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The Engineering Technology program offers a bachelor of science degree in various areas of engineering technology: civil, electrical, computer, mechanical, and nuclear engineering technologies. The focus of the program is on the practical aspects rather than the theoretical aspects of engineering. Students graduating from this degree program should be able to work in the various fields as engineering technologists. Practical design, actual use, laboratory experience are important elements of the program. Because of the field-based nature of the curriculum, library use is not expected to be extensive. The library collection should be a basic collection of materials offering practical applications information in each specialization. Students wishing to explore any of the engineering technology fields further will be able to take advantage of the library’s more extensive collections in the theoretical fields of engineering and in the wide range of engineering journals which serve the graduate degree programs in engineering

Engineering technology comprises the following segments (ordered by enrollment size, from largest to smallest):

Electrical engineering technology:

circuitry and circuitry design
digital electronics
system operation
computer aided design
high frequency and microwave technology
networked systems
electrical power and machinery
microcomputer based design
linear electronics
electrical power systems
c language programming

Mechanical engineering technology:

mechanical design (drafting, etc.)
technical drawing
computer aided drafting
power and energy
manufacturing process and materials
thermodynamics and heat transfer
machine element design
fluid mechanics
FORTRAN language programming
mechanical subsystems
internal combustion engines
automation and controls
industrial operations
computer integrated manufacturing
nuclear systems
nuclear technology

Civil engineering technology:

structural design and construction
site development
hydrology and drainage
steel, concrete, masonry, and wood design
soils and foundations
soil testing
testing and inspecting construction materials
plans and specifications
construction planning and management

Decisions to purchase library materials to support the engineering technology programs will follow these guidelines:


English (or translation into English) is the language of the collection.

Chronological period:
Collection emphasis is on currently published materials on current research and development.

Current selection will emphasize U.S. based materials.

Materials acquired will be appropriate for the undergraduate and graduate levels. If at any time, the program changes its emphasis to increased library over field- or lab- based research, the library will revise its collecting guidelines to reflect the need for more in-depth materials.

Types of material:
Emphasis is on current scholarly monographs (including practical texts, guides, handbooks, and field manuals) and serial materials (including conference proceedings, symposia, research reports, and applications oriented professional journals). Electronic resources will be selected according to funding, user demand, and research value. Appropriate government publications will also be included, as the University Library is a selective depository.

Date of publication:
Emphasis will be only on materials published in the last three years.

Other general considerations:

Engineering technology is part of the Teletechnet degree program and is offered at sites throughout the state of Virginia. Materials to support that program will be acquired as funds permit through subscriptions to electronic resources and identification of Internet resources. Some electronic access to indexes of appropriate journal literature is currently provided through the VIVA program’s FirstSearch Applied Science and Technology Index.

Subject policy statements for Aerospace Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics are relative to this policy.

Overall goal for the Engineering Technology collection:
Materials will be acquired to support the instructional program.

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Subject Descriptors and Classification Schemes with Collecting Level Codes
The following tables outline the degree to which the library will collect for the listed Library of Congress and the Superintendent of Documents classifications.

Bibliographer: Lauren Corbett (
Date: 9/99

Electrical Engineering Technology
LC Class
Subject Descriptors
Collection Code
TA 165 Engineering instruments, meters, etc. Industrial instrumentation 3b
TK 310-399 Electric meters 3 Supports teaching of instrumentation.
TK 452-454.4 Electric apparatus and materials. Electric circuits. Electric networks.  3b Includes linear circuits.
TK 2896-2985 Production of electricity by direct energy conversion. 3 Supports teaching of system operation.
TK 3001-3521 Distribution or transmission of electric power. 3 Supports teaching of system operation.
TK 4001-4102 Applications of electric power 3 Supports teaching of system operation.
TK 4125-4399 Electric lighting 3 Supports teaching of system operation.
TK 4601-4661 Electric heating 3 Supports teaching of system operation.
TK 5101-6720 Telecommunication (Including telegraphy, telephone, radio, radar, television) 3 Supports teaching of system operation.


TK 7800-7864 Electronics  3b Includes Periodicals, dictionaries, and encyclopedias, history, laboratory manuals, patents, research, and mathematics. Specification for this range is in the Electrical Engineering policy.
TK 7866 Drawing. Diagrams, etc. 3b
TK 7867-7868 Electronic circuits 3b
TK 7869-7872 Apparatus and materials 3b Supports teaching of instrumentation.
TK 7874 Microelectronics. Integrated circuits 3b
TK 7876 Microwaves 4 Includes Millimeter waves.
TK 7877 Electronic measurements 3b
TK 7880-7882 Applications of electronics 3b
TK 7885-7895 Applications of electronics: Computer engineering. Computer hardware 3b  Area of interest to the entire College of Engineering and Technology and the entire Engineering Technology program. Library of Congress Classification places it under Electrical Engineering.
TK 8300-8360 Optoelectronic devices. Photoelectronic devices (General) 3a

Mechanical Engineering Technology
LC Class
Subject Descriptors
Collection Code
T 351-385 Mechanical drawing. Engineering graphics. 3b Includes Computer graphics
TA 1-12 Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General) 2 Periodicals; Collected works; Dictionaries and encyclopedias; Symbols and abbreviations; Directories
TA 15-145 Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General) 1a History; Biography
TA 151-160.4 Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General) 3b Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Laboratory manuals; Addresses, essays, lectures; Engineering as a profession; Communication in engineering, technical education; Research
TA 174 Engineering design 4 Master’s degree emphasis area
TA 213-215 Engineering machinery, tools and implements 3b
TA 329-348 Engineering mathematics. Engineering analysis  4 Includes Electronic data processing and Computer-aided engineering


