William Shannon Stoney
First page of Stoney's Trio No. 1 The Trio No. 1 for violin, cello, and piano, a commission by the Old Dominion University Faculty Trio, was completed in 1988. The ODU Faculty Trio premiered the piece in February of 1989 and gave three additional performances of it before the end of March that year. Trio No. 1 consists of three movements, marked Allegro, Lento, and Allegro. In Dr. Stoney's words: "As composer, I view the first and third movements (in retrospect) as being optimistic and positive, while the contrasting slow middle movement is on the pensive side." This piece, composed eighteen years after his Six Songs of Nature, contrasts greatly to the compositional style found in the six songs. The tonal centers in the movements of Trio No. 1 are fairly indistinct and the writing is more esoteric in general. It is a highly textural and contrapuntal work marked by occasional tempo and meter changes. Each instrument is put through its paces by being required to create very controlled, slow melodic lines and also by having to adeptly play florid passagework. Trio No. 1 is a challenging and and exuberant work which displays artistry and imagination in every regard. 

Copy of original loaned by William Shannon Stoney.

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