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Joseph T. Fitzpatrick Papers, 1895-2004, undated

By Samantha West; Brooklyn Arrington; Kathleen Smith

Collection Overview

Title: Joseph T. Fitzpatrick Papers, 1895-2004, undated

ID: 00/MG 118

Creator: Fitzpatrick, Joseph T. (1929-2006)

Extent: 12.5 Linear Feet

Arrangement: This collection is broken down into the following series: Series 1: Norfolk City Involvement; Series 2: Virginia General Assembly; Series 3: Campaign Material; and Series IV: Personal Files.

Date Acquired: 01/24/1977

Languages: English [eng]


This collection consists of political documents, correspondence, clippings, artifacts, and other items pertaining to the career of Joseph T. Fitzpatrick.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Joseph T. Fitzpatrick collection contains an assortment of documents related to his multiple governmental positions in Virginia. The collection also includes newspaper clippings, personal writings and artifacts. The date range of this collection is from 1964 to 2001.

Administrative Information

Accruals: Additional accessions in 1980, 2007, 2013.

Access Restrictions: Open to researchers without restrictions.

Use Restrictions: Before publishing quotations or excerpts from any materials, permission must be obtained from Special Collections and University Archives, and the holder of the copyright, if not Old Dominion University Libraries.

Acquisition Source: Joseph T. Fitzpatrick

Acquisition Method: Gift. Accession #A77-6

Related Materials: Randy Wright Papers (MG 108); Mason C. Andrews Papers (MG 62).

Preferred Citation: [Identification of item], Box [insert number], Folder [insert number and title], Joseph T. Fitzpatrick Papers, Special Collections and University Archives, Patricia W. and J. Douglas Perry Library, Old Dominion University Libraries, Norfolk, VA 23529.

