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Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

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Collection Development Policy

Collection Development Services

The Collection Development Services program supports the mission and goals of the University Libraries by evaluating, selecting, and allocating funds for the acquisition of materials needed to support the University’s curriculum, research, distance learning, and other programs. In addition, the Collection Development Officer plans and monitors the University Libraries’ materials funding to ensure that maximum effectiveness, economy, and flexibility are achieved in the acquisition of materials.

Services offered by the Collection Development Services include:  discipline assessments, development of new program proposals, data for accreditation studies and grant proposals, fiscal statistics, bibliographer training, negotiation of license agreements, request for proposals, approval plan development, gift evaluation, de-selection of materials, collection development policy statements, serials evaluation projects, and  liaison activities with other academic libraries and the Virtual Library of Virginia.

Purpose of the General Collection Development Policy

The Collection Development Policy identifies and communicates the long- and short-term collection goals and policies of Old Dominion University Libraries. The policy states the principles and guidelines to be followed by librarians and departmental faculty in developing and maintaining balanced collections across disciplines. It also takes into account the mission and goals of the University while being responsive to the changing needs of a dynamic institution. When this policy refers to "collections," it implies all library resources, whether owned, leased, or borrowed, physical or electronic. The Collection Development policy will be periodically reviewed in order to ensure that its provisions continue to reflect the current requirements of academic programs, research activities, collection needs, and the allocation of resources.

Subject-specific Collection Development Policies

Bibliographers develop subject collection development policy statements for disciplines supporting the University’s teaching and research activities. Discipline policy statements are revised every 5 years or when whenever a major change has occurred in an academic program. Click here for a list of current subject area policy statements.