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Steamboat Willie premiered at the Colony Theatre in New York on Sunday, November 18, 1928. It established a concrete connection between the animation and the musical score.
In 1937, Walt Disney released his first animated feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Disney purposely worked to make the music an integral part of the film. Like live action musicals, the songs throughout the movie were meant to move the story along; they weren’t just considered filler music. The importance of music to this film is so obvious that the Snow White soundtrack released by RCA Victor on 78 is generally considered the first soundtrack recording in cinema history.
Founded by the Virginia Arts Festival in 2005, the John Duffy Composers Institute is dedicated to the inspiration, creation, and performance of new music by living composers. In 2010, five emerging Composer Fellows were chosen to work with this year’s Institute staff, including senior composer John Duffy, music director Alan Johnson, vocal coach Patrick Mason, and professional dramaturge/ director Rhoda Levine. Composers Libby Larsen, Fred Ho and Ricky Ian Gordon, librettist Mark Campbell and musicians of national prominence were in residence as Institute clinicians.
Looney Tunes is a Warner Bros. animated cartoon series, which ran in many movie theaters from 1929 to 1970.