Box and Folder Listing

Series 1: Norfolk City Involvement, 1964-1994, undated
This series includes material related to Joseph T. Fitzpatrick's involvement with local issues including his time on the Norfolk City Council.
Box 1
Folder 1: Booklet, 1977 December
Booklet about Beach Erosion and Accretion at Virginia Beach and Vicinity (Miscellaneous Report)
Folder 2: City Council, undated
Contains mail about election of Norfolk City Councils
Folder 3: Erosion, 1980-81
Includes the 1982-84 Erosion Budget Exhibit File and articles about erosion
Folder 4: Faxes, 1991
Telefax Transmittal Sheet
Folder 5: Hampton, 1982
Details about Demolition in Hampton
Folder 6: Historical Pamphlets, 1966
Pamphlets on the Historical Review of the Norfolk County
Folder 7: Ledger Star, 1964
Newspaper Clipping; Norfolk Electoral Board votes down against Fitzpatrick proposal
Folder 8: Ledger Star, 1968
Newspaper Clippings; Fitzpatrick resigned as chairman of the Norfolk Democratic Executive Committee.
Folder 9: Ledger Star, 1977
Newspaper Clipping; City Council fighting beach erosion
Folder 10: Ledger Star, 1981
Newspaper Clipping; Fitzpatrick helping city to fight beach erosion
Folder 11: Ledger Star, 1982 March
Newspaper Clippings; Fitzpatrick feuding over deposits
Folder 12: Ledger Star, 1982 April
Newspaper Articles; Fitzpatrick is accused of wanting to become Leader of the Democratic Party
Folder 13: Ledger Star, 1982 May
Newspaper Clipping; Fitzpatrick's duties of being Treasurer
Folder 14: Ledger Star, 1983
Newspaper Article; John F Kennedy visits Norfolk
Folder 15: Ledger Star, 1968, 1974, 1978
Ocean View petition gets send-off. Day-care center dedicated in memory of Joseph Fitzpatrick's wife, Angie Fitzpatrick
Folder 16: Ledger Star, 1980-81
Newspaper Clippings; Fitzpatrick in line to head District
Folder 17: Ledger Star, 1982, 1984
Fitzpatrick dismisses paymaster
Folder 18: Miscellaneous Sources, 1974, 1980
Ocean View
Folder 19: Miscellaneous Sources, 1982, 1984, 1985
Newspaper Articles; A tribute to Mrs. Angie Fitzpatrick
Folder 20: Miscellaneous Sources, 1991, 1994
Newspaper Articles; A tribute to Mrs. Angie Fitzpatrick
Folder 21: Miscellaneous Sources, 1973-1981
Fitzpatrick hopes for House victories for Democratic party. Fitzpatrick seeks State Party Post. Fitzpatrick tries for state party chairmanship.
Folder 22: Norfolk Compass, 1982
Labor groups split over City Council race
Folder 23: Norfolk Compass, 1984-1985
Fitzpatrick wins re-election
Folder 24: Norfolk Compass, 1991
Norfolk's State Senators and Delegates return
Box 2
Folder 1: NY Times and Wall Street Journal, 1984
Newspaper Clipping; City Treasure (Fitzpatrick) has to auction off boats in order for property to be moved
Folder 2: Official Documents, 1983
Papers; Details about Fitzpatrick's audit covering Custodian Bank Accounts
Folder 3: Personal Requests and Invitations, 1978, 1991
Joseph Fitzpatrick's request to have medical record forwarded to him and receiving invitations from members of the Senate
Folder 4: Scoring, undated
Details on Fitzpatrick coaching basketball
Folder 5: Stories, undated
Articles about Fitzpatrick being a volunteer basketball coach. Becomes Head Basketball Coach at James Barry Robinson High School
Folder 6: Virginia Observer, 1980-1982
Folder 7: Virginian Pilot, 1949, 1961-1968
Newspaper Clipping; Fitzpatrick resigns as chairman
Folder 8: Virginian Pilot, 1977, 1978, 1980
Newspaper Clippings; Fitzpatrick's exit as Chairman
Folder 9: Virginian Pilot, 1981
Newspaper Clippings; Plans to save Virginia Beach under consideration
Folder 10: Virginian Pilot, 1982 January-February
Folder 11: Virginian Pilot, 1983, 1984
Tax Collections
Folder 12: Virginian Pilot, 1982 April
Fitzpatrick upsets the Blacks
Folder 13: Virginian Pilot, 1985, 1997
Newspaper Clippings; Fitzpatrick suing Norfolk residents for not paying personal property taxes
Folder 14: Virginian Pilot and Ledger Star, 1982, 1991
Blacks still angry at Fitzpatrick
Folder 15: Various News Articles, 1981-1982, 1994
Newspaper Article; Fitzpatrick accused of launching political vendetta ('82)
Folder 16: Various News Articles, 1980-1985
Box 9
Item 1: Tapes and Slides, undated
Tapes and slides of Joseph Fitzpatrick speaking as Treasurer
Series 2: Virginia General Assembly, 1968-1989, undated
