William Shannon Stoney

Front page of Stoney's Emily Dickinson songs

This set of songs for soprano and piano is titled Six Songs of Nature, and was completed in 1970. The five poems by Emily Dickinson that serve as the texts are not cyclical but they are unified by common imagery which hovers around the natural world. The titles of the poems used are: "I'll tell you how the sun rose," "Some keep the sabbath going to church," "As imperceptibly as grief," "The moon was but a chin of gold," "There's a certain slant of light," and "The grass so little has to do." The songs are tonally centered, though frequent key migrations, generally not specified, can be noticed within each of the movements. For the most part, the voice and keyboard parts show definite independence of one another with the keyboard often providing punctuational emphasis based on the text.

Copy of original loaned by William Shannon Stoney.

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