility and its services. Library Instruction needs are met by the University Library's Reference and Research Services Department. Call the Reference Office 683-4182 to schedule Library Instruction.

  • Group tours will be scheduled at least one week in advance to allow for staff scheduling and adequate preparation.
  • Tours will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Tour groups may not exceed thirty people. Every effort should be made to keep tour group numbers around twenty for ease of movement through the facility. Groups over thirty people will be divided into two or more separate tours.
  • Individuals desiring tours will be able to attend the next available tour until that tour's group limit has been reached. At such a time, a new tour would be scheduled and this individual's name would be first on the list to attend.
  • Tour groups that include students of area high schools, middle or elementary schools, or the Governor's Magnet School, must have a ratio of one chaperon to every fifteen students.
  • The Library Assistant will schedule tours. Tours may be requested by phone, e-mail, or U.S. mail.

Online Tour

If you are unable to visit the Diehn Composers Room in person you can learn more about the various areas of the Diehn Composers Room here.