This series contains material related to Fitzpatrick's time in the Virginia State Senate and other legislative issues.
Box 3
Folder 1: As Chairmen, 1973, 1978
Fitzpatrick received a letter as a member of the General Assembly from a member of the House of Delegates
Folder 2: As Senator, 1978
Fitzpatrick received a letter as a member of the Joint Subcommittee Studying the Shellfish Industry. More letters from the Senate
Folder 3: Booklets, 1978-1979
Includes a report of the Coastal Erosion Abatement commission to the governor and the General Assembly of Virginia Senate Document 4. and a Coastal Resources Management Booklet
Folder 4: Documents Part One, 1980
Letters to Joseph Fitzpatrick regarding the Nature Conservancy
Folder 5: Documents Part Two, 1980
Letters sent to Fitzpatrick that deal with The Nature Conservancy
Folder 6: Erosion and State Funding, 1980
Letters from the House of Delegates to Joseph Fitzpatrick
Folder 7: Erosion Study Committee, 1980 October 2
Mail delivered to Mr. Fitzpatrick from the Division of Legislative Services
Folder 8: Erosion Study Committee Policies, 1980
Documents from the Department of the Army to Joseph Fitzpatrick and letters to him as Senator about Norfolk's harbor and channels
Folder 9: Erosion Study Committee Publications, 1979
Includes a report of the Coastal Erosion Abatement commission to the Governor and The General Assembly of Virginia
Folder 10: From Senate and House, 1981, 1984
Includes Senate resolutions and bill along with House bill
Box 4
Folder 1: Government Correspondence, 1976
Fitzpatrick received a letter from President Reagan and sent out a letter to certify the new members of Convention Committees
Folder 2: Government Official Papers, undated
Random official papers from the Government
Folder 3: Legislative Papers, 1981 September
Report to the Coastal Erosion Abatement Commission Commonwealth of Virginia concerning the Inventory of Sand Supplies in the Southern Chesapeake Bay
Folder 4: Maps and Charts, 1981
Includes information on Coastal and Bay issues for Virginia and Maryland and contains statement of revenues, expenditures and changes in fund balance
Folder 5: Marine/Wetlands, 1980
Includes a Joint Permit Application and Sea Grant Program booklet
Folder 6: Public Beach Commission Document, 1981
More letters to Fitzpatrick concerning the Commission on the Conservation and Development of Public Beaches
Folder 7: Richmond Times Dispatch, 1978, 1981, 1989
Newspaper Articles; Jerry Falwell attacks Fitzpatrick's resolution. Senate Rejects Falwell view
Folder 8: The Gazette, 1981
Newspaper Clipping; Senator Fitzpatrick recalls state's religious heritage
Folder 9: Newspaper Articles, 1975
Fitzpatrick gains interest in Senate
Folder 10: Newspaper Articles, 1975, 1978
Delegates join Democrats along with Fitzpatrick
Folder 11: Newspaper Articles, 1964, 1970-1972
Newspaper clipping; the Fitzpatrick plan of '64
Folder 12: Newspaper Articles, 1974-1975
Newspaper Clipping; Fitzpatrick quits reform study. Fitzpatrick also announces Candidacy for State Senate
Folder 13: Newspaper Articles, 1977
Newspaper Clipping: Virginia Democrats to Attend Inaugural
Folder 14: Newspaper Articles, 1978
Fitzpatrick Quits Top Va. Democratic Job
Folder 15: Virginia Pilot, 1975-1982
Abortion proposal moved to the House floor
Folder 16: Whitehouse Correspondence, 1968, 1978
Letters containing information about Fitzpatrick's job as chairman at the White House
Folder 17: Wildlife Federation, 1979
Documents of information about Virginia's Wildlife Federation
Series 3: Campaign Material, 1960-1991, undated
This series  contains newspaper clippings, photographs, flyers and other material related to Fitzpatrick's involvement with political campaigns. Of particular note is material related to John F. Kennedy's visit to Norfolk during his presidential campaign in 1960.
Box 5
Folder 1: A. Fitzpatrick, undated
Information about Mrs. Fitzpatrick's campaign in 1975 and her memorial tribute after her death about two decades later
Folder 2: Campaign, undated
Newspaper Clipping; Fitzpatrick wins independent audit (now City Treasurer). Details about Henry Howell included
Folder 3: Campaign Photos, undated
Various pictures from Mr. Fitzpatrick's campaign days
Folder 4: Campaign Articles, 1990
Various campaign articles
Folder 5: Campaign Expenditures, 1979 November 6
Reports of campaign Contributions and Expenditures
