R. Nathaniel Dett
Front cover of Iorana Iorana: Tahitian Maiden's Song of Welcome was written in 1935; The text was written by J. Henry Quine. The work was dedicated to Robert Gibbings, Esq., who in 1932 wrote a book titled, Iorana; This book was a record of Gibbings' time spent in Tahiti. Iorana is a lightly textured work which is simply and effectively constructed. The lovely harmonies and subtle rhythms combine to evoke a tropical atmosphere which beckons the listener to dream of escape. Often, the vocal line is extended on the vowels of "Iorana" at cadential points, creating a pastoral, chant-like idyll. "Iorana" is the Tahitian word for "hello."

Original in the collections of the Hampton University Archives.

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