Harvey J. Stokes

First page of Stokes' Chamber Concerto

Harvey Stokes' Chamber Concerto for Oboe and String Quartet was completed in 1978. The work consists of three movements labelled Allegretto, Larghetto con espressione, and Moderato. Within each movement, there are frequent meter and tempo changes which heighten the existing contrapuntal and rhythmic motives found in each of the parts. The oboe writing is particularly virtuosic while each of the string parts also demands artistry and skill of its player. The work is atonal though each movement is tightly constructed around a set of notes and unifying rhythmic motives. The use of overlapping duple and triple divisions of the beat, found in all of the parts, imparts a lively interplay which is particularly noticeable in the faster tempos. Written when Dr. Stokes was only 21 years old, this work displays a talent for orchestration and a deep understanding of compositional technique.

Copy of original loaned by Harvey J. Stokes.

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