Folder 6: Campaign Letters, 1982
Campaign candidates sending letters to reach out to different communities
Folder 7: Campaign Materials, 1982
Includes an agenda of the public hearing and report of the False Cape State Park Subcommittee to the Governor and the General Assembly of Virginia
Folder 8: Campaign Photos, undated
Paper of Fitzpatrick's campaign re-election for Precinct Committeeman
Folder 9: Democratic Party, 1982
Papers and flyers for the Democratic Team
Folder 10: Democratic Party Statements, 1975
Statements from Joseph Fitzpatrick as the State Chairman
Folder 11: Fitzpatrick election ads, 1970-1976
Various election ads
Folder 12: Fitzpatrick for City Treasurer Flyers, undated
Flyers for Fitzpatrick
Folder 13: Fitzpatrick for Senate, 1976
Flyers for Fitzpatrick running for Senate
Box 6
Folder 1: George Heiling, 1991
Flyers mailed to the Fitzpatrick's from other candidates
Folder 2: George Heiling for Delegate Ad, undated
Ad for George Heiling
Folder 3: News clipping: John F. Kennedy's Presidency, 1983
Newspaper Articles about John F. Kennedy's Presidency
Folder 4: Poll Workers, 1979 November 6
Shift schedule of poll workers for the general election of 1979
Folder 5: Sales Syndications, 1984 January 13
Includes a Financial Partnership agreement
Folder 6: Summary of Funds Received, 1980 June 27
Includes summary of funds received and disbursed
Box 8
Folder 1: JFK Speech 1, 1960 November 4
Vinyl record
Folder 2: JFK Speech 2, 1960 November 4
Vinyl record
Series 4: Personal Files, 1895, 1964-2004, undated
This series contains personal artifacts, awards, photographs, scrapbook and other material not related to Fitzpatrick's political life.
Box 7
Folder 1: Catholic Virginian, 1994
Newspaper mailed to Fitzpatrick
Folder 2: Certificates, 1973, 1986-1991
Folder 3: Colleagues, undated
Pictures of Joseph Fitzpatrick's colleagues
Folder 4: Correspondence and Favorite Writings, undated
Letters and Poems
Folder 5: Family, 1983-2000
Family photos of the Fitzpatrick family
Folder 6: Fitzpatrick Tax Returns, 1984
Includes documents of Joseph and Angie Fitzpatrick's tax returns
Folder 7: Friends, undated
Pictures of friends of the Fitzpatrick family.
Folder 8: From the Office, undated
Folder 9: Himself, undated
Photos of Mr. Joseph Fitzpatrick himself
Folder 10: Mr. & Mrs. Fitzpatrick, 1972, 1993, 1996
Multiple letters from various people and places sent majority to Mr. Fitzpatrick
Folder 11: Obituaries, undated
Obituary information on another Joseph Fitzpatrick
Folder 12: Photographs, undated
Folder 13: Photographs, undated
Folder 14: Rockport, 1996
Real Estate Guides
Box 10
Item 1: Plaque: Dedicated to Joseph Fitzpatrick by the State Central Committee of the Democratic Party, 1979
Plaque with Gavel
Item 2: Plaque: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by the Faculty and Students of Holy Trinity Parish School, 1997
Dedicated Support
Item 3: Plaque: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by the City of Norfolk and the Commonwealth of Virginia, 2001
Service to Commonwealth of Virginia
Item 4: Plaque: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by the Treasurers' Association of Virginia, 2001
Service to Commonwealth of Virginia
Item 5: Plaque: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by the Treasurers' Association of Virginia, 1989-1990
Treasurer of the Year
Item 6: Plaque: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by the Treasurers' Association of Virginia, 1995
Service to Commonwealth of Virginia (Red Plated)
Item 7: Plaque: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by Valeco, 1996
Distinguished Service Award
Item 8: Jewelry Box: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by the DePaul Medical Center Advisory Board, 1996
Leadership and Generosity
Item 9: Marble Plaque: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick, 1994-1995
Chairman Advisory Board
Item 10: Marble Plaque: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by DePaul Medical Center, undated
Years of Service
Box 11
Item 1: Silver Bowl: Joseph T. Fitzpatrick Virginia Statesman Award presented to Senator Stanley Walker, 1996
Treasurers' Association of Virginia
Item 2: Trophy: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by Women's Allied Liaison Leaders of Strength, 1995
Citizen Leadership Award
