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Policies & Procedures


Conference Room Use Policy
Conference Room #1310 -1311

This policy governs the use of Conference Room #1310 -1311 in the Perry Library. This room is designed for meetings and functions of the library and the university; it is not designed to be used as a study room or seminar room. Exception to these guidelines may be authorized by the University Librarian, the Associate University Librarian, the Administrative Services Librarian or appropriate designee.

General Policy for Use of the Room

The use of the room shall be consistent with the educational mission of the University and with the general nature of the facility. The academic work of the University shall hold a primary place in the use of the room and all uses for purposes other than the University's academic activities must be arranged so as not to hinder or adversely affect the academic activity.

University facilities shall not be used to promote a political, economic, social or religious cause unless a university group sponsors the cause. No commercial activities shall be permitted except those sponsored by university groups.

Specific Policies

Information on policies, room setups and available technology can be found on the Learning Commons Conference Rooms page, which also links to the conference room calendar and to the conference room request form. Learning Commons staff will respond to all room requests after determining room availability. The requestor is expected to return room to its original condition. Room temperature controls are established by the University and cannot be adjusted by library staff. A fan is available for room use.

Food and drink are permitted in the room. Arrangements should be made with Catering Services for setup and pick up; requestor is responsible for ensuring that Catering is present for food delivery and that all remaining food and drink is picked up by the end of the event. The Library expects that the room will be cleaned at the end of the function or activity.

Requestors are expected to follow the library policies in regard to noise and use of the room.

The room is available from 8:15am until 10:00 pm Monday through Thursday, 8:15am until 9:30pm on Friday, 9:15am until 9:30pm on Saturday, and 9:15 am until 10:00pm on Sunday. The room is not available for use during times the library is closed or when library staff is not available. The University Librarian, or designee, is the only person who has the authority to alter the opening and closing times of the Library facility.

Abuse of these policy requirements may result in loss of room use privileges.

Amended: 6/07/06

February 2014