Jon Michael Spencer
Front cover of Confide in Sleep Eternal Confide In Sleep Eternal: A Dramatic Poem for Soprano and Piano was completed in 1983, the year that Jon Michael Spencer completed his doctoral degree in music composition at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The text was written in 1979 while Spencer was working on his Master's degree at Washington University and is included in his book, Self-made & Blues-rich. The music is atonal, and highly contrapuntal rhythms mark the spatial arrangement of the vocal and piano lines. There are sometimes different meters occuring simultaneously in the two parts which makes the melodic and supporting lines seem independent of one another to the utmost extreme. Relationships among motivic and rhythmic statements unify the work, both within and between the vocal and piano parts. Confide In Sleep Eternal is a difficult and esoteric work which synthesizes jazz, blues, art song, Negro spiritual, and contemporary compositional styles.

Original in the collections of the Hampton University Archives.

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