R. Nathaniel Dett
Cover of Ramah Ramah: Air Characteristic for Violin and Piano was written in 1923 while Dett was employed at the Hampton Institute. Dr. Harvey J. Stokes, currently a Professor of Music at Hampton University, has remarked, "...[This work] is not as well known as the choral or piano compositions of this composer, but it is clearly a work that is a musical jewel.  The deft modal melodic phrasings in the violin are conceived idiomatically, with beautiful, harp-like accompaniments in the piano.  This single-movement work articulates, in an intimate medium, many of the postromantic and nationalistic tendencies of this composer's music." Dett biographer, Anne Key Simpson, suggests that the title "Ramah" was likely given after the biblical (Old Testament) towns of the same name. 
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