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Marisela Sager: Cleveland Orchestra Assistant Principal Flute, 2005

Jasmine Choi: Cincinnati Orchestra Associate Principal Flute, 2006

Aaron Goldman: National Symphony Assistant Principal Flute, 2006

Andrea Kaplan: St. Louis Symphony Assistant Principal Flute, 2007

Jennifer M. Gunn: Chicago Symphony Piccolo, 2005

Liang Wang: New York Philharmonic Principal Oboe, 2006

Eugene Izotov: Chicago Symphony Principal Oboe, 2005

Frank Rosenwein: Cleveland Orchestra Principal Oboe, 2005

Stefan Farkas: Seattle Symphony English Horn, 2006

Gregory T. Williams: Minnesota Orchestra Eb Clarinet, 2006

Robert Woolfrey: Cleveland Orchestra Clarinet, 2008

Timothy Zavadil: Minnesota Orchestra Bass Clarinet, 2007

Andrew Gott: St. Louis Symphony Assistant Principal Bassoon, 2006

Leon Chodos: Utah Symphony Contrabassoon, 2007

Cara Kizer Aneff: New York Philharmonic Assistant Principal and Utility Horn, 2010

Jesse McCormick: Cleveland Orchestra 2nd Horn

Christopher Martin: Chicago Symphony Principal Trumpet, 2005

Lyle Steelman: Cleveland Orchestra Assistant Principal Trumpet, 2009

Thomas Siders: Boston Symphony Assistant Principal Trumpet, 2010

Robert Sullivan: Cincinnati Principal Trumpet, 2008

Massimo La Rosa: Cleveland Orchestra Principal Trombone, 2007

Shachar Israel: Cleveland Orchestra Assistant Principal Trombone, 2009

Toby Oft: Boston Symphony Principal Trombone, 2008

Yasuhito Sugiyama: Cleveland Orchestra Principal Tuba, 2006

Carol Jantsch: Philadelphia Orchestra Principal Tuba, 2006

Craig Knox: Pittsburgh Symphony Principal Tuba, 2005