Item 3: Trophy: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick Commander United Way Keel Club, undated
United Way Keel Club
Item 4: Trophy: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick Pilot United Way Keel Club, undated
United Way Keel Club
Item 5: Trophy: Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick Captain United Way Keel Club, undated
United Way Keel Club
Item 6: Virginia Glass, undated
Item 7: Williams Family Crest Mug, undated
Item 8: Rainbow Mug, undated
Item 9: Class Act City of Norfolk Glass, undated
Item 10: Williams Family Crest Coasters, undated
Item 11: Champagne Flute: 67th Annual Conference, 1997
Treasurers' Association of Virginia
Item 12: Silver Bowl: Treasurers' Association of Virginia, 1988
Treasurers' Association of Virginia
Item 13: Wooden Gavel and Board, undated
Item 14: Ashtray, undated
Item 15: Ashtray, undated
Item 16: Book Stand, undated
Item 17: Norfolk Virginia Decorative Plate, undated
Item 18: I Heart the Irish Charm, undated
Wooden four-leaf clover charm with bear attached with "I heart the Irish" written in white.
Box 12
Folder 1: Color Prints, 1994
Folder 2: Photo Negatives, undated
Folder 3: Campaign Photographs, undated
Box 13
Item 1: Graduation Hood, undated
Purple and Gold Graduation Hood
Item 2: Brass Ship Medallion, undated
Item 3: City of Norfolk Mermaid Necklace, 1999 December 31
Red Norfolk Mermaid Necklace
Item 4: Scrapbook, 1970-1981
Blue Scrapbook
Box 14
Item 1: Statue, undated
Coal Man Statue
Item 2: Basset Hound Figurine, undated
Brass Basset Hound Figurine
Item 3: Box of Campaign Buttons, undated
Item 4: Mrs. Fitzpatrick Name Plaque, undated
Item 5: Box of Campaign Ribbons, undated
Item 6: Plaque Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by Coastal Virginia Bank, 1985-1989
Elegance in Awards Box
Item 7: Photographs, undated
Item 8: Miniature Sword, 1991 November 21
Norfolk Waterside Marriott and Norfolk Waterside Convention Center Grand Opening
Item 9: Box of State Senate of Virginia Business Cards, undated
Item 10: Box of City of Norfolk Treasurer Business Cards, undated
Item 11: Box of Democratic Party of Virginia Chairman Business Cards, undated
Item 12: Democratic National Convention Honorary Badge, 1976
Item 13: Box of Campaign Pins, undated
Item 14: City of Norfolk Mace Pin, undated
Blue Box With Norfolk City Seal
Item 15: City of Norfolk Mace Pin, undated
White Box With Norfolk Chamber of Commerce Seal
Item 16: Democratic National Convention State Chairman Badge & Democratic National Convention Delegate Badge, 1976
New York City
Item 17: Democratic National Convention Honorary Badge, 1972
Miami Beach
Item 18: Democratic National Convention State Chairman Badge & Democratic National Convention Delegate Badge, undated
Item 19: Joseph Fitzpatrick Senate Name Plate, undated
Item 20: J. T. Fitzpatrick Name Plate, undated
Item 21: Joseph T. Fitzpatrick Name Plate, undated
Item 22: Fitzpatrick For Congress Bumper Stickers, undated
Item 23: Democratic National Convention Honored Guest Badge, 1964
Item 24: Campaign Cards, undated
Item 25: Norfolk Mace Tie, undated
Tie Box
Item 26: Christmas Ornament JFK Library, undated
Item 27: Gavel Presented to Joseph Fitzpatrick by Omni International Hotel, undated
Item 28: Holy Trinity School Distinguished Alumni Award, 2004
Class of 1947
Item 29: Norfolk Historic Mace Booklet, undated
Box 15
Item 1: Scrapbook, undated
Green Scrapbook
Item 2: Scrapbook, undated
Brown Scrapbook
Item 3: Charcoal Sketches, undated
Blue University of Virginia Institute of Government Envelope
Item 4: Copy of Daniel Decatur Emmett's Dixie, 1895
Item 5: Virginia Senate Certificates, undated
Item 6: Norfolk Landmarks Paintings, undated
Item 7: Portrait of John F. Kennedy, undated
Box 16
Item 1: Scrapbook, undated
Black Scrapbook
Item 2: Scrapbook, undated
Green Scrapbook
Item 3: Scrapbook, undated
Green Scrapbook
Box 17: Political Magazines, 1979-1984
Loose Magazine Booklets
Box 18
Item 1: Joseph T. Fitzpatrick Portrait, undated
Watercolor Portrait of Fitzpatrick
Item 2: Norfolk City Treasurer Retirement Award, 2001
Item 3: Oversize Photograph of Joseph and Angie Fitzpatrick, undated
Item 4: Norfolk City Treasurer Office Group Photograph, 2001
Item 5: University of Virginia Certified Governmental Treasurer Certificate, undated
Item 6: Robert F. Kennedy Poster, circa 1968