TA 349-359 Mechanics of engineering. Applied mechanics 4 Includes Applied dynamics and Applied fluid mechanics
TJ 1-1570 Mechanical engineering and machinery 3b
TJ 163.13-163.25 Power resources 3b
TJ 163.26-163.5 Energy conservation 3b
TJ 170-179 Mechanics applied to machinery. Dynamics 3b
TJ 181-210 Mechanical movements 3
TJ 210.2-211.47 Mechanical devices and figures. Automata. Ingenious mechanisms. Robots (General) 3b
TJ 227-240 Machine design and drawing 3b
TJ 241-254.7 Machine construction (General) 3
TJ 255-265 Heat engines 3b
TJ 266-267.5 Turbines. Turbomachines (General) 3
TJ 268-740 Steam engineering 2b
TJ 603-695 Locomotives 2
TJ 751-805 Miscellaneous motors and engines (Including gas, gasoline, diesel engines) 3
TJ 807-830 Renewable energy sources 4
TJ 836-927 Hydraulic machinery 3
TJ 940-940.5 Vacuum technology 3
TJ 950-1030 Pneumatic machinery 3
TJ 1040-1119 Machinery exclusive of prime movers 3
TJ 1125-1345 Machine shops and machine shop practice 2b
TJ 1350-1418 Hoisting and conveying machinery 3
TJ 1425-1475 Lifting and pressing machinery 3
TJ 1480-1496 Agricultural machinery. Farm machinery 2b
TK 9001-9401 Nuclear engineering 3b

Civil Engineering Technology
LC Class
Subject Descriptors
Collection Code
TA 417-787 Structural dynamics 3b
TA 654 Water and wave loads 3b
TA 654-975 Soil mechanics 3b
TC 1-183 Hydraulic engineering 3b
TC 187-188 Dredging 3b
TC 203-373 Harbor engineering 3b
TC 373-558 Water quality, water quality management 3b
TD 172-326 Environmental pollution 3b
TD 365-794 Water resources, water supply 3b


TD 794-1066 Sewage, solid wastes, hazardous wastes 3b
TG Structural dynamics 3b
TH 1610-5591 Concrete, steel, foundations, etc. 3b
TH 6521-6558 Sewerage systems 3b

All Areas: Government Publications
SuDoc Class
Series Title or Subject
Item #
Collection Code
C 3.158/3 Current Industrial Reports: Manufacturing Technology  0142-A 3b
C 3.158/4 Current Industrial Reports, Manufacturing Profiles 0142-A-01 3b
C 13.2

C 13.10

C 13.22

C 13.29/2

C 13.46

C 13.58

C 13.65

C 13.65/2

General Publications, Special Publications, Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Building Science Series, Technical Notes, NISTIR series (National Institute of Standards and Technology), research associateships and grants 0244








D 103 A variety of the publications of the Army Corps of Engineers Varies 3
D 209 A variety of the publications of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Varies 3b
D 210.2 General Publications (Naval Research Office) 0407 3b
E 1.2

E 1.19

E 1.28

E 1.68

E 1.90/3

E 1.99/13

E 1.120

General Publications (Energy Department)

UCRL and UCID series (Mechanical Engineering periodicals)

Nuclear Energy, DOE/NE series

DOE/EM series

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy ClearingHouse…series

DOE/EE series

Summaries of FY Activities (research)








E 3.2 General Publications (Energy Information Administration) 0429-T-11 3


EP 1.2

EP 1.8

General Publications, Handbooks, Manuals and Guides (Environmental Protection Agency) 0431-I-01


I 19 A variety of the publications of the Geological Survey Varies 3
I 27 A variety of the publications of the Reclamation Bureau Varies 3
I 28 A variety of the publications of the Mines Bureau Varies 3
L 35 A variety of the publications of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Varies 3

NAS 1.26

ASA Contractor reports series, CAD



3b NASA covers a broad range of engineering disciplines and will be heavily covered by Aerospace and other engineering policies


NS 1.2

NS 1.20

NS 1.22

NS 1.22/2 through 

NS 1.22/10

NS 1.28/2

NS 1.31

NS 1.49

NS 1.50

NS 1.53

NS 1.55

NS 1.56

General Publications; Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides; Surveys of Science Resources series; reports specific to engineers and engineering ; Science & Engineering Indicators; Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering ; Directories; Scientific and Engineering Research Facilities at Universities and Colleges; Selected Data on…; Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctrates in Science Engineering (National Science Foundation) 0834-C












TD 1.2 General Publications (Transportation Department) 0982-C-01 3
TD 2.2 General Publications (Federal Highway Administration) 0982-G-05 3
TD 7.2 General Publications (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) 0982-D-01 3
Y 3.N 88 A variety of the publications of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Varies 3a
Y 4.C 73/7 Hearings, Prints, and Miscellaneous Publications (Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation) 1019-A-01 or 


(paper or microform)

Y 4.SCI 2 Hearings, Prints, and Miscellaneous Publications (Committee on Science- House) 1025-A-01 or


(paper or microform)

Y 4.T 68/2 Hearings, Prints, and Miscellaneous Publications (Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure - House) 1024-A-01 or


(paper or microform)